Instead of fixing your country's problems, and fighting and dying for your rights...

Instead of fixing your country's problems, and fighting and dying for your rights, immigrants and refugees choose selfishness and run away.

Why do people support that shit? What kind of cowardice does it take to become an emigrant?

>civil war involving most major powers
>500k death toll
>cities being razed to the ground
>"why are you such a coward why dont fight for your country you human trash?"
I bet you guys would do the same if were you in their place

i dont think thats the reason. i think the reason is that none of the sides in the war is anything close to reasonable. they are all allahu akbars

>Civil war
>One side is right
Lmao'ing at kiddos who think ISIS is a major player

such a joke since your ancestor didn't even have a right to choose to be remaining in their country lol

100% this
Real nations are populated by the sons of those sent unwillingly to new countries as prisoners rather than volunteer refugees.

>your country's

That's the thing, arabs don't really have nationalism since their countries are just remnants of the BritainXFrance division of Ottoman lands.

my ancestors built a better country then even free sand niggers could build what a good joke!

Cause its a free world Cletus, everyone is untitled to live whereever they fucking wanna live....

.t first world baby
I work for the highest bidder and my loyalty if for friends and family, not the human garbage that composes the majority of people in Bulgaria.


Sure thing, bogdan

Assad isn't allahu abkar, he is just a regular ruthless tyrant.

>that makes things better

No, I agree with you beside that nit-pick.

Is not cletus a common anglo name??
I thought all your stupid people liked those kind of names.

>implying you pathetic neet would fight and die for your right, had you been born not into a comfy country and mommy and daddy's comfy money embrace


Australia isn't (despite appearances) perfect. When was the last time that you personally did something to fix your countries problems? (liking something on facebook doesn't count).

All these pathetic third worlders in this thread LOL

you have to go back to wherever you came from

In America maybe, but they aren't even anglo

Cletus is a bastardization of the Greek name Cletius.

>being this mad

build the wall already

>he thinks Australia is good

I know one person named Cletus and I live in Arkansas. It's not common at all

Better than the whole African continent and Eastern Europe and majority of Asia.

We wont build it cletus.... we are just paying for it.

How much shit does he cop for that ?

>Eastern Europe

Hmm, no

Name one country that has better living, fair working conditions then Australia that is Eastern European.


>better living


Dunno, I never worked in Australia

Yeah they're a decent country but no Eastern European country comes close to Australia.

I honestly would rather live in Slovenia over Australia, no questions.

t. Australian

>the whole African continent and Eastern Europe and majority of Asia.
m8 you're not setting the bar high there.

Even if people want to fight it's impossible to pick a side with all the different factions there are

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Scandi/Nords, and a couple Euro microstates, consistently rank in the top 10 of every positive metric.
Basically any one of them is a heavyweight contender for "best country on earth to live in." At that point it pretty much just comes down to what sports, language, food, and weather you like best.

Considering it's mostly men who die in war and most refugees fleeing Syria have been men the F:M ratio in Syria must be insane

You can join the government that bombs innocents or al nusra/isis who are terrorists.
Either way you're fighting for fucking assholes

My uncle is Slovenian and works in the mines, his wife is a cleaner. They have a paid off condominium, car, mc, holiday home (not from inheritance) and raised 2 children. My uncle is 55 and is retiring in December. No debt whatsoever.

Meanwhile in Melbourne you gotta pay an arm and a leg plus put yourself in 50 years of debt just to have a home.

I know what I would choose.