Why can't we all get along

why can't we all get along

some people are more equal than others brev

niggers still exist

Cuz yer black, Billy

Refugees don't contribute nothing and rape their woman host, profit and give nothing fuck em civil war soon

why is int about bullying

its a rare opportunity to be around so many people from interesitng places

why can't we just cooperate and have a good time why always bullying


i just wnt to have good talks with people from other countries

why is it always hatred

Its just banter m8

its not banter if its deliberatley being mean to people and trying to make them feel sad about their country

there is lots of hatred in this board and it really makes me upset

Grow some balls you soft cunt

Cuz brits exist

this is wrong response, Cred Forums countries arguing makes me get very depressed because its so hurtful

your response doesnt help

American on holiday?


But we can


Lmao, where is this from?

no i am birtish and i dont appreicate you asking questions about this
see this is good
people from different country coming to gether to have a laugh tihs is what int is suppsoed to be

Why does everyone have to be racist :( y can't we just all be nice

This tbqh fäm

This. I'm italian (therefore black) and I get bullied here all the time. I wish we could all just show some fucking respect to each other.

i agree racism is very vulgar

people should not be judged on their country or race or whatever, everyone deserves a fair go and the chance to excel according to their merits and personal characteristics regardless of the averages or notions assigned to a group they belong to


Dude wtf don't be rude