Japan seeks to double foreign workers to combat ageing, falling population

Two aides to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the nation is planning to bring in more overseas workers to bolster the shrinking labour force.
Masahiko Shibayama, a lawmaker in Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker who serves as a special adviser to the prime minister, said in an interview in Singapore on Friday that policies under consideration may result in a doubling of foreign workers in Japan.


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I reckon this is related

"Nearly half of Japanese adults do not start having sex until after they reach 34 years of age, as the majority of young adults remain single in the country, where the population has fallen by nearly 1 million in the past five years."


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But I guess they want mostly other Asians


old japs look like literal monkeys

Are high IQ results related to low Population?

They should import other (South)East-Asians.
I could bear with that.
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They are talking about Indians and Vietnamese for tech jobs

I feel like the only surefire way to be able to live in any given country is to impregnate a citizen.

Is that what the immigrants are doing to Europe?

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And what would be wrong with that?

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>No indiands tho.

"There is also discussion of bringing in technology industry workers from India and Vietnam, Nishimura added, as well as talk of creating a new visa category for workers in the country’s rapidly expanding tourism industry."

But...but..Cred Forums said robots will do the jobs that Japanese can't or won't do

Why don't they just get rid of the old people instead?

I though Japan had an extremely crowded population? Is the falling population now a crisis?

someone has to pay for those old people

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This. People on this board refuse to acknowledge this but the burden of the elderly on the country and the lack of people filling jobs in healthcare and other fields requires the government to do something. It's combination of several factors coming into play. All those jobs the elderly left are now open but no one is filling them. Even then I don't know if letting foreign workers in will work because Japanese business are scummy as fuck and abuse them extremely hard during the pilot project the Jansen government conducted a few years ago with East Asian workers (Chinese).

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They do not fit into Japan.

>People on this board refuse to acknowledge this but the burden of the elderly on the country and the lack of people filling jobs in healthcare and other fields requires the government to do something

No, the problem is that our societies are run on the assumption of perpetual economic growth that will presumably paper over the increasingly-worrying crack, i.e. native populations that can't even be bothered to perpetuate themselves.

What happens when all those "New Canadians" assimilate as they are predicted to, and decide that they'd rather not have kids, or shit out a single IVF-assisted autist at 40?

>"Leave Japan's ageing population to me."

This is about Japan user not the western world but JAPAN.

>Canadian Chinese detected

>This is about Japan user not the western world but JAPAN

The difference is Japan is the only industrialised nation (outside possibly South Korea) who's response hasn't been "Dude just import anyone who wants to live here, and if it all goes wrong we'll be dead lol"

Japan should be waking soon. I am curious to see their input

>But I guess they want mostly other Asians

>implying we shitskin spics can't perfectly pass as natives from SEA countries
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Curious to see if there is a spike in mixed breed births




>Le Orange Meme Man promises to return American manufacturing

-"haha thats stupid, those jobs are automated already and the level of automation will only increase!"

>Japan doesn't import third world serf labor

-"omg that's so stupid, they're going to need so many unskilled workers in the coming decades."

What exactly is so Cred Forums about seeing the contradiction in this?