I'm willing to die for my country

>I'm willing to die for my country

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>I'm not willing to die for my country

I would risk it, sure. But not for the government, for them I wouldn't lift a finger.


>I'm an individual with free will and I refuse to die for my country

Are they getting replace or most Sweds don't know what's happening?

To die without purpose is not a service.

>I have swords instead of guns

>I'm an american

>Apathetic cucks

pretty much this, the 'govt concentrates on being full time cunts

Maybe in a defensive war but never an offensive one

I would desu

but if things ever get to the point that I get conscripted then g*d help us all because I'll be the last man in Australia

Fighting on your own soil and for your own home is worth dying for.

Dying in foreign lands for conquest and subjugation isn't.

That's more like it.

>dying for an abstract concept

Sjaak Rijke would not approve.

Just say spook m8

>abstract concepts don't have actual effects

>abstract concepts don't have actual effects
on what cocept, that nigger in the lindt café went on killing spree?

Hell yeah I'm willing.

>You see Ivan, if wear many gasmask then can breathing many different poisons at once

look at those sexy slim feminine hips.

would fuck boipucci/10

Of course. Russian people (?) are literally dogs who do the bidding of their leader.

He was actually insane

We just like to live on the edge ;-)

>I hail from a literal non-country so I can't understand patriotism

>I'm English

Here's a comprehensive list of people I would trust to do that:

Revered father, I go now to fulfill my mission and my destiny. I hope it is a destiny that will bring honor to our family and if it requires my life, I will sacrifice it gladly to be a good servant of our nation.


>I was born on the Faroe Islands but I am a citizen of the world

>people are more divided by nationality than class

>being a rootless cosmopolite

Nations aren't real

Yes, yours is not