American teens going into Prositution for food

>American teens going into Prositution for food

What the fuck?

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WTF I don't mind cutting food stamps now

Capitalism works!

He who does not work, neither shall he eat.

>1st world country

I was prepared for some pictures of teenage prostitutes to fap to, but there is none in the video.


Fap to Ana

Shitty parents senpai

>watching the young turks

Wonder what it's like post-revolution?

Probably because her state requires 40 hours of volunteer work for welfare.

it's been like that for years. not just america but everywhere



Shit - like everything you touch overseas...

Time to make a donation to the ameripoors.


Oil money is a bitch

Prepare your angus

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That's bullshit. There are food shelf programs all over the place that will literally just give you food if you want it. If she lives in a city big enough for prostitution, she definitely has a food shelf.

the 0% interest loans are because of the quran. arabs still take moneylending as a crime against god so when you take a loan from a bank or something they give it to you for 0% interest and you give them a "gift" in return. so its pretty much the same.

I'm pretty sure it's about Islam, not Arabs, and it's about usury, not loans. Also, I don't think it is quite the same. The issue with usury is that it is a weapon that can be used against debtors, depending on the details.

If there is a set profit then the debt can't keep growing exponentially. Micheal Hudson pointed the following:

>Usury: In antiquity, “usury” (from Latin usus fructus, “use of the fruits”) referred to interest charged for any purpose, regardless of whether it was levied on individuals against their land or personal freedom, or charged to merchants for financing their trade. However, the Biblical sanctions of Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus against charging usury were aimed at agrarian usury, not commercial lending. Such debts stemmed mainly from taxes and other fees owed to public collectors, and thus did not reflect productive loans. Since the Middle Ages the term has been limited to interest charges in excess of the legal maximum as set by national usury laws.

>On a society-wide level, usury leads to economic and political polarization, and thus is worse than merely a zero-sum activity. As Francis Bacon observed in his essay on usury: “Usury bringeth the treasure of a realm into few hands, for the usurer, being at certainties, and the other at uncertainties, in the end of the game most of the money will be in the box, and a State ever flourisheth where wealth is more equally spread.”

I have a friend who will let homeless women use his food stamps for sex acts

Once a girl gave me a blowjob for a bus ticket

But that's so nice!
Why would people wish back the 50s-60s when you can have THIS! That is so progressive! Why would you vote somebody that promises jobs and keeping away the competition in the small wage sectors? Truely nobody would do that, I mean come on, it's almost 2017.

welfare in the US scales with the amount of children you can (legally) claim as dependent; really only single adults have issues with living off of welfare and that depends on where you want to live.

being said, with an actual proven mental/physical disability (in the land of prescription opiates) ending up in this situation requires legitimately requires an amazing amount of effort on the individual's part.