Finnish Neo-Nazis killed a Finn

Finnish Neo-Nazis killed a Finn.

They are too pussy to do anything to Arab refugees and virtually piss in their pants when confronted by a Black man so they pick fights with Finns.

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Fucking manlets

Santeri Juhani Keränen. Keränen is leader of the Oulu local group, and active in trying to spread nazi propaganda in social media.

The manlet probably posts here too.




Why though?

>and virtually piss in their pants when confronted by a Black man
why? what black people have of so special in your mind? you have accepted in your subconscient the fact that they are genetically superior or some shit like that? you know that neo-nazis are generally fit people with fighting skills? why they would be afraid by some random nigger?

thank you american propaganda for traumatazing an entire generation of white youth and making them pussies just when some ape start to yelling agressivelly with an ugly savage face.

Because Nazis are faggots

>neo-nazis are generally fit people with fighting skills
Only when they walk in groups.

well like niggers and more generally every lowclass ethnic asshole from immigration.

>a tiwaz rune
fuckers should be shot

One of few people neo-nazis here have killed was a Finn

so whats the story fucknugget, he wasnt killed solely because he was finnish obviously

If someone is named Jimi you can be quite sure that they are elämämkallu.

We always knew you hated us

Don't believe this shill, the victim who the media claim to be a "boy" (OPs picture) was actually a 29 year old amphetamine addict, who died of brain hemorrhage something like a week later after this incident, after being released from the hospital.

The media is so incredibly biased and people actually believe that these "evil neo-nazis" literally beat him to death in broad daylight, when that's far from the truth, he was a dirty leftist who overdosed. It's like the Americann medias dindu nuffin trend where they use a 10 year old picture of the "victim".

>be a 28 year old junkie anarchist antifa scum
>start a fight
>die a week later
>be presented as a 15 year old little angel who dindunuffin who was murdered in cold blood by the nazis

By the way, here is a real picture of the "innocent boy".

>punch someone in the fucking face
>he dies because of it
>"we dindu nuffin we good boiis"

Works for all lower classes, m8

>trying to associate themselves with Austrian Extreme-Leftists National Socialists who hated the rest or Europe and loved the East.

Just like clockwork Juhani Keränen shows up with his disinfo.

The Nazis removed the video form their website where they beat him up.

>muh media bias
>muh leftists

Police confirm he was killed by a Nazi and one person has so far been arrested and charged

Lel bob marley having a tantrum over here. Police haven't confirmed shit and the man who is arrested turned himself in. And you can't claim that it's not blatant disinformation to post an over 10 year old picture, from when he was a schoolboy, for the media to use.

Great work.

"i'm le 12 years old"

get out pooland. your country is shit compared to Finland in every possible way

das rite we waz odins n nazi kangz XD

>neo-nazis being scum

I mean, is this news?? I've met some Europeans neo-nazis (don't ask me how) and they're all low IQ bully savages.

You turn to nationalism when you have no personal accomplishments to be proud of .

sad. I bet his boipussi was amazing

>Bolivia is full of potatoes
Feels good, man.

A Nazi killed a Polish guy working here in a bar last year. He accused him of being Russian.

>Police haven't confirmed shit

>On Sunday afternoon (September 18) Helsinki Police said that they had detained a man born in 1990 in connection with the case.

>The suspect is allegedly a member of the right wing extremist group the Finnish Resistance Movement and is suspected of assault and aggravated homicide, according to police.


*breaths heavily* WE *dies from lack of oxygen*

It was his fault for going to your nigger shithole.

No, you turn to healthy nationalism which is nowadays being vilified as fascism and white supremacy, when the political union you are part of is literally being flooded with millions and millions of uneducated foreigners.

even if true, it doesnt say anything about motive or what happened

He was a junkie with violent tendencies, and he most probably died of speed overdose conflicting with blood thinning medicine instead of the injury in itself. Good riddance.
>mfw his dad's fb page's education section is literally "Elämänkoulu" and nothing else
like father like son

>gives the finger
wew lad

Yes, he ALLEGEDLY did this, and let me point out to you again that he turned himself in. Innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean shit to the leftists mobs, it just has to fit your agenda.

get back to your general polack. i don't want any (you)s from poor slavs

Your disinfo doesn't work here. Killing your native fellow countrymen isn't nationalism.

please don't eat me

What's your point? Because mine was that they used that old picture with the intent to spread misinformation, as if he indeed were some innocent boy. However the truth, as you can see, is different.

Why would anyone be scared of Arabs? They're little brown manlets who run from bacon

So the same as niggers, Arabs, Jews from shit skin countries, and most Hispanics?

why do you spend so much on military then? Just buy bacon mang

>neo-nazis do dumb shit more at 9

Well in theory, if that "fellow countryman" is actively driving for the destruction of said country, then he is not a fellow countryman at all, no?

And let's not forget the simple fact that this 29 year old man died a week later, he wasn't violently beat to death in the streets, and there is no evidence as of now that this was the cause of death. Like mentioned earlier, it's well known information by now that he was a drug addict, who died AFTER being released from the hospital, a WEEK after this incident. Surely the autopsy will tell us more, but it's a blatant lie to say he died after being beated in the city centre in broad daylight.

To do what Europe refuses, remove kebab. Bacon would scare them and not remove them. Plus we have religious kikes that would also run from the bacon

>actively driving for the destruction of said country

Last time I checked we had a right wing government making right wing laws and deporting refugees.

>be some nazi guy
>retarded junkie comes to you while you legally spread your ideology, acting all cocky like the dumb junkie he is and spits you in the face
>push him and tell him to BACK THE FUCK OFF!?!?
>he falls over in his drug induced stupor and hits his head on the pavement
>a week later he dies because he's a dumb junkie who can't lay off the speed

>Use violence against a person that disagrees with you
>He dies because of it
>"hurr durr junkie"

Punching someone or pushing them to the pavement can cause death, you should know this and take responsibility. The accused seems to be taking responsibility of his actions as he gave himself up to the police, maybe you should do the same.

And is the dead guy a member of parliament or any of the ruling parties? No. He was disrupting a legal demonstration, and died a week later from as of yet unrelated causes. Let's just wait for the autopsy.

>beat a guy up so hard he end up in a hospital for a week and dies
>"but e disagreed with me"

Yeah, pretty much not driving the destruction of the country unlike the Nazis who beat him to death.

I haven't committed any violent act, and like I said, earlier , he was obviously not violently beat to death in the street, and to claim so is far fetched. We don't know if his death and this thing is related as of yet, so why don't you calm down with the ad hominem.

But he was the one who initiated the violence.

The nazis were there legally, and only spreading their pamphlets.

Finland is not North Korea, people are allowed the right of public assembly here.

whites are pathetic

But he was assaulted and he died later, I'd say there's a pretty good chance those are related. If it wasn't so, okay, but still you shouldn't assault people, it's dangerous.

I'm unsure if he was in the hospital for a whole week, but it seems unlikely. And he was discharged from the hospital by an actual doctor, a medical professional. He died later, possibly caused by amphetamine overdose. So, once more, he wasn't beat to death like the media claims.

By the way, he was the one disrupting a LEGAL demonstration.

>muh honourable street fighting

top kek

Do you like being spit on your face?

He allegedly started it and even if he did, you can't kill anyone by spitting on them. Of course it's disgusting and shouldn't be done but it doesn't make killing him right.

>push someone back
>be a killer


All evidence points to him being the inital aggressor, spitting on and arguing with the legal demonstrators, like Antifa is well known to do. And there is no way to determine the cause of death and the correlation between these two events before a proper autopsy is performed.

But they didn't kill him you dumb fuck, one guy pushed him and he fell over.

The injury sustained wasn't even fatal, he lived for a whole week before dying of who knows what.

>Czech family background


>be Finnish Nazi
>carry non-Finnish tiwaz symbols on your flag
>follow instructions from your leaders in Sweden
>kill Finns
>claim to be Nationalist

You literally cannot make this shit up

All evidence points to him dying because of the fall. You are right about the autopsy, these are all theories until it is done.

>do something that leads to a persons death
>be a killer

I fixed it for you, pal.



>Kill someone
>You are not a killer

national-socialist warriors purged the streets of degenerates



>he didn't die instantly so the injury is not fatal

It's more than plausible that it was indeed fatal. Are you seriously saying that if I punch you in your inbred face and you die, I didn't kill you because my intention was just to chimp out a bit?




>call someone a faggot
>he kills himself because of it
>you are now a killer
Do you seriously believe this shit?

Kill yourself, faggot.




Inte ens en gång

Top kek

But did he?

That's entirely different and you know what I meant, dumbo

>these obese manlets will save Sweden

tangential comment

the USA has many millions of whites, perhaps over 200 million whites, dont know the numbers.
Most of those whites descend from people from the British Islands and Germans.
Both people from the UK and German are tall, perhaps not as much as the Dutch and ex-yugoslavians, but still rather tall in comparison to most of the world.

In spite of that, NBA players are almost always black, and the whites they have, are almost completely foreigners, often from countries with tiny small populations like Croatia or Lithuania, or from places like Argentina and Spain in which the european descended population is in average shorter than Germans and Brits.

From that I deduce that in countries in which both blacks and whites go to primary school and high school together, whites end up being intimidates by blacks in sports, as if they couldnt compete with them.

You can lie on the internet but not in real life

>the USA has many millions of whites, perhaps over 200 million whites

>Literally re-enacting the militia and uniform organisation
Oh boy

C'mon don't derail this with stupid insults and shit.

The nazis didn't even punch him. They shoved him, once.

It's clear there was no intent to kill.
Like I said
>no intent to kill
It applies here too

This case is open and closed, if the nazi dude will be charged at all it will be with charges of unvoluntary manslaughter.

a tangent that touches your cuck fantasy you homospic

the Finnish antifa/far-left already started an organized disinformation campaign regarding this event

If you assault someone without the intent of killing him, you're not responsible for killing him? Key word here being assault, the physical kind.

Every adult knows that if you shove someone and he hits his head on the pavement, he can die. If you're ready to do such a thing, you better be ready for the consequences.


Because Finland is cucked by marxists to the point that defending oneself against the kebabs is considered racist.

>t. asiatic subhuman

>Every adult knows that if you shove someone and he hits his head on the pavement, he can die.
And the guy got hospital care.

Again, he clearly didn't die because of le evil nazis who were only there to spread leaflets in the first place, it's because he fucked up the aftercare by doing a shitload of speed.

Alternatively, you could just blame the doctors for malpractice. But you're not going to do that, are you?

lol and nothing of value was lost

keep cryin' bitch nigga

first, traitors and sympathizers

Let's say he fucked up the aftercare by doing a shitload speed, so what? He wouldn't have died because of that shitload of speed if some retard wouldn't have pushed him into the pavement.

It doesn't matter if he got hospital care or not though, these kind of internal injuries in the head are pretty hard to diagnose, can't blame the doctors on that one.

I will stick to blaming le ebil nazes because it's the most probable option, I will change my mind accordingly after the autopsy.

>muh poor baby that volunteered in kindergartens and shit
>was actually a shit stirring junkie

sasuga mainstream media

Honest question: at what point of violence is someone allowed to do something as innocuous as pushing another away from them in Finland?
You can be a shit-stirrer who volunteers and helps your community.

What the fuck is that "community" thing going on in the US? So fake.

Better to be racist then let Arabs rape you. You might think I'm memeing but I've actually told Muslims at work what I think of Islam and no one at my job even cared even though he was visibly ass blasted. All he could say was "but what about Judaism!!" And he lost it when I said "just because there's stuff wrong with piss is no reason to eat shit, so if you can't reasonably defend it then you're swallowing shit"

Can't imagine getting away with this in Europe

I don't know the answer to that but it doesn't really matter here since the dude who died didn't do anything violent. The rule of thumb is never to attack anyone in any manner but if you have to, you try to restrain them until the police arrives.

>He wouldn't have died because of that shitload of speed if some retard wouldn't have pushed him into the pavement.
And just how do you know that?
>I will stick to blaming le ebil nazes because it's the most probable option, I will change my mind accordingly after the autopsy.

>he clearly didn't die because of le evil nazis

t. Medical Expert

He died of a brain hemorrhage as a result of the beating. The whole week he was in an induced coma to try to get the bleeding and swelling in his brain to go down.

completely irrelevant to the case though, and just like le babby pic they use, it's meaningless drivel used to manipulate public opinion

my sources indicate he was a child grooming pedo

Mikä tän pakotuksen tarkotus on? Antaa näkyvyyttä meemijärjestölle vai hankkia lisää neekereitä Suomeen?

>The rule of thumb is never to attack anyone in any manner but if you have to, you try to restrain them until the police arrives.

you're living in a fairytale world

Because if he has been doing speed for as long as I think he's been doing it, he knows his limits and won't kill himself with it if he doesn't want to.

And yes, I will change my opinion accordingly, some of us are capable of that.

I literally could not give a shit about addicts. Dunno why people would even defend them


>everything point to him being the initial aggressor, disrupting the legal protest
>he dindu nuffin

ok mr marley

Why do these faggots always have the shittiest fashion sense. They do realize that wearing that shirt, tie, gay belt and pants make them look like autists who can't dress themsleves

Pic related is a good fashion sense not that gay shit. That flag is also super gay

he and his father

Can you understand the difference of disrupting some Nazi LARPers gathering and actually assaulting someone physically?

he wasn't an addict. It's disinfo the Nazis are spreading about the dead guy to make them look like the victims.


absolute scum

Based Finland

Doesn't look like a drug addict.I withdraw my previous comments.


>What the fuck is that "community" thing going on in the US? So fake.
I don't even know what you mean by this, so in just going to assume you're being a dick. That, or you're urban scum with no sense of connection or duty to your home.
Well, the point is that, if someone spits on you, it's a reasonably restrained violent response to shove them away.
In not disagreeing with you, but I am going to tell you that you sound like a cunt who believes in memes. Good luck, champ.

my thoughts:

Ton tasosta tönimistä on tapahtunu varmaan kaikissa tapahtumissa, ihan lähtien ministereiden saunailloista. Nyt vaan sattu nistin aivoverisuonet oleman heikolla hapella jo valmiiksi.

>Doesn't look like a drug addict.
>cigarettes on table
>holding alcohol
Still looks like degenerate scum tbqh

joo eipä

And don't forget the douchebag hat

I don't think it's reasonable, though. Of course, it's way better than beating the shit out him on the spot. In some cases, yeah, a push would be fine but not in this since it seemed to have caused a death. This is the stance our judicial system has too and I think it's right.

On ihan varmasti ja pahempaakin, pointti on vaan se että se tönäsy, pienikin, on liikaa jos se aiheuttaa kuoleman. Joku voi ottaa turpaansa kymmeniä kertoja elämässään ja mitään ei tapahdu, joku kuolee yhestä tönäsystä, tough luck.

>>cigarettes on table
>>holding alcohol

Looks like a normal Finnish guy. I can't imagine how his father must feel right now.

The brain hemorrhage he suffered happened at home after he was released from the hospital

Guess what happens when a speed junkie gets released from a hospital? They all instantly buy whatever fast shit they can get and shoot it IV

Also, it so happens that amphetamine and all it's derivatives have a common side effect, brain hemorrhage.

You see where I'm getting at?
>Because if he has been doing speed for as long as I think he's been doing it, he knows his limits and won't kill himself with it if he doesn't want to.

He wasn't pushed. He was beaten several times according to eye witnesses.

What's wrong with Normands ?

You can make up all your fantasy stories. It won't change reality.

according to nistitakkukaveri?

>verifiable information is fantasy
sounds like you are the one who's denying reality

>I don't think it's reasonable, though.
Difference of opinion, then. Out of curiosity, at what point should someone use violence in self-defense, and what dictates how much violence should be used?

yhtä fantasiaa on sunkin olettamukset, että aivoverenvuoto johtui jostain henkihieveriin hakkaamisesta, vaikka kummastakaan ei ole todisteita

that's how you create more lefties.

I think that if someone is threatening your life or physical well-being, you should do everything in your power to neutralize the situation. If you're not trained enough to do it in a safe manner, you do it any way you can. Again, making that into a law can be tricky because it's very abusable if there are no reliable witnesses or such. This is just what my personal morals dictate.


Who was the one picking on fight again, shithead? And in the next sentence you complain that they don't use violence? Are you retarded or something? Of course you are, because you're a faggot suvakki. Retard.

You got out of jail already, Pekka Odininpoika?


>He wouldn't have died because of that shitload of speed if some retard wouldn't have pushed him into the pavement.

And no one would've pushed him if he didn't go to random people who are exercising their right to free speech on public place to yell obscenities and spit on their faces.
He could've acted how is expected from a civilized European but he decided to chimp out just because someone has different opinions.

>he chimps out and spits on someone
>nazi chimps out and kills him

He got out-chimped by these "european" supreme gentlemen

If you push a random junkie who acts aggressive and spits c-hepatitis phlegm on your face away from you it's hardly an assault.



Let the police investigate it you lynch-mob-tier faggots.

I think it is completely reasonable to push someone away from you who clearly can't have a debate on the subject and is acting as aggressive as he was.

>IS and IL succeeded in making this one particular fistfight of drunk idiots to an actual issue which people argue about
Wew. Where are the real news?

You might think so but the law doesn't. When you're in Finland, you should abide it's laws, period.

well. you know;... cui bono?

an old man got killed by couple of abduls some time ago and there was no media shitstorm whatsoever.

hippies fighting nationalists makes a better story, and showing the far left in a good light is much more believable to the mainstream than the far right, and the media loves going all in with their ideologically coloured, biased bullshit

It's the same story everywhere in Europe where they push this shit.

When shitskins kill a native, either media silences it or speaks about "youths" being the culprits. If asked why they do this "they do not want to spread unrest".

Vice versa, it's on every frontpage and the news talks about it for the rest of the week, and every politician must express their disgust.

One random example I remember was during an extended period of riots in France some rabid Arabs burned a bus with a black woman (from Senegal iirc) in it. But it was on page 4 of the paper and "experts" said the riots were soon to end because "there were less cars burned the last days".

You can picture what would happen if white natives would burn a bus with a black woman in it.

Soon the media will shut up once it is found that the death was not a result of whatever the neo nazis did.

While it is possible to get a brain hemorrhage and die from it as a result of hitting your head, it generally need to be a relatively severe case of head trauma. Considering that there's a week between the assault and his death, and he was in hospital for a few days, it seems fairly unlikely that the death was caused by it. Head trauma should lead to a brain hemorrhage very soon, not after several days, and doctors would certainly notice it, and wouldn't just discharge him.

>One random example I remember was during an extended period of riots in France some rabid Arabs burned a bus with a black woman (from Senegal iirc) in it. But it was on page 4 of the paper and "experts" said the riots were soon to end because "there were less cars burned the last days".

That's fucking sickening. There was one guy earlier who said the left only does this because the right opposes immigration. It's utterly disillusioning to see that people's lives are just tossed aside because they happened to be killed by the posterchildren of a corrupt ideology. There's no reason liberals would support such violent, backwards people who consistently violate human rights other than to play chess with the right wing.

If you died because someone punched you in the face, maybe you deserved to die.

The boy that died was a leftist drug addict who behaved in an aggressive manner, spitting at the nationalist protesters. They fought, he got pushed over and hit his head, later died in a hospital. Unfortunate, but he was asking for it.
Now the Finnish leftist media is going apeshit over this. Never mind the numerous Islamist stabbings, rapes and other such incidents that happened earlier this year.
They are turning my country into Sweden. Send help

It's the subhuman again. Like inIf there's a nazi organization he will be there.