1.) your cunt

1.) your cunt
2.) do you drink coffee before going to sleep?

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Just lull myself to sleep with some chloroform

I can't imagine going to sleep without getting comfy with a cup of hot coffee first

Reminder that you're a normie if you don't drink a cup of coffee before going to bed.

>not leading your car's exhaust into the trunk and sleeping there

why you should take a poignant coffee if you have a fragrant tea? I drink 3-5 good cups of tea before I go to sleep.

because I'm white

White people drink coffee

Cause you are turk m8, all shitskins from Ooogabooga in Brazil to Demirhan Muslimanovich in Serbia prefer coffee.

says kuzukuzu kek. White people in Britain drank tea before you brown cunts overflooded their country.

t. Fengliang Khan

>Cause you are turk
Turks are the number one tea drinkers in the world you utter mong

downed about 4 monster zeros last night cooking before bed, slept like a baby

authentic brits are the most famous tea drinkers in the world

Mhmm, authentic Brits also eat deep fried fat for dinner and believe in separate hot and cold taps

Hola african bro

My father drank a shot of espresso every night before he went to bed. He said it picked it up when he lived in Italy for a few years.


No, I drink tea like the Shia I am

Is tea vs coffee a religious thing in Lelbanon?

There's a stereotype (which is true kek) that only shias drink tea before going to sleep (as its believed that tea acts like coffee and sort of energizes you when that's actually false)

wew i do that almost daily

i cba to do it in the morning cause i am too lazy to get up until i have just enough time to not be late - but i find myself wanting to taste delicious coffee still so i end up doing it at night before bed

nobody gives enough of a fuck about specific slime religions to stereotype them goatfucker

Kill yourself back to Cred Forums maggot.

must be near the coast to have that much salt

>talking about saltiness when you were the one that attacked me first

Again, kill yourself.

just a bit of banter mate, no problems


Americans demonstrating their pathetic skills at banter again.
No surprises there.
Coffee is for plebs, kill yourself.

>t. I spray water into my asscrack after taking a dump

>not using wet wipes

Explain to me how muslims aren't hygienic when europeans are the ones walking around with shit still stuck to the walls of their asscrack?


At least we had a war back then, how can Americans even sleep at night knowing they have entire city that looks like a middle eastern warzone whilst being a first world country?

yes, coffe is for plebs who need to get early after sleeping only 4 hours, having a 8hour work shit in front of them.

I just slice a lime, put some drops in the water and drink it while I comfyly browse the internet, stopping only for my morning workout.

90% wet wipe when home

yeah niggers were a mistake, nice digits btw

This picture made me laugh uncontrollably

How are you gonna sleep if you drink coffee? Dumbass.

Very well amigo. Nothing like a cup of fresh hot coffee to get comfy before going to bed.

Coffee before 16.00, tea if it's later than that.

I smoke weed before sleep LMAO

enjoying fucking up your sleep

It's not how that works. You're supposed to love one, and shitpost about the other.

A sad jedna kafica pa na spavanje



that chart is bollocks