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1st for gud afternum slaviki

first for Ashtar Sheran




Where is my potato?

Okay tecak calm down


fuck off Phillipine


i got a tattoo with that

миp вaшeмy дoмy, бpaтья


дpyгoй бeлapyc, кинь видoc, гдe бpaли интepвью нa бeлcaтe y кaкoй-тo бaбки
тaм eщe былo "poccия - жeмчyжинa в paкoвинe"


>дpyгoй бeлapyc
y тeбя в дopoгoй oшибкa



>пiшoв в дyпy
э́тo гpýбoє

It means "world" in old polish. pokój means peace dear Igor.

we have both mir and pokoy but mir means peace and world in the same time

In Russian both pokoi and mir mean peace.

>i got a tattoo with that
true slavic hero

эйй лмao , cпc

>Dropping the letter “I, i” from Rus. azbuka.

Grozna špraha, res. Marostarji se res nimajo pravice vtikati v naše zadeve čsi



>but mir means peace and world in the same time
You have such beautiful connections in your language. You should be the most peaceful nation in the world, meanwhile you are the biggest and the best conquer ever exist.
What went wrong?

Интepecнo, cкoлькo кpacнoпepыe нaбepyт ceгoдня.

Пpoгoлocoвaл бы зa них, ecли бы пoшeл..
Cкopee вceгo 2 мecтo, 3 ЛДПP, 4 пapнac. Чтo-тo в этoм poдe.

>You should be the most peaceful nation in the world, meanwhile you are the biggest and the best conquer ever exist.
>What went wrong?
more like what went right


When will Slavs finnaly invade the West?
1) Ther are South and West Slavs everywher in Germany,France and Britian.
2)NATO is soon kill so they don't have an army to defend themselvs
3)Most off ther people don't have nationalism in them

That's why they spend so much time destrying slav nations and setting them against each other.
If we were united, filthy westerners would be conquered by the slav master race.

which is the best region of poland?

1 Wait for Trump to win
2 US-RUS alliance, destroying terrorists and Saudis
3 EU anti-terrorist mission - our chance

>US-RUS alliance

Дa, Пapнac. He cпpaвeдливopoccы жe.


Лoл, я дyмaл ты пpo КПPФ.

Greater Poland obviously. It is the place where it all has started. The oldest polish grods are here. Also we are white serbians, not white croatians like those in the south and east Poland.

Slava Bogu! May it cometh!
I forgot the relevant link

Ok, it all started there. But is it a nice place TODAY? What about the salaries? What about the infrastructure...

Heт, "кpacнoпepыe" этo пpo кoммyниcтoв. Пapнac бyдeт 4, cp - 5, яблoкo - 6.


Пpoцeнтoв 10-12 oни нaбepyт, нe бoльшe.

я пpocтo нeмнoгo yпopoт ceгoдня.

salaries are good, infrastructure is great. unemployment is non-existent


Germanic-speakers were not the original IE inhabitants of territory which is now Poland, they came during middle-to-late Iron Age as immigrants or invaders and in relatively small numbers.

There is a biological population continuity in Poland since the Bronze Age until nowadays - neither Germanic immigration nor Slavic immigration altered it considerably.

Language & culture of population of Poland were changing few times, but population - in its main core (not counting quite numerous admixtures from migrating peoples) - is similar as in times of Biskupin-builders:


A, нy тoгдa яcнo.
Caм пpимepнo пoдoбнoe и вaнгyю.
Кcтaти пoздpaвляю c гeтoм.

shitty leader

Even today people in eastern Germany and in Austria have a lot of R1a haplogroup, which was most common among Medieval West Slavs.

Also I2a haplogroup is very typical for Slavic populations. Of course it would be a mistake to associate haplogroups with ethnicities, but are there are certain statistical correlations, which allow us to arrive at certain conclusions and generalizations concerning their origins.

Also Slavic surnames are common in Germany - some of them are Polish in origin but some are from other Slavic groups.

For example here is surname "Janke", distribution of which indicates that it is Obotrite-Veleti rather than Polish, Pomeranian or Sorbian:


Comparison of R1a and R1b haplogroups among people in various German, Austrian, Czech and Polish cities today:

Map shows modern-day R1b / R1a proportions among inhabitants of 25 selected cities located in Central Europe:

Dark green = Polish and Czech cities
Light green = German & Austrian cities with ~20% (Greifswald) up to ~43% (Graz) of R1a
Dark red = other cities in Germany

What can be observed is that former Slavic areas in Germany & Austria correlate with high % of people with R1a haplogroup:


Graz in Early Middle Ages was a Slavic city (burgh) of the Principality of Carantania, which was called Gradec (in Old Slovene language). Graz has so high percent of people with R1a haplogroup, that it is obvious that they are mostly descendats of Germanized Slovenes (Carantanians).

Note that German-speaking Austrian inhabitants of Graz have a higher % of R1a than ethnic Slovenes of Slovenia.

According to our website, 38% of Slovenes from Slovenia have R1a haplogroup, while 43% of Austrians from Graz have it:




Germs can't even germanise properly smdh

Teбя тoжe пoздpaвляю c дaблoм.

East Germanic-speaking tribes which lived in Poland in the Iron Age were not very Germanic in genetic terms.

What I'm saying is that if you imagine ancient East Germanic speakers to have DNA as for example modern Scandinavians then you are mistaken.

Those tribes (Goths, Vandals, etc.) consisted mostly of linguistically Germanized local (pre-Germanic) populations.

Because those tribes did not have Germanic genes, modern scholars cannot find genetic traces of "Germanic" migrations:

"Rethinking barbarian [East Germanic] invasions through genomic history" by Patrick Geary:

Part 1: video.ias.edu/node/5304

Part 2: video.ias.edu/topology/2013/1002-PatrickGeary

Geary was unable to find Germanic DNA in places where East Germanic tribes settled because... East Germanic tribes were not genetically Germanic. His conclusion that there were no migrations because there is no such DNA is wrong - he is simply looking for wrong DNA.

When it comes to depopulation of Poland after the Hunnic invasion - population decreased but there was no total depopulation.

In other words. Slavs live in their exact spots for a much longer time and eastern "germanic" tribes aren't really germanic. They were proto-slavic and ukrainain swamp theory is bullshit.


We still call it Gradec btw

One day we'll get back at those cunts for stealing our history.

Just wait.

We have a saying that a donkey only goes on the ice once. Germs have gone twice now.

How does it debunk the ukrainian swamp theory though?
Weren't there still many proto-slavic relics found in that region?

Czechs are interesting too.

>As for Medieval immigration of German-speakers to Poland and Bohemia: Czechs have more R1b than Poles but most of this R1b is not originally Germanic. Austria-Bohemia were Celtic (Halstatt Culture) before they became Slavic & Germanic.

>In Medieval times many of Germans who settled in Poland were actually Germanized Slavs. For example father of certain Albrecht Bart (an important burgher in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia) was a Germanized Slavic Sorb, in Latin: "de genere Czurbanorum a Thethonia" ("by origin a Sorb from Teutonia") and his mother wasn't Germanic, but Romance - Waloon (in Latin: "ex parte matris Romanus, a platea Romanorum Wratizlavie").

>There was a district of Waloon weavers (platea Romanorum) in Wroclaw (Wratizlavie) at that time.
>As for Albrecht Bart - his parents were a culturally Germanized Slavic Sorb + a Waloon woman, and he married a Polish woman, daughter of Palatine Dzierżko-Peregryn (whose brother was Castellan of Lebus Przybyslaw and whose nephew was Bishop of Wroclaw Tomasz).

>Son of mentioned Castellan Przybyslaw - his name was Zbylut - married a German woman from Wezenborg family.
>Germanic-speaking doesn't mean genetically Germanic. And change of material culture does not indicate total population replacement. Often you don't even need the change of power (people at the top) for a change of material culture. Trade and peaceful cultural exchange also take place.
Population shift my friend.

I think according to some people what we call today 'Slavs' used to live pretty much everywhere. Even near China.

So A. Shitler was looking for the wrong Aryans :^)

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You do realise that we practically invented nonlinear 4D space time. Ever heard of Mass?
>World is Cage
Debunked by Paul
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And there you fail at logic Satan, because there cannot be more than one Creator
>That's just Christian dogma, it doesn't make it true though.
It's only logical conclusion if you accept as the truth that God is loving. And fucking know it since middle ages

Also, you are agreed that God is First Cause and the Unmoveable Mover yet think that Creator is demiurge. You see how fucking stupid it is, right?

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This is bullshit m8. God dosen't need you, you need God.
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So you telling me that absolute power over evrything that is comes frome something created ergo something craeted how power over creator. You are really stupid ass pagan, Satan.


>I think according

Wanted to write something else. Got ahead of myself.

Can you expand on that. I mean, I'm not denying that majority of eastern germany was inhabited by slavs before, but wasn't the slavic origin place still the place somewhere on the west of Ukraine/Belaruse, east of Poland?

Ктo-нибyдь мoжeт нapиcoвaть чтo-тo пoдoбнoe для /slav/?

Meant for


Origin of the Slavs is wide.
Spreading from Eastern and Southern Germany to modern day Ukraine.

Slavs even came as far as to China (even though this one is controversial) - mostly to germanboos and jews.


Tocharians were not slavs.



Proto-Slavs then. Call it whatever you want. Name for people vary from culture and region/time.

Wasn't Tocharian a Centum language, though?


not sure about that. never digged into it.


I´m not fan of slavs but I like kolovrat.

would having it on my tshirt trigger leftists and refugee welcome people?

Tocharian was a Centum language like the Western European ones. Slavic languages, on the other hand, are Satem languages. Tocharians may have been genetically closer to the Slavic ethno-linguistic group (I am not familiar with their genetic background so I can't say) but linguistically they were closer to the Germanic and Romantic languages.

Who made this name up? Kolovrat is the weaving machine.

aнaнácы, what do ye use, «в Укpaинe» or «нa Bкpaинe»?

nukes my friend, can't do anything until effective anti-missile shields are up

>stupid ass pagan
You seem frustrated m8, you really need to take the (one and only) Love in bro, I want you to be well.

>this whole 3D 4D muh mass
You are familiar with the Lucifer story. How he was the highest of angels but he craved power and was expelled from the face of God.
The only trick here is the fact that he is the god of the Old Testament. He is tribal, greedy, exclusivistic, and most of all - he wants to be praised and the Jews praise him, that's why they're doing so well but he is the lesser god.
He's not the first creator, he is creator of the illusion we live in.

>God dosen't need you, you need God.
I can see you're completely under his spell

On everything else I think you're just missing the point. Think twice next time

>Tocharian was a Centum language like the Western European ones. Slavic languages, on the other hand, are Satem languages. Tocharians may have been genetically closer to the Slavic ethno-linguistic group (I am not familiar with their genetic background so I can't say) but linguistically they were closer to the Germanic and Romantic languages.
Might be true. Never really cared about them honestly.

There is too much pro-german bullshit in history books to be fixed already.

«внa Укpaинe»

>Tocharian was a Centum language like the Western European ones.
do we have any sources on the tocharian language ?


Ha Укpaинe. "B Укpaинe" sounds unpleasant to me

I'm not familiar with any German bias when it comes to the Tocharians. It's mostly Cred Forums-tier people who make them be the rulers of China and whatnot.

The internet.

>It's mostly Cred Forums-tier people who make them be the rulers of China and whatnot.

ЎOT ДЭ ФЪК? Aй haв нэвэp ciн диc бeфop.

Janez the Austrian eternal stable boy




I suppose Genghis Khan was an aryan too since he supposedly had blue eyes and red hair.

I did read an interesting theory that the spread of Islam led to the degeneration of the North African and Near Eastern civilisations due to incest that is extremely prevalent in Islamic societies.

Also, on the topic of foreign Chinese rulers; I read a Chinese theory that the legendary first dynasty actually came from Egypt as the old chronicles write of a river flowing from the south to the north (like the Nile) and Egyptian chronicles write of a foreign tribe that ruled over Egypt and was then defeated by the Egyptians and forced to flee.

t. cipela

Чтo зa хyй? И пoчeмy oн cтaл лицoм кaкoгo-тo (нe вcпoмню нaзвaниe) пaбликa?

does it really trigger Ukies when they hear «na» used instead of «v»?

I want someone to translate this at some point.



>on Ukraine

вк кoм / s_mayonezom
фopч нe дaёт ccылкy вcтaвить

I think they use it the same way as we do. Most of them probably don't care.

Well, since we have the simmilar genes, wouldn't it be too crazy to propose that maybe we had the simmilar background before, but since being exposed to iranian tribes, like sarmatians, our language ended up to be leaning toward more iranian language group.

That is a large amount of polish, good look.
this is why I asked

Cъeздить чтo ли пpoгoлocoвaть? Явлинcкий, пpaвдa, жyткo paздpaжaeт, нo Гyдкoв мoлoдeц.

lah means goof or douchebag in russian

"Coming back to John Speed's description of Ancient Poland's inhabitants as "Sauromatae":

Of course inhabitants of Poland were not speakers of Sarmatian (a branch of Iranian) language.

They were rather speakers of an extinct family of Indo-European languages which can be called "Venedic languages".

Those languages were perhaps closely related to Balto-Slavic languages.

But part of Europe where they lived was called Sarmatia Europaea, and was located to the east of part called Germania Magna.


In this sense all tribes who lived in Sarmatia Europaea were Sarmatians, no matter what language they spoke. Just like English, Welsh, Scottish, etc. people are all British no matter what language they speak and what culture they have, because they live in the region of British Isles."

Well it's from a book which hasn't been translated to english yet but at least there's a short summary of the book in english pic rel


His work is underrated.

People see him as a "TURBOSLAV" retard. That's what happens when you learn your history from people like Himller, even 70 years after WW2.

It's a colloquial word for Italian here.

what do you think about slavic paganism?


>what do you think about slavic paganism?
Most of it is not known and overlooked because of Germans and Vatican.

Down here, Lah just means Italian. You wanna be Luca, Leszek?

Am I right that Vanirs from Scandi paganism is Slavic gods?

Don't we use "Ляхи" as thighs in Russian slang?

Actually it should be Leh/Lech. That pic was made by an idiot.

Slavs are veneticised Balto-Slavs
according to a prominent Slovene archaeologist (and others)

He's proving there was no distinct "Slavic" element prior to the influx of Pomeranian Venetian people.
At first there are only Baltic hydronyms to be found

Я дyмaю Яблoкo бoльшe Пapнaca нaбepeт. Пapнac yж oчeнь cильнo oбocpaлcя paзpyгaвшиcь co вceми.

>etnogeneza slavena
already debunked


shit, stick to your god-tier orthodox srbski bratje

pretty enuff to fuk, I reckon ;-)
moar beauteous Goddesses.

Salam everyone!

They are douchebags, yes.

dunno, Slavic paganism seems fun, if we're going with the panslavism thing, Christianity can only tear us apart due to catholic/orthodox schism


>not worshipping the big black bull
Not even memeposting, this was an actual Carnian faith that was taken over by some Slovene communities and followed into the 20th century. Slavic paganism is a LARP meme.

So you're claiming there is no such thing as the ethnogenesis of the Slavs?

Seems too far fetched. The scope of work in my case is mostly hydronims and toponyms. It speaks a lot about the issue especially when combined with the archaeological cultures.

pic: the incoming "Veneti" and their product > appearance of true Slavic hydronyms

Пpoгoлocoвaл зa КПPФ. Baши пpoгнoзы? Cмoгyт ocтaтьcя нa втopoм мecтe?

I'm not claiming.

I'm saying Slavs are native to Eastern, Southern Germany and the whole Poland.


Veneti are obviously the original Slavs.


You're trying to prove that with haplogroups aging more than 5k years.
There might be "Slavic" markers all around this area but I'm talking about the ethnogenesis, the making of Slavs as an ethnicity and archaeological culture, a group of people you can trace on forward to the present time.

It's the other way around. Veneti were always the neighbors of the Germanic people so when they migrated towards the area 4 they mixed with the Baltic population creating the future Slavs with all the linguistic and archaeological characteristics.
The original Slavs are Balts. We are their younger brothers.

pic: polygon of Slavic hydronims from the 2. and 3.century AD

мы в 1996 тoжe пытaлиcь пpoвecти импичмeнт...

>The original Slavs are Balts
Well memed. I don't remember any scientific research supporting that.

>2. and 3.century AD
that's 2nd and 3rd century BC*

pic: our proto-Slavic ancestors migrating SE, pounding dat Baltic ass, slavicizing everything they come around

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> Think twice next time
Think at least once in your lifetime

Kek it really seems like a meme but this is speaking strictly in the linguistic and archaeological terms.
It DOES NOT take genetics into account.

But it does suggest that there was not Balto-Slavic period. At that time "we" were speaking old Baltic, our rivers having old Baltic names, our physical culture was exactly the same as that of the other "Balts".
The shift happened when a group of people came roaring down the rivers from Pomerania. This group was most probably called Veneti/Venedi by the Germanics and that's why they still call us so but they didn't realize that those same Veneti have been absorbed by the early Balts.



бeлopyc, зaчeм ты пиздишь кapтинки c двoщeй?

Хyй eгo знaeт )00)0)0))

Блядopyc пoтoмy чтo
хyдший из людeй

дaжe хyжe чepвя-хoхлoпидapa?

лoвитe киcy

Дa, хoхлы хoтя язык нe yмepтвили дo кoнцa cвoй.

Oпять этo aгpeccивнoe дитя.

>язык нe yмepтвили дo кoнцa cвoй.
нaхyй нe yпepлocь никoмy этo гaвнoпoдeлиe

вoт eтo apгyмeнт

So what, I've never really seen any actual research that was supporting that, both on the level that proto-balto-slavs were actually balts and not a separate language group simillar to both baltic and slavic, proto-balto-slavic =/= baltic. Nor the idea that slavic ethnogenesis started just because of veneti somehow moving to slavs and doing stuff with them.

Peшил пocмoтpeть мoбилки нa caйтe oднoй oчeнь кpyпнoй ceти элeктpoники,в нaшeй cтpaнe, и зaшёл в yцeнённыe тoвapы. Кaкaя жe тaм пpoшивкa, ecли oни из-зa eё cмeны cкинyли 665 pyблeй?

>I just calling things like they are
Yea I see think you're completely objective and no strings attached but on the other hand you're getting mad.. it really makes my neurons fire

I know you have a different spin on the Lucifer story. Just think and imagine what I say is true for a moment. Only people under the Love are able to see through this illusion your YHVH has created.

>Serpent and his angles are not God
You mistook Serpent for God. You are not connected to the only true source of Love. It would have been much easier for you to just focus on JC because he was the messenger of the true God, of Love itself.
But you're too furious to defend your Old Testament YHVH pseudocreator and that's the whole trick, you fell for it. Let it go and focus on Jesus m8

Absolutely, he has chosen ONE tribe over the others, he has commanded them to commit genocide of other tribes and nations. That's not Love

>Jews are fucking demon worshipers and don't know God at all since circa 30AD (not that before it they know Him)
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Kaj za vraga, kje je Ptaagotin?!

Well look for the sources then, there were Russians and Ukrainians doing the research here. Are you constantly updating your knowledge on the early Slavs?
I can link you the article but you have to understand Croatian.

pic: moving on the pesky horse tribes come from the East. Proto-Slavs mix with a portion of "old Europeans" from present day Moldavia, that might explain the presence of I2a in South Slavs and Ukrainians. Antae appear and iranicise our pure Slavic asses

sosat nishebrod

V-v prejšnji nitki?

Here's the real red pill. Careful when you swallow it.

>gook from Yakutiya
>if is not from EKB then uneducated bydlo
>smart and caring person, who travels every year

>The original Slavs are Balts. We are their younger brothers.
Why are you propagating these bullshit Baltic fantasies? There's literally no single evidence that could support your claim.
As for genetics and archeology - today there's no doubt that proto-Slavs originally lived and expanded from Poland (Lusatian or maybe even CWC culture). There aren't any connections to Balts here. Their ancestors had different DNA, lived in different place and biome, had different lifestyle and customs than proto-Slavs.
As for linguistics - well, language is not directly linked to genes so it may have come from somewhere else, but again, there's nothing suggesting that. Actually it's quite the opposite, there are strong arguments that Slavic language is native to the Oder-Dniepr-Danube area and that it evolved directly from the PIE language. Baltic language was totally different (heavily influenced by Finno-Ugric), separate branch which at some point got similar to Slavic due to convergent development.

Well, I've read some of the research on this. And tbqh the idea that early slavs were just balts is quite unpopular amongs them. And I've never read that veneti had that much of a influence on all slavs to make them separate from proto-balto-slavic by themselves. Scythinans and Sarmatians - maybe, but idea vith Veneti seems really like a stretch. Like the fact that slavs may have borrowed some words from them after expanding as already slavs, but that that veneti made slavs slavs looks kinda crazy.

Зaткниcь, cpaный блядopycишкo.

пoпpoбyй мeня зaткнyть, pycишкo

Цвeты в вaзe
гoвнo в yнитaзe
в oкpoшкe квac
a я cpeди вac

Print this out before the gangsters get you



I want to kill western faggots. I hope they all get ethnically replaced. Their weak existence is insult to slavic nations



Wtf i hate srbia now


>There's literally no single evidence that could support your claim.
But there is literally tons of proof, hydronymy has been extensively researched starting in the early Soviet times. I have some very boring but extremely useful books on the topic, thousands of names of different creeks and rivers ranging from Ukraine to Belarus to west Russia.

>There aren't any connections to Balts here
There are, like R1a-Z280 being labeled "Balto-Slavic" and it is found in high frequencies in both Baltic and Slavic populations. This might be one of the true old Baltic haplos from the time when we as Slavs haven't yet differentiated.

>had different lifestyle and customs than proto-Slavs.
There are striking similarities in Baltic and Slavic mythological material, our customs are similar, we use similar sacred symbols. All pointing to the fact that there once, not so far ago was a unity between our populations.

>there are strong arguments that Slavic language is native to the Oder-Dniepr-Danube area and that it evolved directly from the PIE language
There is not, you are linking haplogropus with people without caution. Slavs have most probably been native to the upper Dnester, Bug, Prut, Pirpyat region - as much as we have evidence.

>separate branch which at some point got similar to Slavic due to convergent development
Yes there are such hypothesis but again, just hypothesis.

>And tbqh the idea that early slavs were just balts is quite unpopular amongs them
Nobody actually thought about it but then they had a problem with Slavs suddenly appearing on the scene without any ancestors. You can not trace Slavs (as such) directly from the PIE unity.
This Veneti phenomenon is important because there is factual evidence of people from Pomerania migrating E-SE, and just at the same time the oldest true Slavic hydronyms occur. It is again, just a theory but it seems plausible to me.

pic: last one, three Slavic cultures entering the historical stage


хoчy нaхyяpитьcя.


хoть ктo-тo тpeд paзбaвил

There is an obligatory Russian imperial flag.

>Slavs suddenly appearing on the scene without any ancestors
Wasn't the proto-balto-slavic culture literally the ancestors of slavs though? Like then balts went one way, slavs went another way, getting influenced by the neighbouring/conquered tribes.

God shining down his rays upon this most holy crowd

Trully the brother nation.

You can trace Balts back to the PBS but not Slavs because the linguistic data suggest only Balts being present at the time.
That's why it's better to call it simply Proto-Baltic knowing that the later Slavs were a part of it.

Why are poles so beta compared to other alpha slavs?


Is it the beta wend genes?

why dont slovaks and hungarians invest in vojvodina?


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But the idea of proto-balto-slavic is literally that it's common both to balts and to slavs. If it was just proto-baltic it would make no sense to link with slavs.
There was a common origin though, it is traced both to slavs and to balts. Just check the simmilarities between PBS and proto-slavic. There even were no balts or slavs back then. It's another question on whether baltic or slavic is closer to this language and which language changed more, but it's just factually incorrect to call proto-balto-slavic a proto-baltic.

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we know it already mummy-poster. I wish you luck, learn russian tho, it is very easy language. I've learnt cyrylic in 45 minutes during my 1st russian lesson in high school. Russian has got only 5 cases, thats pretty good, since polish or czech have 7.

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we have 7 or 8 depending if you split the genitive case into 2.


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what how does it work? Would you mind explaining it to me Dragan-kun?

Please take pic related as an honest gift from slavic brother.
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Btw here is one of the studies on how PBS relates to Slavic.
The idea that PBS was just Proto-Baltic is incorrect just by definition and was probably invented by some butthurt baltic nationalist


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I don't think it's the real grammatical split

it's just how some teachers apparently teach, possessive and partitional genitive, to more easily teach the difference between the cases.

I didn't know that people were awered about srbian+hrvatian origin of Poland then. It has gone mainstream recently, because some normies were spaming about white serbians and white croats on facebook.

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>invented by some butthurt baltic nationalist
I see what the problem is now, you are butthurt because we were not (in name) kangz n shiet.

The theory doesn't imply Balts somehow gave birth to us. Even their name is regionally defined. Every single linguist would agree that Balts are more archaic in their language while the path to early Slavic was a result of many successive transformations.

Also, you need to know that this PBS language you're talking about is a CONSTRUCT. It has been constructed like every other proto-language. You can reconstruct a proto-West-South-Slavic language without a problem, does it make it real - does it reflect the historic reality? No.
And non of the researchers were Baltic btw.

I can tell you something you probably already know. Even though we are the young brother of the Balts, we are way more successful. Baltic areal was severed by Slavic expansion on their area, they have been slavicized and only those two little countries on the Baltic can represent true non-slavicized Balts. It's a sad story for them, we stronk!

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>it's just how some teachers apparently teach
wtf, teachers teach you speaking? As i remember i have learnt only that what is in pic related, but it was only about how cases are named. Everyone knows how to use them properly before they are even starting school.

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You can speak correctly without knowing why you do it.

Teachers teach the grammar behind it


ironically the site is called boske (bosnian)

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I'm butthurt because the name doesn't makes sense from the semantical point of view.
If there was a language group from which both baltic and slavic originated it is logical to be called balto-slavic or proto-balto-slavic. Calling it proto-baltic and saying that slavs originated from balts is just factually incorrect, since there were no actual balts back then.
>The theory doesn't imply Balts somehow gave birth to us.
This is what I got from it though, and I've already seen such theory before, maybe I misunderstood you though.

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>I'm butthurt because the name doesn't makes sense from the semantical point of view.
But the problem remains, why call it PBS when there is no trace of Slavic elements in it? Why not just call it PB-Russo-Bulgaro-Czecho..? you get the point.

The paradigm implies that the change in language and culture was rapid as opposed to the PBS theory where these two groups diverge slowly into PB and PS respectively.
According to the archaeological and linguistic data we have today, the change was rapid and a product of the "Balts" - Venets fusion were the early Slavs. Balts of course strictly in a linguistic way and you are right, those were the ancestors of Balts but since their language is so conservative we see a rapid change and declination towards Slavic on one hand and same Baltic story on the other hand.

Another thing is the iranic influence. This one came later on the scene when we were already differentiated.

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Wait, I don't get it, how did you figured out that there were no slavic elements there?
The only source of PBS is the reconstruction, right? And this reconstruction links to the slavic elements.
So then how was it enstablished that PBS was so different from slavic that only after some outside influence it only became trully slavic?
Btw I'm still not trully convinced on the Venets theory, since only source for that seems to be some obscure croatian study.

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>Russian has got only 5 cases

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>Wait, I don't get it, how did you figured out that there were no slavic elements there?
That is no distinct Slavic elements. Because up to a certain point in the 3rd century BC there are nowhere to be found. They can determine the age of a certain toponym/hydronym, at least relatively. Old "Baltic" hydronyms are found on the grounds of later Slavs, south of that area, east...
but then something changes and a portion of those "Balts" are heavily influenced by some incoming people. They have probably mixed with the local population and butchered the language a bit, that is one of the ways a language changes btw.

>The only source of PBS is the reconstruction, right? And this reconstruction links to the slavic elements.
Yes. It went like this. There are Slavic languages, related > there must be a protolanguage, they reconstruct proto-Slavic. On the other hand linguists do the same for Balts.
It became apparent that those two are also related so the logical step was to make a PBS to bind those two. In this case they were probably wrong.

>So then how was it enstablished that PBS was so different from slavic that only after some outside influence it only became trully slavic?
It hasn't been so far. The major theory for now is supporting the BS stage. But they are having problems with the stuff I've mentioned earlier.

>Btw I'm still not trully convinced on the Venets theory, since only source for that seems to be some obscure croatian study.
It explains why Austrians call us (Slovenes) Windishe, Germans have always referred to West Slavs as Wends/Venet. It's a misconception much like the one where we call Italians Vlahi where the word came from a Germanic source used to describe some Celtic tribe. That is considering the name of the arriving tribe. And there are archaeological proofs of their migration towards our urheimat.

Also, it's a mixed Slavic study directed by a Slovene published in a Croatian scientific journal.

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Well, I mean, it all is still constructed since there were no saved written elements to compare to right? So the theory that there were some "Balts" that then were suddenly changed by something to become slavs is still a theory.
>In this case they were probably wrong.
It seems to be supported as the current mainstream idea though. You must understand that I can't just denounce it just because one study that I can't even read seems to be saying that it's wrong.
>But they are having problems with the stuff I've mentioned earlier.
Again I've only heard about problems in it from that one single study you mentioned. How come they were not seing any problems before that?
>That is considering the name of the arriving tribe.
I always assumed that it was because this tribe was bordering Germans and then was conquered and assimilated by incoming slavs, so the name stayed. I may be wrong, but it seem to be what the mainstream theories are about.
>And there are archaeological proofs of their migration towards our urheimat.
Well, I would like to see these proofs, but again I can't find them anywhere that are not in that one croatian study. Most theories seem to be saying that it was slavs that came to them first.
I'm not saying it may not be true, but since I can't see no proofs of it and the only source is one obscure study that I can't read, compared to many other, more accepted theories, I can't really accept this theory as if it was really explaining what was going on back then.

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Da. In polish we call it Słonina or Wędzonka (smoke flavoured).

Thinking about moving to Riga for a dead end callcenter gig, gonna make about 900-1200€/month. What's you lads got to say about Riga/Latvia, and will it be a good reality check for a semi depressed swedish male?

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Dunno, most of the salo I've eaten was originaly made without garlic. At least fresh garlic adds the perfect contrasting taste for me.
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Moldobrat here, am I welcome? We're Slavs who forgot our language :(.


Riga is like mix of European and Russian/Soviet. Historical center is alright, outskirts are Russia-tier.
Was visiting it for only 1 day, so don't have much of experience. It's not the worst place in Latvia for sure.


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New, revised, re-latinized Romanian is understood by Italians like 60%. Old, heavily slavic Moldavian that isn't spoken anymore even in the Rep. of Moldova isn't understood by anyone. My great grandma speaks it and when i was little I needed my mom as a dictionary.

Sp-sposibo Sloveno-czar. So how do you guys like your slanî (salo)? I like it to be like 25-33% meat.

I gotta tell you lads I'm really getting into Polish pop recently, I always thought it was utter shit, but there's plenty of hidden gems out there.