What country is the cutest on Cred Forums?

What country is the cutest on Cred Forums?

>Yuru Yuri
Cred Forums hit a new low

Oh brother


You call Yuru Yuri shit, but yet you post an image from that literal garbage series? Blow your brains out.

No fucking exceptions



Fujo detected


Nippon, their broken ingurishu just makes ore no kokoro make dokidoki desu.


kys lol



Cutest cunt is Brazil!


in this thread anime loving neckbeards who post chinese drawings

Ok, i'll start to learn dutch, i'll die of throat cancer in a matter of seconds.

That's a nice desk.


outstanding summary

Anime website.

Isn't Germany the most weeaboo country in europe?

like whoa


I think this title goes to Poland.

Uruguay a cute


Does that guy still post on Cred Forums with this image and something along the lines of "I want to cum in Akari's 13 year old ass"?

he was originally on jp, then he went to warosu, then RIP