Have any of you been to Ibiza? How was it? Is it really as horrible as it sounds?

Have any of you been to Ibiza? How was it? Is it really as horrible as it sounds?

looks like it might be fun

Oh My God how can you say it's horrible? I've been there and it was A-MAZIN! It was an unforgettable time and I had so much fun in Ibiza that i come back every year! If you haven't been to Ibiza I feel bad for you and I think you should go there.

Been there, it's complete shit. Obnoxious people everywhere and overpriced drinks.

how fun would Ibiza be for someone as autistic as myself?

that's what i thought

My parents go almost every year there to visit a hippie friend they have down there (They live in the Iberian Peninsula).

They don't go to the Raves or any shit like that, but overall they say it's a pretty nice and beautiful place.

well the season is only during summer so I imagine you can avoid it easily if you go in the off season

I took a pill there...

was it ecstasy?

have you ever been to a club that plays really loud music and serves overpriced drinks, full of roided manlets and washed up not-quite-old-yet women? this is it on a grander scale

BUT if you venture off into less populated parts of the city it is pretty comfy. but why the fuck would you do that if you to ibiza.

It's a holiday spot for rednecks.

does it have the same reputation in france as it does in britain?

cant wait for ISIS to bomb that place, tommorowland too

It is the shit. But the fucking hangovers made me stay in Cafe del Mar way to long.

I went there when I was about 12 (there's a family resort in the north). All the clubs and stuff are apparently very expensive

Isn't it basically the same climate as greece? why would you leave?

I went one time with my college dyke travel buddy and it was absolutely filled with the grossest British women, all attempting to be "wild, young, and free" by taking as many drugs as possible and having sex with everything. I didn't do anything but legitimately felt like I was going to catch an STD just by being downwind of them, and some twinky Dutch guy tried to sell me pills he had stuffed down by his balls.

Felt bad that was my first European experience, but I'll go somewhere more normal next time.

I'm actually a brit here on holiday

where at?

The border fence to Macedonia, probably

Nah ibuprofen

mad lad

Horrifying unless you're a turbo-normie. I hate parties.

The actual island is pretty beautiful, but it's been effectively invaded. Go to the smaller islands for sightseeing.

I thought biza was the small island

Not at all, you should stay at home and play sonic

Menorca is even smaller. It's beautiful but there is not much to do. I stared at a dog anus and wondered why even came to Menorca.

because you love butthole

Don't we all?

ew gay

>have any of you ever been to normie island?

What if the dog was female?

does it have a feminine penis?

why would someone ever go to spain

Menorca is bigger, just less touristic and less shitholic. The spanish user means smaller islands nobody knows or maybe Formentera.

It's basically a Brazil with less blacks where you won't get murdered.

why would someone ever go to brazil


Leprosy isn't a thing there.

I'm surprised leprosy is still a thing anywhere