/rus/ - the world biggest migrant crisis edition

15 million immigrants and their descendant from Central Asia is spread across European Russia, Moscow is minority Russian by 2025, migrant children will be 30% of school population by 2020, 5 million Chinese is spread across Far East and Siberia - Chinese are dominant ethnic group there in 20 years.

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Even watered down Sputnik News(official Kremlin media outlet) data places Russia as a country with the highest migrant number.


While Russia's overall population is dropping, the number of Muslims in the country is on the rise. The population of indigenous Muslims, mainly hailing from the Russian Caucasus, in Russia has risen since the fall of the Soviet Union, including a 69 percent increase in Dagestanis, a 50 percent increase in Chechens and a 100 percent increase in Ingush. Similarly, the number of Muslim immigrants is also rising. According to official state data, some 240,000 immigrants enter Russia annually — Russia's Center for Migration Studies puts this number at more than 400,000 after accounting for illegal immigration. Federal Migration Service head Konstantin Romodanovsky has said 3 million immigrants work illegally in Russia every year.

>More Muslim immigrants are making their way into Russia, driven by economic downturns in their own countries. Though official state data indicates that approximately 240,000 immigrants enter Russia each year, Russia's Center for Migration Studies puts this number at more than 400,000, factoring in illegal immigration. Most immigrants come from the Central Asian states and Azerbaijan, according to Rosstat. Russia already hosts the second-largest number of migrants after the United States, some 11 million or nearly 8 percent of the population. According to an investigation by Russkaya Gazeta, about 30 PERCENT of students in Russia will be CHILDREN of IMMIGRANTS or guest workers by 2020.

Don't forget about the chinks, Russia is becoming very multicultural, and it must because otherwise it will not survive.


>The Chinese are invading Russia — not with tanks, but with suitcases.

>Alexander Shaikin, in charge of controlling the Russian-Chinese border, said on June 29 that 1.5 million people from China have illegally entered the Russian Far East over the past 18 months.

>It’s impossible(!!!) to know the exact level of Chinese migration into the Russian Far East; Russia has not run a census in over a decade. But by all indications, a significant river of people is surging across the border.

>The Moscow Carnegie Center, the only organization to launch an independent study, claimed that there were about 250,000 Chinese in Russia in 1997. The Interior Ministry has claimed that there are 2 million. Other estimates place the Chinese population at 5 million.

>Regardless, the Federal Migration Service fears a flood. The service has repeatedly warned that the Chinese could become the DOMINANT ETHNIC group in the Russian Far East in 20 to 30 years. Such an occurrence would require an annual influx of about 250,000 to 300,000 Chinese, LESS than one-third the rate that Shaikin currently claims.

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You should balkanize your federation as soon as possible.

Russians are already 31% in Moscow


It doesn't change Russia really

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So? Russia has always been like this since the Keivan Rus

seems shopped tb h

are you challenged? like mentally? Russia was an ethnocracy fully located in Europe before the 16th century

>this is what he actually believes
Maybe in Muscovy, but South to Crimea, and East to Siberia has always been Asians and Muslims

What's the golden horde then smart ass.

Is your Cherokee and negroid admixture that heavy that you are incapable to google?
Since its foundation in the 9th century up to the late 16th century Russia(Rus) was ethnic state entirely located in Europe. Ivan IV ordered expedition to Asia and Russian Forces conquered it. Since then Russia has Asian territories. However during the Imperial and Soviet times subhumans were not allowed to move to European Russia or Russian-settled areas.

>be slav
>call others sub human
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Redskin blood is heavy, eh? Again. There was no racemixing between mongols and Russians. Ever. It was absolutely shunned. Mongols didn't occupy Rus' land. The Russians payed tax to the mongols and the mongols left them alone.
To even think that they could have influenced the cumulative genome of the untire Rus' people is A-grade retardation and wishful thinking on your part. No one in Europe does have mongol blood. It was mongol invasion of Europe, you know? Might have skipped school that day. Parts of Russia were a tax protectorate without physical presence of mongols in Russia(Area they had control over is nowadays Ukraine and tiny fraction of European Russia) itself whatsoever. As far as the taxes go, mongols controlled some Russian states, but not directly. Each Duke had to send fixed amount of money to the khan, in order for khan to let him rule. This was called yarlik. There was always one Duke who collected these money from every other and sent the whole bunch in one package to the khan. This one was given title Grand Duke. Moscoe eventually managed to become warm friends with mongols and were almost always Grand Dukes. But they took over the mongol way and solved everything in violence. Novgorod was democratic Northern state, rich from trade and under Western influence. Mongols didnt get there but they paid to be on the safe side. Although Novgorod was rich, they didnt have grain and bought if from Moscow. Moscow eventually blackmailed them with the grain and got rich and big on Novgorods expense. Eventually mongols were kicked out by combined Russian army lead by Moscow. Novgorod was then subdued by Moscow and much later, Ivan the Terrible nearly destroyed it and massacred many citizens because he was paranoic and thought they are plotting to take him down.
Novgorod was possible and much nicer alternative to formation of Russia, but Moscow and their ways won.

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Racialism must have no intellectual foundation whatsoever. Please show me the enlightened high society world of racial egalitarianism. Where shall we begin? Richard Dawkins or Miley Cyrus?
>good record on race
bydlo education
>1/4 yids were considered "Aryan"
>1/2 yids were considered half breeds - mischling. Some were classified as Germans, some were issued Honorary Aryan status or German Blood Certificate. Ernard Milch, Emil Maurice, Bernhardt Rogge, Arty Johannes Zukertort, Karl Zukertort, Helmut Wilberg, Paul Ascher, Walter Hollaender and the likes
>when he decided to create Ostlegionen that included untermenschen like turkmeni, chechens, azeris, ingushes, tatars, uzbeks, kazakhs served; he issued some bullshit papers about them being somewhat honorary and noble races. I don't think he believed in it, but betrayal of the Race Spirituality for the sake of appeal to subhuman turkics...
>he was pretty friendly with islam
>he could have been more accurate and less hotheaded when doing expansion and restoration of the German Lands
Hitler receives the Finance Minister of China, Dr. Kung (a direct descendant of Confucius) at his villa in the Berchtesgadener Alpen. 100 million Reichsmarks were loaned to China.


>a white nationalist can't do business with other races

The idea of nationalism is that each race sits on a different corner doing their own stuff without mixing. No one has die or be considered inferior.

He can. But Hitler wasn't a White Nationalist, he was a German Nationalist and quite bad German Nationalist - he allowed mixed Jews to be classified as Germans, he rushed Eastward on Poland when he new that Anglos were waiting for a casus beli to fuck his shit up.
Also,He BOWED to a Chinese man. He could have shaken his hand.

That's not what nationalism means AT ALL.
Doesn't even really involve race.

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Had he won they would have full control on births with Eugenics anyway, the impure ones would be bred out. It's not like in modern times where there is no turning back.

Chang, you will have to go back to China.

Not everyone became a nationalist after watching Trump rally

they are the greatest warriors, alpha male af
americans on the other hand are the biggest cowards on earth (except new england god bless)

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nah they are subhumans. they were mere tax collectors and trouble makers. Not an Empire of development and craft


>not empire of development and craft
>what is the Mughal empire
>who is Babur(Ẓahīr-ud-Dīn Muḥammad) decendent of Timur/Tamlerlane/Timur the Lame(Lion), decendent of Ghenghis Khan

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Hey I'm not sure where to ask but you guys might know. Is it correct to say Belorussian or Belarusian when referring to someone who comes from Belarus?


> silly natzi thread
God it must be killing you that puskin was a poet and not a slave like niggers in the "progressive countries"

Funny how people can turn the mosy flattering thing - country (with strict immigration rules) being attractive for immigrants into something negative

Does anyone here study in Russia? I don't know much Russian but wanted to major in Russian or at least become proficient. Judging by prices it's a better idea to just study Russian in Russia economically.

any of you guys had experiences with russiaboos? there are a few at my school who just absolutely fetishize communism to the point of wearing shirts with the hammer and sickle on them. how are they looked at in your country?

i dont understand that migrants gonna destroy mother russia shit. arent central asians also love russia and patriotic?

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Meh, they're mostly uneducated workers, they dont really love anything except money

dont we all?

No. They don't like Russia, just money

I've come to the conclusion that whites need to consolidate their numbers in Europe rahter than being spread across 5 different continents. We are slowly being replaced in each of our countries. We need to all go back to Europe and rebuild our numbers.

>We are slowly being replaced
>We need to all go back to Europe
Seguro, Pedro.

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>colonized chink border land
>surprised when chinks are dominant ethnic group on said borderland

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La Raza, fuck off. natives in those areas are less than a million put together and they hate Chinese as much as Russians do. I mean everyone hates Chinese, Chinese are cancer. God bless Japan for Nanking. Do you feel the urge to give some clay to Mexico, by the way? You seem to also colonise some shit near their border

Russian far east is Chinese clay anyway.

Except the difference is that Mexicans have nothing to do with the old empires of the region and Mexico itself is an European colonial state just like the Youessay.


>Putin’s Shame: Russia Is Becoming China’s Junior Partner

tfw outer Manchuria will be Chinese once again

Resistance is futile.

Not an argument. Reasoning is the same. Chinks= low wages, shit people and bad environment. If anyone to relieve Russian Far East its Japan.

What's up with Alsace?) I think that German speaking population needs referendum and liberation

this, I've already accepted the fact that the US is done for demographically speaking. We will slowly fade into something resembling Brazil.

Australia and Canada are being sold out to the chinks by your own politicians.

Moscow is being handed over to Muslims and foreigners. Isn't Putin's daughter married to a chink now too? He's got nothing to lose.

The best thing we can all do is just go back to Europe, start from scratch, and try to save the homeland of ethnic European people.

Why are you doing these threads regularly?
Is IT just for keeping people away from russia since the west has got fucked up?

>how are they looked at in your country?
communism absolutely not popular here now

They are just shitposters from 2ch
Do you remember crazy ruble thread? It is the same shit

maybe they care about Russia being for Russians

unless you are not ethnic Russian - so maybe you don't care

good attempt my friend))

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me on the right

Immigrants in Russia are mostly from post-Soviet Central Asia. Immigrants in Europe are from the fucking Middle East. Do the math.

And they're still angry at us. It is international imageboard. Please, forgot us.

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Nah even what's traditionally considered ethnographic russia had loads of other ethnicities that got assimilated including various turkic/finnic people and even some east balts that lived around moscow. You best get to work on assimilating churkas into slant eyed bydlos, you're half way there.

Lies! Russia is a nationalist paradise free of western degeneracy and cuckoldry

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>hours old thread on Cred Forums
>no one asks including OP of said thread
Oh well.