K-ON is very cute that Japan

K-ON is very cute that Japan.

Is known outJapan?

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Nice broxy :--D


kawaii desu :3

isn't using ":--D" appropiating finnish shitposting culture? check your privilege


stfu nerd

fuck K-On, being braindead retarded is not kawaii




Why do japs even post here? Has a jap ever posted a single post that wasn't retarded/pointless/shitposting?




They probably never will

It's my favorite and the only anime I like.

I imported a lot of K-ON! items and contributed to japanese economy.



Fucking rodent

kill yourselves fucking weebs


Anime board.

>two (2) (you)s

and the leaf is not getting one (1) back

Eat shit, moron

No, westerners only watch good anime like Corey in the House.

I see I have found another fellow 9gagger hahaha *brofist*

>le anime board senpai pls no baka XDDDDDDD


ive watched all the kons every year since it came out

Only virgins watch anime

>still no S2 Amaburi
What are you doing, Japan? Waiting for another nuke?