Are white women in euro countries jelly when men chose to racemix over a nagging out of shape white woman that doesn't...

Are white women in euro countries jelly when men chose to racemix over a nagging out of shape white woman that doesn't put out?

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>incoming assblasted white girls

>she's three inches taller than me and weighs ten pounds less


remember when white women everywhere got assblasted by this chick

you're 5'9"?

This is why we need feminism

There is no reason to be with a white woman over 25


t. guy with azn gf

>the're people that will defend this

This is now a Sabina thread


how can white womyn even compete?


me on the left




I started playing volleyball just for her



she's an IRL anime girl












Sure, I will. It's easy. Does she have any naturally fatty areas? Is she naturally thin, or does she have to work out and watch her diet?
It's not difficult, guys. Genes are destiny.

Keep telling yourself fatty, Calories in - Calories out is all you need.
I guess common core doesn't even teach basic math.




I'm not fat, and neither is my wife. We don't have kids, so the common core thing doesn't apply. Some people just stay skinnier with less effort. I'm not saying fat fucks aren't responsible for themselves, but genetics also play a role.

>you will never have a muslim kazakh waifu like sabina

>Genes are destiny
>I'm not saying fat fucks aren't responsible for themselves

Which one is it?

Both. I'm skinny, but I'm a lazy fuck.


They stay fit because eating healthy is normal to them. The same way to smart people reading books is normal, and not a seen as a chore. To dumb people reading books may be harder since they are used to being a total retard. And to fat people eating healthy will also be harder since they are used to eating McFryBurgerNuggets every day. A fit person would be disgusted by things like unhealthy things like alcohol, candy, soda, and junk food, where as a fat person would gobble it up in 1 bite.

That's what less effort is.

Me too, i guess not going to eat in mcdonalds 3 times a day can sort of count as an achievement.


See Sure, I don't chug soda and eat fast food all the time, but I also don't work out or really watch what I eat.


So you're a skeleton?


>Янa Щepбaнь
hhҥҥҥҥҥҥҥҥҥҥяна щербань&ncrnd=9496женская сборная россии по волейболу 2015 баку&parent-reqid=1474245369813070-8539773499141136859444114-ws11-415&ncrnd=9496


Reminder that a Sudanese Cred Forums shitposter met Sabina and took his photo with her and you never will

>in euro countries
You mispelled "The United States" , my friend.

>tfw met her at the olympics

Why do faggot foreigners bring nationality into everything even when it's completely irrelevant?

I'm a black dude

When I told my white female coworkers that I fucked a lot of girls in Japan they got all bitchy about it


>and you never will
Just you wait, fuccboi.
What would be the point of flags if we didn't? And you're talking as if amerilards didn't do that all the time too.

>asian women
>he doesent go after Middle eastern and Souther euro women

because they dont want to see you have fun, imo thats not really fun for me but to them it would be considered 'fun'

It seemed more like they were jealous or something but I don't know why since none of them ever came on to me

That's a hot bitch,
and the lady's not looking bad either.

When i think of Sabina i can't stop my half mongoloid blood from awakening.

Notice how you're the only one in this thread who's done it.

either way dont listen to them and dont ever have your self worth determined by a women

>he doesn't goto Sabina's games


Again, why are you freaking out about something that is a natural part of this board's culture?

>It seemed more like they were jealous or something
>Women, they are so crazy and irrational, but we can't live without them amiright haha lol XD
They weren't jealous. It was a cold rational response. Pussy is a commodity that gets them free shit, people being nice to them, giving them a house, paying their debt, alimony, what have you. When other women give pussy easily/for free, it's value diminishes. Hence why women are the only real slut shammers.

Nope. I do take huge daily dumps, though.


Me thinks she's way too tall. I'm 1.91m and I'd still be weirded out by a 1.85m girl, especially one that has her weight/figure.
Very pretty face, though.


She's 1.82m

shes not 185, shes 182
I'm 6'1 and I wouldn't be weirded out at all. At 191, you should be more than fine

You getting ready to convert there, Pablo?

Weird. I thought I read someone say she was 1.85 in another thread
Also I'm wouldn't say her height is the issue necessarily... it's just her height mixed in with her figure. I dunno, I'll just have a 1.75m girl

She doesn't like beta males and said she will only marry another Muslim athlete.

Yeah, we will be converting to orthodoxy together
>said she will only marry another Muslim athlete.
Citation needed

That's what she said to me on Instagram when I asked her is she gonna get married soon. She's also a very religious Muslim and has never had her first kiss and it waiting till marriage. She's way out of your league Pablo.

>Yeah, we will be converting to orthodoxy together
lmao good luck with that

>when she posts instagram stories of praying and other islamic stuff
Mashallah ;^)

This >>> Sabina is a pure Muslim, stay away from her, kek

this too

Sure, give up like a pathetic bunch of faggots. Less competitors for me.

>she will only marry another Muslim athlete.
Hmm Ahashadu an la ilaha illa allah wa ashadu anna muhammadan rasulu llah tbqh and I can play football tbqh.
Link to her instagram?

Because fat pasty white women know they can't compete

>any olympic athlete pure
>any instagram rent girl

but I'm already a muslim, pabbly

She even responds to your posts.

>projecting your experiences with your mom onto other women
Everyone has an instagram now.

Is this you?

yes but the 'fitness models' and other 'models' who have booking agents are just high end prostitutes for rich people

>Everyone has an instagram now.


HHhnng not gonna lie

Those are "instagram models" they post slutty pics and stuff, pure women don't do that. You can tell their personality from the pics they post. Plus I know her IRL

Weren't you the one saying she was too tall? Anyways hands off faggot, talk shit get hit, don't make me call the gang.

You would be foolish to think a 'pure' women exists on social media. Let alone one with almost a million followers and so young and impressionable would do anything for money

K, project your mommy issues elsewhere. She isn't Western. And pretty much just cares about playing volleyball w/ her team

>K, project your mommy issues elsewhere

Hmm i dont understand, just dont feel to broken when you find your social media starlet isnt the pious maiden you were deluded to think of

Lol I'm not that Venezuelan, I'm not autistic over it. But I did say I know her IRL

>I'm not autistic over it.
>defending her chasity online
>not autistic

you both are

You talking shit about my waifu?
Welp, whatever. Even if that was the case, the point of love is to accept both the good and the bad parts. If she's a whore i will be sure to make her submit to my vibrant spic cock.

Wow look at all those straight white men holding that poor girl to absurdly high superficial beauty standards instead of appreciating her natural feminine beauty
Damn patriarchy

>I woke up. I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. Allah is great. I'm thankful.


Man, every word she writes gives her so many wife points.

>no bacon
>no alcohol
>wakes you up at 6 every morning
all points removed

>eating bacon which gives you heart disease
>eating any redmeat at all and not superior seafood

>drinking alcohol
Top kek, enjoy those dead brain cells

>he doesn't siesta

Waking up so early may be kinda hard, but are you implying those are bad things?

Want to know her personal phone number?

Sounds tempting but there's no point if you don't do it in person.


>Asian mom and white father mix
I'll bet you a million bucks of of those kids is gonna fly off the handle and kill someone.

Her head looks like it was chopped off from another woman and then plopped onto another body

>tfw no more qt asian gf

one of those kids*