Why do we not have any culture?

Why do we not have any culture?
Even niggers have culture

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>Why do i not know my culture?

How can I know a culture that doesn't exist?

I know those feels to well

I feel what he is saying. I have visited Norway and their was nothing distinctly Norwegian. Memorabilia basically consisted of trolls, and vikings. I expected to hear death metal on the radio. It was all American pop music, and Michael Jackson. Bars were British and Irish pubs. No Norwegian restaurants/food because as a Norwegian told me, Norwegian food is shit. They are so cucked even alot of the local tv shows and music is all in English like the "What does the Fox Say" guys and that Norwegian duo (who are the children of African immigrants themselves) that sing, "Am I wrong?" Or whatever taht song is

That's the Nordic countries, not Scandinavian.

>sweden is a flaccid cock
>finland is a set of balls
>norway is a cock sheath
>denmark is a wart

Ta livet av dig favä.

but hey atleast the wart isn't on the cock

>tfw you were born just in time to live a overly lengthy life in a dead society with no culture

we're clearly a load of cum

what's Iceland?

nordic "culture" is just a weak imitation of already shitty anglo/african pop culture

Other countries that sometimes are accused of not having any culture have either had it replaced by americanism (Germany, UK and Netherlands) or are anglo colonies with short history (Canada, Australia and new zeeland). Scandinavian countries never had any to begin with so americanisation never destroyed nordic "culture", it actually gave us one.

>nordic "culture" is just a weak imitation of already shitty anglo/african pop culture

From my trip to Norway

All the old churches and such felt unauthentic as well

that's nothing this is the biggest mall in Sweden.

>hair extension shop for white people

now this is just sad.



ugh, those african style dreads are so disgusting. I always want to shave off all hair from people like that. so unclean looking

what's the problem with that? using english name?



>All the old churches and such felt unauthentic as well

>why do I live in the city where everyone tries to imitate the rest of the world to present themselves as equals, 'modern' and cosmopolitan (read: watered down culturally)

I dunno, you tell me.

That said, American culture has a really strong pull in Scandinavia and we're constantly flooded with their media.

first of all black metal is the characteristic norwegian music genre

and extreme metal in general is a niche
i cringe every time i listen to the metal they play on the radio here


Yes I misunderstood his post, thought it was about Norwegians using english signs and advertisment.

Realised afterwards what it was about.

But yes the use of english language and advertisment even inside of Sweden to make it seem more cool and international is common.

This was not what I expected in Norway, I thought it was going to be vikings and shit.

And yes african dreads are disgusting, it looks like you have dung hanging from your hair.

sorry bout that bruv, watched a documentary on your "evil brutish whaling culture", made me sad our libfags were intervening in your shit. would legit like to move there and continue the white race in peace

even their asatru followers are cucked, apparently you can be somali and still make it to asgard. breivik didnt take enough of the fuckers out tbqh

We have a culture, it doesn't involve behaving like a fucking retard so it doesn't stand out that much.
Go to America and you'll see the difference.
We have allemansrätten, a strange (boring) cuisine and some pretty fun traditions that include strange seafood and heavy drinking.

Norwegians don't go to Norwegian restaurants because that's what they eat at home, so they go to Italian restaurant instead.
Also there's a period between Viking era and modern day Norway (mere 1000 years), so not everything can be viking shit .

stop responding to this troll. he makes this same thread every day

Yes we have a "culture" that is true.

It is just so bland that we might as well not have one.

That is what I and other people mean when we say that Nordic cunts don't have culture.

I take it you haven't been invited to any kräftskivor lately?

But it doesn't seem like shit happened since the Viking shit except fishing.

Third world but with culture :)) feels2good

Go to Finland, they are even more autistic



>du blev fodt

do danes live in garden sheds too?

>I expected to hear death metal
I laffed


I ahve it with my family every midsummer as well as dancing around the giant phallus while singing about small frogs.

Not much of a culture desu we even live in garden sheds.

>We wuz vikings
>We are now protestant!

describes scandi history pretty well

Fun fact: most third world countries are actually better to live in than nordic countries.

At least you have a soul


why don't you move to greece, portugal or italy then?
seems like all you care about is culture

An unfortunate accident

You don't think it's anything special until you travel some. Since we are the majority ethnic group our culture seems bland compared to the immigrants with their spicy food and gangland killings.
Go to America or even around europe and you will see a great difference in mentality, cuisine, values and way of life.

Even Americans think our culture is bland

"Even" Americans

Our culture is so fun and vibrant that the entire world has adopted it, just because it's modern doesn't make it not culture

I will tell you what scandinavian culture is about

it's about playing life on easy mode

you're rich, tall and white

if you're poor - you're still rich

you do what you want

you try to die - you cant, ambulance arrives too fast and doctors are too good

you try to lose - you cant

you go to brazilian favela to live hardcore life - deep down you know you have safety net

welcome to the game of life, you won

hello im scandinavian im sad our culture doesnt have spicy smelly food, colorful clothing, retarded way of speaking and other attributes of a special snowflake that constitute culture in the western world xD

"afro friends" kek

post more

OP why you listen the bullshit the leftists cucks put inside your head?

OP is butthurt mudslime. don't respond to these threads

More like hedonistic and superficial that's why it has spread so fast. It appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Americans also tend to find most foreign cultures excotic and vibrant due to being so immersed in their own cultural sphere. So when even you find our culture dull it really says something.

We used to be dirt poor a hundred years ago, wealth comes and goes. Tradition and culture is far more lasting. Or in Scandinavias case, nonexistant.

>P-pleease stop responding to him, the truth triggers me.

>self-loathing scandicucks

Oh god

the op is an albanian, he makes the thread every day

Because it didn't.

You have to understand Norway was severely ravaged by the Black Plague in the 1300s and never truly recovered. It's the biggest reason we stayed under denmark for so many years, because 2/3rds of our population died and there were almost none of us left.

You should've let me know before you went and I could've taken you to some viking festivals this summer if you were here at the right time.

Those are great fun at least.

Sorry that curry doesn't grow in Scandinavia you fucking clit cutter

Tak lívið av tær

Not that we would know what to do with it anyway, we really don't seem to have any tastebuds whatsoever.

A fine Nordic tradition, perphaps we do have culture after all!


So beautiful

fuck off we're packed to the rafters cunt

Not nearly as bad as it used to be
Whenever it happens, it's plastered all over the news, and I never see that happening these days. You're confusing us with Greenland.
It's a given considering we have little sunlight

The Faroe Islands literally have the lowest alcohol consumption of the Nordic countries. There are like 2 suicides a year.

> 2 suicides a year.

so like 15% of population then

roughly a Stóra Dímun a year

Just beacuse it used to be even worse doesn't mean things are good now.

>It's a given considering we have little sunlight

We don't really have it that much worse than the rest of northern Europe, yet we are more depressed.

I am talking about nordic cunts in general

High fertility evens it out

>retarded cuckpost
>swedish flag

Just as expected.

we are depressed because of sossarna and systembolaget

I grew up with Pippi Long Stockings, I loved to watch Emil from lönneberga, my friend loves your black metal and I love meatballs. And you are saying you have no culture? You are cucking yourself, but you have, or at least HAD a culture, I grew up in 90s Slovakia yet I absorbed some of your culture. I have read about brave Scandinaviwn polar voyagers in my childhood and it filled me with awe. Please, wake up from your nightmare, guys.

Speak for yourself faggot

What is their culture currently? Cuckold fetish?

tungur knívur?



What about Sweden? Oh wait, I see waht you did there

þessi hnífr á að vera þungr



>I expected to hear death metal on the radio.

That's because you're no doubt fucking retarded.


That pic is not realistic.
I actually became racist when i spent time in India and realised how unbelievably dumb most of the people are there.

Oh come on Sweden!
This is not funny anymore.

It was never meant to be funny, this thread is made purely out of spite for nordic "culture".

oh look it's this thread again

>I actually became racist when i spent time in India and realised how unbelievably dumb most of the people are

to be fair, he still looks pissed off and angry in India

Who cares if you don't have culture. Culture isn't a good thing.

Well, at least you guys don't ever since Paco de Lucia left us (pbuh)

Stop cucking yourself leftist faggots.

Is there no middle ground between hitler and degeneracy? This is why I hope autists replace you all. We can't be any worse than you deliberate retards.

make sense please

He is right. Culture is like a participation medal.
>"your society doesnt have the best living standards and best opportunites, many other nations are healthier, safer and richer, but hmm at least yours has its own unique special flavor ;)"
who gives a shit.

you're not spanish are you? your englando is so good.

It's the main thing that makes travelling exciting. Also, I can't tell what country you're referring to in your "example".

Culture is deeper than that it's the soul of a nation.

tell me how kazakhstan is better

>0 cosmodromes
>1 cosmodrome

evry time

Asian DNA

>Being so cucked you let Ivan use your space-age infrastructure

>american banter
stick to mart-sharting

1 and 2 are houses?

Ask me shit


I guess it was removed by degenerate globalist ""culture""

It was gone before that

Don't worry. You are being culturally enriched everyday