Tfw no Cred Forums bf

>tfw no Cred Forums bf

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Pls b gf

Tfw OP doesn't post tits


I'm not a slut

paal feet

marry me

face and timestamp or autist who roleplays as girl confirmed

Maki is a slut

>german calling others autist


it's probably a femboy real girls wouldn't browse this board

Maki is pure, retard.


how broad are your shoulders? I want you to put a fight.

*ejaculates on OP* :3

be in london

Where do you live, op? I need roughly 5 minutes with my bike to reach the Netherlands.

I'm a girl so I don't have broad shoulders :/

hairy and probably fat guy confirmed.

but you're dutch

aren't you supposed to be all 6'5+ walking gods

I'm only 6'2, but I'm still tall for a girl :/




>there are no girls on the internet meme

Wojakina looks like Marky ;_;

how accurate is this?

weight pls

as you're outside of /soc/ I suppose you're fat

There's actually a fairly qt one in /carib/, idk if she posts anymore.


as i thought kek

It's not that fat because I lift, retard.

does it feel bad knowing you'll never be as cute as anzu?

If I was a woman i'd kill myself at this thought


>using american numbers


I'll be your Cred Forums bf bby, hmu @ [email protected] babes ~

how's 65kg/6'2 fat?

does it feel bad knowing you'll never be as cute as Chad?If I was a man i'd kill myself at this thought

Either I can assume everyone on the internet has a penis, or I can not assume someone is a girl and not risk what's left of my straight masculinity.

You have a shamalondinglongdong between your legs.

I'm cuter
fat tits

>the imperial system is from the US
>jewish """"""""education""""""""

>as he writes in English


>If I was a man i'd kill myself at this thought
I would but I'm not brave enough yet

Pls be close to france

>taller than 1,65

yeah yeah hahaha

stop this please

>there're men on this board
>they're posting their pics here and there
>they think you're a man
>they ignore your existence and will never ever be your bfs
I wish you, heartless guys, knew this suffering.

Goddamn attention whore

fuck off pedojew

and also sage don't give this attention whore any more attention

ok Igor

I'll play dotA with you if stop whining

>liking womanlets
hello manlet

I still don't believe that it exists girls on the Internet

>there're women everywhere
>they're posting their pics here and there
>they think you're a loser
>they ignore your existence and will never ever be your gfs

Post body pic with no face.
Hurry up or fuck off.

Fuck off, Vladimir.

And this

Girls don't have hobbies and girls certainly don't have a the sense of humour that's required for this board.

I'm sorry but you're a man, maybe you identify and dress up as a woman but you still have a penis.

stop ladding please

Mallorca is that way

hello human aberration kek

Stfu Pachinkovich
See: #

t. butthurt manlet

Does Netherlands even have cute women?

Why is dutch such a horrendous language? Are you guys ashamed of it?

Just the thought that you could've colonized us...

Post pic, please.

Dutch look like mutants

Mutants can still be cute.

Is this you?

Why is brazilian such a horrendous language? Are you monkeys ashamed of it?

Just the thought that we could've colonized you...
burgers look like mutants

Don't you ever lay your spoiled qt feet on the Pau Brasil Land, Merlinda

I'll hunt you down

The Dutch girls who are good looking are nothing short of stunning. But there's also the ones who look like the women from Zanger Rinus videos.

>from toothpasteland
>higher than 5'10
>posts autistic anime pictures
i'll pass

Brazilian isn't a language tho

Portuguese, however, is a beautiful

g'day darlin

how do ya fancy a ride in the back of me shaggin' waggon?

>Portuguese, however, is a beautiful

give her the Roman Empire

So what the Netherlands like?

>Zanger Rinus videos
I think I'll pass. We have hot women here.

Pro tip: it's like that everywhere, dingus.

wees maar een tuttebel ginder
alle geile tieners hier mogen meegaan

i swear to god Merlinda just you wait STOP mocking my country PÁTRIA AMADA

Asechku pisechku.
Actually, i already have a gf, but we can be friends. [spoiler]))))))[/spoiler]

Portuguese is the Dutch of Romace languages. A match made in Heaven.

I know, but there's still the whole qt/uggo ratio what people in these threads talk about. And I think you have it pretty good.

excuse me

Spanish is disgusting

>I'm cuter


Holland girls are cute

No amount of anime girls can make your statement right. Portuguese sounds like dogshit unless it's sung softly.


Maki's a whore


Only for Nico

Sup Neerlands qt.

Would you look at that, your flag looks like mine but on its side! Hah! Does this mean that I should bend you over on your side and fuck you all day long?

[spoiler]pls rate my autism Cred Forums[/spoiler]