Current temperature in your city

Current temperature in your city.

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fuck outta here nigger

>Presidente Prudente
>Ordem e Progresso

It seems like a country of contradictions.

Also, it's about 23 degrees here.


This type of temperatures are rare here. I know the struggles of living in a hot shithole, Brazil.


come to brazil! it's sunny and hot! go away from dark shitholes!



It's horrible, it is now a little warmer than usually, have to consume much tereré to soften it.

Fucking rain

haven't seen rain in 7 months here


Here rains several hours everyday almost all year


rainy week

I honestly don't remember how rain feels like


That's 66°F
A few days ago it was still around 32-34°C (91°F) but shit went down
Where I live september is the month of storms and floods

>presidente prudente
What kind of name is that? How does it even happen?
More importantly, who on earth would have such an idea, and why wasn't he stopped?


40% chance of rain this afternoon though so hopefully it'll cool off some.

why is it in french

I expected Alaska to be more cold



Feels good being Californian

31C and pouring rain.

Tallahassee, FL

Is a reference to former Brazilian president Prudente de Morais.

'oблaчнo' is cloudy

Southern California here

Scientists are now saying that pretty much all of southern California will become a desert

It's pretty mild here as far as the arctic goes.

wtf I love Alaska now

And Finland



It hasn't rained since May!

send warmth

I want to trade climate with you

It is supposed to be desert.

Just like Texas. We died in 2011 and haven't returned.


Really comfy.

Finally getting bearable.



what did he mean by this?


hi northern poler

I want to get off this ride

i love antarctica right now


That's gorgeous, is that normal for south Argentina?

>i love antarctica right now
i love it too, i know brazil has one station here
comandante fferraz or something like that

>is that normal for south Argentina?
is it normal for Antarctica i would say

it's such a shame the flag doesn't work for you


i dont thnik the AQ fkag work for anyone in Antarctica tbqh

send my regards to the penguins if you see them


I got this weird urge to drive north a few hours just to take a picture of the northern edge of Europe.
Unless someone from Svalbard is here we probably would be the northernmost and southernmost people on this board.

why it even exists then ;_;

good old """""""september"""""" weather

ARGHHH fuck ur Fahrenheit. We need normal people's Celsium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 C

ty :3

that would be really cool, probably there is some autist in amundsen-scott but we just doesnt know, im always here on int

adelia penguin righ there...
all the animals migrated north for warmer temperatures, so no animals at sight for now

btw what kind of jacket do you use for extreme low temps?

i dont know...

Is it his shit?

do you eat penguins?

need a jacket already 2bh

Nizhny Novgorod. +7, cloudy, sometimes rain.

yes, i think yes

no, is forbiden by the antractic treaty, and we have enough food

I don't think you understand how annoying rain is

qt penguin

how long have you been there at san martin?

holy shit cali I'm so sorry
we will send you water

comfy tbqh, just took a walk outside

Life is suffering

Optimal temperature.


bretty comfy tbqh

28 C


wtf are you actually deployed in Antartica? Are you army or science fag? How's life there?



tfw can't build an igloo yet

It's gonna be 31° C tommorow

Getting cold now
>tfw last Wednesday was still 32

20°+ is still relatively hot for the end of september
It just feels cold because of the heat waves earlier


Meh, 20 is the average high for September here but yeah coming from the heatwave it feels colder than when it gets 20 in March, for sure

Are you living on Mercury?



Me too.



divine punishment, didn't mean to imply I enjoy this because we'll be punished with the tsunami and earthquake soon enough

but...but... it took in so many immigrants to counterbalance the gays

I think you're being cheeky.


>mfw the whole week will be this way


I hate warm weather.

it's nice here

That's why only half the state is gonna be a desert.

Are you guys okay? It was 61 and rainy yesterday...

but Im IN the half that isnt desert


sure it's less annoying than fucking 10% humidity

We'll be taking those redwood forests when the government collapses and we get Cascadia. Don't worry, refugees welcome.

those are OURS


It's Nice here too


its fucking hot everywhere south of the oregon border


Raining atm.

I'm freezing, fuck winter

37 is nothing. in the summer the average was 43.


You and the mormons, for whatever reasons, picked a desert to live in.

It was 22 earlier and people were complaining it was hot. People here would not survive.

Damn I wish I could live in a place without "wintumn" (Nov-Feb here), that's green 12 months

Still summer here

Your town is literally called The Cisterne? Wtf

You don't get to know where I live

Forgot pic


Its night time..

>56 degrees Fahrenheit

17 C.

But its kinda hot, In the morning was cold as fuck.

Still pretty muggy, though.

That's on the edge of being cold, 2bh.

What a shithole of a city temperature wise, everyone catches cold everytime because it keeps dropping/increasing up to 40ºC in no time, as well as going from super dry to super humid in no time.

>tfw maybe rain on Tuesday

Don't you have the equivalent of late March right now, i.e. spring?
My favourite time of the year desu
Considering you're more tropical than us, it should be all green again in your place
Pic from exactly March 19, at 50°N

I want it to be cold outside :(

Hermosillofag here

I know that feel, except you guys have it worse because of the humidity

66% humidity
It was hotter in the afternoon btw

43 doesn't faze me or most people here

Dry heat =/= humid heat
Even last year's 40°C felt pretty comfortable because it was only 30% humidity. I'd rather have that than 30°C 100%rH as is a daily occurrence in Singapore etc

Fag from same city here.

Forgot about that yeah. It gets pretty humid here even if it never clears 40. It's been dry for awhile but we're finally gonna get our rain back because the winds changed.

Went to Idaho and 33+ was a lot more tolerable than it would be here in Oregon.

Oh yeah, we got our first rain here too yesterday after 3 weeks of drought, at least a few days off having to water the tomatoes, bell peppers, laurel, windmill palms etc

Isn't half of California and the PNW already desert?

The Mormons were exiled from elsewhere, 2bh. And yeah, in my Grandpa's house in SW Utah, the temperature down the hill would get to 107F, 10 degrees away from Death Valley, 2bh.

Currently 19°C and a bit cloudy


>Isn't half of California and the PNW already desert?

Yes. Half of Oregon is like prettier Idaho (I can say that because I've never seen an Idahoan poster). But the west half is like an eternal coast. There are trees in every conceivable place in this city, it's humid, and the weather changes whenever it wants. If the western states had developed organically, they'd probably be two different states. Same with Washington.

>The Mormons were exiled from elsewhere, 2bh. And yeah, in my Grandpa's house in SW Utah, the temperature down the hill would get to 107F, 10 degrees away from Death Valley, 2bh.

Yeah my relatives live in Salt Lake City and they described the heat and I was glad to be in Idaho of all places.


Yeah, The Dalles and that area is God's country. But yeah, there are those who can take the heat, but I believe most of the settlement of the Southwest is because of Air Conditioning, 2bh.

Can't wait for spring desu

The Dalles is great, as is Tillamook. There's actually a lot of smaller places that are pretty great too. Eastern Oregon (East of Bend really) is pretty. Lots of stark, very large rock formations. The sheer geographic variety of the US, even within states, startles me sometimes.

Even when i lived in jersey and it was 100f and 80% humidity it didn't haze me.

On vacation: 66°
Where I live: 83°

Indeed, the whole country has quite the nature.

it's really really Nice

my province is called like that,is in the city of santiago...and yes,is a pretty shitty name


Uruguay is in the subtropics so they have a humid temperate climate, with seasons as yours, but not that cold because they aren't that close to the pole.

Have you tried going to other Internet sources and seeing if they give the AQ flag?

>I'm freezing

>Canadian flag
>Use ºF

I'm tired of the cold.

Yep that definetely looks like tierra del fuego and santa cruz during the peak of winter
Again, same weather almost as antarctica just a few degrees hotter, just as windy I'd say

Ventou forte aí hoje?

Aqui em Campinas fez 33º e ventou a 70km/h à noite com muitos raios mas sem chuva.

I have a qt3.14 in nizhny novgorod.


feels good man


Just to add insult to injury


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