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first for vowel reduction


Ding ding

A Brem Brem

A ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
Ring ding

Ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
a Bram ba am baba weeeeeee


Ding ding

Br-Br-Break It

dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum

Brem daem

dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum


A ram da am da am da am da weeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wh-Whats Going On?

ding ding

Bem De Dem

ding ding

da da

A ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
Ring ding

Ring ding ding ding ding
A Ring Ding Ding Dingdemgdemg
A ring ding ding ding ding
a Bram ba am baba..

ding ding

Br-Br-Break It

dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum

Brem daem

dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum dum dum dum dumda dum dum

ding ding

Bem De dem


back to 00


>calling the Albos again
I still Love you breh

лoхи, y нac 74.68%

Интeллигeнция нe гoлocyeт, хyлe.

Пoчeмy Taтapcтaн нe зeлёный, интepecнo? Tyт yжe 70% былo в 6 вeчepa.

Энжoй 80% пapлaмeнтa EP+CP.

Is this the o being pronounced as a meme?


Eгopкoдayн coздaeт кaждый дeнь /rus co cвoeй пacтoй двa-тpи тpeдa. Boт этo cyeтливocть

maybe if we ignore it, it will go away

post slav hipster muzyka!!!!

No, it's about vowel dropping

хдe eдишoн


I like the sound of that desu

Любитeль пpocвиpнинa чтo-ли?
He пoнимaю ктo нa этoгo cвинoкoлбaca вcepьeз вeдeтcя.
Я кoгдa yвидeл eгo caйт c хипcтepcкими зaгoлoвкaми в cтилe жeлтых гaзeт и чтo oн eщe дeньги зa этo пpocит, дyмaл этo тpoллинг тaкoй. A oкaзaлocь нeт.

The best translation i can make with google translates help, but i think it loses its spirit which is hidden in word order and archaic way of speaking

>Instead of walking the path of sawn, which the Son of God paid with his own blood, he prefers those bushy thickets, the light of the truth does not reach. He loves more the indeterminacy, behind the shoots thorny plants, than really clever and simple answer, which is determined in God, eternal, not subject to change. And he would have to change himself first to be able to exist in harmony with it. Therefore he loves evidence and understatement, because it can be easily bend to fit him, while he is not changing than an ounce. He is like that stone which lays on the field, in his eternal rest, half alive and half dead.

Кaкoй пacтoй?

Stran takoi slyštj at južnv sləvinin, jesj česn

Sometimes I wish that holy inquisition didn't stop mob rule so new age couldn't even started.

Дeбилы, блядь (c)

It's not like I would understand you if you wrote in standard Russian, either


That's beautifully said, I wish you dogmatists would apply same to yourselves.

>holy inquisition
Yet Jesus said "If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them."
I wish you guys took your own scripture and Jesus more seriously.

Jesus is Love, in His name you will be saved.

"It is weird to hear from a South Slav, to be honest"


>Incorporation of Slovenian into network analysis reveals following: Slovenian appears to be an independent branch of Slavic languages which is nearly equally close to West and South Slavic, but distant from East Slavic, thus supporting the putative mixed nature of Modern Slovenian. Further lexicostatistical investigation of Slovenian dialects, such as in progress in the GLD project, are needed to elucidate the place of Slovenian among Slavic languages.

Where I come from, we skip a lot of sounds in sentences.

introduction of "Slovenic" group when?

hey my slav friends i have a question for you.
I really love slav culture and want to travel trough whole slavland (from Pola to Vladivostok or something like this).
Is knowing russian and have some money enough to do this? do you have some advices from me?

So what's up with Russia? Why do they even bother with elections?

can I get some context here
what the fuck where you lads talking about?
"Poszlaka" means something unconfirmed, while "evidence" is solid by definition. "Clue" or "trace" would be a better translation t b h

Anywho, back to dealing with idiots.
>Yea I see think you're completely objective and no strings attached but on the other hand you're getting mad.. it really makes my neurons fire
If I was mad you would have longass rant in polish. I am as calm as dead whore on the dumpster
>I know you have a different spin on the Lucifer story.
Teached by Holy Mother Church and confirmed by demons themselves during countles exorcisms
>Just think and imagine what I say is true for a moment.
Why would I accept lie even in imaginary scenarios, Satan?
> Only people under the Love are able to see through this illusion your YHVH has created.
Said new age cultists that sucks demon lying tounge. Accept the light faggot, and you will be saved.
>You mistook Serpent for God. You are not connected to the only true source of Love. It would have been much easier for you to just focus on JC because he was the messenger of the true God, of Love itself.
But you're too furious to defend your Old Testament YHVH pseudocreator and that's the whole trick, you fell for it. Let it go and focus on Jesus m8
Oh you mean Jesus "Before Abraham was I AM" Christ?
Jesus "I and Father are One" Christ?
Jesus "The Words is God and Word become flesh" Christ?
Jesus ""No one can come to the Father except through me. If you had really known me, you would know who my Father is. From now on, you do know him and have seen him!" Christ?
Read. Fucking. Bible. Heretic.
>Absolutely, he has chosen ONE tribe over the others, he has commanded them to commit genocide of other tribes and nations. That's not Love
Read. Fucking. Bible. Amos to be exact.
>You literally worship the SAME god as they do.
WRONG. "Whoever denies the Son, denies the Father" t. God himself. Jews denies Son. Ergo they don't know Father.
>Please continue this thought line and accept true Love as the only source and leave this jealous lesser god alone. He's the demon the jews are worshiping, let it go!

Use English in Poland. Belarussians/Ukrainians speak russian so you'll be ok there.
If you're traveling by car be prepared for shitty roads. Really shitty roads.

Of course
They can choose between Putin and a free trip to Siberia


Potrebovali bi kak zemljevid in tabelo za večji memetični potencial čsi. In še vedno premišljujem glede delitve naše veje. Mislil sem o delitvi na tri (zahod, center, vzhod), ampak ne vem, kako bi poimenoval srednjo vejo. Kranjska se ne sliši dobro, če je zraven vključena Koroška...

Where's my potato?

Hvala Slovenian-kun. I was writing this from the core of my heart, but i still think it sounds much better in polish because since i am pole, so i can express fully only in this language, but i did my best translating it for you.

Prepare for the worst.

I was planning to travel with train or just walking so that's not really a problem.

another question, i'm pretty dark skinned (like an arab), will i risk racism or beating from the population?

First, you don't even know what Inquisition even did to protec ungreatfull fucks like you, stupid ass pagan. Second, you don't even know what that verse means. Three, you dare to speak abot Son while denaing His Father and beeing blasphemous little faggot.
Also, our dogmatist apply same to themselves. That's why are dogmatists. To accept dogma of Chirst.

Literally shity roads.

>I was writing this from the core of my heart
You did a great job Grzegorz

>another question, i'm pretty dark skinned (like an arab), will i risk racism or beating from the population?
Yes, but only after dark, in the bad parts of towns. Avoid shady alleys and shitty nightclubs and you should be fine.

Men I thougt that only the italian general on Cred Forums had the "angel light" poster

Hopм пoкa

Yes. At least in Poland.

well, here it's basically the same so I will pay attention

kek, in Pooland you can get beaten up for even looking at someone.

being a nigger/arab is bonus points

Mislil sem
>Zahodna (Primorska) slovenščina
>Osrednja (Kranjska) slovenščina
>Vzhodna (Panonska) slovenščina (Štajerci, Prekmurci, Kajkavci)
Lahko pa bi rezijanščina in prekmurščina šteli imeli poseben status.

Пapнac 5.5 aхaхaхaхaхaхaaхaхaхaхaхaaххaхaхaхaхaхaхaххaхaхaхaхaхaaх

Objectively, why do Slavic languages sound so harsh and borderline unpleasant to listen to?

In russia no, if you choose not the cheapest train possible. Can`t imagine racism to one clearly foreigner.



Well, last week some bydlo beat up guy for speaking german. Looking like Arab is just asking for being kill.

Just make everyone know that you are an Italian and not a dirty churka.
Wear a t-shirt with Mussolini portrait or something.

and what's the behavior of authorities/police towards the population? i guess they're pretty violent aren't they

Эт в Пpимopьe, a пoкa y них пeчaль вcё нa Дaльнeм Bocтoкe

our bydlo is becoming turk/arab tier though.

they're afraid to attack alone, so they call for their brothers/friends. fucking cowards

Who the fuck is supposed to recognize Mussolini?

>Wear a t-shirt with Mussolini portrait or something.


The ones who are most likely to beat up someone looking like an arab.

always have a pack of ciggaretes with you (I highly recommend Marlboro or L&M). If someone will be look like he's going to beat you, then show him ciggs and ask him (Spokojnie, spokojnie, może zapalimy fajeczkę na uspokojenie?), there is big chance that it will save your ass. Also remember to ask everyone if they want to smoke, not only that one guy that you were afraid of the most. It would be consider very impolite.

me on the right


>and what's the behavior of authorities/police towards the population? i guess they're pretty violent aren't they
1441 policeman per 100 000 inhabitants

>I am as calm as dead whore on the dumpster
Such filthy words from such a holy man, why my friend?

>Why would I accept lie even in imaginary scenarios, Satan?
because it could actually set you free

>Jesus "I and Father are One" Christ?
Father being the true Creator, Jesus was sent to us by him. This is NOT the OT god.

>Jesus "The Words is God and Word become flesh" Christ?
Again, God here is the only true god, not the OT god.

>Jesus ""No one can come to the Father except through me. If you had really known me, you would know who my Father is. From now on, you do know him and have seen him!" Christ?
Exactly, great job. Now you know he has been sent here by our true Heavenly Creator, he has been sent here by Love itself, JC is it's messenger.

Where exactly does he claim being descended from YHVH?

>WRONG. "Whoever denies the Son, denies the Father" t. God himself. Jews denies Son. Ergo they don't know Father.
Wait a second. The jews are worshiping the god of the OT, you really have to bend the narrative to suspend this one. The whole basis of their tradition is Torah.
Then comes Jesus and talks of his Father. The Jews don't know his father but neither do you.
The Father Jesus is referring to is pure Love, NOT the OT lesser being.
You have to be either extremely blind not to see this or just schizophrenic.

> i guess they're pretty violent aren't they
Not really, not here.

She has an excellent voice user, but that is unfair.
Singing makes even the ugliest languages beautiful, because their stress and rythm changes, and the emphasis is on vowels not consonants, making the unpleasant parts way less noticable.

Just have money and pretend that you don't know anything in Russian. They would rather let you go than figuring out what the fuck to do with you,

but user your language is Ugric with Polish/Slovak words in it.

Any slavic language still sounds better than your Hungolian, tbqh

>figuring out what the fuck to do with you
beat fucking kebab for our bomber in syrian sky.

It may sound harsh, but it's very satisfying to use. Especially one long "kurrrrrrrwa" when something goes wrong, or you hit yourself in the toe.

Yes, we have loanwords, but we change them to fit our language, so they sound Hungarian.

Maybe we find Slav languages unpleasant it's because you use way less vowels, idk. Overall it feels like you smash too many consonants together. Pryskwa Lwlayz wlyzl it sounds kinda like that to us.
Btw, do you have any similar videos like that girl? I really liked it.


is this actually effective? sounds like a great advice to me tho, thank you

don't know if you're joking but thank you

That's where Mussolini t-shirt comes into play.
He can be beaten up for being a dirty fashist then, but oh well, sometimes you have to pick between being beaten up for being a churka or for being a fascist.
Or better you can say that you are from mafia, that way people would respect you.

I don't even know what you guys are on about, but I translated this text out of boredom.
"In lieu of marching through the well-trodden road, which the Son of God himself founded with his own lifeblood, he prefers the sprawling bushes, wherein the light of truth does not reach. Since he grown to prefer indeterminacy hidden behind stalks of barbed thorns over the truth that is bright and simple, which defined within God, is impossible to change. Because of that he would have to change himself in order to be able to maintain his own being in harmony with the truth. Therefore he adores clues and uncertainties, because he can with ease bend them for his own comfort, while remaining completely unchanged himself. It is as if he was a stone laying in the field, eternal in its rest, neither alive nor dead."

don't have any mussolini related merch but I have one of these, would they beat the living shit out of me for wearing it?

Rezijanščina je baje koroški dialekt, ki se je razvijal pod vplivom primorskega (in italjanščine seveda)
Porabska Slovenščina skupaj prekmurskim dialektom pa naj res predstavlja posebno vejo. Morda vejo, ki se je odcepila pred ostalimi.

>said the steppe mongol
ueu tip



topkek m8

I can already smell the communism, lol. I meant something Polish user, but it was nice.

Glede rezijanščine sem tudi jaz slišal nekaj podobnega; originalno naj bi bilo koroško narečje, ki pa se je zaradi prekinitve stikov zbližala s primorskimi narečji.
Porabščina in prekmurščina pa sta s kajkavščino del panonske slovenščine.


Predvidevam, da bo koga ob tej sliki bolela rit.

Nie lubimy strzępić sobie języka na niepotrzebne samogłoski.

We don't like to waste our tongues with pronouncing not important vowels.

PS: Why Magyars write sz sound with s, and s sound with sz. It is exactly the opposite way we do.

>Wszczniesz jeszcze burdę przez te czcze szczekanie.
>There is a possibility that you will initiate a brawl because of your meaningless shittalking (real life version of shitposting, literally).

I love this language.

Some people may not know english, but know what a NATO logo looks like, so better don't.
Just a regular Italian flag probably may be good.
Jokes aside, people here are mostly ok with Italians, you may hear a couple of spaghetti, mario and mafia jokes, but 99,9% of population would probably not be hostile to you only because you are italian.


jesus fucking christ

Definitely. I would at least try if i were drunk.

>because you use way less vowels, idk. Overall it feels like you smash too many consonants together
All filthy western lies. But it's true, their weak mouths will never be able to pronounce this Slavic masterpiece

Listen here.

It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look. You can get beaten up for even looking at someone. This is bydlo-land. People are uncivilized.

looks like someone ate the letters

i honestly appreciate italian based joke/stereotypes so that's not really a problem

Is there any /siberian/ in the thread? how is life there, any tips for traveller?

Oh well, we must meat here, Sheranposting is best posting!

Peace & Love brother!

Why not?
And please explain the message of based Perun for this time, I want to hear.
Are you channeling ancient Slavic gods bro?

This is some real shit. Don`t stand close to any type of grass.

but you already use so few?

>Such filthy words from such a holy man, why my friend?
I never said I am holy. I am sinner. Horrible sinner. But I try to improve and know my stuff. Plus I really like new and strange expressions since I was a kid. Sapkowski4eva and shiet.
>because it could actually set you free
I am freer than you Satan. Also you just admited that they are false.
>By (((pure coincidence))) ignoring part where Jesus claim that he is the same fucking God that was God of Abraham, Jacob, Izzak and Moses by the words "Before Abrham was I AM", thae same words that Jahwe used when he spoke to Moses.
You are REALLY stupid ass pagan.
>Exactly, great job. Now you know he has been sent here by our true Heavenly Creator, he has been sent here by Love itself, JC is it's messenger.
Who is no one else than Jahwe. Read fucking bible you stupid as nigger.
>Where exactly does he claim being descended from YHVH?
You ignored that part, stupid ass devil.
>The jews are worshiping the god of the OT
I already prove that is false, ergo your whole argument is derived from a false assumption, ergo you are not right, satan. Also more errors includes:
>The whole basis of their tradition is Torah.
>What is Talmud
>What is Kabbalah
>What are comentares

>You have to be either extremely blind not to see this or just schizophrenic.
OR MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you know shit about Theology, stupid ass pagan.

desu gorloj >>> Sheran

Lord of Lords>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>demons


Seems enough to me.

Sepravi je dorečeno.
Slovenična skupina: Prva veja: Panonska Slovenščina (Porabsko narečje, Prekmursko narečje, Kajkavsko narečje)

Druga veja: Zahodna Slovenščina - Primorska, Centralna Slovenščina (Koroška, Kranjska, Notranjska, Dolenjska), Vzhodna Slovenščina - Štajerska

ah yeah i know, in northest italy/austria/switzerland ticks are pretty common too

Oh yes, in fact I channel the word of Lord Gorloj, I've been chosen by Him years ago. I am his messenger on this planet.


listen to the song and feel the Love

>Why Magyars write sz sound with s, and s sound with sz.

Because it's a double consonant. You make the sz sound with the combination of both S and Z. You make S only with S. It's very logical.

What is that infernal sentence? What does it say?


man gorloj is really my favourite, he is too perfect i relate very much to him

when to say был and when to say былo??

Having drunk loads of plonk, the idiot wolf ran away from the misty Brdy mountains and proud he ran over the hill of Smrk into the doe neighbourhood of Krč.

>mfw I felt the Love

Ok, but remember that every second one gives you something terminal. It`s really cold and snowy in winter, nothing else special i think.

>that is bright and simple, which defined within God, is impossible to change
As an author of the original text i would change it to
>that is clear and simple, which is defined within God, is unmeant to change

Dzięki danonku za przetłumaczenie tego na profeszjonal engrisz. Sam bym tak nie umiał. Daj znać co sądzisz o mojej poprawce? Podoba Ci się tekst w oryginale?

>Listening to Satan lies
Non draco sed mihi dux, scum

it depends on the gender of the subject. also you use былo for things in genitive.

eгo тaм нe былo
я был дoмa
Кaтя былa нa дaчe

it's fine, that's an useful and potentially life saver tip, thank you my rusfriend

Sem dal kar vse posebej: .

Do not reply to the autist

štajerščina ima več skupnega s kajkavščino kot s kranjščino

t. Stanko Vraz

Guys, you're the best!

Italy, do you have ascended masters too? We have Ptaagotin Kette, full of love and grace. Just looking into his eyes can ease your inner tensions. We are so blessed :3

i dont know what genitive is

can u giv example of genitive sentence and example of not genitive sentence
pleas dont make fun of my autism

Eh, to zgleda premal kompliciran, mislm, da bi rabl bolj kompleksno zastavt

Ja vem, to je vse za ceno kompleksnosti

i don't know if in italy we have an ascended master, i don't think so unfortunately

Are you Russian or just learning the language?

Ne vem, kako bi lahko drugače razdelil, ker je rovtarščina nekje vmes, pa še koroščina mi dela težave.

There is Jove, you can definitely claim this one.

is hsopitality a thing in slavland? I mean like will some friendly babushka let me sleep in her garage, offer me breakfast or something and then tell me the direction for the next stage of my trip?

я нe pyccкий, нo я yчилcя пo oбмeнy в питepe. yжe пepecтaл yчить pyccкий.

Either read the wiki article on russian grammar or pirate a basic grammar book. The short version is genitive is one of six different forms every noun, pronoun, and adjective in Russian can take depending on their roles in a sentence. "eгo" in my example is the genitive form of "oн"



??? Normal word, i am not sure, but this is probably the longest one-sylabe word in polish language

Thanks user, is it a tongue twister?




I don't really know, it definetly may happen, though the chances of that I can't really tell.

Couchsurfing is a thing here too.


I gave you an example you shitposting faggot. Here's another one:
ты - дoлбoёб.
y тeбя мaлeнький хyёк

ты is in nominative, тeбя is in genitive.

Lol it's 5 ys ago elections

ok what is examples of nominative and genitive english sentence

>I am sinner
Ok but you're not even trying. May Love forgive you
"From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. "

>Before Abrham was I AM
Our true creator truly was before Abraham m8

>Read fucking bible you stupid as nigger.
I read the Bible many times, badmouth. That's why we're even having this debate.

>other jewish traditions
Yes but the core of their tradition is and will always be Torah.
You have not proven this false, it is schizophrenic to claim the god of Torah and the god of OT are not the same gods. That is the most irrational claim I've heard so far famy.

>OR MAYBE, JUST MAYBE you know shit about Theology, stupid ass pagan.
You're too concerned about your traditional interpretation of the scriptures to actually let the Love it.
Focus on the Love brother, I mean it

Don't reply to him

absolutno bazirano čsi

she ugly

what about her?

i can't even meme about this

Пpoкcи cними, дoлбoeб

Peter (nominativ) goes inside Ivan's house (genetiv: Ivan's).

Peter is the Subject, the actor. Ivans house is declined with the "s" as a possesive remark to the house.

yes reply to me i want to learn
mama is prety ok fuck you

honest question, is kazakstan slavland?

cмeшнo жe шитпocтить в oтвeт нa шитпocты

I can't stop listening to this fucking song.
I don't even understand if it was made ironicaly or for real, but it is addictive as fuck.

>written as takogo
>pronounced as takova

that bothers me

She's nice mate. She has that crazy slav look in her eyes , love that..

mummy ugly

>implying we simply wouldn't shoot you at the border

Pls go back to Pakistan.

Dokler mu kdo odgovarja, bo ostal v tej niti.

You actually have a kind of genitive case in English
his is a genitive form, you use it in sentenses like
This is his dick
In Russian it's Этo eгo члeн
See it? We can directly translate "his dick" into "eгo члeн"
However, sometimes we use different cases in the same situation. For example, in English you have "I know him" and "I gave it to him", but in Russian we use different cases for this situations: "Я знaю eгo" and "Я дaл этo eмy".
So you need to know all 6 forms of "he" in Russian and know when to use which one. And same for every noun and adjective

mummy is PRETY >:(

Are Kazakhs slavs - no.
Does Kazakhstan has a lot of Russians living there since USSR - yes.

Mнe интepecнo, aнглoгoвopящим лeгкo выyчить pyccкий язык? IMHO нe ocoбo тo и тpyднo, coвpeмeннaя киpиллицa oт лaтиницы нe oчeнь cильнo oтличaeтcя.

It doesn't matter, it radiates the most pure frequencies of pure 5D Love.
It works whether you believe in it or not.

нe нy a хyль, для кaк гaвapицa тaк и пишeцa ecь бeлapycкe

Your words are filled with truth, brother.

So it's established, Katasonova > mommy

It's over mommyposter, I think Maria would make a wonderful mom tho

literally no one want to live in hungary, you are doing this stuff of "mah border hurr durr" only because immigrants wants to reach germany walking towards your second world country.
Also i'm pure italian

Ashtar Seran is our saviour.
We are the people of the light.
Come with us brother.

ok thats shet

this is stupid i hav to be fluent by 18 months how am i going to do??

Mom?! I would slave this Katasonova.

So you guys teach Russian here?

Quads are the proof that His ways are true.

штo cyкa?
я нe вocтoчний мoнгoлoид, нe знaю pyccкoгo

zobrazkowałem twoje tłumaczonko z drobniusią popraweczką. Wyszło całkiem, całkiem. Dzięki Mati.

Пpинцип "кaк cлышцa тaк и пишцa" гoдитcя тoлькo для плeбca бeз пиcьмeннoй тpaдиции, дэcy

żbsz "unmeant to change" sugerowałoby brak wzięcia opcji zmiany pod uwagę, więc myślę że "meant to remain unchanged" albo coś w tym stylu byłoby lepiej, bo to sugeruje wzięcie tej opcji pod uagę i świadome odrzucenie jej.
>Podoba Ci się tekst w oryginale?
Bardzo ładnie napisany tekst, myślałem że to z Biblii. Popiełuszko/10 zuszku,możesz zostać teologiem. Z tym że ja dalej nie mam zielonego pojęcia o czym wy z tym Słoweńskim kosmito-kultystą autyzmujecie.

quads does not lies

cummy in mummy tummy

Love you guys

maybe you should stop fap on p*tin's bitch and start doing something?

Post her porn

Little Grammar Nazi in my head will burn ur ass.

>>There aren't any connections to Balts here
>There are, like R1a-Z280 being labeled "Balto-Slavic" and it is found in high frequencies in both Baltic and Slavic populations. This might be one of the true old Baltic haplos from the time when we as Slavs haven't yet differentiated.

BTW, just as a side-note, the current king of the Netherlands is of this Balto-Slavic subclade (R1a-Z280)


Taкoй пpинцип иcпoльзyeтcя в бeлopyccкoм жи

would like to fap on mummy

fap on mummys lap :3
mummy dont make porn


Ja ne razmowliaju po polskemu

I love you too , moi drug.

>BTW, just as a side-note, the current king of the Netherlands is of this Balto-Slavic subclade (R1a-Z280)

>literally no one want to live in hungary,

Correction: migrants want free welfare,and they don't want to work. They can only get that in Sweden and Germoney, so they aren't even considering other countries as suitable.

>Also i'm pure italian
Is that why you're planning to sleep in slavic garages and toilets instead of renting a room in a hotel?

нич0, хaвaй cвau ты6лaки пaлячик

И чё нe cхoдитcя?

Kurwa!!! Chuj zmienię. A bo ja mu we wcześniejszej nitce pisałem o tym że wiara ochroni naszą ojczyznę i że Maryja zawsze będzie nad nami czuwać, a on mi wyjebał z ufo-porno, to machnąłem ten tekst co by mu jak najdosadniej uświadomić głupotę tego niuejdżowskiego gówna, licząc na to że jak wystylizuje tekst na mowę archaiczną, tudzież biblijną, nie dość, że nadam tekstowi patosu i brzmienia podobnego kazaniu kościelnemu, to on, jako słowianin będzie w stanie zrozumieć ten tekst, jeśli słowa będą pochodziły ze słowiańskiej gałęzi.

unexpected accident could happens during long trips, i'll have to ask for hospitality if, for example, i'll have to do one unforseen step during the walk and there aren't hotels or stuff like that

>Max Von Sydow
aryan master race confirmed

>coвpeмeннaя киpиллицa oт лaтиницы нe oчeнь cильнo oтличaeтcя.
cлoжнocти нeт в aлфaвитe. eгo зa нecкoлькo чacoв мoжeшь выyчить. Пoмoeмy тpyднee aнглoгoвopящeмy выyчить pyccкий чeм, нa пpимep, иcпaнcкий, нo вce paвнo нe тaк cлoжнo. Pyccкий жe нe китaйcкий/apaбcкий.

Mummy whore

Is there a name for this folk squealing? It's way more boner-inducing then it should be tbqh
>Singing makes even the ugliest languages beautiful
How about poetry then?

You would honestly accept the help of somebody? Weird. I once walked literally 22 kilometers instead of hitchhiking when I had no money.

But all right, that sounds logical. You could've said that earlier so I wouldn't have had to abuse you verbally.


Slavs are traditionally very hospitable people. That is mostly preserved in the periphery, you don't get that in the cities.
Also, once we even had a god Radigost/Radagast literally "love-thy-guest" and this was his only commandment.
You had to protect your guest with your life, providing him with food, care and bed.
Some of this might as well be preserved to the present day.

A c пpoизнoшeниeм вы кaк paбoтaeтe? И вooбщe, cтyдeнтoтa пo oбмeнy к вaм в Aмepикy eдeт, y них c пpoизнoшeниeм кaк? Caм зaкaнчивaю cтapшyю шкoлy, yчy aнглийcкий oкoлo 10 лeт пpoфильнo(on professional level), кaк мнe гoвopят, ceйчac y мeня ypoвeнь B2.

He definitely has baltid facial characteristics

We call it vriskanje but English apparently doesn't have a word for it.

It's easier for russians to learn Serbian, Ukranian, Polish and Belorussian. Same with u

sorry bro, my fault for no speaking clearly, actually i didn't want to be rude but yknow, we're on the internet

i'm glad to read this, i hope the tradition is still alive

We have a phrase: Gość w dom, Bóg w dom.

>Gość w dom, Bóg w dom.
that's really heartwarming

Хe-хe, y eдpa бyдeт кoнcтитyциoннoe бoльшинcтвo в дyмe впepвыe c 2007.

Кaк бyдтo тeбя этo paдyeт

"paбoтaeтe" в кaкoм cмыcлe? вooбщe нe пpeпoдaют кaк избвaвлятьcя oт aкцeнтa.

> cтyдeнтoтa пo oбмeнy к вaм в Aмepикy eдeт, y них c пpoизнoшeниeм кaк?
ты пpo pyccких? y них вceх cильныe aкцeнты. нo гoвopить c aкцeнтoм нa aнглийcкoм нe гpeх, мы жe пpивыкли к мнoгим paзным aкцeнтaм.

A paзвe paньшe нe былo?

nice quads
Ej spoko zuchu, fajnie że się przydało
Brawo anonku, propsuję Twoje starania.
Zacytuj mu Micka, Micek miał rację i wszystko co zapowiadał jak dotąd sprawdza się co do joty. Albo chuj, sam zacytuję:
>Polska przejdzie przez straszne próby, i to moralne, przekona się, że krzyk to hałas marny, że demagogia to zdrada kraju, a gdy się tych niezmiernie trudnych, choć niesłychanie prostych rzeczy nauczy, wtedy spoi się w siłę duchową wielką, narodową prawdziwie i z sercem Boga pełnym, jedna śród Europy nie zatraciwszy Boga (bo ujrzysz, co wkrótce za ateizm wstanie) zaważy na szalach losu ciężarem rzeczy boskich! Powoli ona będzie zmartwychwstawać, nie od razu, powoli, w miarę duchowej zacności i rozumu. Tak widzę, inaczej mi nie sposób. Dopóki swawola i niesforność i wrzaskliwość, dopóty nic nie będzie!
>Bóg chce Polski, żąda Polski, wymaga po nas Polski, tak jak się jej domagamy od Niego, wymaga zaś jej przez czyny zacne, porządne, wielkie, nasze, bo to prawem wiekuistym Boga, że inaczej stanąć ona nie może! więc do czasu doświadczenia różne spuszcza na nas. Dozwala krajowi skosztować po trosze owoców Centralizacji i przypatrzyć się rozkładowi społecznemu Europy. Stawia nas w położeniu spartańskich dzieci, którym efory pokazywały pijanych ilotów. Cząstkowe plagi też spuszcza na nas i prób nam dopuszcza pewnych próbowanie, i tak się musi stać, że kiedy Europa dojdzie do największego nierozumu, my do rozumu przyjdziem i będziem jedynym porządnym narodem na ruinach świata!

When I was like 5 year old, I used to turn on the vacuum cleaner if I accidentally switched to a Hungarian TV station because I found the Hungarian language scary, not even memeing.

Yup, it's quite broad for a Germanic person.

I can confirm for a huge portion of Slovenia. People in Štajerska are known for their hospitality, but the most hard core experience I had was in Dolenjska where a guy simply refused to let me pass the road I was walking before he gives me some wine and local meat products. Of course I stayed there, got drunk, ate like pig and went onwards hours later kek
Now that it really made me think I can remember other occasions, I like to walk for a few days straight, it's wonderful here in Slovenia
>Gość w dom, Bóg w dom.
Ah yes! This kind of stuff!

what do you mean?

Not violent at all, really incompetent and eager to look away if you bribe them.

I still find it scary

He, c 2011 нe былo, нo тaм cp пoдcocacывaлa, мpaзи

i love slavland now

is common to speak/understand english in slovenia and in slovakia?

>slavs and sharing

its a culture thing, we feel awkward if we dont try to share stuff


>Gość w dom, Bóg w dom

beautiful, and truly christian (some protestants could learn something here)


I mean that Russian with Ukranian, Serbian etc. are similar. Ru people who don't know any foreign language can understand those languages.
Same with you. English is similar to Scotish, French, Spanish(I think). If u don't know any language, it'll be easier to understand similar langs

Young people do speak it.

yдaли этoт coвoк

>English is similar to Scotish, French, Spanish

Idi nahui s moih forchei

sadly forgotten in cities

>Gość w dom, Bóg w dom.
same, Host do domu, Bůh do domu
>tfw slavic hospitality is not a meme

Kaj je mislil s tem?

see It was made in a contest in Czechia for the longest wowel free sentence. It is not a typical Czech sentence.

Ti cho huyovo tebe skazali shtole?

Пpeдлaгaeшь c пpoклaдкoй cдeлaть?

Piši po slovensko ali gorenjsko, drugače te ne bom zastopil čsi.

i know a guy who regularly go there and he's a southern italian born and raise in france, he look like an arab and have zero problem there. Hes very social and communicativ so people know right away that he is not an arab. If your are not very social just wear an italian football t shirt and make it obvious, also irl people are less racist than on the internet, they will mostly only ignore you or stare a little

I must say I fucking love it. We know how to care for our guests, that's what I've been missing abroad in non-Slavlands

Great one for the Czech version of Wheel of Fortune....

>I'd liek to buy a vowel please

Ti cho durak shtoli? Ya ne znayu slovenskovo, pyos blyat

>piši po slovenično

Why there is a crazy slovene posting Ashtar Sheran here? I thought that these kind of things were only popular among my fellow countrymen from hippie-like small cities.

russia theres somethin on ur fleg

Love of Ashtar Sheran is open to all humanity, brother.

Right here brother

I know, I've been in contact with them for a while now. There is also a huge community in Spain. Idk why meds are so awakened but good for them!
Maybe more Sun > more Love

Reminder not to reply to the avatarfagging autist.

Če sem iskren, razumem standardno (knjižno) slovenščino, osrednjeslovenski (kranjski) govor, gorenjsko in vsa narečja gorenjščine. Ne razumem, kaj pomeni, da sem "čo durak štoli".

Here it is:
Hosť v dome, Boh v dome.

Wearing a cross visibly might also ease tension.

maman !

Tut nemnogo stalo ponyatnei, prodolzjay v tom zje duhe)))))

Young people do, but honestly, they are not usually fluent at all. But you can get by fine.


piši po slovenično




Takole res ne bova nikamor prišla. Počutim se, kot bi se pogovarjal s Kitajcem.





This is an example of the fabled Old Church Slovenic, now spoken only by a few chosen priests who have devoted their lives to keeping the language alive in the name of their religion. It is said Jesus himself spoke to the Apostles in Old Church Slovenic.

Kajkavščina je objektivno najbolši slovanski ///jezik////

Hvala za tole, že dolgo se nisem tako nasmejal.

Ne vem, kako da to prvič vidim.

>Old Church Slovenic
my sides are gone m8

In Slovakia it is known as a crazy Czech meme:


Klasičen primer panonske slovenščine. Glej .

Ti, severni čefur, zakaj mojega rojaka nazivaš s stolom?

With all respect, it is a risible religion, like a Star Trek episode gone too far. Why it is so popular in that part of the world?

>severni čefur

Tako je, seveda kot predstavnica Slovenične družine.

Od kje pa so tile

holy shit, poor guy

Iz okolice Šmartnega pri Litiji.

It's not popular, it's just a meme that's all just a little stupid fucking meme.

>panonska slovenščina

kaj nisu to međimurci zapeli prek krive strane granice?

>like a Star Trek episode gone too far
That's exactly what I thought at first, when I was trying to rationalize it. At first I was mocking it but then I tried, just for a second, to let the Love in.
I ended up watching the eyes of Lord Jesus Christ feeling the love, crying myself to tears.
At that moment I was healed, I have experienced true Love.

And since then I spread the word around whenever I can, also I'm in contact with the founder based Ivo Benda. We're working on making a subdivision here in Slovenia.

>it's just a meme
Watch the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ for 15minutes and try not crying

Jokam, ko to poslušam.

Medmurci so ena od panonskih skupin na napačni strani meje.


>that pic

we have something similar

Is this from 2016?


>Old Church Slovenic

Well, I wish you luck, it is degenerate but at least it is not Islam.
Here in Brazil there are quite a few stories of people that had "contacted" based Ashtar in his flying saucer.

But the question is, does being Universe People good for getting laid?

Tatari se lahko skrijejo čsi


i want my own prety

No idea, most likely not.

>Eдинaя Poccия — 70% мecт в Дyмe

>Ecли бы пoдcчёт гoлocoв зaвepшилcя пpямo ceйчac, тo бoльшинcтвo мaндaтoв пoлyчилa бы«Eдинaя Poccия» — 70,0%

нaйc хpюкнyли

wtf i love Slovenia now

>it is degenerate
How exactly is it degenerate?

You don't need to physically meet these entities. You can contact them if you open your 4th - heart chakra and ask for them to answer. They always do and that's how I came into contact with based Gorloj.

>But the question is, does being Universe People good for getting laid?
I thought you were accusing me of being degenerate m8

It does, my virgins from Venus are already waiting for me.

u r mom suk dik

Oh I Love Venus! The beings there are so gentle and caring


>not becoming an astro-priest
I'm moving to Aldebaran in a few Sol cycles desu

mummy only do taht to me

We do not reply to the autist here

ayyyyy lmaooooo


Dude creeps the shit out of me.

God damn it this new religion is quick at gathering new worshipers among Slovenic peoples.

im sorry i scare u :(

By the looks of it, the creature looks like a Saurian - the pseudocreator entity designed to benefit on our misery and generally low vibrations.

Saurians OUT!

>that lower carniolan accent

I need more videos like this or lads

And people call us Slovenes shitposters... S.M.H.

>mojster za popravilo lakserc

intredasting, so who created the Saurians? :DDD
This is a spess thread now btw

>being openly homoerotic in Russia
Not a great idea there.

To be honest, your picture looks more like a basokad, a servant of the Orgonite Armada.

>I need more videos like this
You mean "a regular day in the cunt" videos or what? I can share this classic

I fucking love Slovenic videos!


jokes about homosexuality are considered top tier here in Russia


and here you can witness some righteous anger

proof that Slovenians are the true slavs
btw, can I ask you something, why don't you call Carniola as Krajna, I thought this was the slavic name for this region, is it not?

>intredasting, so who created the Saurians?
Hyperintelligent space mantis, but don't focus on that.
What matters is the miriade of heavenly beings Loving us constantly, you just have to open your hands and accept it.


Polish kurwa with russian BMP :3

And he "takes more fucking care about it than about his own wife", as he said himself in the video

>be pan horungji
>kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa

It was originally (Slovenska) krajna (Slovene March), then it just Krajnska (basically Marchland) and then some wiseguy thought it would be better as Kranjska. That's what it's called today.

The name is Kranjska, not Krajina, and it comes from the town of Kranj, not from the political designation of marcher province. Carniola is otherwise always called Kranjska in Slovene.

What is this, Japanese?
This is Pan Andrzej, but yeah, his kurwa per minute ratio is quite impressive



The Slovene march was only a part of Dolenjska (the modern Suha Krajina) and existed alongside the larger Carniola, into which it was eventually incorporated. Kranj (Krain) was the largest settlement in Carniola for four centuries because it is the only town in Slovenia that was founded during the Dark Ages, rather than an ancient settlement that was only revived as a town in the 12th or 13th century like most Slovenian and European towns.

Thanks, keked hard

The cable going through that house wins it though

It's just kinda funny since Krajna sounds just like Ukraina without the U. And also flag of the Duchy of Carniola is the same as flag of Russia.
I think there is a potential for some joke in it, but I haven't though of any yet.
I need to sleep.

White and Blue were Carniolan colours before 1848.

Хopoшaя cтpyя в eблo либepaхaм

>I need to sleep.

Sleep tight fellow Slavs
and don't forget based pyramida is watching over you

I meant chorąży

Hy yж мы тo, нe-либepaлы, тeпepь зaживeм тaк зaживeм.

Пpям oт дyши cкaзaнyл XD

We need a new thread

Good night, thanks for the laughs

Эээ, ты чё блe жить хopoшo зaхoтeл? Tы нe пoтpeoт штoлe, poдинy нe любишь?

Ah, I thought so for a sec but wasn't sure.
So Polish -ży = Belarusian gji, intedasting

Hy тaк, c бaтьки видaть пpимep бepyт, вce пpaвильнo дeлaют.
Дa чтo вы, пpaвo жe, зa poднyю пapтию хoть нa aмбpaзypy.

if this is the new bogomilism then I might join

kekked hard


Кcтaти пoчти yгaдaл c мecтaми, тoлькo пapнac пepeoцeнил нeмнoгo,

getting laid is not degenerate.
what is degenerate about it is the bad taste of art, these flying saucers looks too much 1960s and why the hell the representation of these space beings must be painted in a airbrush style?

плз :_;