ITT: We try to get all 196 countries in this one thread

ITT: We try to get all 196 countries in this one thread.

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Max 50 countries is my guess

good luck lmao


Maybe 80


>implying there are 196 countries


Dream big

you rang?

Oy vey


>no repeats so far, each reply is a new country
damn that's satisfying

not a country

>Ruining it

OP just wants a head start on his flag collection




ayy lmao


im hungry

>196 countries

Uh huh...


So far so good

Do we count you as UAE or Algeria?


have fun filling in that map when we get to the Philippines



How the fuck do we get North Korea?


Kim sometimes hops on for a few minutes after dinnner

Checking in

the almighty leader might show up for a short visit kek


A (You) for your participation



Countries with more than one post are red, only one post are pink.

Where the fuck is my SEA bros?

who else /lurking for rares/ here?

OP is fucked,it will be really hard to get all the cunts of africa and getting north korea

What the fuck is the point of having two different colors? Let Morocco handle it. He's already cucked you with a better map.

How do you start collecting flags? do you install something on your browser or do you manually update a map yourself?

Nah lad

Let us atleast fill up most of the world

try inviting anons from generals


>Extra flags for Cred Forums

Check /flag/ general

has all the answers

fill in wales retard

Good luck getting North Korea in here.

We should at least do the pink thing, interesting to see who's posting more.

Also, there are no French in this thread yet

How is that interesting at all?


let's not tbqh, it's gonna become a clusterfuck


you just click on the flag and then save it, if you want you can paste them into a map (pic related)

if you want to collect regional flags you need to install an extension, check the /flag/ general for more info

color me senpei

we've had best Korea in the past, nicolai


Western Europe and Maghreb almost done

/eire/ anseo

Not a country reporting in (unless my ip gets cucked by USA again)

Puerto Rico stronk

Sure i'll take your word for it

Monaco, come here, I know you're lurking

Reporting in.

reporting in

Get a north korean proxy

allahu akbar


New Zealand reporting in

also USA is cheating

you should've colored the entire EU red as soon as the first EU flag posted


I like turtles.

Thanks corfu

>implying Europe is a country


WHO UP √√√√√√√√

half your nation thinks it is

And Iberia filled

Do you usually base your beliefs based on what half of Americans believe?
How do you choose which half?


I'm not Monaco, m8


>inb4 spaghetti


Go home Kim

hello friends

post pics pls

Kim Jong Un is in the interwebs

Representing all designated shooting sprees


nice proxy bro

Mupdate !

Mirrion dorrah



fucking pepík

halusky here




I'm drinking a coffee right now, then I'm going to have a nap

borat's here

hello, I'm sipping on my cup of coffee now, and then I'm off to bed

Waiting for other flags

>before a nap

yes helo


Also, I might get banned for asking people from all the generals to come, so if I suddenly stop continue

>he doesn't have a warm cup of coffee before hitting the haymo
how the hell do you sleep


Reporting in

>drinking caffeine before going to bed
I'm sure that'll work out just fine

Reminder that you're a normie if you don't drink a cup of coffee before going to bed.

make it 100

what a bad ass flag.

Nice flags

Balkans halfway done

You're welcome
Rare flag here, Singaporeans don't post often outside of SG thread


If anyone's lurking bump the thread





Good luck getting Greenland


Do you guys ever get Syria or so?

We need more Africanons posting here

bump nigga

By getting Denmark I can technically color Greenland too

Thanks !

in /mena/ ? From time to time yeah

Looks like Oman's flag

monaco GET

bump this is gud

cool, lets see if they show up today.

>By getting Denmark I can technically color Greenland too
Greenland has its own flag though

Bump this bad boi

I wanna kill myself.


lol no

but thanks for the flag anyway
W.S too.

danke for the flag


please ticket to swedeb


Oh shit


WS doesn't have its own isp so even if someone posts from there, Morocco's flag will still be above his post, If someone posts from Greenland, its flag will appear and not Denmark's

hello pirate how it's going on down there?

pretty good number

Do you have the time?

congratulations, you are the first Subsaharan African country outside of South Africa to be in this thread


No I mean your flag, it looks like Oman's

This is the most Cred Forums-tier thread in a while.

Have you been Grand line

So, what is OP's end game?


Better than nothing :^(

Epik maymayz

it looks like a sunset over the marsh with the track of the tractor

>150 replies
>no kikeland
Count me in boiz

your memes are shit
please exercise your meme skills



I am here

Jew combo


Now invite Latvia

whats proxy


Freistaat Bayern reporting in.

they are butthurt

count me as libya

You can colour Fyrom too, they arent a real country and Bulgaria already posted




lol no

I think all other ukrainians on 2ch.

Where is Moldova in that map?

Crimea is Ukraine.

How's the Internet connection there?



what in the

where are you even located
west of Ukraine, duh

no :^)

Yoo Forums

If this comment gets deleted then OP won't get a flag so keep it up!


i'm ok with proxy flags

New Caledonia is a """"""part"""""" of France located near Australia. You don't have it on your map

I don't even know half the countries here

>west of Ukraine
It seemed to me it was part of Ukraine. Alright.

I didn't mean to give you my flag, but since you acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia, here you go, you've earned it

pffft. i wont give my glorios flag to beggarz >___> .......

AW i feel bad .
fine. i will.
jeez here -__-;.



About fucking time



Are you literally retarded?

I don't acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia but I still collected your flag :)

it's just a /mena/ shitposter

ignore 'it'
>I don't acknowledge Crimea as part of Russia


Do you really have to ask?

>hammer and sickle on your flag
Holy shit kek


Southern Cone done.

where da Macedonia/Bosnia @

Bosnia is in religious turmoil
Macedonia probably doesn't give a shit

>southern cone
Oh no you didn't.

No such thing

>no Sudanbro yet

But they post a lot in ex-yu and balk

hell, half of balk's discussions is just bulgar vs macedonian tsundere shit


North Korea went out of its way to post. Macedonia and Bosnia don't have any more important things to do

hello yes


About time
thanks lad

Also, my condolences
Getting Khan'd sucks

where do I fit in?


In the cuckshed.

just fill in all of europe

rare flag

>No Austria
>No Bosnia
>No Macedonia
Meanwhile North Korea, Somalia, New Caledonia...

Everywhere lmao
Europe done (except for micro-states)

>implying that isn't just a proxy
Unless the nk elite browse Cred Forums but that's pretty unlikely

>implying Kim Jong Un doesn't browse Cred Forums

I work near the Vatican. Might give it a try tomorrow morning.


BIG shoutouts to me mum

Macedonia and Bosnia are not EU members though

fuck off cheater, i'm out of this thread

dont bully plush autist


someone invite them from /ex-yu/ and /balk/

What are you saying bro



yalla habibi

You're not southern cone.

his nephew was caught posting on /cgl/ looking for hookers before :^)

Yo ho ho tis the pirates life for me


Tried to get a French Polynesia in here, New Caledonia is in the Pacific aound Vanuatu so add a dot there


checking in

I took off Bosnia and Macedonia

already painted desu

turkey already painted :^)

Hey, sorry I'm late lads got help up by a goat.

Are you actual autism that gainted sentience and manifested itself into a human form? You create a thread in which you state that you will try to get a poster from every country, and then you paint an entire continent because of one poster, even though most of the countries from the continent didn't actually post?

Take off Europe

You think El Boliviano will show up? And how the fuck does China show up before Mongolia?

>Are you actual autism that gainted sentience and manifested itself into a human form

I don't see Austria anywhere here while it is painted.

Fugging hell that's one for the personal map


I think you should take a step back and reconsider your life, if you have a map in which you save every time you encounter a country in an anonymous social web page

>You create a thread in which you state that you will try to get a poster from every country
Not me, recheck the OP

>and then you paint an entire continent because of one poster
Except I didn't, I only painted 1 E.U country because the E.U flag showed, but sure i'll take it off

And I accidently painted Bosnia and Macedonia for the same reason but I took them off


probably not


about time

i'll take it off


I literally just coloured it all in after this thread came up. Took me 8 or so minutes

>he doesn't collect flags


>And how the fuck does China show up before Mongolia?

Oh yeah, fix'd
>doesn't collect flags

Paint hk nigga, he posted then got his flag removed
That map is shit because it doesn't include many regions in the world

I filled my collection up nicely.

HK isn't there

It's not too bad, since it connects overseas territories, exclaves and enclaves to the mainland of a country making it easy to paint

Here you go infidels.

what the fuck how

Still 99 flags to go.

>t.a računalnik


>HK isn't there
Just paint a dot where its supposed to be

ovo ahahahahahahahahahahahah

Added a big ugly circle where H.K is

Rule 3 of flag collecting is that it has to be a genuine post and not a post in a thread where a certain country is called out e.g. "let's summon x" or a thread like this


What about adding a line in the north east of Australia for New Caledonia?

What about kys?

Are you not just France?

what bout kavica pa spavanje? are you retarded or what?



Ja sam izmislio tu memu nemoj se usudit upotrebljavat je protiv mene!!

Why connect it to Australia though?

>ITT: We try to get all 196 (197 pêh) countries in this one thread.

Québec ici

>I already had all these flags


You're right

This took too much time to make desu

How about this ?

What are these?

They have to post here

Invite them please

invite them yourself? are we your slaves?

volim te


why are you so edgy


What are you going to do when this thread 404's? Are you going to continue it?

Whats a bump limit on Cred Forums anyway?


I'll make a Cont. thread

sviđaju mi se buntovnici ;)))

Reporting, late but safe

hmm, really makes you think


The A flags are various flags that can be obtained through proxies (IIRC A1 is anonymous proxy, A2 satellite provider, AP asia pacific), "?" is shown when a thread is moved here from another board (even if it's a board with flags) and when Cred Forums can't determine the country of the poster for some reason, EU is used when an IP is not assigned to a particular country in EU (usually the one who posts with this flag is Bulgarian), the others are various unobtainable flags like Scotland.

Thanks inverted mates

so the non-germany didn't showed up?

And how do you determine if someone's posting with a proxy?

Yeah, the Bulgarian dude has EU flag when he posts from work for some reason.

They are busy watching Der Bergdoktor.

there's an austrian in /deutsch/
No nigera since 4 days ago, no mongolia since 2 days ago, no madagascar since 70 days, no sri lanka since 12 days, no papua new guinea since 2 weeks, no iceland since the last 3h and a half.
There's brunei in /asean/

How do you know all this?

t. mod


he has autism

what time is it in /carib/ ?

cool flagz

I guess 11 AM or something.

I just saw bosnia posting in a "I want to visit usa" thread

It's Macedonia we are looking for.

Nevermind,fell behind a bit.

Reporting in

Try calling it with its real name and it might show up.


Through the archive.
No yemen since 03 august
No bahrain since 4 days
No quatar since the last 4 hours

>you will never have a flag that makes Cred Forums excited
>you will never be the last piece to a map thread
Feels bad being American.

For our beloved map master


Back to r*ddit newfags

How's life in Sudan?

where did you get Swaziland?

Damn. I thought that name thing was just some meme.
We summon Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Country which gave the world Alexander the Great.

Bordering on suicidal, and I am genuine


>implying NK would have a public proxy for foreigners to use

Austria pls

It's quite hard to imagine desu.

What's it like on reddit?

Fix'd honduras

Brain damage

It's basically an Islamist shithole, teetering on collapse because of their corruption and people are continually foregoing basic amenities with our economic decline

And the best part is the idiots don't know that Sharia is what made it a hellhole to begin with

You were right the first time, I'm El Salvador kek

>Brain damage


Double brain damage

New threads

Where the fuck is Austria

Well, Sharia doesn't necessarily have to turn into a hellhole. Just look at Dubai.
But it usually goes hand in hand with corruption and random violence from people who think they are above everyone else. A bit like Europe during the dark ages.

If you don't respect peoples property, justice and their bodily integrity then nobody wants to stick their hand out to do anything good. And the country will spiral down in more corruption.

In Germany

>Just look at Dubai.
Oil compensates.




How's NK?


Yohoho and a bottle of rum