r8 & h8


What did you use to color the arroz?

pollo alla cacciatore?


fried chicken

Una mantequita/10

You eat rice with a fork?

you don't? What are you, a child?

I eat it with a spoon.

I have the same plates lmao

How I'm going to cut the chicken?


With my fingers, tear the sinew.

I'm not a savage

That's what I meant. Only children here eat rice with spoons. You put meat and vegetables on your plate, together with rice. Unless your mummy is cutting your food for you, it's much easier to just use a knife and fork to eat instead of switching to a spoon everytime you want to take the rice to your mouth

>cumming all over your food

wew lad

A man doesn't care how he eats, only that he fucking eats.

Spoon for rice and leave the rest to your dexterity, that's how I was raised. Usually, as is custom, we'd ball our rice, dip it and eat it.

ehh, I sometimes eat galetos and barbecued chicken with just my hands, but not cooked like that with sauce and everything. A bit disgusting tbqh

I can get around your disgust. To me it's all food, food doesn't give a shit how you eat it.

Your stomach does though. A lot of germs in your hands. Do you wash them extremely carefully before you eat? Are you careful not to touch anything else that might be full of germs while you're using them as utensils?

Nothing wrong about eating food with your hands if it is possible to do so.

>Do you wash them extremely carefully before you eat?
Of course, you make a habit out of these things.


Today is 19.
In 10 days my sister will make my favorite food, I'm already excited

She's young but she's already beaten mom's cooking :3

I like it
must be spicy as heck

Also r8 mine

>Eating with your hands
Literally poo in loo tier


Is that some sort of bolognese?

I just had chiles en nogada, nothing tastes better than that, except for tacos al pastor when drunk


Bullshit, youre too poor for that

Well, rice isnt soup, you uncivilized fuck

Amerishart = India

Poo in the loos, unite!

Is she going to cook choripan?

What do argeniggers eat when the UN send food aids?

My family gives me shit for this.. They claim it must be somehow harder to eat with a fork and that I should use a spoon.. My nana agrees with me though :3

This is the kinda stuff I expect to see from Brazil, considering that 7.5/10

I made a quesadilla, but I didn't take a picture of it when it was cooked


8/10 what is it?


Patrician taste my friend

I just can't cook

Little lobsters.


man what are they?

they look really good



sweet or savoury?

could totally use some sweets right now

Where is kot?


Savoury, minced pork and porcini mushrooms


yum, good work. Have some veggies with them too though.

My 'za

it's all out of focus

looks good though, is that egg? Good choice.

Thanks. They'll end up as side for a soup and red beets will be involved.

Yup sorry I was testing some photography setups.
That's not egg but mozzarella though

ur makin me hungry

so are you

Thought it might have been mozzarrella. Crack an egg on a pizza before baking sometime (and break the yoke up and mix it around a bit) if you've never had it. It's good.

I'm sick atm and have barely eaten in the last 2 days. This thread's giving me my appetite back.