Insult islam

>insult islam
>all my friends look at me funny and say no wonder all these muslims become terrorists


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get new friends who aren't leftist rot

you don't have friends

friends? who needs em

It's like they say, your "friends" reflect who you are.


Probably some Turk living in Germany annon

>have a lebanese friend that is from a muslim family
>me and my friends often do explosion jokes with him or yell Allahu Akbar
>he just laughs and drinks beer with us
feels good

>Nearly all my friends are lefties
>With the exception of my two gay friends who are both really anti-muslim

really gets the old hamster wheel going

I still don't get why SJWs and lefties support islam and feminisn at the same time

>hits a dab
>does a nay nay
>hits the quan
>insults the quran
>gets down low and shakes my arms

Excellent post

>Be nice to muslims or they'll kill you

How can anyone think this is remotely acceptable?

Show them this

inshallah you will be punished for your insolence

I only have one friend that I constantly "joke" with about Jews, niggers and women. I wish I was a faggot because few people would put up with my shit.

>tfw everyone I know hates Islam

My friends do this and i'm """"""muslim"""""" and none of them are muslim. Can't even make a bomb joke now like before, well before some people would call it insensitive to victims of terrorism but now they say i might offend other muslims.

>real Muslims
Do they call you out on Snackbar jokes or do they just not joke about it anymore?



Depends, majority of mates at uni now tell me to stop being racist or to stop being a dickhead if i say something like "I'm feeling explosive".

>tfw hating muzzies has been a thing since before terrorism memes in bulgaria
feels weird man

>stop being racist
Islam isn't a race though

do you mind if i save that friendo

wtf, i hate malala now

People become terrorists because you invade their countries for oil. Crying "muh terrorism" just makes you even more pathetic and cuck looking since you attack someone and cry when they attack you back. It's very dishonorable and cuck-tier.

>towards a religion, and your own one at that
Tell them they need to stop being idiots or they'll receive beatings as it says in Shariah
Sure, go ahead. Not like it's one of my rare pepes or something.

Only the Germans didn't become terrorists.
Apparently this primarily happens to muslims when you invade their countries.

>Lecturing Aussies on stealing oil

How about you clean up your own damn mess instead of making us pick up the rapefugees?

Muslims will take any excuse to become terrorists because in their religion you get 72 virgins for it.

>>People become terrorists because you invade their countries
>this didn't happen in Germany, Italy, or Japan
>this only really happens in Muslim shitholes
>Islam isn't the problem

Memri tv is comedy gold tbqh

Arabic TV must be hilarious


>what is WW2
>British/American cucks keep agitating the Germans and Japanese
>trys to set up Jewish central banks in their nations
>they refuse
>keep agitating them and trying to wage proxy wars against them
>get attacked in Pearl Harbor and Maginot gets cuck'd

>it didn't happen in the Axis Nations

>what is American Revolution
>brits keep trying to steal wealth from the colonies
>gets tared and feathers and the occasional assassinations
>george washington is a toorist t. British Empire

>Islam isn't cuck'd like christianity
>actually defends themselves when other people try to steal their oil
>Islam is problematic because the ywon't let me steal their oil and set up a Jewish bank in their country
Are you fucking retarded? You invade someone for oil and cry when they attack you back? LMAO faggot

>implying I support neo-con Zionist puppet politicians and their wars
Australia invaded Iraq and Afghanistan too.

>British/American cucks keep agitating the Germans and Japanese
Opinion discarded

Enjoy your faggotry

It's not just invasions, IS is attacking countries in the "crusader alliance" (any country taking milatiry intrevention against them)
Of course it all started by the USA abusing Muslims' rights in their own lands, and even IS members say that before USA came to Iraq Islam was weak and they strengthened it, but right now they're mainly attacking these countries because of taking milatiry intrevention against the state

>Cred Forums education

c-can you post a rare pepe please


>Few kangarooa show up and throw boomerangs
>B-b-but they invaded too!

I don't care what you support, your country instiagated and caused the most damage, now countries that had nothing to do with the war are cleaning up after you. You take responsibility.


>what is Allied embargo of Japan and Germany
Did you forget FDR embargoed Japan and Germany. Germany didn't get any Helium, and Japan was cut off from their main oil imports while at the same time America and Britain supported the Commie Chinese(who the Japanese were at war with) and pretty much was waging a proxy war with Germany and Japan.

The thing is Anglos are just in some deluded reality where they think it's okay to wage proxy wars, until the other side gets tired and just attacks you directly.

America and NATO are waging a proxy war in Syria right now via their funded of various pro-West pro-International Bank rebels, do you honestly believe this isn't you being at war with them? If your at war with someone they have every right to attack you, especially when YOU declared that war.

>inb4 muh cibilians muh toorism

>rebuilding your own state reclaiming part of the Prussian empire, upon which you receive a British declaration of war
>equals targeting civilians in an utterly cowardly manner with the sole purpose of causing fear and "killing infidels"
The Germans didn't do terrorism, idiot.
>a pre-emptive strike at the US marine in preparation of conquering oil-rich parts of SEA due to an oil shortage caused by a US embargo
This also isn't terrorism.

It's pathetic how you can on the one hand whine about a colonial period long past, and on the other hand claim bravery for killing innocent children and women.

maximum lel

Japan got embargoed for being warmongering little shits though

>withholding trade because you don't agree with a war is grounds for attack
>this is how Cred Forums justifies things
Fucking kill yourself lad

>is anti-Jewish wars
>implying I'm pol

No this is the reality of the world.
>You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.. --Winston Churchill

>"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." -- Winston Churchill

>"The war wasn't only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to." -- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

They are doing the exact same thing to the Middle East today. Take a guess why they killed Qaddafi in Libya when he announced he was going to unite Africa with a gold currency. That Sarkozy retard in France emailed Hillary/Obama to go an invade Libya. And then America and France stole all the gold that was going to be minted into the new gold dinar currency

So basically if a Libyan, lets say nuked Paris, it would be completely justified and France would deserve every terrorist bombing it got. You steal their stuff and destroy their country(act of war) and they have every right to attack you.

>inb4 b-but muh moslem toorists, dey is attackng muh cibilians
Leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone. Even right now Britian, France, America is attacking Syria and just yesterday killed 30+ Syrian Army soldiers who were fighting against ISIS, then airdropped ISIS a bunch of weapons to destabilize the region to makesure nobody would get too powerful.

It's similar to Alexander the Great's declaration of War on the Persian Empire on how the Persians were destabilizing greece through proxy wars and other covert operations.

>inb4 muh cibilians muh toorism
>I said "inb4" so now killing people in a theatre in France and driving over revellers in Nice is justified
Anyone with half a brain would realise that this is not self-defence. It does in no way further their long-term goals, and will only agitate the west further.
These people don't think like regular human beings. Germany and Japan were defeated and moved on to become successful nations. The middle-east just keeps drawing itself back into pointless conflict about their deplorable religion.

Memeri TV

>B-but D-da Joos tho
>implying you're not Cred Forums

>These people don't think like regular human beings.
Quod erat demonstrandum. You're batshit insane, lad.

>having neurotypical friends
>going outside
>polluting yourself with zionist media
>actively engaging in degeneracy


>not doing these things
>not living a happy normie life
>wallowing in your own self pity to impress """"people"""" on a Chinese cartoon discussion forum

This guy is not Cred Forums, he is just the regular Muslim shouting "but da jewws" every time something doesn't work out for them.

I do take responsibility for what my country did to the Middle East. But remember back then Bush asked Australia if they wanted to join or not and they joined willingly.

Australia even commited warcrimes in Iraq

>what is Dresden
Britain intentionally killed innocent civilians in Dresden, therefore Germany had every right to do the same back to them.

Britain now kills innocent people in Iraq for America/Israel, therefore they have every right to kill innocent people in Britain.

You retards don't even know the definition of terrorism. It's just a stupid words the media uses and doesn't really mean anything. The Iraq War, the dozen other NATO wars in the Middle East, is also terrorism. You terrorize them for oil and they do it back. Stop crying cuck.

You retards have this stupid notion that you can kill other people and they won't kill you back. I never said it was brave to kill innocent women and children, I just said they have a right to kill your innocent women and children since you kill their innocent women and children. It's just an Eye for and Eye. if you didn't want it to happen you should have never attacked them in the first place.

>it's okay for America and Britain to be warmongers and not Japan
Embargoes are a declaration of war.

>withholding trade while attacking them in a proxy war
>US embargoes japan
>gives China tons of free military supplies to free
>not going to war
This is an act of war.

>wallowing in your own self pity to impress """"people"""" on a Chinese cartoon discussion forum
What? we don't even know his name. Are we projecting again, shartie?
>muh happines is based solely on other people patting my head

>Are we projecting again, shartie?

But he's right though. Capitol hill is literally Israeli occupied territory


>May Allah forgive me uttering the word

>therefore Germany had every right to do the same back to them.
Only they didn't you git. Germany has not retaliated for Dresden at all, and they've largely accepted that you get hit if you start shit.

Military in the middle-east actively try to target militiamen exclusively, but naturally there are going to be civilian casualties if they shoot from behind the backs of women and children.

No it's self defense. If someone were doing this exact same stuff to America for no reason aside from to steal our natural resources, I would become a "terrorist" too.

It's justified because you killed their innocent civilians in wedding, hospitals and playgrounds. So they just got even.

Invading random Middle Eastern countries out of nowhere because they decide one day they do not want an International Zionist Wall St Bank will only agitate them further. The only difference is they have a right to attack you if you do things like this to them.

There is only one group at fault here, NATO. Germany and Japan compared to what they used to be are even worse. Germany is full of cucks now, and Japan is full of virgin weebs.

The Middle East already was successful prior to the Cold War where NATO decided to invade it since oil because very valuable and they wouldn't sell it for paper and wanted gold instead.

>conflicts over religion
TOP KEK, this is what cucks actually believe

What was the conflict over religion when NATO invaded Iraq and Afghanistan? What about Operation Cyclone when the British MI5 and CIA funded and created terrorists. What about the 1953 Iran Coup? The 2010 NATO war against Libya? And just yesterday when NATO killed 30 Syrian soldiers? What was the religious conflict being that?

>you are obliged to trade with everyone unless you want your civilians to be blown to pieces

No you're the retard here. If you attack someone for oil, they will attack you back. You're literally a spoiled child crying when you steal something from the store and the police come to take you away.

>ur pol
>ur muslim
>dat means your wrong.
>the Muslims are responsible for getting invaded by NATO
Top kek.

>germany started WW2
>not France and Britannia which declared war on them.

>target militiamen exclusively
Militiamen which you created.

>The Islamic State has released a new video in which it brags that it recovered weapons and supplies that the U.S. military intended to deliver to Kurdish fighters, who are locked in a fight with the militants over control of the Syrian border town of Kobane.

>More than 60 Syrian soldiers have been reported killed in US-led coalition air strikes near a military base as they battled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters, a Russian military spokesman said.

>Major-General Igor Konashenkov said the air strikes on Saturday took place near the Deir Az Zor airport in eastern Syria and were carried out by two F-16s and two A-10s. He did not identify the planes' country affiliation, but said they were part of the international coalition.

This is all totally religious.

>you financed a particular group of combatants at some point in time when they defended your interests so now you're responsible for the whole conflict
>germany and japan are worse than the middle-east for becoming what they've become
>the middle east was successful
>it's all nato's fault because they defended their interests in the middle-east against the soviets
The circus is in town boys, tip top kekkety kek

No if you stop trading with someone then at the same time start giving weapons to their enemies, it is an act of war.

Whereas when the Middle East wanted to stop trading with Europe and tried to close off trade with them, NATO went in and blew their civilians up. That's when the terrorism started.

What is a lefty? I've always thought of myself as a lefty, but I'm totally not onboard with this sjw nonsense.

It is really simple user, the right wing was the first to speak out against Islam and condemn it, so as a result the left wing will defend it.
If the right wing support Islam it would be a different story.

>nato went in and blew civilians up because the persians didn't want to sell them oil any more
Tell me then, how much of the US oil imports do you think come from any of the lands actually targeted by US military?

No it was intentional that they financed a radical group of criminals that were previously being eradicated by the local Muslims.

>The program leaned heavily towards supporting militant Islamic groups that were favored by the regime of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in neighboring Pakistan, rather than other, less ideological Afghan resistance groups that had also been fighting the Marxist-oriented Democratic Republic of Afghanistan regime since before the Soviet intervention.
Bergen, Peter, Holy War Inc., Free Press, (2001), p.68

No Germany and Japan are just worse than what they used to be in the 1940s. They're just cuck's for America now.

>what is the Ottoman Empire
>what is the Islamic Golden Age
>what was Iraq b4 the American invasion
>what was Iran

Yes it's NATOs fault they went in the Middle East. NATO didn't defend themselves against anything. The Soviet Union was welcomed in Afghanistan and Afghanistan wanted to become Socialists. NATO went in and invaded them because they had the freedom of choice to not be a capitalist.

If my country became Socialists, then suddenly out of nowhere we were forced at gun point to become capitalist, then who ever forced me to be a capitalist isn't defending himself against anyone or anything, he's attacking me.

>retards still angry at Islam they won't let you cuck them for oil

Fair enough but neither of you are doing nearly enough to lift the burden you placed on Europe.

>So basically if a Libyan, lets say nuked Paris, it would be completely justified

Come on then fagface, do it. Nah, didn't think so, little bitch with your purchased second-hand weapons and shitty explosives.

>he doesn't know anything about geopolitics
LOL no wonder you retards always blame Islam.

Here's how it works. When America went off the gold standard(in 1971 with Nixon), the USD was no longer backed by anything and thus worthless in the international market, so instead of backing it up with gold it was backed by USD, i.e the petrodollar. Every nation needs oil, and if you don't have oil you don't have a military since all war machines use oil as fuel.

With his new Petrodollar system, oil is sold exclusively in USD, so if you want oil you will need USD, and to get USD you will have to trade with the US creating demand for America's economy.

However this only works if all the oil in the world is sold in USD, so all oil producing nations will have to sell oil in USD, and in return America gives them military protection(countries like Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud which was put in power by Britian during WW1) if they refuse this offer they will get invaded and their oil will forcibly be sold for USD on the international market. Countries like Iraq, Iran, Sudan, etc... So when people say America invades for oil this is what they are saying, only a retard with no understanding of how the economy works or any geopolitics would think otherwise.

Here's Zbigniew Brzezinski, the CIA guy who created terrorism on why he did it and why he would do it all over again, and his explanation of the geo politcs involved. He's just bragging about how smart he is, and he goes into this a lot deeper so people understand this better.

Now NATO can run their nations however they want, if they wanted to they could even kill Muslims on their own territory and I wouldn't even care. But when they go into another country and invades them kills innocent people and takes control of their economy then that is a different story and that is where if you are not a cuck you will attack NATO.

World becomes muslim when?

I'm not Libyan, but I'd definitely do it cause it really pissed me off how those French fry faggots invaded Libya and took all of their gold, plenty of people already do.

>second hand weapons
>shitty explosives
Lrn 2 chemistry, and the AKM is a top-tier rifle. I wouldn't really use guns or explosives, I'd just spread Ebola or West Nile Virus, via the air, or just hack into their shitty 1980s security systems and jam the traffic, and anything else that will cause the stock markets to go crazy. Way more efficient and way better than those CIA false flags.

I don't really have a dog in this, anyway, but that's what I'd do if I did.

>oh boy, somebody blew up my buildings, must be the fault of western democracy
Did you read what I wrote by the way?
>you financed a particular group of combatants at some point in time when they defended your interests so now you're responsible for the whole conflict
Of course it was intentional, but indirectly supporting one party or another happens all the time. Still doesn't make it so the conflict would never have been there without you.
The Ottoman empire lost WW1 and committed genocide upon the Armenians. Of course they should have been given more territory as reward for that, how could I not have seen this before!
>the islamic golden age has anything to do with the state of persian countries in the 20th century
In that case the Ottomans are at fault for the Greek economic crisis because they destroyed the Byzantine empire. Damn, mudslimes will use any excuse for their idiocy.
>the soviets did not actively overthrow regimes to further their interests in the middle east
>all this had to do with oil
>I still cannot substantiate that a significant amount of oil of such value that it would by itself justify the cost of the war in the middle east is actually exported from those countries invaded by the US
>some conspiracy based on the far-fetched theory that the USD retains its value only when all countries that have oil are controlled by the US
>if you don't believe this you have no knowledge of geopolitics hahaha I am right hahaha
>the US can kill muslims in their own country but not invade an other country
Gave me a good laugh. Good luck with that conspiracy theory, I'm sure it will kick off someday. Night night.

Yes in a democracy it means 50% of those people aren't innocent since they voted to blow up that building.

So you have a 50/50 chance of killing a guilty person when you shoot a random Euro in public.

In a democracy if they didn't want to invade Iraq, they would have voted against it, but they voted for it. A democracy doesn't automatically mean your innocent. When you nation is full of greedy people who spend tons of money they do not have and then when it's time to pay it back, they invade another country, steal their wealth and use it to fuel their hedonist lifestyles then it's the fault of your country and your form of government.

The fact that you went to someone else country, funded a dozen or so minority of criminals, and turned them into a army numbering in the 10 thousands and use that army to wage a proxy war on that very country, is not only a declaration of war but it just shows your nothing but a barbarian, like the ones during Roman times. Not really surprising since you are decedent from them.

>it's our fault that we got invaded by you because we choose to be socialists
TOP KEK no wonder the entire world hates you. The ass-backwardness of your logic. Atleast if you were honest about your imperialism and said "we invaded you because we are capitalists and want to build an empire", then at least more people would respect you. That's what the Romans did when they invaded the Middle East, they were honest about why they invaded.

But lol, you just look like a cuck when you invade someone then say it's your fault I invaded you. Top kek. You really do deserve those terrorist attacks.

The Ottomans has nothing to do with a Serbian assassinating an Austrian Royal, neither did the rest of the world, that was their thing, and out of nowhere Britain and France jump into something that doesn't concern them and next thing you know they just destroyed the entire world for the next few hundred years.

The EU intentionally caused Greece's crisis 1/2

>That weird feeling you get when even Buddhist agree


The soviets didn't overthrow afghanistan, the afghans were allied with the soviets

The Afghans and Soviets both fought against the US proxy war

>USSR & Afghanistan vs. the Taliban and NATO–Afghan_War

There was the Saur Revolution which became Socialist Afghanistan but the Soviets had nothing to do with that

>literally explained the Petrodollar System from a very famous & respected CIA agent
>still thinking it's about oil exports and not control of the oil market

>conspiracy theory
>something the CIA openly brags about
Top kek, you retards really are stupid, no wonder your Islamophobes, you can't even wrap your heads around this and just go blaming Islam for problems you created yourself

>Cred Forumstards in charge of reading comprehension

You have no rights to be offended by blacks/muslims tweets now.

>the more you speak out against Islam and muslims the more terrorist it will create

Where is the loss of reading comprehension?

It means that more tensions and misunderstandings there is between the two communities, the better it is for ISIS and the rest.

The hate Arabs and Muslims as much as Westerns, and their strategy to rule over them is simple

1) Increase tensions between Arabs and the West by attacks
2) Use propaganda heavily to win over misinformed/vulnerable refugees, terror victims
3) Proclaim yourself as the sole saviour

It's called "administration of the savagery" and it's their main doctrine. I think that while we should bash terrorism as much as we like, we should consider abroad, French, and American non-radicalised (ie, the vast majority) Muslims as much as victims as us, and stand united against terrorism. We can settle our ideological differences peacefully after that.

Basically, just with Trudeau "if you kill your enemies, they win" you miss the whole point.