Rate your neighbor countries ONLY and say why

Rate your neighbor countries ONLY and say why

>bro tier
Chile: HDI bros, patagonia pals
Uruguay: Little brother

>mixed feelings
Brasil: ...

>Shit tier
Bolivia and Paraguay: Massive shit tier immigrants and drug dealers, please nuke

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>bro tier
Canada: 10/10 best neighbor ever top comfy

>mixed feelings
Mexico: some of the best food in the world but I could do without stinky brown families shitting up my city's parks

w..what's wrong with that part of France?

canada (mixed): full of chinks and curry niggers
mexico (nuke): it's mexico

How do you best kill an argentinian?
Push him off his ego
T. My chilean teacher

If we count maritime borders too


>A chilean teacher making jokes about Argentina in Sweden

just... why?


how is venezuela not mixed feelings



They are all shit

like this country

because in latin america,

Everybody is a niggerspic monkey.

your forced meymey was never funny
it's time to stop

a niggerspic monkey.


>tfw you dont hate peru, bolivia and argentina
>tfw bolivia and peru goverments keep pushing their agenda on their population against chile, like arabs do with israel
>tfw someone in argentina always will treat you bad because muh faklands
>tfw they will never understand that we supported the UK because they wanted to invade us, not because we hated them


I just can't stand their arrogance mixed with their pride in stupidity.

Gutemala and Belize:

Complete indifference. Never met anyone from there and they're are barely featured on our news.


Oh look it's a mexican intellectual. Why so pissy pancho? couldn't haul your coca-cola stained fat loaves over the fence?

you're welcome for remittances btw



i want to annex both canada and mexico


Yes, we do in fact share land or maritime borders with all of those cunts, mainly through our overseas territories


Is there a limit to how far an island has to be before it's considered a maritime border?

We do not border your sea, or do we? Our borders are pretty far from those caribbean islands

> mexican intellectual
screen cap'd


mildly triggered desu

by current gf is colombian.
we like having sexy time.
a lot.


i want to hate Argies because they're arrogant faggots but i just can't. they're our bros, i secretly love them

Why do you like Belarus?

>because they're arrogant
where did this meme come from? We're not arrogant brew


I'm still getting your free welfare white boi

You're getting our illiterate subhumans from the countryside, and most of them are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants, nowadays they just go to Spain.

It's either 200 or 12

you have to go back

where do I find the template? is there a web page?



>>tfw they will never understand that we supported the UK because they wanted to invade us, not because we hated them


An alright bunch of lads
Sheep shaggers
>Norn Iron
Backward Catholics



France is God tier.

Portugal is shit tier.


> argentina couldnt even handle the uk on some islands half a globe away from them
> argentina supposedly was coming for chile next



como que pruebas? es historia. De todos modos...

Search for "beagle island conflict", we almost went to war in 1975 and EL POLACO stopped the war.



Brit-tier tourists and pedos
They make jorge mad :^)
Good people, awesome country
Traitor scum
Berber bros
>Mali Niger
Pretty bad immigrants
good immigrants (here atleast)

good lads, feel closer to them than the south of the country
bit weird but mostly solid
>Norn Ire
glad they're so loyal but i feel a bit distant from them
not keen at all

joint best cunt
joint best cunt
love/hate relationship, but it's mostly bants
basically the same as france but i'm not keen on what they're doing politically
joint best cunt

solamente ibamos a ocupar esas islas de mierda, ustedes lo dicen como si hubieramos pensado invadir Santiago

Green (France)
I'm kind of a frenchboo

Yellow (UK, Morocco)
The country is ok I guess, yet the people they sent here are invariably cancer and I would mark both this countries red if I had to judge them by those who come to Spain.

Left grey (Portugal, Andorra)
I don't have strong feelings for any of those two nations, they're pretty irrelevant. I've met one andorran girl and one portuguese guy in my whole life, they were ok I guess. May paint them both green if I knew more of them, but just maybe.


try and make us
the river runs towards your town. you can't stop the boats because you can't stop smoking OUR candles

de hecho...

it was just banter m3

we don't have an army anymore, pls invade

I want to praise the BIG CHILEAN COCK

porque hacerse cargo de algo que hizo alguien mas?

porque naciste negro y negro vas a ser toda la vida, negro sucio

Odeio esse tipo de brasileiro que nem ao menos conhece esses países

>Slovaks are curmudgeons

What a surprise


Yay! We still have mates



He's a butthurt Breton I guess

I'm in the army, I know we tried to invade everybody, our march songs only talks about killing Chileans (their songs do the opposite to be fair), I was in the military school and a section passed jogging while chanting in front of a Chilean delegation, it was akward


t. Guaraní de mierda
Ya te asfaltaron las calles, Itatí?

Chilean commies escaping Pinochet found refugee status in Sweden VERY easily. An uncle of mine from Chile faked being persecuted and Sweden welcomed him because he was leftist. Im not making this up. It was a big scam. And I guess the community there just loves to banter argies.



Why are you bothered by me hating the United States?

>bro tier

Moors as reeguges in Sweden
Guess history repeats itself

miralos a los negros enojados, ajajajaj

Eu também. Se conhecessem fariam um mapa igual o meu.

y u hat monako

well that was easy

Bro tier: none Arab countries are all shit

Mixed feelings: I guess Lebanon because I had a leb gf once and her family was really cool but they were Christians

Shit: all the rest

read your post again


Are you trying to call out Urugays? I haven't seen one in a while now. I miss them.

>tfw this thread is breaking our families apart

Forgot Brazil - bro tier
Suriname - literally who tier

I'm fine with them, although I wouldn't consider any of them to be "bro-tier". Venezuela, Bolívia and Northeast Brazil being the exceptions. They shouldn't be allowed to exist.

This Paella Nigger gets it!


because they are so insignificant, they need the approbation of everyone

I love the Dutchies, Austria and Switzerland, Denmark is great, for the rest I dont have strong feelings either way


Because I live close by (Nice). Monaco is just a high rise jungle filled with rich obnoxious people, and everyone who work there hate it (fucking SNCF doesn't help either).

>you will never suck Arturo Vidal's testicles while he cums in the America's cup for me to drink

wtf they look like those face reconstructions archaeologists do with primitive hominid skulls.
literally steps back into evolution

What happened to the Guyanas?


this, we have maritime borders with Jamaica, Costa Rica, Equator, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Chimpanzuela. not Uk.

>Captura de pantalla (1).png


>I want to praise the BIG CHILEAN COCK

/lat/ cockposting should stay in /lat/ and /lat/ only.


Sorry but it is.

I don't quiet understand this. Are you argie or italian?

wew lad

>bro tier
Hibernian Tribes

>mixed feelings
Sassanid Persian Empire

>shit tier
Arab Tribes

>they must suffer the wrath of the gods tier
Germanic Tribes

>maritime borders

More like meme borders





fucking genocidal scumbag

shut the fuck up upside down armenia

Mate, I fucking hate Brits abroad too. We ain't like that, unfortunately the sun and cheap luxury of your country attracts the fucking worst of the worst of our lot. I traveled across the globe to Tokyo and was the only white face for miles, it was awesome, yet I go to an Irish bar ONCE in 2 weeks, start chatting with the only 2 British people there and they start a massive fucking row with each other while the locals look on at us like I look at niggers chimping out on each other in the states... Fucking disgusting.



Etan pls

Brit "tourism culture" in general is vomitive, literally. Eurothrash here are normally not good tourists either, but brits have a completely different and destructive aproach. The empire was a mistake.

What's the deal between brazilians and paraguay? Is it because your're both subhumans?

but why


bro tier

mixed feelings:


tourism in Spain is so fucking disgusting all the chads from all over europe gather here to yell do drugs and get drunk worst fucking pieces of shit in the universe

brits are ok but your chavs are cancer,

i mean, i agree your tourists are shite but they're also your biggest cash cow so



Fucking. Disgusting



Not an excuse. Not gonna deal with your shit because they are our "cash cow", they can pay, enjoy and behave at the same time and also the dependence on tourism is toxic for our economy and only indirectly benefits the majority spaniards who don't work on tourism.


lol Ibiza must be a blast

>your shit
i wouldn't go to your chav infested shithole if my life depended on it

>i wouldn't go to your chav infested shithole if my life depended on it
Ibiza?Benidorm?Mallorca?and Magaluf? Madrid is clear i have never seen a brit here

no ta m80

i dont like hot weather x

who use cocaine once

honestly we don't hate you...also we send scum to your country for example in london

Yeah, that's it, get defensive, that will convince me it's okay to have your chavs.

What can we do to love each other, мoй дpyг?

>behave too much like us
>bring/brought coke which fucked/fucks up everything in its way
>kill each other too much

basically little brazil

based colombia

brutal steamy anal sex



Argentina: ok
Peru: meh
Bolivia: shit

Maybe Mexico would be a little less shitty in average that way... go for it


>tfw someone in argentina always will treat you bad because muh faklands
We don't hate you because of that. We hate you because you're mostly niggers that worship the Pachamama.

Política do bom vizinho :^)


Perfect fucking map, 11/10.
You just removed the cancer.

stay poor

All shit tier.


I'm taking these descriptions extremely literally if you catch my drift

Tiocfaidh ár lá


forgot to say why
NZ: Same as us, good for banter and sporting rivalries, ANZAC bros, great for the outdoors

PNG: Nothing good has ever come from this country

East Timor: Oppressed by barbaric Indonesians, fought hard for independence and seem like cool people

Indonesia: Can be cool, Java is nice with friendly people, but at the same time always ready to release their inner barbarian with Islamic traditions and executions

>chile is a bro tier

se merecen perder las malvinas y mas

Níl, Óglaigh na hÈireann agus Sinn Féin atá amadach.


But I'm pale as a ghost with crimson hair and literally have a Mick name ;_;