Cred Forums made obsessive with blue eyes and blond hair

>Cred Forums made obsessive with blue eyes and blond hair
>i can no longer feel attracted to shit-coloured people

what do?

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Stop spending your life on Cred Forums and forming your worldview based on the opinions of trolls and neets

>tells other people to stop spending his life on Cred Forums
>spends his life on Cred Forums

If anything, this website has made me more attracted to Asian women and traps :/

Nothing. Just keep on masturbating to porn.

>what do?

Be an Asian male if you want an attractive White blonde girl

Croatians, that one Finn, and that one Danish black diaspora on Cred Forums gave me jungle fever desu.

Same couple as above

patrician choice

fucking this

>what do?

Blonde girls and Asian men go together like peanut butter-n-jelly

delet this now

Iktff user, I'm not attracted to my countrymen anymore

>tfw I'll die alone, ugly and...dead.


No, only my friend's mysterious greenish hazel eyes attract me

want id

thanks for existing finland, paradise

Actually we just came back from the beach yesterday and we were at a resort and there were lots of tourists, there was a ridiculously pretty white girl with an Asian guy that genuinely looked like he had some sort of condition in his face but they looked so happy, makes me wonder what could it be that she's attracted to in him
I also saw 3 blond boys that looked faggy as hell but very handsome and I kept eyeballing them cuz they're hot

>tfw no blond gf


Go to Cred Forumserpals and get a blonde gf

It worked for me

>makes me wonder what could it be that she's attracted to in him

"One man's treasure is another man's trash." If you look the Asian look, you will be attracted to different physical features than if you were to a White guy.

never used interpals

how is it

Never marry or reproduce. You'll do them a favor.

>>tfw no blond gf

Ivanka Trump is teaching her daughter Mandarin Chinese. I predict in the near future, Donald will have a Chinese son-on-law.

why would you be attracted to anything else

why, she'll BLEACH me
idk most guys fuck whatever comes in their way

OP you forgot:

>i can now justify why I can't find a gf in my country

You make an account, you put the languages you speak and the ones you're trying to learn, you put a couple of photos of you and you talk a bit about yourself, the point is not looking like a creep and you starting to ppl.

There's always a general of it here on Cred Forums, I knew it thanks to that.

she won't bleach you, you'll dirty her.

I will just go to Ukraine and buy one I think. But buy a younger one so she is not a whore.

as if

>implying our sons won't get BLEACHED too
>implying that in our third generation, they won't be 90% white
>implying i will not help to save the white race

She looks like Sase the SC2 player

There's a difference between spending a few hours a week here and not letting it effect you and literally forming your views around an anime imageboard


Fuck them what they need

i'm not black though

why america try to push this stupid meme

>this is why I'm a virgin

No, OP. It's not.

What's the problem? Brazil i Germanic and therefore white.

>go abroad
>regularly fuck a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes and amazing body, I have never seen an amazing body like that naked

how is this real... during the day she went to hang out with french, belgian guys and so on, they entertain her, buy her food and so on

but I fucked her and slapped her on face and deepthroat her like in my porn movies and slept with her at night

sometimes life is magic


>mongolian ponies are now considered beautiful blonde girls

That'll just soil more and more white people. Please stay away.

my brazilian friend, instead of being bitter, you could try and experience fucking a nazi propaganda poster girl yourself

magic happened to me, why couldn't it happen to you?

>make shitskins attracted to white people
>stupid dumb white women (who are whores) fuck poor homeless shitskins to make daddy mad
>no more white people
What will shitskins do afterwards? Kill themselves?

i'll be long dead when that happens

i find it hard to believe

same, im lucky i live where i do

even i still find it hard to believe

>disregarding that shitskins have european blood

Move to Sweden?

i used to glorify white women when i was just a little favela boy

after starting university tho ...

they're still shitskins lol

Move to Florianopolis then faggot.

Don't touch my blonde gfs shitskin!!!

feels good

don't fall for these meme

There are as much blonds in São Paulo and, contrary to Florianópolis, it is an economically thriving city.

I would strangle a person to get a finnish girlfriend

... to watch them

hello abdul




>those teeth
absolutely disgusting


this fucking girl

>no autismo finn to bully your weenie


>blonde hair
>not degenerate

>dark eyebrows

dark eyebrows are very common here, even with blondes

I was memeing. Super blonde eyebrows and eyelashes is albino/sami tier. Looks fucking weird.

I would fight 3 hobos in a knife fight behind garages for a finnish gf.


post high res pls

Shamalyan-tier twist: The hobos with knives are Finnish grills

>not blonde pussy

fucking dropped

forget the nazi propaganda poster girls
how about tfw no buff finn nazi fag to pos my neg hole

It's only redditfags trying to push this garbage

Why do faggots obsess over blonde hair bitches? The hoes ITT are pretty average desu, and you faggots are treating them like godesses.