I would lie if I said I have positive feelings for the country of Ukraine

I would lie if I said I have positive feelings for the country of Ukraine.

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I would lie if i said i don't want Ukraine to get better

W-why? You guys got the same ennemy.
The eternal Russian.

Ukrainians removed Poles

Ukies removed Nazis.

>call ukraine a non-country or poles on denial
>hate them



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I actually like Ukraine, it's a shame russian corruption has held them back since the collapse of the soviet union

Ukraine practically doesn't have any corruption if you compare it to the country such as the United States of America.

Hey, it was their own corruption. If they signed that eurasion union treaty then it woils become ourse but before that it had nothing to do with us.

I would be lying if I said Poland isn't the most butthurt country in Europe


>Russian corruption

I bet you're a second generation Ukrainian in Canada

Trust a Ukrainian who actually lived there, Ukrainians are just as corrupt as Russians and Ukraine is generally a worse country too. The people look and act nearly the same and most Ukrainians speak Russian too. What's held them back is the same thing as what's held Russia back, corruption, bydlos, and communism

Sure the EU put them in this shitty situation, and not the 50 years under the glorious USSR.

Russia is the best to deny It's own history.

Jesus Christ are you an actual retarded person? Ukraine is much much much more corrupt then United States and is consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt in Europe, matching only Moldova, and ranking around the same as Iraq.

>The people look and act nearly the same

You mean the Crimean Khanate?

nah I'm not a ukie myself

I'm just referring to the fact that there are a lot of ethnic russians in ukraine who are aligned with putin, and putin funds pro-russian political groups and such.

It's hard for a country to succeed when there is a foreign country bribing politicians and encouraging a russian minority to essentially pull the line of Putin's interests.


Was going to ask "Why Lithuania? The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Then I realized that you are just a poor South-American country

>It's hard for a country to succeed when there is a foreign country bribing politicians
Are you talking about Donald Trump right now?

Fixd it

And that picture is trying to prove what exactly?

Ukraine was a corrupt shithole long before that. Cops would stop you constantly to just ask for money and the government was always corrupt and stealing money. Ukrainians and Russians are equally corrupt. But the fact Ukraine ranks worse in corruption then Russia makes me think that it's not just the Russians there.


>look nearly the same

their women are super qt


You are proxy moskal

delet this

>he thinks those are qt women

My sweet summer child. Those are pretty average by Eastern Euro standards, slightly ugly even. You just think they're qt because all you've ever known are fat cows.

Ucraina is a german-jewish invention to weaken russia.
russia with ukraine. same people same culture same country.
ukraine = meme country.


>This German Kremlin shill is still shilling

Jesus christ dude drop it. We all know you are a Russian living in Germany

>same people
Russians consider Ukrainians to be sibhuman Asiatics, so I guess you're wrong here, pal.

Russia is literally in Asia

There's no such thing as Europe.
There's only a European peninsula of Asia.

Was that a NAZI SALUTE?

How do I tell the difference between Ukrainians and Belorussians Cred Forums?

Russia is divided between Europe and Asia.

About 80% of their population and economy are in the "European" ( near Moscow ) Russia, though. The rest is scattered in Siberia and shit.

I think that he is a Russian expat, he always starts some anti-Ukie threads

You are the one who started this thread.
so shut it!

byelorussians are white

Belarus folk are blond/e, blEW-eyed
Ukraine's folk are dark-skinned Asiatics

There are almost 40 million people in Poland, user.

Belorussians are all living in the last European dictatorship country; then the half of the Ukrainians are technically free.

I don't believe you.

Belorussians are less aggressive.


I would lie if I said I have positive feelings for Poles with superiority complex towards Ukraine.

It's like retards making fun of each other.

Belarus is more integrated into the EU than the Ukraine.
Same goes for Russia.

Her accent gave me cancer.
ALSO: she's ugly af

Hello Mykola! How do you like your new country?

West Ukraine is way more integrated than Belarus, and obviously, even more than Russia.

>It's like retards making fun of each other
Did you just call yourself a retard?

Maybe should we fight with our allies, against the obvious invader.
I mean, who started this shitty European war, the first since the Balkan one?
The war who divise us when we need to be united against ISIS?

Ukrainians diplomas don't mean a thing outside their country. However this is not the case as far as Belarussian and Russian degrees are concerned.


You're literally the same...

You can't. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Ukrainians, Belorussians, and Russians are basically same people

The only blonde haired blue eyed people in my family was the 100% Ukrainians

I have positive feelings for any fellow 3rd world shithole, and of course, their women

I even think about visiting there


>The only blonde haired blue eyed people in my family was the 100% Ukrainians


So, basically, we can coclude that CS is not a proper degree and THE ooCrane is not a proper country either.

More like given them free blowjobs

Tbh Soviets only started winning after the Ukrainians began volunteering to serve in the Red Army.



lol ukrainian 3rd army captured berlin while russian soldiers were dead due to superior meat throwing in tactic during liberation of ukraine.

Diaspora detected.

>*meat throwing tactic*



Glory to Ukraine!



>Ukranian Cred Forums posters might have been killed due to the invasion of Russia
>Russian Cred Forums posters might have been killed due to conscription

And I'm just laying on my bed with my laptop here shitposting

Did Russia even need conscription, their military personnel is already huge and much of the fighting goes between Ukranians and pro-Russia Ukranians.

Why ukraine is so shit even after 23 years of their so called """"""indepence""""""
Literally SAR-tier


Will Ukraine and Belarus be the battlefields upon which WW3 is fought?

>Ukraine hates NATO
>Russia invades them
>Suddenly Ukrainians have a positive view of NATO
eat a dick

No. Only Ukraine.

I don't like Russia, but... hell I won't die over Ukraine which is basically Russia-light

Fun fact: people who did picrel were given national hero status in Ukraine just a few years back.

Ukraine had a 31% favorable opinion of NATO in 2009(pic)

In our cunt, we see Ukrainian people as poor proto-Russians that come here to build houses

They are a "cheap labor" and basically Ukrainian is a short name for guy who works at construction, is underpaid, drinks and smokes a lot and doesn't wash himself too much.

I kind of like them, nobody would build houses without Ukrainians. Also I feel kinda bad for their cunt to be honest.

Seems like a cover of a metal band

But in 2015, 53% wanted Ukraine to join NATO

reap what you sow

>They are a "cheap labor" and basically Ukrainian is a short name for guy who works at construction, is underpaid, drinks and smokes a lot and doesn't wash himself too much.

Which kinda proves that this has never actually happened. I mean... This could just be Soviet propaganda.
In East Germany we call it Zersetzung.

Lol I love you, Poland.

not at all
that's more like mexican

niggers don't work, they only do the 3 Rs — Rape, Rob, and Riot

They're not niggers. They're fascists, remember?

It is. Polacks believe that Stalin ordered the Ukrainian nazis to do it


I honestly feel very bad for them. Sure, their country is a piece of shit, but nonetheless I still pity them

>Sure, their country is a piece of shit,
Their fault.
Every other country around them had the same conditions, yet they're becoming better while Ukraine stays shit.

Don't bully the Ukraine

To close to Russia.

Just like Moldavia, they have a literal Russian colony in it

>Which kinda proves that this has never actually happened.
Oh, so all these thousands of people just vanished into thin air?
And all survival testimonies are obviously fake?
And all the actual UPA archives too?
There's plenty of evidence for this shit Hans, even ukies themselves don't deny that it happened, but they keep downplaying it and shifting the blame in every way they can.
Just to give you an example: in Polish it's known as the "Volhynian Slaughter", in Ukrainian it's the "Volhynian Tragedy". As if it happened on its own.

Except that they aren't. They have their own unique history, and culture. While still being similar to Russians.
It's a similar issue to US and Canada. Canadians are different, but not any more different than the groups inside of America. While Ukraine is different from Russia, but not any more different than groups within Russia.

Did the holocaust actually happen, Władysław?

British Empire used blacks during WW1 too.

>They have their own unique history, and culture.
about as much as austria does

Ignoring is not bullying.

I suppose the question would be, if they apologized would Poles accept it? Or would it become like a Japan v Korea/China thing?

Austria has more history than all of Germany

>butt hurt russian thinks he's white but Ukrainians aren't

It's ok Ivan you're both not white

These East Europe slaves flooding the EU bad mouth Russia and Putin every chance they get. Why? Because they look at their western masters with jealous eyes, and figure if their homeland only became part of the EU, they one day would be the MASTERS of some other poor unfortunate from some other cr*p-hole, rather than the slave.

How GENIUS is that? The EU collapsing the economies of former Soviet States, and then making the citizens of those States hate on Russia rather than the EU, because they aspire to be part of the EU 'success' story. The West is master of psychology- and Russia forgets about the power of psychology at its peril.

Sure we would, we probably will anyway considering our cucked (by USA by the way) government. But they make it as hard as they can for us. Let me stress that our butthurt isn't all about what happened back then, but it's mostly about how it's treated by Ukraine's government at the moment. This is an issue of the present, not of the past like some people imply.
I don't hold anything against Ukies that come here personally, and boy is there a lot of them here. I can't take a bus ride without hearing some Ukrainians talking. Their girls are pretty cute. But politically we're on bad terms and they really aren't doing much to improve them, even though they claim they want to improve them.
Also friendly reminder that we're currently pumping shittons of money into their loans (I wonder why EU media never mention this when they talk about le raysis polen not accepting rapefugees?). Ukraine's as a country is like that dumb pup that keeps biting the hand that feeds them.
They could glorify Petlura, the guy who actually worked with Piłsudski and wasn't a fucking psychopath, but for some reason they keep glorifying Bandera and his deranged goons.

t. citizen of america's puppet state

What language do they usually speak? Russian or Ukrainian? Because here maybe 20% of Ukrainians actually speak Ukrainian at home.

That üic doesnt represent actual incidents right?

Ukraine is not even a country.
I think Polish people genocided themselves and then started blaming a nation that didn't even exist.

>for some reason they keep glorifying Bandera and his deranged goons.
according to what I've been told by banderites, it's because he freed them from the Polish oppression or something like that

Ukrainians for cleaning, gardening, pierogi, and sex. At thePiaseczno “slave market," Poland.
By Ewa Wołkanowska-Kołodziej, Iryna Kołodijczyk
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk [excerpts]
A Pole locked up two Ukrainian women in the basement. He let them out after two weeks, but they didn’t want to talk about it. “Didn’t you go to the police?”—I ask. “But we have no rights here”, they answer.
You stand by the road and wait for a Pole. On Sunday, in the frost, from 5, 6 in the morning. Maybe today a Pole will wake up thinking “I don’t have a pressed shirt” or “why pay for a worker if I don’t have to pay?” Then he’ll get in the car and come get a Ukrainian girl: to pain walls, load coal, assemble scaffolding. He’ll pay 7 and sometimes even 20 zlotys per hour. At the end of the day he may pay less than promised, or not pay at all. But that’s better than working for a month and getting paid nothing.
I drive to the illegal labor market in Piaseczno. Ukrainians fondly call it “the little market,” Poles, more directly, the “slave market.”

Roksana: “A week ago a young man took a woman who used to pick apples for him into his car. They drive off, but then I see the car stops and she jumps out crying. What happened, I asked. She replies—he told me I’m taking you not to pick apples but for loving. But she was 60 years old!”
A few women nod her heads. Olena: “When I first came here, I stood over there, by the bushes because I didn’t know anyone. Others looked at me funny and whispered among themselves. One finally came up and said, stand closer to us. Here they wait for sex.”

Gala: “A Pole took me and a friend to paint in Konstancin. A big house, tall fence. We entered the garden and are painting, but he asked me to change the bed for him. So I enter into his bedroom and then he approaches me from behind and starts to grope me. I ran out screaming, the two of us wanted to run away, but the gate was closed. What were we to do? We kept on painting.”
Olena: “Poroshenko ought to come and see this. Let him see how Ukrainian emigres live… it’s easier during the summer. A farmer pays 7zl per hour or by kilo, then one can earn as much as 100zl in a day. Sometimes he’ll offer work for several weeks, even offers housing and food. But the work is hard.”
Anna: “I managed to pick radishes for 6 days. They paid 3.5zl per box. In each box 50 bunches of radishes, 12 radishes per bunch. I was not used to such hard work. I filled 12 boxes in 12 hours, but some women filled as many as 30. I paid 5zl per day for housing. You work close to the ground, it’s as cold as in Siberia. If it rains, you sit in the mud the whole day.”
Kateryna: “Picking beets was like a concentration camp. We could not stand up because then supposedly you slow down. We could not talk, only use sign language. One sandwich and a cup of tea for dinner. That was all.”
Larissa: “Never admit to the Poles that you can make pierogi! They won’t leave you alone, you have to feed them all the time. It’s worse than cleaning. I spent an entire day making pierogi, and they didn’t even invite me to eat with them.”

>What language do they usually speak? Russian or Ukrainian?
Fuck if I know, I can't tell them apart. Maybe I could tell them apart from Belarussian, but I'm not sure.
The differences between Eastern Slav langs and Western Slav langs are bigger than most people on Cred Forums assume, they aren't really intelligible.
Oh boy, I wish it didn't.
>Villages were torched. Roman Catholic priests were axed or crucified. Churches were burned with all their parishioners. Isolated farms were attacked by gangs carrying pitchforks and kitchen knives. Throats were cut. Pregnant women were bayoneted. Children were cut in two. Men were ambushed in the field and led away. The perpetrators could not determine the province's future. But at least they could determine that it would be a future without Poles.
>Norman Davies, "No Simple Victory"

>Liquidate all Polish traces. Destroy all walls in the Catholic Church and other Polish prayer houses. Destroy orchards and trees in the courtyards so that there will be no trace that someone lived there... Pay attention to the fact that when something remains that is Polish, then the Poles will have pretensions to our land".
>OUN order from early 1944
You're not wrong.

Olga: “I recently quit after one day. There were three reasons. The lady of the house wanted a copy of my passport. That never happened before. Two, all families encouraged me to eat whatever food is on the table. So I took an apple and she told me not to do it without asking. Three, she told me not to touch the dishes in the sink because she fills the dishwasher herself. So I drank my coffee and put it in the sink, and she yelled at me for that too. I thought, what do I need this for? I suffered my share in life, I have a sense of self-worth. Now I tell all employers I’ll work for only 8 hours per day. Like a white person.”

J.Hawk's Comment: It's as bad as that, and even worse. Ukrainians have been a fixture on Poland's "labor market" for many years, but now there are far more of them, and they are chasing fewer jobs. And the official-level "sympathy" for the Maidan does not translate into tolerance toward Poland's gastarbeiters, many of whom are acquiring radical anti-Polish attitudes as a result of the humiliating treatment they receive in Poland.

What the everloving fuck? Why did ukrainians do this?

>why did ukrainians do this?!
>guy from a country that killed 6 million polish people

Polish-Ukrainian historian Bogdan Huk suggests this was one of the many ways in which the Ruthenian subaltern in Ukraine was dehumanized. Huk traces these modes of dehumanizing the Ruthenian/Ukrainian subaltern in the design of white manors isolated from the dwellings of the chern as with a sanitary cordon, as well as the anthropological doctrine of the Catholic Church which considered the Orthodox Ukrainians as the Other. Huk goes on to call the exclusive Sarmatian ideology practised in Kresy as perversely close to racism avant la lettre, and considers the disdainful approach of Polish lords toward Ukrainian peasants as a key cause of brutal, bloody uprisings in Ukraine, from the Khmelnitsky Uprising in 1648 up to the massacre in Volhynia during WW2.

yeah, them Polish toddlers and pregnant women can opress like no other
banderites were real heroes and real human beans

uh this is a quote from here:

I understand about one quarter of those words. :(

>“Never admit to the Poles that you can make pierogi! They won’t leave you alone, you have to feed them all the time. It’s worse than cleaning. I spent an entire day making pierogi, and they didn’t even invite me to eat with them.”

Well Ukrainian basically sounds like polish and Russian mixed and I've never met anyone from Belarus who didn't speak Russian so I'm not really sure how it compares.

Orthodox Ukraine is best Ukraine. Odessa and Crimea are nicest cities there...well I guess just Odessa now

Kiev is also nice though despite being cathcucks

pierogis are delicious desu
slavic(polish) food is still really big in my city due to all the poles that settled here

I actually drank a little with an Ukrainian immigrant recently. (Really just a little though.)

He told me
* who can escape from Ukraine escapes
* all the politicians are shit
* Putin is a dick
* the new, pro-American politicians (Poroshenko etc) are not better than the old ones and they are all oligarchs, trying to steal money from the country

It was kinda sad.

I would not want to live there. It must suck.

But still better than fucking Moldova.

It's just scum being scum.

It's the same people that would break into your house and go cry to the police you aimed your gun at them and pulled the trigger.

Animals, never taught how to treat another being with dignity, because they were never treated with dignity either.

>UPA's cleansing in 1944 was motivated by Polish-Lithuanian nobles being assholes to peasantry 2 centuries earlier
Oh please, what a load of revisionist bullshit.
>projecting white guilt memes onto Eastern Europe
lmao, negroes and their masters were nothing like nobles and peasants, there was no racial motivation here. And the Sarmatian memes are hardly comparable to racism considering that 10% (compare that to other European cunts, most of them had much less than 1%) of our population had nobility status, so it wasn't that hard to be in such family.

It sounds like you are the one who's being revisionist.
I wish my country still had slaves.

Like, why wouldn't you want to have slaves, seriously?


What's so revisionist about what I've said? Calling Ukraine a colony is pretty retarded. It wasn't even a country, it was a geographical region.
It's like calling Bavaria a colony of HRE.

Shitty comparison.

Bavarians are actual "tribe". - Ukraine is just disaster and clash of different genetics/cultures.