Is school bullying in your country yes?

is school bullying in your country yes?

Some say it exists.
I lived through my entire scholastic career without ever experiencing it.
Maybe it's also because I'm taller than the average and grew up pretty fast, but I also have never seen others being bullied.

i don't know i was homeschooled

but most likely yes because latin america is a savage non human place

Pretty normal.
Weak pupils, pupils that think differently, bad behaving pupils.

>tfw was a friend of a bully and he abused who stupid boy in our class cause I told him that this would be cool
Shame that he left after the 9th form

That is why the majority of Cred Forums is americans


yeah i was a ruthless bully. but towards late grades I calmed down

if you're talking about real violent serious shit - then no. just friendly banter and a bit of violence maybe, but that's normal. young boys SHOULD fight, crucial not to grow up sissy faggot like canadians for example.

bullying is wrong.



And yet necessary
Yep, the younger ones got bullied ruthlessly, after that, if you were still weak you'd get bullied by the cunts, or if you were just annoying as fuck everyone would bully you.
I used to be a bit of a bully, not sure if i regret it or not
I don't regret getting bullied, it toughened me up

defend yourself on the necessity of it!


Sometimes it ends either in suicide or in murder (bullied killing a bully).

Does bullying in japan happen like anime portrays it? Like, a bunch of cartoonish bad guys making you buy their food, do their homework, give them money, and if you don't complain they beat you up and rape your only female friend?


>tfw got turned on by being bullied in school

I was the bully :^)

How things ended up like this, then?

Never experienced it, but being 6'3" 200lbs might been a reason why

yes, but it's not like in the US where there is bullies, regular kids, nerds, etc. It's just some few guys that everyone fucks with

Dye in your own shit, please.

Oh man, I'm sorry. I meant Die.

makes sense when you see the fucking leaf flag.

how do you even get bullied by canadians

>'ey, look at this here guy, eh, he's got funny-lewkin' pants and glasses

I'd fucking piss myself laughing trying to get through your accent before I'd ever feel intimidated

Nah, it was all just banter.

Not that often anymore. At least physically among whites. I'm sure its common in nig areas.

I don't have an accent I lived in South Florida unless I was 13

>Back in 3rd grade
>Have a food dye allergy
>Entire class gathers around me one with a candy with the food dye I'm allergic to
>They try to hold me down
>Tell them it could kill me
>"We don't care if you die, we want to see what happens"
>Teachers do nothing at all because I was bullied so much it was like I had to go to them every other day until they got annoyed with me and hated me

Others include the time I got my dick grabbed in the boy's room and the teachers did nothing, or when I got in a fight with three kids, two older than me, and only fought back at the end which made them fuck off, and the teachers made them AND me apologize, and since I wasn't going to apologize for getting beat up I was the only one punished.

> I got my dick grabbed in the boy's room and the teachers did nothing

Yeah. Got bullied hard in 6th grade. ;_:

>I got my dick grabbed in the boy's room
>implying thats a bad thing

Fuck I should've left that part out

So they could grab it longer?


Gay love is the purest form of love.

Only really annoying kids got bullied. Even if you were weak serious bullying was rare.

Only when girls are involved

why are bullies here so fucking gay?

>Primary School
They only targeted "that" kid, but after a while it stops

Same as Primary School, but it was rare unless you were complete Cred Forums tier loser :(

in middle school there was a boy that took a shit in the showers for no fucking reason, he got called "poop boy" so much that he switched schools at the end of the year

I want dia to mercilessly pee all over me

Was he a бoльшoй пapeнь?

There was this one girl in my class in 6th grade that was tormented by pretty much everyone, including me for a bit. Think "Carrie" levels of abuse. I joined in a bit in the beginning but later stopped because I grew a conscience I guess. She was bullied all the way through high school too...

I was picked on a bit sometimes especially in 2nd-5th grade because I was pretty homely looking and quiet but I learned to ignore people and they usually left me alone. I was always a bit of a loner though.

I never got bullied but I saw it happen. Usually it was just "go away you're weird", except this one group I knew who would actively go after people.

i got bullied. it sucked. never got beat up or anything tho so theres that

Of course, I used to love bullying that loser kid that played on his 3ds

I wish. Jesus christ. American children need to be bullied and beaten.

You're black?

It wasn't common, but still happened.
A girl in my school killed herself when she got cyber bullied (teen gossip), and then we did an assembly on why all types of bullying was bad etc
it didn't really make a difference though

yes it exist some fucker smacked my arm every fucking day fuck that cunt
still hate that cunt i want that fucker being kill by car accident

I was cool with everyone

I was bullied at school.

Now that I look back I know that I was a twat sometimes, but I was only like that because of the way I was treated in the first place.

Yes. It's usually just insults and name-calling and not people beating you up. Although I studied at a private school so the violent bullying might be common in public schools.

I was bullied from elementary to high school for being a halfie but it started to lessen over the years. I didn't really care though because I'm rich, smarter (always one of the top 10 students of the class) and much more attractive than the bullies.

Was bullied a lot in grade school. Went to small school with farmer type rural idiots though so it was to be expected.

shut up pussy.

hah your people literally got bullied

doesn't change the fact that you're a pussy

I only got billied at 3rd form and intermedidate years.
>(i litterally hit on the bullies gf's and held the girls hand) (I honestly didn't know she had a bf got beaten pretty bad for it)

Also got beaten up from deaf people when i was at primary I'm not even sure what for ether.