How is it over there? Is it as bad as I heard...

How is it over there? Is it as bad as I heard? How do the Sweden population feel about what's happening in their country? Is it just a fad or here to stay???

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Latest fad and very popular

I really fell sorry for not arresting those crinimals.

So I am swedish albeit not ethnically so, and I can't say I really am sorry for what is happening to this country. I mean, all my life I've been taught that there is nothing swedish so what the fuck is there to care about anyways.

I'll just stick to my parents country instead, atleast they acknowledge themselves

northern sweden and some western parts are fine

I cringe so hard when I see Americans unironically using words like cuck and talking about islamification of Europe

don't tell me...

Is it noo? Why for being rebellious? Why just why?

it is pretty much a meme reinforced by ignorant foreigners and right wing swedes


Went to Stockholm last weekend, 90 percent of couples were black man/white woman. The memes are true.

Well fuck me I didn't expect this when I made the thread thanks for the info


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Not him but I am desu lad.

What ya gonna do about it? ;)

No, glorious greek, you subhuman anglo chimpanzee

How is it going up there? Not to chaos I hope

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Modern greeks have nothing to do with ancient Greece all you got is poverty and rapefugees, so enjoy your glorious shithole.

they stopped the flood several months ago, we have average immigration now

spergs on 4chen are still memeing us about it for some reason

It was raining today which is awful. But I work in doors so I didn't really feel it.

Do it then mate. Go try and make Australia great again.

Do your best.

The country is literally collapsing and the DDR-media is trying to cover it up. Not from the people's anger, no Swedes are docile and passified sheep who don't even care about politics... No society is collapsing in the sense that our police force can't do their job because of refugee crime, a mass amount of people leaving and literally crazy leadership that openly mocks swedish teen girls getting gangraped. School has collapsed aswell and there are plenty of classes with no teacher, it's chaotic everywhere and most parents keep their children at home because every school has gangs of refugee men pretending to be children attending. Crime is out of control and many ghettos are literally nogo-zones now and girls get raped and assaulted on an industrial level.

The memes aren't up to date, this country will literally be another Brazil in 1 decade

>they stopped the flood several months ago
And? Your cunt is full of brownies and they are not leaving, they will only breed with themselves and your women making even more non whites.

They didnt even stop the flood, he is a government shill (yes they literally have those)


Shit man you plan to fight or leave the sinking ship?

when does the race war start? prep the gas chambers

I'm leaving in 1-2 years hopefully, going to get my master's abroad. There is no hope of fighting here.

hey proxy

>full of brownies

the amount of immigrants that have been granted refuge in the past 4 years amount to about 1.5-2% of the population, it's not a big deal

Are you gov shill like said? I know they're real and i'm just wondering if you have a division that shit posts on Cred Forums?

In the last 4 years we have had almost 400 000 asylum requests, that's 4% of the country. None of them work, none of them care to get integrated, almost all of them are young men here to rape and steal. How is this not a problem?

This is even ignoring that like 10% of our population already are muslim parasites

haha yeah, just millions of subhuman niggers that are gonna rape and pillage (and you're gonna pay for them). No biggie dude

>asylum requests

yes, requests

before the rule tightening earlier this year, the % granted was 50%, now it's much lower

so 1.5%-2% because most of them will have their applications processed using the new rules

you should know this

>I know they're real

I don't think you know anything about sweden

Who cares? It's not like anyone is going to deport them. They said they would deport 80 000 in 2016 and so far not one has been forcibly removed.

You might not even be a shill, this is how stupid the average fuck in this country is.

who cares? they don't have access to any welfare and they'll disappear eventually

>they'll disappear eventually

Are you really that naive?

vafan jag hatar sverige nu

tell me hans, what are they going to do without any jobs or social assistance?

They actually do have access to welfare. They sent some social service fuck to where the refugees live and told them to leave. The refugees just said no and it became a police matter and it will take another 5 years until they send a new social service fuck there just to get denied again. Until then they of course keep all their welfare.

Swedes have this illusion that just because we are the most orderly and lawabiding people in the world it means everyone else is like us. Afghani goat-herders don't give a shit about anything that isn't Sharia, they just laug hat our bureacracy and rules. Unless we have our police and military forcibly throwing them out of the country, they're not going anywhere. This will never happen as both the military and police is all but gone.

>They actually do have access to welfare.

no, they changed it months ago, people without residence permit don't have access to social systems

Send me your blonde qts, i'll store them for you.

>Afghani goat-herders don't give a shit about anything that isn't Sharia
Even then they don't give a shit about sharia.
Subhumans gonna subhuman

Video related is the attitude of *some* Swedes.

*citation needed*

Rules changing means nothing, I want to see it happen in practice. But this is Sweden so any change is impossible because of the socialist bureacracy.

Also it's not like it matters, we keep flooding the country with people who have no business being here while we already have over a million of them.

But they still do get some sort of welfare/money.
I know a Syrian that was denied a residence permit and he still gets money every 2 weeks or at the end of the month

We rarely accept immigrants, so I've never seen muslims in my life.
I am so happy to live in Japan.

Yes of course, there's all kind of welfare. Even when they finally get their ass out of the country they get a small fortune as a "resettlement offer" or whatever. Then they just come right back into the country with a new identity lel.


>citation needed
>Rules changing means nothing

then what am I supposed to cite?

the law literally states people who have had their asylum application denied lose all welfare

>Then they just come right back into the country with a new identity lel.

not likely since refugees have their fingerprints taken but keep imagining things buddy

The law also says you're not allowed to rape 11 year old girls yet they do it without getting punished all the time. Wake the fuck up asshole.


they can also steal without getting punished
heck they stole so much from ICA in the town I live that it now has tighter security than a maximum security prison
Cameras everywhere, alarms everywhere, things tagged with those metallic/magnetic round things more often
And this is a town in the middle of nowhere

kys you fucking racist

>they do it without getting punished all the time

citation needed


ikr it's like a dead laughing at a hangman

20 year old refugee child raped a 13 year old girl - no punishment because he claims he has gotten younger

Muhammed raped a 12 year old girl - no punishment because he claims to be a kid

Stay mad, MohamMAD.

2 cases in 2 years of someone getting community service for rape

this translates to

>The law also says you're not allowed to rape 11 year old girls yet they do it without getting punished all the time.


Community service isn't the punishment for rape according to the law, it's never that. The minimum is 2 years in prison. They just get this because they're refugees.

that's true and they should be punished harder, but that's not the point

you're taking a few incidents and then extrapolating it to a trend to support your argument when in reality it doesn't happen very often

They should not only be punished harder, they should be deported along with every fucking "refugee" in the country because they have NO reason to be here and they're a massive drain on society, cause crime and in general just destroy everything. But that's not what's happening and what's happening is what matters.

Ta ditt liv

yeah so? the laws are becoming tougher and they've become tougher for several years now but the refugee crisis is recent and it takes time to change the law

you're just a pussy, as soon as it gets a bit unstable you wanna leave the country behind

I bet you consider yourself a "nationalist" as well

Please tell me the Swedish state will let people starve/freeze to death.


Sweden wont let them die on the street, they will have access to some sort of welfare.
And since there are so many of them, they dont really need to integrate into Swedish society.
So you will have a parallel society of angry arab men who have no chance to find a job or a woman, and who will hate Sweden despite living on its handouts. Rape and other crimes will be very prelevant in that group

I dont understand how you could possibly defend this.
Even if there was only one case of a refugee raping a swedish child and getting off without punishment, it should be a great scandal

what are you talking about? is that how it works in germany?

you don't have access to any welfare if you don't have residence

take these beggars from romania, they get no support from the government at all, they live on the streets or in camps until the police trashes them

this is what will happen to immigrants if they don't leave, unsightly but irrelevant

The romani beggars are offered help, they just usually deny it. Jesus nigger christ this fucking guy.

those beggars get social welfare from Romania
Fact is, a country like Sweden or Germany simply wont let a person die of hunger and cold on the street

>suddenly there are 200.000 young men in Sweden that would literally die without stealing

Well, that probably would work pretty well. Looking forward to that civil war.

>Fact is, a country like Sweden or Germany simply wont let a person die of hunger and cold on the street

this is why the west is so fucking pussified now

they're not offered welfare

no, they won't "starve" because they would just be forcibly deported

the only reason an illegal immigrant would not be forcibly deported is if they're off the grid, ie no welfare

>the only reason an illegal immigrant would not be forcibly deported is if they're off the grid

Or if their homecountry does not take them back or if they have no papers or if they are ill or...

Again, you can't be that naive.

I'm not being naive, you're making up stuff out of nowhere

there is no government funded soup kitchen feeding hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants

>you're making up stuff out of nowhere

I am not. We are just equaly cucked and have the same problems.
We deport way less than we actually want because of this very reasons. Same will happen in Sweden.

I want to see the faggot uproar when the first rapefugee that could not be deported because he was "ill" died from starvation.

It is just not working like you want it to work. Sadly.

Good scenario: the refugees become the segregated lower class. Working manual jobs, breeding like rabbits. Crime is rampart, religion is taken hardcore and education is virtually nonexistent. Slums, ethnic gangs and other things. Basically like Brazil or USA.

Bad scenario: economy collapses and we're balls deep in shit. Too many refugees combined with unemployment and aging population means goodbye Europe.

>I want to see the faggot uproar when the first rapefugee that could not be deported because he was "ill" died from starvation.

this happened already, a person died when being forcibly deported from sweden by the police

a few leftie journalists wrote angry articles, no one cared

since then they've only gotten more aggressive with deportations

what will actually happen is that we'll have a lower class/off the grid immigrants for a while, like mexicans in USA, until they're all removed or willingly leave

even if not all of them leave they won't impact society in a substantial way

It just will not work that way. One idiot dying (how did he die?) is nothing.
Letting "ill" people starve to death is something completely different.

Also you simply just can not deport a good bunch of them. Their countries don't take them back.
What are you gonna do? Violate their air space and drop rapefugees with parachutes?

even the bbc isn't big enough for swedes now

Swedens work for a good life of BBC.

who gives a fuck about ancient greece lol I love contemporary greek culture