rate my gf and I'll post more edition

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not even your gf you lying shit

korean pop

swedecucks OUT
yanks IN

Only excellent posts under this one itt


>His star sign is represented by an animal


Racists B T F O

Back from work lads. (overtime)

Only another 50 years to go. haha

but I don't do any of those things

mine is two gay bois

Need some pro-brexit commieslag


ghettotech desu:

we know it's a man, you proxy cunt

That's my gf

really freaked me out when i took my age away from current life expectancy (78) to find out I only had 55 more years

Business idea: Form a relationship with a girl

yea but the average poof liberal does so therefore so does everyone.

also the car is unfair, since British motor industry has been on hard times.


ooooooh, I did wonder why this thread happened. Now it makes sense

>rolling a priest

had this and lost it by being a sperg


ahh, there's the penis


I fucking hate this shite
As if we're going to manufacture everything we use
As if we're the only country that does this
All Brits who are anti monarchy and aren't decently nationalist need shooting and or hanging

ah yes, canada

getting bullied at work lads

Janny is a bender it seems.


>british nationalism is good
>scottish nationalism bad

nice fallacy

would defo bum him

really makes you think

ok, I didn't see that she had a cock. Nevermind.

an extremely large portion of what swedes post are cuckolding, blacking, shemale related and generally awful shitposting
that's why i consider them the worst posters

T B H he has really done absolutely nothing for nearly a year now, I'd rather he at least did SOMETHING even if it was wank like he promised. he's just hot air.

This has put me right off canada
>our presidents a sci-fi geek
should disqualify him the manchild

off to play simpsons road rage

Could not give less of a shite about Scotland la

>a nation
nice delusion

an amazing game

>got to work with a cunt that I absolutely despise for the next 4 days

Oh yay. He is the shittiest fucking person I know. Honestly would not care if he died I'd actually be happy.


I'm 6 foot and studying law at the best law program in Canada. Can't beat an icelandic hodor though...
What's his job?


>the TV License goes towards this

Have to work with some arrogant bender for the next four days he thinks he's intelligent but can't say a sentence without stuttering nervously
Might twat the runt

Crikey, can't even tell which one is the trans

Lads whats your city/town known for?

>Britain's Ocean City


Man in women's clothes with long hair is still a man

i once wished to myself that a certain person would die in a car crash, and wouldn't you know, he actually died in a car crash shortly after

not even planing on using my powers responsibly

stop posting my selfies please

>coming out as non-binary at 10 years old
This is ultimate proof gender politics like this is toxic
As if a 10 year old knows what they're doing
Vile using impressionable children like this


>People dont realize how deep in the shit the white race is. No one is reacting and we have already past the point of no return. They are right, there is no way back. Even fighting is pointless at this stage of white genocide, the jew has won. We will never get our countries back, we are destined to perish as a race.

>Chapeau, jews. You used our women against us and won.

>coming out as non-binary before puberty

imagine if these gender memes existed when we were kids (kids ITT not included obviously)

>Trannies can be THIS convincing

why do traps always have greasy hair?

fuck off sweden you cunt i've got your flag filtered DO NOT DARE make /brit/ threads again shitfead fuck fucking cunt

>coming out as a meme identity created in the last few years

maybe cultural Marxism IS happening

probably the one that looks like a man

USA: 54% White, projected to be white minority in 2017

Germany: 76% german

Sweden: Basically Somalia

France: Africa in Europe

UK: Muslim cities and muslim mayor of capital.

Italy: Transitzone for hundreds of thousands of africans.

Greece: Basically a refugee camp.

praying to the stars my child or children don't suffer from gender dysphoria or be some other weird kind of tumblr/deviantart browsing freak

the middle one?

People have decided that not adhering to standard gender roles is evidence that you are to some degree transgender.

This is after deciding that those gender roles are a social construct and should be discarded.

You can't be a boy who likes Barbie, you have to be a genderfluid intersex doll-kin

Do you reckon there's a fit tranny within 10 miles of me?

fireman, mechanic, repairman and gets great overtime pay, he also fixes cars and houses and sells them for good profit.

he is a farm-raised very broad shouldered man as well

just had sex

I'd disown them

my star sign is Virgo but I am NOT a virgin

really beginning to think astronomy is a bunch of bollocks


Do you live in Brighton?

desu Europeans have been through FAR worse.

when i feel bad i listen to lil uzi vert and then i feel good

Unironically get them into sports
Never seen an emo into sports
Never seen a gender bender poof that's into sports
problem solved

Just fixed a house and sold it for good profit lads

yeah we're pretty much done for
ireland and the uk should just reunite and expel all nonwhites onto the European continent and let them deal with it

how did it feel

I want to break free

imagine raising a child only to find it watching anime one day

fucking hell

stopped ordering from my favourite takeaway because this fit girl has started delivering it

she's tall, brunette and has giant tits, got a bit of an emo look to her

i think it might be their tactic to use her to deliver the food

>ireland and the uk should just reunite

Completely agree desu but you lot would never do that.

fucks sake I got stuck in the old thread and was wondering why nobody replied to my post :(
( was my post btw xx)

at least its's not lil yachty

reading the bible 2bh

astrology you tit

same as usual sure. 75th person ive had sex with this year

physical activity in general is good for male development

sitting around all the time, getting fat, leads them to have more estrogen in their bodies

what the fuck is the postcode lottery

Obama's HUD has spent millions building a database of zip code by zipcode racial make ups from census data. They use this system to target housing and relocation to equally spread the enrichment.

Connecting census data to HUD has been their most effective tool to end "white" towns.

Thats why you see programs bringing in rapefugee's in to places they wouldn't naturally end up in. Like AK and ME getting totally flooded. Africans fed and kept warm in the cold with your tax dollars.

How do firemen and mechanics make a lot money in Iceland? I'm gonna be getting 60-80k starting at a law firm and then be making half a million by the time I'm a partner.

My shoulder span is 20 inches, I've heard that's very good.

I love nature because I spent a lot of time in the forest in my country house as a lad.


The qt at the pet shop avoids eye contact lads does that mean she likes me doesn't like me.

did you wankers end up going to brecon beacons?

no, you up for it?

might grow a beard


i usually leave it for 2 weeks then it gets annoying and i shave it off

got the ol' cafetiere stewing next to me
give it a few minutes and i have a nice cup
none of that gay aeropress malarkey for me no sir

unironically why Trump is winning

The beacon wasn't working when I went. Was shit desu.

It's a ruse to take NI.

No surrender.

>Obama's HUD has spent millions building a database of zip code by zipcode racial make ups from census data. They use this system to target housing and relocation to equally spread the enrichment.

>Connecting census data to HUD has been their most effective tool to end "white" towns.

>Thats why you see programs bringing in rapefugee's in to places they wouldn't naturally end up in. Like AK and ME getting totally flooded. Africans fed and kept warm in the cold with your tax dollars.

you do realise you are not actually going be with my sister, right?

i like him tbH he might not be talented but hes positive and trying hard


wearing a thong lads

>tfw he's done nothing but stroke his fucking ego for a year
>Infrastructure still shit
>Voting system still shit
>weedman memes aren't real yet
>But dude I met Syrians at Pearson aren't I just the best person in this current year

I'm starting to miss Harper even though he fucking hated my city and wanted us to die.


why bother
thats the churches job :^)

Whats wrong with him?

rate my gf x

*pulls it to one side and sticks my tongue up your botty*

wow tasty x

he didn't even bring in many Syrians
and the economy is still in the shitter while the housing market is out of control


Tell that to Hodor

I've been growing mine about 3 weeks now, everybody thinks it suits me

>still dating girls

1. The idea that because the level and quality of public services provided provided by the local authority can vary so wildly even within close together areas, where you live (and by extension your post code) can completely change how easy or difficult your life is - with some people "winning" and others "losing" based on an arbitrary boundary beyond their control.

2. A raffle where a post code is drawn and those who buy a ticket within that post code split the prize money between themselves.

when is the apprentice back ffs

do you keep the mustache?


you sound like you got your life in order
you could probably find a proper woman at some point

unless you neglected to tell me you were hideous or seomthing

John Redmond was right desu
now we're stuck too small to ever leave the EU
reckon we'll get proper lacked soon enough

*forces your face into my arse*
*sits on your face, suffocating you*

really wish they would put someone with any type of knowledge at the minister of culture instead of someone who "doesn't have the time to read or be interested in arts because she's always working"
shes kinda hot though mature asian type hot

>all that ice

awful drink

So I was thinking society should have mandatory military service to toughen men up for a couple a years and teach them how to be a man but then thought of women.

Then I thought women should have to take part in mandatory domestic servitude for a couple years to teach them how to be a woman. They get to wear a cute uniform, learn how to cook, clean and obey their house master.

What do you lads think?

they've just started doing teaser adverts

not put a date on it though

Never have they been facing demographic displacement in their own countries

Black Pigeon Speaks explains this well
Sure it may seem fine "well Germany is still 80% white" which is true but you have to look at certain age groups and you'll see that white people are doomed to extinction

In 200 years there will be very few whites left and in 300 years none at all

What about it dickhead?


Yeah i just trim around my neckline and the top of my cheeks so I dont look scruffy

rate my gf

Im in a relationship of 2 years right now, I'm just bored with my GF and want a northern european qt

I think it would be ideal but could not be implemented in today's modern society

i wish such a system would actually work when applied in reality

200th blog post


I can see that Polish girl is reading, she seems to be circulating it once again too

too bad it will never happen now
honestly Ireland could easily enter into a mutual agreement where they would not necessarily be part of the UK but also be economically united with it.

Why is Channel 5 fucking OBSESSED with people living on benefits?

What's their endgame?

>giving nignogs and pakis military training

haha no

What's it like lad



>Never have they been facing demographic displacement in their own countries

>Black Pigeon Speaks explains this well

>Sure it may seem fine "well Germany is still 80% white" which is true but you have to look at certain age groups and you'll see that white people are doomed to extinction

>In 200 years there will be very few whites left and in 300 years none at all

>you will never have a threesome with her and leah totton

rate my gf quick

fucking lending my gf books and she never give them back to me TIRED of this shit

>Never have they been facing demographic displacement in their own countries

yes they have lol
many MANY times
including with Muslims


Any pornstars who look like this??


cutting benefits

i think we need to create a league, an alliance if you would, of NEETS and chavs, and march on parliament to secure our benefits for ever


I hate facial hair, always have done

Fortunately hair doesn't grow there for me anymore

anti-NEET agenda, keep the Torries in power

Some bits are nice. Especially North Leeds. Some bits are shit and full of pakis. Some bit are full of students. Quite a lot of work and the city centre is nice.

not sure i could groom myself that accurately

hoping i could just have one of those effortless beards


cocks out

Finland does it

Restoring my great grandfathers standard issue ww1 trench knife

Was rusted to shite when it first came to me

you uneducated fat YANK

And you see the result of that in that now Spaniards are not white anymore
Same with the peoples who got conquered by the Ottomans

not going to lie find it very amusing that p******* doesn't even want to be a tranny anymore and it's balls are destroyed

stab yourself with it mick

frick off le monkey
*gives you a pat on the head*
thanks :)


spanish aren't really white though. Many are as dark as arabs
also these days we have members of our own community actively working against us with impunity

your great grandfather was a good lad

hopefully non of his offspring tarnished his name by being active in the ra

mate of mine wants to sell his Hitler Youth dagger
asking 200$ and it looks legitimate and in good condition

yea or naw?







pic of uganda plz

a country can't just suddenly adopt such a system, it could only work if it started at a more traditionlistic period in that countries history and then become a tradition which lasts into modern times


Enjoy living in Africa in Europe

At least my town is 95% white so I can live out my days in peace even if my people are globally going extinct

State of that

for harambe


Really makes you think x

I'm really not concerned with that at all, not nearly as much as European culture being vilified and fading away as another curio of history

being white is also about features mate

>spanish aren't really white though. Many are as dark as arabs
>also these days we have members of our own community actively working against us with impunity

Not a hope in hell I'm clicking this.

I'll sink all 12 inches into your scalp you tosser
Hmm too late for that

You fucking MORON

Don't ever attempt to restore old weapons it lowers the value significantly

yeh i can see it now, 10s of thousands of spackers unable to carry the weight of a rifle, crying because there's no wifi and refusing to run anywhere as mum can give them a lift.

Any qts?


Military action or charity work for 2 years would be good apart from the fact most charities these days are just trying to black Europe
Even groups like the red cross pay for migrants to bring their cousins and families over to Europe

Live, Love, Laugh

>have acne on my neck
>always scrubbed hard thinking it will clean it better
>never realised it just breaks the shits open and spreads bacteria
>dries skin and produces more oil
>just gets worse
>recently been washing very lightly and moisturising
>acne almost all gone

Before pic



complaining about whitewashing and lack of multiculturalism in films and books is the censoring of art

was just bantering you

hope it looks nice when it's done

I'm not selling it it's an heirloom you stupid fat burger munching wankjob

You now remember the Harlem Shake


alri normie


am I allowed to die yet...

>that jaw
>that chin
>that maxilla

no I don't

that is true tbf
I wasn't insulting them when I said it, spanish girls are qt but any people who live in the sun for thousands of years are bound to be dark skinned

>Regarding the news today, I still don't get why terrorists insist on using bombs, they barely kill anyone compared to gun attacks, even complete fuckups manage semi-respectable scores (Elliot), I know the Boston Bombers had guns, yet they went with planting bombs, killing 3 people. These people are idiots.

Think detective will lift me for posting this?

It's just an observation

Ahh cheers mate

You seem like you don't want to wake up and face reality

Only white people can carry on white culture and history and civilization

Suspect you might be a mulatto

hello handsome x

fuck off you autogynephile freak

Is that cum dripping down his forehead?

>semi respectable scores

the harlem shake has only recently arrived in iceland with a shipping container

Now that you're not going to court, please fuck off to your containment board

you do look a bit greasy like

fuck off

it's bird poo

Thread full of faggots

I just had doubts because laser is so slow

What the fuck is a maxillas?

do NOT give him any attention
eventually the runt will crawl back to the runthive known as /r9k/

dark already
how's about that?

fuck off yank

its easy to do with the gilette razors with the extra blade on the back

those things girls put on their fannies to soak up blood


I just mean that Elliot killed the same number of people as the Boston Bombers despite less prep, being only one person and yet barely got any news coverage by comparison

I'm not fond of pakis desu

Homophobia kills.

can't wait till it starts getting dark at half 3

don't like it

it's not comfy until it starts getting dark at 4pm

until then it's just depressing

Can you just fuck off back to Cred Forums?

Even if you're right, gave you considered taking a few hours a day where you don't obsess over race and nationalism?


Mate I will knock you out.

he's intentionally trying to steer the conversation away from white genocide because he's a pathetic brown runt who revels in the idea of britain being a smelly brown shithole

DO NOT reply to him

fuck off


Might be non-binary


>replying to it
fuck off

nice selfie


What do you do when you meet one?

Settle a bet for me lads, which is the better Outkast song..

Hey Ya

Are u really from Uganda?
Are u a tootsie o a hutu?
Uganda be kidding me

I know what you mean paki
Im just saying It's the use of 'respectable score' referring to killings that may seem suspicious

I like the way Ulster thinks

Return of the G

Safety razor. I got one on Amazon for 8 quid and a pack of 100 quality razors for like 7 quid.

Best shave I've ever had. The multi-blade razors just irritate your skin.

Kys niggerlover

seasons innit

don't you EVER reply to me again.

you were complaining about your acne

what did you expect from me?

just bought one of these for my french gf

ahahaha wtf did a bit of research and my great granda who served in WW1 must of killed a Hun in the trenches and took his shit because the trench knife that was passed on to me was an Austrian one

Hahahha my great granda killed Huns lads

Really love slags, i mean proper slags. Blonde hair, big (possibly fake) tits, more make up then a clown, daddy issues and the IQ of a orangutan.

Pay for my cigarettes and leave

kys yankrorke

I HATE pakis though

You want my top 20 reasons for why I do?

I originally wrote "high score" but Elliot was FAR from that

Suggestions for an edit

Only if it's by suffocating between those thighs


stab yourself with it

Your great granda was a dirty fat mick nonce gay boy

Same la'

Nothing makes me willy stiffer

good lad


DO you wanna go or not?

why would there be a hun in the trench?

he probably just picked it up in no mans land

maybe he was austrian

Haha same

scenes when those Cred Forums far right activists think being a keyboard warrior is a deed they have towards their simulacra of an ideology

Hey Ya is the better song but I don''t consider Speakerboxxx/The Love Below a "true" Outkast album so to speak

What is the UK's endgame?

fair nuff desu

although if I managed to get my head between her legs I probably wouldn't want to die anymore

>using an e-reader

red flag for a pleb

>What would be my goals and my aspiration well in 5 years time want to be qualificated hairdresser and like in 10 years time I would have a family aha

Empire restored

Why do girls keep fucking with their lips, it isn't attractive.


sharia law, inshallah



looks like she'd cut your dick off and saw it to your arsehole

y-yes please

You lads are hilarious

Ano talk about the eternal hun

Trench raids lad, that's possible too but I'm going for the theatrical option

Hm really make me think

Ask a professional trick vaper anything.

really love orangutans ngl

Just more evidence of the flat earth lad.

Annex Belgium

I'd smash her like

>Ask a professional trick vaper anything.


youtube.com/watch?v=4U7GIIyLuKQ choon

NEED a commie gf


Beat France

Feels good living in a country still using analogue teletext

Are you taking the piss out of my profession mate?

>more make up then a clown, daddy issues and the IQ of a orangutan
what's your IQ mate?


professional victim

fiesta: the sun also rises

yanks are obsessed with black people

quite odd 2bh


new thread

good night

>Are you taking the piss out of my profession mate?

>Describes herself as "very ambitious"


it seems you've misquoted:

>good night





We will know with the arising of Arthur and the flight of the Rooks.


Ok so in an American mall, the Muslim man that was an Islamic State supporter asked people if they were Muslim and stabbed them if they weren't Muslim.
But it has nothing to do with Islam, OK???

staying in this thread because the new is shit

care to join me? ;)

Keep your opinions to yourself

someone sick hotpockets on him


Janny finally back home


Back from a really good mass. Priest did a nice anecdote about a muslim trying to convert a Catholic by bribing him with the concept of multiple wives but the Catholic told the muslim that he wasn't a servant to the flesh, as one cannot be a servant to two masters.

all the early editions brought the janny back

good one you fucking twats


getting my daily dose of the janny



How do you get a strong jawline?

If you don't eat these then get the fuck out of my /brit/.


delete threads on Cred Forums

*begins Tuvan Throat singing*


Lots of chewing when young and proper oral posture

win the genetic lottery

what's funny

only the kids hate janny, everyone else loves him with all their heart. He is the gold button atop the cap of human kindness. His blessed hand moves and the world hears of its motion.


I'm the janitorial services biggest fan

need a chebs gf

I pity people with tattoos

no one likes a teachers pet

Er þetta í eyjafirði?

Is someone making early threads?

>based janny delivers what the people want

>I pity people with tattoos

i have the 16/17 Cred Forumsartans replica shirt with janny on the back

mine has 32 E's

Having some fish sticks lads

you're a bit obsessed with this vid lad

*hits a pedestrian*

>quoting him


You mean fish fingers, you yank twat

give us a few x

quoting is the new thing

we've gone full circle lad

double F here

its mad

in a bit ratman



Silly cunt doesn't know fish don't have fingers xx


*gets purple aki in a fireman's lift*

flat wants to go out to a club inabit

feel a little bit ill lads

joining guardian soulmates

not sure what this webm is

Spreading the propoganda

completed blackgf16

The fuck is that

having a proper gander

>tfw you find out Riz Ahmed has a degree in PPE from Oxford

propagating a gundog


this game is fucking quality lads. tunes are decent too even though they're in chinky.


>i didn't get this far
>apartment right beside a busy road

inserting myself into a gundam

Is this the game where you take pictures under girls skirts?

reckon people who go on about all this gender/sjw shite will look back on themselves and laugh in the future

like how i used to carve 'hardcore till i die 2k5' into school desks

>it's not a phase muuuuuum

eat lots of natural foods properly as a kid and have good posture

would listen to deftones with

What game la'

Imagine realising that being a tranny was just a phase but you look down and realise youve cut your dick off and youve been on hormones so long you have fucked up muscles ans pseudo tits

then wonder why the kill themselves in droves

they see a picture of Kym Petra or something and think "mm yeah, that'll be me" then they turn into Bruce Jenner and top themselves.

>Kym Petra
Post pic