Lol burger is actually better than philosphy

Lol burger is actually better than philosphy

Holy shit, you are right.

Lol burger tasty XD

Burger good. Philosophy bad.

Ralph Waldo Emerson > half of those yurocucks (especially the french ones)

True. You can eat burger and won't starve. Can philosophy do the same? I doubt it


What has philosophy ever done for me except for making me go to sleep? Nothing. Burgers though, they keep you from starving

Philosophy is actually useless after it created the scientific method.

Prove me wrong.

>protip: you can't

Gib morality plz, should I eat burger?

I'm hungry gib burger :DDDD

For some odd reason that sounds like Diogenes would say.

Wher'es Ralph Waldo Emerson lol

Who is your favorite philosopher? Mine is Wittgenstein.

based D-Dog

Burger comes from Hamburg though.

>protip: you can't
Everytime someone post this a kitty dies

what did he mean by this

optimistic nihilism trumps the scientific method
QED motherfuckers

>burger is actually better than philosphy
close the thread now.

>Optiistic nihilism

How in the fuck does that work?

Nihilism - nothing matters :^(

Optimistic nihilism - nothing matters :^)

shortest explanation I can come up with

I do not like that European extreme right and extreme left that always criticize and ridicules American culture on irrational way. But I wonder why USA has not any interesting city, actually they do not even understand the concept of city, with its monuments, squares, avenues, public places...

He also loved to fap and lived in a barrel. Based NEETogenes

the path of the burger is the only path I'm willing to walk through.

Thank you America

mine is burger

>europoor education
>the don't even know about progmatism

America invented pragmatism. It's the only useful branch of philosophy.

>actually they do not even understand the concept of city, with its monuments, squares, avenues, public places...

You spend all day staring at a computer screen so why would you care, wetback?

wtf i hate america now

This is my favorite american philosopher

The US came into existence long after philosophy became irrelevant.

But they still believe in consciousness as a real thing.

None of which are Norwegian. Other than being filthy rich, we have barely contributed anything on an international level.

idk if I'm hungry i choose burger anyday

>tartar sauce
Fuck off you disgusting savage

>better than debt

This must've been taken during his vacation in greece