graphics.latimes.com/usc-presidential-poll-dashboard/ edition

*hits the high note*

ahh yes pefection

Yank politics out

Yank politics out

>yank politics
awful edition

>caring about the white race when the sun will expand and become a red giant in the end


>Yank Politics

fuck off yeh yankee TWAT

How do you get a strong jawline?

>yank politics


belgium shits out
go make some waffles you fucking clog nigger

just dont come back

>when you fart in the shower and the smell is maximum potency

Ok so in an American mall, the Muslim man that was an Islamic State supporter asked people if they were Muslim and stabbed them if they weren't Muslim.
But it has nothing to do with Islam, OK????


don't bully belgium please.

*grips your upper mandible with one hand and your lower with the other*
*stretches jaw to snapping point*
*your jaw snaps and becomes unhinged and gaping*
There you go lad!

love it when that happens


>Yank politics

*explodes into a million pieces*

might watch sicario again lads


>go make some waffles you fucking clog nigger

Mad how people accept this as fact. Scientists just pull it out of their arse.

British things, British things
There are none we declare
All our favourite British things
Seem to come from elsewhere


*sings in Kurdish*

getting my daily dose of the 'grime shutdown' playlist on spotify