Which are the most loved countries of your country?

Which are the most loved countries of your country?
>Japan, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Argentina

australia i guess

Germany and afghanistan

Brazil - Best colony, when not being retarded or posting anime. We really like your food, but the monkey problem gets out of hand, sometimes.
Timor Leste, Macau, Cape Verde, St. Tomé/Principe - surprisingly well behaved RARE colonies
Angola, Mozambique, Guinea - Colonies we sort of feel sad for/sorry about, because they had great potential

England - if sometimes only to keep the record growing and/or to mock Spain/France/US
Norway - because of based Bacalhau

Any country with "free" healthcare/anything.

by order


people don't care much about other countries 2bh

> New Zealand

> Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, USA,

Mostly really the anglo countries, but France and Italy and maybe Japan are the best known culturally.

>no cuba


gib back our money

Japan for sure, nerds love it, normies love it
Scandinavia, everyone sees them as a perfect utopia
Russia, loved by alt-right and slut-hunters

Spain and UK (aka: London) by normalfags, Germany (aka: Berlin) by hipsters and similar fauna. Russia by right wingers. USA by terroni. Japan by animu lovers (pretty much the second biggest japposhit consumers in Europe).

I love you.

you forgot >Scandinavia, everyone sees them as a perfect utopia

everybody wants to go to paris

ask a room full of high schoolers where they want to visit the most, half will say paris

this pretty much

>Scandinavia, everyone sees them as a perfect utopia
never heard of this

Depends who. As a liberal and Paulista I like:
Large cities like London


normal fags

I've always heard of it during junior high-school and high school, on tv, from the radio, etc.
>in scandianvia si sta bene niente ingiustizie, niente corruzione, nessun problema, però fa freddo e il cibo fa schifo eheheheh
>i pescivendoli in norvegia guadagnano 5000 euro il mese!!!

>I will never row my longship upstream the Amazonas pillaging and raping any settlement I might find


Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Japan, Chile, half of the former empire such as Ireland, Cyprus, Malta Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc


99,9% of your population couldn't even place bestonia on the map 2bh

Murica n Isreel

Germany, Mexico, Italy.

brits love aus

Yeah, this. Japan and Australia would probably also be somewhat common.

All turkic countries.
japan and korea.
USA(Turkey is huge americaboo country like korea)

is this real, do people still remember faklands ?



We cant forget it since argentina has been obsessed with it for so long due to peronists

because england is fancy

when shit happens to the royal family like marriages and babies being born, it stays on the news for like one week

>because england is fancy

this is true

Spain, Greece, Germany when not being dictators, Italy

that's it really we don't like most people

USA best friends are England and France. Lefties have a hard on for Canada and Trudeau, too

France, USA and Spain

Germany + France =

Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico, Italy

None. Fuck y'all.

Everything around us + Italy, but not Switzerland.

Not even Canada?

Poland? Not really.

>Argentina/Uruguay, Portugal, Italy.

What's wrong with Poland?

Portugal and Italy, usually.

They're smug.

most of the time it's just "Europe"

your normies must be terrible.

USA and France. Nobody would admit it though, it's more common to act like you hate them.


I knew it!

USA, Spain, Italy, R'lyeh

spain, germany/england (mostly soon-to-be imigrants), switzerland (utopia) and the former colonies (muh empire)
A decade or so ago, the USA was also popular as well as france, but nowadays not so much

The United States of America

USA, Japan, Spain and Thailand

>USA, Switzerland, Spain

>Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Uruguay, Marocco, Lebanon, Syria. Everyone else is shit and not worthy of argentine affection.

People love Australia for some reason.

i live with a turkish woman and she told me turks have a really good relationship with Koreans? Because of some war? I found that really interesting.

>Argentina(we hate them in soccer, but despite that we love each other), Cuba, Russia, Italy, England. Would mention USA too, but that swimmer fuck cunt ruinned their image here (even more)

Iceland, Denmark, Norway

USA is 50/50, I think.

China? Why?

Food and culture.

Italy, Portugal, and maybe uk (they are friendly with us?) and then ex colonies like Mexico (Spaniards love this country also they are humiliated by rednecks from USA and is really sad ) Argentina,and Cuba.

> Marocco, Lebanon, Syria.


Canada, UK and Japan

Australia, Japan, UK, Canada, Israel (sad but true)


France , Japan


Dutch people tend to be incredible Germanboos. Although since the refugee crisis a lot of people are mad at Germany.

mostly people like and pay respect to major countries where have affected them and own culture. meanwhile Arabian countries, South East Asian nations, Africans ones and minor ones are not recognized as if they don't exist.

I feel like Brazilians don't care much about other countries when they're not shitting on the USA and Argentina.

I've always been pretty enthusiastic about England though

idk why but all of Turkish qts i've met are huge koreaboos. I feel like most of turkish prefer korea than japan. because korean war i guess.

Portugal and Italy are kinda of must due to immigration/colonization 2bh

England, Canada, and Mexico are probably the top 3. A lot of Americans don't like Mexicans but most Americans like Mexico, especially Mexican-Americans.
People like Carribian islands for vacations, like Jamaica and the Bahamas.
I'd say most Americans don't know much of Europe. Italy and France are known for being full of culture where the food is a lot better and fancier and that's where most peoples first choices for vacation spots are.

My experiences:

1. Switzerland
2. Netherlands/Austria
3. Australia/Canada/USA
4. Spain/France/Italy
5. Hungary/Poland

dunno, we hate pretty much everyone

Canada, UK are most loved in the United States

I knew you guys deep down really love us :3

Your average burger has a pretty favorable view of the rest of the Anglosphere. For all the "hurr, durr, surrender monkey" crap, France is also pretty well liked.

>the other anglo countries, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal

Euroboos love Germany. A lot of old, posh people have a hard on for France.

Oh come on. You know France has to be higher on the list than Cyprus and Portugal, even if they are friendly to you.

If you only knew how much we really love you. We have to hide our feelings :(

Brazil (Bolsonaro 2018, Make Brazil great again)

And I think that's it

Forgot Germany and maybe Italy

Australia and any countries that provide us with a mass importation of immigrants