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korean pop

I'm struggling

Six foot and built like a Greek Olympian trireme rower when I was six I put Plato and Alexander the Great in a headlock and made them go to sleep

Are Nige

Ahh yes, Sunday. The day of the lord. A day of rest.


I can't believe anybody would celebrate a holiday where a jolly prowler breaks into your house and leaves gifts

>implying that a black man who constantly criticises the police and the government about the treatment of blacks, doesn't support BLM

I am laughing

fuck off yank

poor fish

I could make my own but I think I'd rather just fork out the 200

I want to keep them in my room

Eating an onion bhaji

fugg was just about to post this

unironically come from Spartan ancestry could smack you all into orbit
not replying to you cunts from the last thread you don't deserve my time and (You)s


pay denbts

business idea: just let nigs do whatever the fuck they want inside their shit-hole ghettos. 0 police presence, even for 999 calls from that area.



Biggest meme of Classical Greece.

unironically come from Viking ancestry could smack you all into orbit
not replying to you cunt, you don't deserve my time and (You)s

Has Ireland calmed down today?

Nice try, Tom.

you live in a park mate?

Literally me


>Biggest meme of Classical Greece.

Ireland is never calm

Why the fuck do you think its called the Land of Ire?

could heem literally everyone here without making any effort


>Why the fuck do you think its called the Land of Ire?

Is it me you're looking for?


Alri...this is the prophet Muhammad.....Christians R shit..... so R dogz.......kill people
For not believing in my books mate

Ah yes, Points of View, where sad lonely bastards complaining about TV programs rather than just turning the fucking idiot box off

Tony Blair was our unsung hero.

How often do couples have sex after 10 years of marriage

*shoves you into the shower and puts the gas in*

Everi 10000 years XD


There are real people right now who believe in a bronze age desert God who causes us all to suffer and die because a talking evil snake made by that same God convinced two people to eat a certain fruit thousands of years ago.

They believe that this God is good, despite that God admitting to advocate for war many times, to torturing innocents many times, sending plagues many times, committing countless genocides, and demanding you mutilate you genitals and abstain from certain sexual activities.

They believe this God impregnated himself inside a Jew so he could be a carpenter for 30 years before sacrificing himself unto himself to give you a chance of salvation from eternal suffering which God has caused you to have in the first place.

The only way this God allows you to reach a hope of salvation is through believing in this God and praising him despite lacking any evidence, except a 2000 year old badly translated book written and edited by humans, which is full of contradictions and scientifically incorrect events.

If you do get saved, you spend all eternity praising God's name. Without any break. There is not Paradise or real afterlife. It's just an eternity of singing praises to this God, which sounds almost as bad as Hell in my opinion.

And this is the most popular religion on Earth btw.

Really, fuck this species.

*England celebrates as the prick is finally dead*


Didn't interpret a single phoneme of this

me in my Barrett newbuild





>foreign rights owners LITERALLY can't post their own music on youtube in germany because of GEMA

Unions are nothing more than extortion rackets

Nope that'd be the Athenians or Etruscans. Spartans were legit the best warriors of that time period. The practice of eugenics (they left weak and genetically defunct babies in the wilderness on their own, if they survived they were strong enough if they didn't they were too weak to be a part of their city state). Look up the Battle of Thermopylae they were no joke. All the Greek city states were shit scared of them.

Also Sparta and the Peloponesu penisula utterly destroyed the Athenians.

shant be opening these

You'd probably end up creating more effective vigilante patrols than fat racist white police officers

>Look up the Battle of Thermopylae

>we actually left the eu




>fuck this species

no we haven't

*hugs you*

Spartans were btfo by a literal gay band of warriors

Doodeedooooooodee bag o taytos feckin bejesus!!!

t. someone who knows theology from r/athiesm and dawkins
Laughing at you I got a masters in theology and literally nearly everything you wrote here is wrong.


*projectile vomits into your face*

Everything he said was true?

>Christians literally over a thousand years ago knew Genesis was largely metaphor
>Modern '''''''''''humans''''''''' can't

Send me back.

How come in these club photos that get posted are all the lads essentially wearing the same sort of outfit?

We basically have and will soon

shall be hiding this post


Normies can't be original la


would shag the girl at the back


we haven't and I doubt it

we shall see what occurs in due course....
*places my hat on my head and walks off into the mist*

*throws you overboard*

because topman, river island, and asos exist

>Britain is a maritime island nation
>Throughout history we BTFO multiple of the greatest land powers in all of human history, from Napoleon, to the Kaiser, to Hitler

Imagine if the Channel didn't exist.

Europe would be speaking English.

Why is it that us culchies? I.e people born in villages, towns and the likes are better fighters, more loyal, stick together more and have a strict code of virtue? What is it about townies that makes them have sociopathic tendencies?

just watched this is the end and the scene where the horse cock demon raped Jonah hill gave me a boner desu, wonder what the orgasmic feeling is like to be analised by a massive creature while you are powerless



listening to the so called 'smiths'

>Spartans were legit the best warriors of that time period

>He hasnt heard of the Spartan mirage

wew lad. The Spartans rarely fight they just fucking sit behind their mountains and everyone just thinks 'dont mess with those nutters over the hill they're supposed to be well 'ard' despite there being little proof of them being skilled (and there is about 1 actual spartan writer who writes about Sparta and hes just a poet). Their only uniqueness is that they had slaves named Helots that they treated brutally and forced them to do all manual labour so they could train all year round. The Helots even fight with Spartans at a ratio of 7 helots to 1 Spartan. And mate there were 7000+ troops at Thermopylae (which was a defeat) and the Spartans only stayed behind because of their indoctrination. Spartans are the biggest meme the Peloponnesian war wasnt evena big victory since the 50 years of war left them ruined (Sparta suffers from low population) and bankrupt

irony of this post is that ireland has a higher gdp and hdi than us

Interesting, but incorrect

>Being French

Plankton in a current.

Reminder that people that call people normies are LITERALLY autistic. Autists have special words for people they deem are different to them.

Literally special snowflakes



read about kiekergaards automatic cultural man

>Henry V doesn't have to maintain massive supply lines across the Channel
>Destroys France and forces them to unify with the English crown
>Europe has to face down England and France united

How do you think that would work out?

Tis anova potatocaust.


Jesus Christ lads, just went to an Asda

>Heard bad things, how bad can it be though
>Drive in, some woman drives through the 'no entry' side up a one way road and blocks other traffic, refuses to move and starts beeping
>Get in
>Disabled kids and alien looking motherfuckers on every aisle dribbling or screaming
>Some sort of grim lighting that makes it ten times more depressing
>Two female staff in an aisle talking about a shag last night from the pub
>Walk past a guy encouraging his kids to put their hands in an eat the pick and mix
>Two Asian people shouting at each other really loudly in some sort of language across an aisle
>Loads of yank tier men in washed denim jeans from 1980 with bright white running shoes walking about

never again.

fuck lads for the first time ever at 22 I have actually worked

12 hours a day for 2 days of hard manual labour with zero breaks

my spine is compressing I've lost 4 inches of height, one of my nails fell off and my fingers have 50+ cuts in them

is the wage slave life really worth it?
Help me

>tfw that would have happened if he didn't die of the shits

Delusional contrarian hipster

you're an idiot

Oh and I forgot

>Woman at the till who must have looked at least 40 with her three kids, talking about the alcohol she's buying for her 23rd birthday

Should just nuke the place


>not going to waitrose or MnS

deserved it runt

>is the wage slave life worth it

no but you'll eventually be forced into like everyone else

lol shut it you autist

You do realise the Romans thought that a Brythonic slave was worth ten times that of a Gaul?

We're the herrenvolk, lad.

They have a higher hdi because they don't have to support norn iron and Wales, reunify them and they re-enter the stone age.

Hdi is a meme that take trade union membership and church attendance as factors.

*hypnotizes you to steal your mum's panties*

might make some memes in photoshop

I'm 177cm and I could rape anyone here.

I long for the day one of you utter RUNTS end up in the same prison cell as me.

Someone's getting something up their arse, and it's not me - I tell you that.

I can only assume at this point you're trolling.

>Knowing things is contrarian

me in a few years

>tfw grew up with 4 sisters as the only male in the house

Hit the absolute jackpot. Dirty knickers on tap, had so many juicy wanks. Saw each of my sisters naked multiple times, they all had great bodies.

Literally a foot taller than you lmao

someone took the time to make that SCREAMING

holy shit, fuck off



Want to leave you in a body bag in the Canarian Island mountains

Don't lie lads I know you're jealous

Bit weird

you in the back


>you just gotta use your smarts kid

>Hit the absolute jackpot. Dirty knickers on tap, had so many juicy wanks. Saw each of my sisters naked multiple times, they all had great bodies


of being a rasheed? nah, not really

Is hat posting Halal now? or does Janny still not like these finely hatted gentlemen

letting a family member find you is very selfish. that's partly why i'm going to kill myself in a hotel room.


What did they mean by this?

>Britain's first female infantry soldier to serve in the Army has told how she was born a boy

Kek a man takes away a reward that a proper woman could have got lmao

Literally diagnosed high-functioning autism and laugh at all you people that call people normies cause it's literally what the low functioning autists do. Muh social anxiety and muh can't connect to people is just an excuse you use so you can continue being a non-producing worthless cunt

I'm quite literally 200cm tall

arguing on the chon

is there anything worse but them 'clever but lazy' wankers




That's all it takes for a AusGOD to crush your entire family.
Why haven't you accepted that /brit/ is not 'your' general, YankWORM?

>yeah I'm deffo a woman but there was some mix up and was born a boy! how weird right lol?

Lads I'm actually a full 2ft taller than anyone in this thread, hilarious really

I never got in trouble for hat posting 2bh

>here is a load of hypotheticals that i will present as facts and assume nothing else would have happened in centuries

>Literally diagnosed high-functioning autism and laugh at all you people that call people normies cause it's literally what the low functioning autists do. Muh social anxiety and muh can't connect to people is just an excuse you use so you can continue being a non-producing worthless cunt

imagine if breastmilk came from men's penises instead of women's breasts.

that wouldn't go down well.

literally could one bomb anyone in this thread



Howling that no one's realised it's because you can't just turn men into women and vice versa, because even fucking bone structure and density is different.

>literally could one bomb anyone in this thread

Dignitas s has accepted my plea to drink the Dignitas drink. In two years I am going to Switzerland with a shitload of money and I am going to have the time of my life there. Then go back to some comfy room with a nice lady to sip a potion that'll relax me and make me feel good before slipping unconscious and eventually death.
Feel sorry for people that want to die but don't get accepted to Dignitas , you need mental or physical defunct.
Look how comfy and peaceful it is:

Not even joking I'd demolish any runtlet that set about me

>Liberal Democrat politician says schools should be able to suggest PROSTITUTION as a career to pupils

Just turn men into super versions of ""women"" and let real women all become prozzies


Not if i have anything to do with it...

*taps your shin, turning it to dust*

Lmao never done a squat in his life

She's Lost Control

Just played Sunday league football lads. Bunch of weekend warriors who kick the shit out of each other for 90 minutes and then spend the rest of the day at the pub. Bit shit really, but is maybe better than having absolutely no social life at all.

alri lads

>tried so hard to be a normie, just wanting to fit in with my peers
>slowly find out that all normies are braindead slaves controlled by the hivemind, and their idiocy repulsed me into a being reclusive again

oh the pains of being a genius... woe is me...

used to like the LibDems back when I was 13, now they just seem loony.

There's "let everyone do whatever they want" and then there's the shit the LibDems and Libertarians do.

>inquisitive man
>stroke victim
>child with downs

>Just played Sunday league football lads. Bunch of weekend warriors who kick the shit out of each other for 90 minutes and then spend the rest of the day at the pub. Bit shit really, but is maybe better than having absolutely no social life at all.

>top lad enjoying a day out.jpg

>>tried so hard to be a normie, just wanting to fit in with my peers
>>slowly find out that all normies are braindead slaves controlled by the hivemind, and their idiocy repulsed me into a being reclusive again
>oh the pains of being a genius... woe is me...

of her bowels

having another depressive episode

this is the most fedora thing I've ever read

just realised that string theory is correct

>alri lads

alri 1142

just rang chip and he still ain't run out of bars

>oh the pains of being a genius... woe is me...

alri 1142 la

all of these lads got a shag last night while you were wanking to hentai

is it weird to order a gin and tonic at the pub lads

Where to get phentobarbital? Dignatas drink seems appropriate.

Getting the daily Peter Hitchens on Sunday in


POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DOING A FUCKING POOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where can i get hold of veronal (asking for a friend)

Really shit posts, just give up.

thing is he is actually just well dressed

Not long ago feminists were trying to break from the idea that hormones made women soft, dress girly, be motherly etc.

Now they are trying to reinforce that by saying a man can take pills, put on a dress, lower their voice and become a "women"

desperate for a hat you are

Oh no how gutted I am they shagged some ugly vapid fake tan cunt and spent the wages they worked all week for at Footlocker so they could show off and buy a bottle of vodka marketed at people much richer than them.

Regardless, I know some actually fit girls and none of them like boring nobends like this who spend all their money on a finance audi and belts they can't afford.

Chavs will be chavs though I guess

Nah. I sometimes order a Gin and Tonic for some GIRL that im sometimes at the pub with


will not be providing the poster of post number 65041510 with the fedora he requires

I have a gf

someone fucking tip this post

for your bird yeah? what you getting for yourself?

*gets angry*

I'm a barman, and I do judge any male who orders a gin and tonic. Same tier as cocktails, wine, and mixed-fruit ciders. Men should only ever drink beer, scotch, or apple cider.

>you will never go to #TMCSATURDAYS with the lads and pull slags

why even live

Darkweb or synth it yourself. Or replace the barbiturate with a very extreme dose of benzos.

2000mg of clonazepam, codeine, and about 10 grams of amitryptiline would do it. No pain would be felt. You could get these pharms very easy

Don't try to use logic with sjw.

>someone fucking tip this post

The so called 'weekly shop'

But I have a girlfriend whose fit lad, and I have a good job.

I'm unironically good looking but just not a fucking pleb end who sells PPI for 16k a year and posts pictures of my Audi that I spend my monthly wage on on instagram.

Honestly, if you think they look good sort your fucking life out.

do it yourself. you lazy cunt

bit haram desu

>I'm unironically good looking


Crikey m8 how much double cream do you get through,

mm not bad

>no sweet potatoes
>not rating that bread either

>no Rice
>No Pasta

kys baka desu senpai

>no junk food

that's what the song is actually about. ian curtis witnessed a girl at the dole office have an epileptic fit and piss herself.

cant get to like Chip desu, always sounds too childish

>Buying mushrooms
>not picking/growing your own
i will never understand this meme

Why do all lower class runts look like this? It's bizarre, but they always look the exact same way, and I'm not talking about style/haircut, I mean their faces. Can anyone explain this?

DYEL: the post. No nuts, supplements, prunes, eggs?
>skyr instead of greek yoghurt
>falling for the skyr meme
>those carbs
enjoy your no gains

outstanding post

>taking pictures just to show /brit/



imagine autistically organising your fucking shopping to take a photo and put it on /brit/

Have you seen Control then

Fudge off, pictures are the best posts

Unironically the most informed post in this thread. I thought I was the only one

yeah I know what you mean, I just rate him

>Look up the Battle of Thermopylae they were no joke.

Uhh yeah, I think we've all heard of that meme war kid. You sound like an uppity underage twat and you're probably lying about your paki ancestry.

Yeah not really sure the backlash here.

At least it's interesting, we all waste time posting shit here, what's wrong with the lad organising some food to take a picture to give us something to actually talk about?

>I'm unironically good looking but just not a fucking pleb end who sells PPI for 16k a year and posts pictures of my Audi that I spend my monthly wage on on instagram.
>Honestly, if you think they look good sort your fucking life out.

why don't they want me lads

irish genetics

lad he didn't make the post about Spartan ancestry, that was me
Good job he realises how hard they were, wouldn't want to have to knock two of you out

this guy can't be a fedora, he has a crucifixion necklace

High test. Upper class have no jawlines or chins it's hilarious. It's because the lower classes were the ones doing the fighting for centuries. Lower class people are descended from cannon fodder and tough warriors. The upper class are descended from nobles that sat like cowards in their stately homes and castles. And thus look more femine

The ol grandad is sobbing because he's losing his memory. Keeps saying he doesn't want to be a burden on the family and that we should put him in a nursing home.

He's such a good ol fella, 95 this year and even did his time in WW2. Always been a good guy. Poor old pops.



even that wide-eyed fuck left of center?

Don't even have Greek ancestry. Also lol at you calling Greeks pakis when they were the original kebabs removers.

Fucking sit down mate. I have confirmed Gallowglass ancestry far better than spartan

when am me

Cook with it a lot and put it in my coffees.
One of them big ones a week

Already got it in bulk

I live in London

Why would I buy supplements from Tesco on the weekly mate? Already got my protein powder from musclefood, creatine, multi and zma from myprotein.

Eggs are in the cupboard and the skyr was on offer

Thanks mate I try to do it every week because I like it when other people do it and I can rate their purchases

>why yes i do boast about being good looking on the international board of an Anime forum at 1 in the afternoon on a sunday

Tfw no debbie wife
Tfw no belgian slag gf


>I'm unironically good looking

Alri let's judge for ourselves lads

inb4 he refuses because he's a delusional runt with an uggo gf

>I live in London

ffs lad

t.Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

>Thinking I care about proving myself to some autists on Cred Forums

Fuck off my family and gf have literally always said i'm good looking.
Howling at this obviously jealous cunt

he was a bit of a shithead. TWO gfs and a baby daughter and he offed himself. selfish gimp.

Hmm so that's the new code for inbred? Interesting

going to show up to my sports direct interview in a hoodie and jeans


>mfw someone near me says Chip's run out of bars

I only own black clothes

Triggered pencil necks

bet you dress in No Fear you fucking turborunt

>my family has always said I'm good looking

bizzaro skepta

>i swear me mum says im the sexiest of all the boys

>Already got my protein powder from musclefood, creatine, multi and zma from myprotein.

>he fell for the creatine and ZMA meme
DMAE and vinopecitine, magnesium, l-gutamate, l-theanine

not sure what emotion this frog is trying to convey

You do realise that's a troll?


>irish genetics

my family never said to me that i was good looking
maybe my dad once but I mean never said that when I was underage

girl grazed my arms lads

one for the spank bank

outstanding post lad


can someone post a paragraph of a post

so i can reply with

Shan't be reading this


still in bed
window stops the rain
light gets through

shan't be reading this

Not gonna lie, this fat cunt would batter 9/10 people in this thread.

shan't be reading this

eyes shall not be parsing this

such a fucking mug

>Uni freshers week
>Have to pay for TICKETS to go on a PUB CRAWL

What the fuck lmao, it's like £15 as well for alcoholic drinks (you can pay less for non-alcoholic hahaha)

Is this the norm? Which dumb paki arranged this? Fuming rn

shan't be reading these

Lads which tablet should I buy so I can draw tumblr cartoons and have lots of people wank me off on twatter?

Shan't be reading any of this

I don't read any post longer than one line.

>I don't read

That guy could turn pic related into fucking paste. Upper-class people have never had a fight in their life

they normally come with a few free drinks and entry to the club after

fuck it lad be worth it


retinas will not even glancing at a single pixel of these

>Falling for the Uni meme
>Not getting an apprenticeship in an actually interesting field

I got up
have to wash my hands
because wank

Absolute meme supps you pleb

Creatine is one of the only supps with actual evidence of benefits and the zma is just an easy way to get zinc and magnesium in, which I'm sure you know are both worth taking

I don't need nootropics

B e n z o s

Shall not be reading a single word of this.




>watching boardwalk empire
>some guy starts singing carrickfergus
holy fuck lads we're on tv get the camera. Never felt so proud.

>washing your hands after wanking
What kind of emasculated pleb actually does this?

Honestly anytime some JF asks why Britain has a class system, just show them this pic

doing a shower
then i'll vacuum my flat
then make love to the person i love

soiled boxers
left on my table
left a mark

What are some other good websites I can browse when bored.

Usually go to

BBC news
Cred Forums

Need some more

Feels good. Was partying with a culchie from their on Friday, soundest lad ever


didn't wash my hands
shook a woman's hand

might just take xans and do nothing


are you a first year? Freshers is fucking shit. Imagine any club that you actually like then fill it to burst with 18 year olds and cunty bouncers who shove people about. I just went in my first year then just gave it a miss after that. the crowds just make it so shit

just think, all the times you've touched a woman's hand

she's fingered herself with those hands, she might have even stuck them up her bum

and she's more than likely wanked off a cock with them


fuck off

What is that?



Oh wow, people still do this?

>Le I browse Cred Forums because I'm so dark and edgy and reddit is full of mainstream plebs so I can't post there it's gay XD

>muhhhh secrit klub!!!!

why does Capoue keep scoring :/

People dislike redditors because of retarded posts like these

>All the times you've touched a woman's hand

I am NOT a fan of early threads

read a book you absolute retard

The one on the front right looks like his face is sliding off of his skull


>this thread isn't kpop edition