Tfw fat, even by American standards

>tfw fat, even by American standards

i'm 220 pounds, 5' 10"

>I'm 195cm and 126kg

OP here. I'm 210lbs and 5'10".

at least you're tall

i think i'm the fattest person on Cred Forums :-(

You weigh almost twice as much as me, I'm a skinny fuck

Explain. Let's make a simple teste: Can you trim your own toenails or do you have someone that does that for yourself?

I also wanna be skinny

Who is /chubby/ here?



Why do you fellas lose weight?

You know obesity is unhealthy, right?



unhealthy food tastes good
too anxious to go to gym

I know it is unhealthy.
But I love food and dislike exercise.

>tfw 88 kg
>tfw wanted to lose weight but can't stop eating tasty food
>tfw it's 35º C and I can't excercise

Cut off 10 cm and meil samat

tfw so tall it's impossible to get fat. Plus going to the gym helps.

6'8 245 here


Exercising is torture and food is good.

Then why make threads about feeling bad about being bad lol

Seems like you're happy with your choice

>that canadian of always and his retarded dichotomy

oh boy




>Seems like you're happy with your choice
we're clearly not.

Same reason why people complain about having no gf or no money.

If you're not happy then change it

>worrying about problems that it's 100% in your power to fix them.

There's worse things you could be facing. This one's easy.

>live in brazil
>is fat


>tfw just drank 4 cans of coke

change is hard. jesus christ, how hard is it for you to understand that?

Brazil will surpass the US in obesity by 2030, my dude.
We're fat as fuck.

stick with the diet stuff

Used to be FAT but now I'm not feels good man

>people really think the average br is like this

BR food is fat, rice and beans and bread everyday results in this

> i think i'm the fattest person on Cred Forums :-(
That's a rather tall claim to make without posting stats.

But I did.

just don't eat all the time. i should be eating ~2300 kcals everyday, but i only eat about 1400.

couting calories is hard and boring.

everything about /fit/ is pretty hard

I mean low carbs, high carbs, fat carbs, cardio, calories, HIIT, proteins, fat, bf so on wtf???

I'm sure there's some super fat person on here. That's just like, normal fat.

I have never seen a fat brazilian.

Or make just eat when you are hungry

probably because you never saw a brazillian.

Excluding athletes and people who were instructed to do so for very specific reasons, counting calories is easily the most autistic thing normies do.

You shouldn't have to count shit to know when you're overindulging, and you don't necessarily need a workout schedule and a trainer to inspire you to be a little more physically active.

>tfw 5'9" with brown hair and brown eyes

Still 100% German.

I saw at least 5.6 brazilians

you are that sexy german, right?

I used to weigh the same as you then i just stopped eating as much, the truth is you just need to really bee urself and put a pull up bar in the hallway which you use every time you walk past, just did 6 there.

I'll focus on quitting smoking first.

Let me rephrase this.
>living a healthy life and having confidence in yourself life is hard and

What? Never posted a pic of me on Cred Forums.

So you say, its easier to stop taking some food from the cupboard than to slowly wean off smoking

Yep, exactly.

never mind

Cmon SENPAI you deserve more than this desu

Nonsense, I just have to stop picking up the cigarette and putting it in my mouth.

quitting smoking is easy, i've done it a million times

this guy gets it

That's a gross understatement and you know it. Oh well, not wasting more time here, keep hating yourself brah.
Not smoking for a day isn't quitting


>That's a gross understatement and you know it
and this >its easier to stop taking some food from the cupboard

>Not smoking for a day isn't quitting
it's called a joke.

Now that I think of it, I haven't not-smoked for a single day in my life since I were ~16 yrs old (now 23).

Really makes me think whether I'd look better or feel better had I never picked it up.

It isn't since i did it and im still a lazy sack of shit, and i understood that well thanks.

>5'5" ultramanlet
>233 lbs
That was a year ago, I probably weigh more now.
>tiny baby dick
>ugly humpback
>acne everywhere
>straight up ugly face
>surviving on stipends my dad, who rightfully hates me and loves my normal, successful siblings, sends me every two weeks
I'm everything a man fears to be and one of the most repulsive human beings to have ever been born. I cannot fix any of this and I am destined to a life of suffering. If there is a god, he's a fucking asshole. I should've never been born. I'm working on acquiring a gun so I can kill myself one of these days.

>tfw work out 3 days a week
>cardio every other day
>235 lbs. at 6 feet
I love food.
At least I've gained plenty of muscle, even though my bf% is still high.
I really need to actually cut, though, as my face is fat, too.

190/85, aiming for around 80
Lyl, was the opposite for me, don't like to eat when it's hot. Last year it was up to 40°C and I lost around 4kg through July

you british motherfucker

sorry, man

I'm simply too lazy to go to the fridge so I'm incredibly skinny.

>born in the usa, the place where i'll work for pennies cleaning toilets and begging for greencard
>wants to kill self

tfw 51kg at 180cm

Are you the herald of the skeletal apocalypse

it's not that bad desu
I have a very narrow frame and light bones I guess

177 cm 80 kg reporting in

i bet you're cute

I am 185cm 100kg

Not really fat imo, kinda chubby. I used to lift back in the day and have had a physical job for years so I'm ok.

I look like him but with a skinny face and larger bis and tris

>tfw when hazel eyes but all my friends and family have blue except nigger eyed dad

I lost my gut and a lot of weight but I still have a double chin thing going on, FUUUUUUCK


5'11''/180cm 150lb/68kg

last year at this time i was 210lb/95kg

ask me anything

the fuck did you do?

>tfw hard time eating enough
61kg/183cm feels bad man

you swede motherfucker

5'11" here too. I dropped from 215 to 168 lbs. in a year too. Let me guess, you basically starved yourself? I only ate 1500-1200 calories a day for like 8 months with no exercise because I didn't have time to go to the gym.

how the fuck can i lose my manboobs and potbelly?
i'm 173/61 manlet, yet i look like 70kg at least

>6 foot
>15 1/2 stone
>being going to the gym twice a week and dieting for two years

I thought there were no fat Americans.

I thought there were only skinny, a-little-chubby, chubby, a-little-chubbier-than-usual and SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT Americans.

>mfw get to eat whatever whenever and still stay skinny l because my family has a very high metabolism

>only skinny
>a little chubby
>a little chubbier than usual
>slightly overweight

metabolism is a meme

I find it hard to believe

true. people just underestimate how much they eat

metabolism deviates very slightly even between absolute hamplanets and auschwitz tier skeletals

Yeah, that guy probably eat half a sandwich and feel full and then says he can eat whatever with out getting fat

moved a lot, ate little

i moved to a new building that has a pool for residents. i started swimming about an hour every day after work. i usually ate 1500-1800 calories per day which left me hungry a lot but now i kind of like the feeling of being a little hungry all the time, it makes me feel motivated

i pass for scrawny with a shirt on now but i still have these thicc fatty thighs that i wish i could get rid of

God is a joker, man.
You need to learn to laugh with his jokes, and you will be happier.
Don't take things so dramatically.

That being said

>Blaming god for your fatness

The old man is having a laff

I have no blood relatives who are fat and I eat 3 full meals every day.

Literally just eat less lol

Why would you fuck your own health so hard by choice

it's not like we actively think "hurr durr let's fuck our health!!!"

it's just a consequence of our pleasure lol

I'm a social outcast and I will never have a wife or children, lmao
My peers will lead happy lives and form happy families while I provide comedic relief.
Thanks God, you're hilarious.

just eat less

i've never been fat but since i take my medication for thyroid i lost five kilos
so sometimes it's a matter of metabolism, your metabolism doesn't work that well since your thyroid doesn't work that well
i advice you to go to the doctor and do some medical exams, you never know

Bulking is so hard, eating when I am not hungry feels disgusting

how the fuck do you guys do it?

LMFAO @ weak fat losers. Instead of crying in self pity you could be out going to the gym and improving your life, but you have no discipline, no back bone and no spine. Did you not have a strong father figure in your life? Just fucking sad. Fitness is not fucking rocket science. To see results all you have to do is go to the gym 3 times a week and eat 500 cals below TDEE. Hell, you don't even have to go to the gym, you could make do with home exercises, as long as you diet.

>b-but gym is scary! People will look at me!

How do you even function in real life? You're not some fucking celebrity, NO ONE except family and close friends gives a single fuck about you and your life, so get off your high horse and get in shape.

Senpai eating less is less painful than living with diabetes or heart disease

well thanks for the tips, but i already lost with 1st step

lifting weights doesn't help at losing weight, are you dumb?

>it isn't rocket science
yeah it fucking is
0,7 gram of protein per pound of body mass? what the flying fuck you mean friend?
>removing rice and bread
oh yeah removing the pinnacles of our diet, so easy
>implying we can run/bike for hours, the same amount of time we spend on Cred Forums like it's not

it's very simple, you just do it.

>tfw you lose weight around your dick

you are a big guy

Lifting weights burns calories, and since you're fat and a beginner you'll get noob gains too.

google it

0,7 - 1 times your body weight in pounds

same as TDEE w/e

You don't have to fucking remove them. You can eat anything you want as long as you eat under your TDEE to lose weight, although 1800 cals of chicken breast, oats and cottage cheese will make you feel and perform better than 1800 cals of chips and chocolate, the things you're stuffing your face with right now

>>implying we can run/bike for hours, the same amount of time we spend on Cred Forums like it's not

Indeed you can, it's all about willpower

Now stop overanalyzing things/making excuses and get to work.

While it is theoretically possible in some cases to not use some of the calories in what you eat (digestion issues), it's physically impossible the other way around, i.e. to burn more than you consume and still gain weight, we ain't no perpetuum mobile

This, lifting is retarded when you're already fat
Just eat less
I went from 100 to 85 kg (at 1.90m) by just doing that, and I have close to zero exercise (other than some light gardening, and swimming 1-2km in a chilled pace like 10x per year)
Yeah it took its time - 3 years - and is still ongoing as I want to reach 75-80 area but it hasn't been a top priority lately, but at least that way doing it slowly I'm not yoyo-ing
All depends on your aim though ofc, if you do want that super muscular look (I don't as I'm not a bydlo Hauptschüler or T*rk/Slav, who make up 99% of gym rats here), lose weight first and only then start muscle buildup

>tfw I can eat as much as I want and I wont get fat
I'm fit though with 65kg

>lifting is retarded when you're already fat

t. haven't read the sticky

lol, the very sticky says that dieting is 80% of it and that lifting is so you don't become the "guy who loses lots of weight and still looks flabby and useless" dumb fuck

what makes people lose fat is fucking cardio
it doesn't burn calories as much as cardio

>indeed you can
kek it's just bait at this point

I'm not doing excuses, i'm just saying that /fit/ concepts are complicated as fuck

150 5'11"

feels average man

I'm virtually the same, 184/64

How the fuck do you people get so fat?

3 years? I lost 20kg in 6-7 months by eating less and not moving at all.

>tfw short, even by French standards

Well the biggest loss occurred in the first couple months, since then it's been a mix of plateau-ing and slight continuous loss (I'll usuually gain a few kg in winter but lose them and a bit more in summer)
Still I'm glad I'm not yoyo-ing like a perceived 90% of those who lost weight too quickly do

i hit about 75 and i've stayed there so far, going to gain a bit of muscle so hopefully i wont be much over 80 when im actually /fit/

Nice chart though and good job

Yeah, keep it up and don't lose confidence if the weight loss eventually slows down, it's only normal to do so once you reach a certain BMI , every single kg will get exponentially harder (IIRC those super fatties lose like 10kg per week in the beginning but it's all just water, I hate that there's no documentaries showing how well such weight losers maintain it long-term, which is by far the hardest part - changing eating habits permanently and ingraining it into the brain)

Literally eat less

Or enjoy your diabetes and heart disease idiots. You have one life and you treat your body this way, amazing

Start exercising, lardass

Still a manlet.