What happens here?

What happens here?


Por cuestiones de negocios la empresa donde trabajo me mando de Mexico DF a managua por 10 dias, pero el primer dia me senti como en casa al segundo dia ya me gustaba la ciudad, pero al tercer dia ya amaba a nicaragua y su gente. De verdad no importa de que pais seas los latinos somos hermanos por que compartimos muchas cosas y tenemos tantas en comun me ha pasado lo mismo en Guatemala y El salvador a pesar de mis visitas tan cortas, que viva centroamerica, besos desde Mexico y que Dios bendiga a nuestros paises.






love and happienss

comfy place

It's a very safe country, despite their poverty they still manage to be one of the safest countries in Latino America, that tells you a lot about the kind of people that live there.

There are some very beautiful touristic places there, too, but really nothing special.

i love it in nicaragua. everyone is insanely friendly and content with their life.

the safety makes it one of my favorite latin american countries ive been to. Everyone is pretty ugly though

I just wish this region was safer.

I dont care if its poor, i wanna see the beauty in central america.

Fuck shartniggers and their fucking drugs, dictatorships civil wars and maras.

Somoza Dynasty Two: Electric Boogaloo

Man, It's actually their flag.
Very strange.

>Central america is only bad because the US

you're an idiot. Its an inherently violent area and has been long before the drug trade.

We are watching you. From the shadows...

Soon, very soon...

Well said friend

Keep in mind many of the small beautiful tropical paradises we may take for granted in countries like ours would be considered exquisite by many of the people who have only rarely in their life seen stretches of undeveloped beach and junglei. We really only have t fix a few fundamentals in our countries to enjoy some awesome qaulity of life.

Why do they have to specify that it's in Central America

Nice country

Center of the continent, Mayas and iluminatis, really makes you think.

>One of the fastest growing economies in Central America

>One of the safest in the region

>Stable de-facto one-party state under the Ortega Dynasty

>Most dynamic geopolitics in the region, being both a satellite to the United States, Russian, and Venezuelan interests

Yeah, ever since the earthquake in the 1970s, Managua is a very unique city in that there is practically no real city center. Also fucking "arboles de la vida"

What I meant when I said "nothing special" is that it was nothing special compared to the other touristic places you will find all over CA, they're all equally beautiful. Central America has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Yeah, I can attest to this. I've been to the beaches of Tela in Honduras and they are pretty underrated. If not for the violence, the region could really benefit from the tourism sector.

>Nicaraguans say Nicaragua is a shithole where you can get killed for saying Ortega is a fag, there are no jobs, people kill each other for a piece of land, women are basically cattle and so on
>literally the biggest migration problem of the continent (beside México, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador)

>foreigner say Nicaragua is so beautiful and safe

Really makes you think, famalad

t. reddit

Me gustó el lugar simplemente porque es tranquilo, simple, relajante y la gente es buena onda. Todos estamos de acuerdo en que Daniel Ortega si le ha hecho daño a Nicaragua, principalmente por sus ideales socialistas y censura tipo Corea del Norte. Si hay mucha pobreza en Nicaragua, y si se nota bastante.

Lamentablemente la pobreza es una realidad en todos los países de América latina. He visto muchas comunidades muy jodidas en México, Brasil, Panamá, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, etc. Esperemos que se reduzca lo más pronto posible.

que partes de nicaragua visitaste?

Eliminar la pobreza y la falta de educacion es la unica manera de salvar a America Latina

Managua, Masaya, León, Rivas y RAAN.

Porque touristas no vive en Nicaragua y no comprende problemos de Nicaragua

yo soy de alli porque temporada estuviste por alli?

Fui en el verano.

Eso es porque Mexico es parte de centroamerica

>Mexican goes to Nicaragua, the Southernmost country of the Mesoamerican cultural sphere
>all of Latin America is the same


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