White people are ugly and boring

White people are ugly and boring.

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thanks for your post!

What were you expecting?

Okay thank you for letting us know

I am a Greek

no problem jackie chan

Is this news?

so you hate yourself, your mother and father?

I am a Greek, my father is a Greek and my mother too.

i'll pray for you then, must be tough

You should pray for your dead country.


very relevant and accurate

> implying Deutschland will be any better in the near future

he's greek, they are doomed since 1453

fuck germany

reconquete de Constantinople quand?


never, we should just redo the first UE with francce germany benelux and netherlands only

greeks nonwhite confirmed

slavic subhuman


You're a turk

fucking slav animals

bulgaria is turkish
not me

dirty bulgar subhumans

You're a dumb dönerci in the dönerland
Kill yourself mehmet

kill all bulgarian subhumans
slavic shits are not humans

you reply to the wrong guy
I am a Greek

You speak turkish mehmet, now stop shitposting


>3 million turks live here
>i can not ask one to translate me this

>implying an autist like you can have friends

what is autism

what's the context of this?

>i wish i was at home browsing Cred Forums
>why the fuck are we resembling the african continent
>my feet hurt
>im hungry
>i don't love africans

poor guy looks like me
fuck germany

I feel sorry for the gypo, but this is how the world is supposed to work.
In western countries the minorities are beating and even raping the pathetic natives. How is this even possible?


t. Probably a Turk living in Germany

If you don't like Germany, get the fuck out.


You're not funny, faggot and neither is your thread. But then again, you're german so a sense of humour isn't present.

t. Mehmet al-Turkroacha

t. the real Mehmet al-Turkroacha