Vive le québec libre

vive le québec libre

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ceci pěh

why all the french territories make such sad faces

Bonjour, je suis une croissant



those 4 words made trudeau sr. and anglo-canadians so butthurt that he didn't even attend de gaulle's funeral



The funny things is that Canada had big grwat problems at recruiting Quebecians to fight for liberating France.

It wasn't liberating France but fight for the Queen


and to be honest, do you think that people here cared about france, the country that had so dearly abandoned its colony? de gaulle's speech was an attempt at apologizing for that mistake

And the seperatists fell for it?

well, he acknowledged a mistake, didn't he?

For like five seconds.

> de gaulle's speech
Remind me of this

what a weirdly shaped province, quebec a shit

>And the seperatists fell for it?
At the time we didn't care, he made us realize how we are different compared to the rest of Canada. He pretty much created a long lasting wall of hatred for both languages. He came around saying we should be free and booked it.

DeGaulle is literally a shitposter

Because, unlike Anglos who do their usual retarded "MUH HERITAGE" crap, we don't actually have any attachment towards France. They're a brotherly people I guess, but France still isn't our country in any way whatsoever. We're our own nation.

Unfortunately nowadays "our own nation" is Americanized as fuck to the point where I genuinely wonder in 100 years if there will be anything left other than the language.

To be fair, if you only consider the areas that have a substanstial Québécois population, then the Northern border would look more like pic related (obviously it's very approximate, and the real borders wouldn't be straight lines like that, but you get the general idea).

Everything past Quebec city you kinda get into no man's land really–Windsor_Corridor

Based Québec City

>Québec City
n'ordinateur pas

>mfw anglo-canadians think they're actually british/scottish


c'est un maimai ("does not compute" mal traduit)

Je sais, mais c'est quoi le prob avec QC ?

La ville elle-même est agréable, mais les gens y sont vraiment des enculés.

heureusement que le Québec lutte encore de manière décente et normale pour la survie du français avec l'OQLF au milieu de ces anglais immondes

Vive l’île-du-prince-édouard libre

what do those trees even mean

C'est vrai qu'ils sont xénophobes?

Plutôt basé, pêh

The three small trees represent PEI (three counties) while the large tree represents the UK.

that's cute af

Québec should split and become its own country before tradeau goes full bane


trudeau is trying to make it harder by bringing in more immigrants

that's what they did in '95, and that's what they'll keep doing

Do they get to keep Trudeau?

>progressive conservative

>every time I go to Québec it's essentially the same as the rest of Canada but in french
>they still see themselves as massively different from the rest of canada

there was literally no real opposition to them in Quebec at the time. The PC and NDP were seen as very western canadian parties, the Liberals were the only ones even somewhat in touch with eastern Canada.

Why do you think the BQ exploded in popularity as soon as it entered the political scene in the 90s?

Or maybe Canada is just like Québec.

but you don't even speak French, I doubt you're in a position to actually judge objectively

Conservative but looking to the future :^)

>quebec """"culture""""

I think this is much more accurate representation of our culture:

Took french all the way up to the end if high school and I'm technically a French speaking citizen.


>Took french all the way up to the end if high school
you know just as much as I do that that means absolutely nothing

>and I'm technically a French speaking citizen
exactly my point




weird, because every time i go even slightly to the west (ontario, for example) i feel like i'm in a completely different country

the architecture is different, people don't have the same manners and etc

>giving quebec all that native land

That's not how it works

Why not

>giving Canada all that native land

C'est quoi ce mey mey des croissants

Je pense que ce culture de shit is fucking stupid Quebecois are a fucking cancer

t. alberta