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not a fan of the canadian posters besides me

only like the newfie st johns lad

No leafs allowed edition

should probably give these back to greece haha x


doing a grindr

*walks to the front yard of /brit/*
*hammers in a big wooden sign that reads 'NO CANADIANS'*

post another link red and white flag x

>tfw 5'4 and built like an Icelandic plasterer


>yank healthcare

why do americans do this
I just don't understand this

my dad studied in england in the 80s.

said it was the closest thing to heaven on earth he'd ever experienced.


>actually going on about lefties and posting Farage memes on faceyb

Jesus christ, do people do this?

doing a poo

someone post the riley pic



How many canadians speak french? it's one of

good post

i *NEED* a bf

Why didn't he end up living in England then?


one of what

We don't need a leaf sucking our dick. We know how great we are

literally me

About 1/3 or so.


He looks like a proper ugly runt as well

Oh look, he writes for Breitbart and idolises Milo

What a git

maudit tabarnak putain de merde

your literal unironic official languages

>degenerate trap is back

same, really badly

we need eugenics

Fuck you

does anyone know


Good video.

honorary anglo

be my bf? :3

literally searched around youtube for any sort of videos

there's literally no presence besides word-of-mouth and media

fuck you leatherman

alright lads, the joke's over

which one of you took maddie

why do anglos have such shit food? honestly it doesnt make sense. along with scandis we've probably got the shittest good in europe

yes please :)

who /playingwithballsinbed/ here

meat pies are better than any french food in existence though

haha sorry I'll pop round in a bit with her x

do you lads snapchat the books you're reading?

toast sandwiches actually aren't that bad

Roast Beef, Shepard's Pie, Fish n' Chips, Full English all good shit desu

no one actually likes hillary. her only "supporters" at rallies are union members who've been paid to go.

you batty boy dont touch your balls while you communicate with me

you're too late mate

What did Google mean by this?

>doom yourself to a life of debt for the 16.2% chance that you graduate and get a job in your field
ahh, great system we have

sup yvon

is this considered normal in your country

Where are you from jf?

It's raining.

Is Blackfriars a good part of London?




chris hansen got fat

>alexander graham bell

it's hot as fuck here reee

world is fucking trash lads

>using google

just realised I'll never achieve true Stoicism until I pay off uni which is pointless anyway

fuck sakes I need a family member to do or something haha x

What's heat like?

NEED someone to toss my salad

lovely september weather

*cracks knuckles*

Y'all are some wastemans so stay in your place foms

NEED to cut someone's pork pie

it's very central so yea I guess

My gf kissed my dick then started sucking it without me asking. She then went to kiss me afterward. I did. Am I gay now?


Did you fags snowball?

why does poo peeland never post in brit

someone knocked on the door ten minutes ago, then i heard footsteps outside the window, now they've just knocked again.

i'm the only one in the house

dogs blow themselves so no

grab that butter knife lad

I personally wouldnt open my door at three in the morning

1978-1979 might've been one of the most turbulent years in the world

reported to MI5 enjoy guantanamo you cunt

because of how rude you just were??? x

blow away, leaf

All because of Maggie

just knocked on some melt's door ahaha giving them a proper fright
outside their window at the moment

I didnt cum

Mc or Mac surname clans report in

McGill here

Then you're probably fine but you should get a gf who's better at the succ

need a girl to slip a finger up my arse while giving me a succ

Fuck off Paddy

could they tell if someone's home? like are your lights on

>watch porn
>the girl is really cute and submissive
>feel guilty

Its scottish, rasheed


Step 3 of my master plan: introduce a non-native species of fish into the ecosystem which has no natural predators, wait until they have outbred the native species to continue onto step 4

daily reminder to foam roll

might pull an all nighter

Because you're a suck up from the meme provinces

ahh yess. hmm

the so called 'country' of canada. A joke at the very best.

ah yes it's the "unfunny polite reddit" brigade

>3 leafs ITT right now
not a fan of the current situation

I was watching TV downstairs but it switched itself off automatically so the only light on is my laptop which I don't think you'd be able to see through the blinds.

think they've gone now but I daren't look out of the window, my heart is still pounding


feeling a bit widdly loodly tbqh

all me


fuck off you jock bastard


Oh my sweet Summer child

Ireland is nicer than England but the people are meaner

why do people do this

is this normal in your country

at least 5 lad

fun fact: every single restaurant featured in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares US season 2 closed shortly after the "help" they received.

y not

There is atleast 5 of us ITT

>Ireland is nicer than England

It fucking isn't.

Do one you stupid Leaf

vry spooke

just go and get a knife and stay on /brit/ for another hour, then go to sleep x

>the candidates for American presidency are the wife of a former president and a reality TV show host who inherited his money and didn't earn it

Weird country.

daily reminder that i started the "canadian regularly posting in /brit/" gimmick and am not all that happy that there's more of you lot

if there's a cunt holding someone hostage then yes

otherwise no, it's autistic to use that type of policing for everyday law enforcement.

i'll be honest with you mate you really stumped me there

French food was good decades ago wen it was still novel, now everyone else copied their preparation styles and it's not unique anymore.
I mean when was the last time you HAD French food or even seen it at a restraunt.

>being emotionally attracted to porn
Ah yes, very impressive

hmmm... almost like he wanted to rid himself of the competition.


>when a yank posts in a commonwealth general (i.e. late night brit)

feels good and helps with mobility

it's literally just one leaf playing you all for fools

canadians in /brit/ is a jewish conspiracy

why are anglos faggots?

>Weird country.
fucking tell me about it

*jots down some observations in my notebook*
it seems the posters here don't take kindly to conversations that contain more than loud grunts and squealing

Never used a snapchat or any of those gizmos in my life

What was it like to live in the UK during the 1990s?

I remember when it seemed like there were only Americans, Brits, and the odd Australian or Russian on the Internet back in those days.

not a regular are you?

most restaurants close regardless and when youre dealing with mongoloids on the brink of failure, you aren't going to have many success stories

Haha yeah? What?

unpopular opinion: i prefer the yanks in here to the canadians in here. I prefer both to kiwis because i fucking despise kiwis. Luckily all the kiwis post in /balt/ + /ausnz/ now.

quite literally all me

My debt is already paid off and I only finished school a few months ago

marblecake also the game

REALLY wish more posters would use extra flags so i wouldn't have to be associated with the likes of 65074638

is this actually an unpopular opinion? thought it was pretty common knowledge canadian posts are dire

in 100 years, what will historians point to as the turning point which started the downfall of western civilization?



suez crisis

everyone had one of these

>reddit flags
not a fan

mentally associating post #65074682 and post #65074638

trump getting elected

What's wrong with Kiwis?

I always picture them as little birds typing on a tiny computer when I see their flag

turning my life around

Me and the lads

The fall of the british empire was the death of civilisation in general.

the absolute dominance of neo-liberalism in economic theory and globalism in politics

Cred Forums.org

didnt mean to post the pic 2bh

me in the robe

the gf

disgusting accents, irrelevant country. Cuckolds to the maori menace.

Aussies BEGGING to get their fudge packed ITT

the girlfriend is afraid to get back with me lads


do NOT click this lads

Can't sleep grrrrrrrr lol x

yeah noice

These people were retarded to begin with, it's natural yet would regress back into laziness

>cuckolds to the maori menace

This 2bqh

They've gone native.

what is it x


Guess which one is me

>Cred Forums
decided that I won't watch this

don't tell me she's an internet gf

> 7 text messages in a row




You lads sound the same desu

>it isn't staged

ahh yes

any hot girls want to skype?


I'm not a hot girl but sure


I support Hillary.


whatre you doing in the UK, bill?

british """"""""""""""men"""""""""""

what's your username

not going to waste any more precious minutes of my life talking to you sad cases

instead, i'm going to watch the soprano's

Hitler was Time Magazines "Man of the Year" in 1938

ding ding ding

>trump wants to keep this out

all me

typical runt behaviour 2bh

Banging bimbos of course.


can find hotter women at walmart at 3am

was good banter 2bqh bruce

good lad

If your cunt isn't in the top 10 favourable you shouldn't be allowed in brit

>the soprano's
>the soprano is

I'm supposed to do something tomorrow but I can't remember what


Jack off 3x's

Which of these hostels has the best location for a tourist in London?




dubious list at best


>Russia in the list, America in the good list
gr8 propaganda

This list is invalid considering the presence of Oireland

hey kiddie hour is over ok

>the soprano's
> the show that belongs to a soprano

ah yes
*leans back in my chair*

ah yes very good, very exceptional hmm

Falklands 2bqh

havent showered in 2 days

havent showered in two weeks

need something good to listen to made by real instruments

> just showered then

they're all on the same street 2bh does it really matter? like just look at cost instead or whatever
London has great transport links anyway 2bh

havent showered in 2 months

haven't showered in two years

like what

fucking smelly bastards the lot of you

please dont swear :)

haven't showered in two milennia

rate the gf lads

*tiptoes up behind you and pulls down me dacks*

*runs away laughing*

Pet Sounds

dunno that's why I am asknig


haven't had sex for 3 weeks

Same :(

currently reading about imperialism and how it's simple done for the interests of the business class

> haven't had a shag in 5 months


good lad

Well you heard the list bud
Time to leave


haven't had sex for 27 years

might as well be virgins haha

Ireland is a giant bog with a some peat m8.

haven't got a (You) in a good two hours

oh fugg you got me there :DDDD
bls can I stay

night lads

hi you x

Is there a "Marcus Hauser" here?


> Netherlands and Norway below Canada and USA
> Denmark not even on the list


can (You) be my british gf?

dont think they asked mermaids otherwise netherlands would be #1

Going into the woods to shag a grizzly lads wish me luck.

i actually am a girl lol

good luck vyon

fuck off underage

>anglo, english speaking
>have the queen
>very big country, small population
>mostly an uninhabitable desert, extreme weather
>chink infestation

now was I talking about canada or aus? your mind=blown right now
I dont even know what aus and canada don't get along they're literally the same just on other sides of the world you guys should be bffs

I'd like to order...

>mostly an uninhabitable desert
gave it away that you're talking about us

please delete this

brilliant post you utter weapon

ex gf just sent us this

that list is from brits pov, it's accurate, netherlands is close to us and it seems every other cunt has been to amsterdam

On the other hand, Canadians are evil while Australians are good lads

>there are people ITT that are shit cooks
>there are people ITT that eat frozen meals

Runt life

there's a dead bird in the pool lads hahaha shant be getting that

*pulls down your pants revealing your panties*


get your dick out

get your dick out

>user i hear you voted for brexit, that isn't true is it?

canadians are good lads too from my experience irl though
and I think canadians would be like snow aussies but they're neighbours with the yanks so are pretty similar to them

yes, no get out of my country, rasheeda

pakis arent even in the EU
i hope to god you weren't able to vote, fucking dumbass

>tfw last election someone unironically thought we were voting for the "president" at my workplace

Fucking end it all please.

cucknadians are okay in real life from when I went there but Cred Forums seems to attract the absolute most autistic cringworthy cunts the country has to offer

every canadian I've ever met has had the same effect on me as every yank I've ever met: I either really like them or absolutely despise them. there's no inbetween. they're either good lads or complete fuckwits

>pakis arent even in the EU
they are

if a paki shows up in the EU, they get given all the documents to come over here. that's how they do

>but they're neighbours with the yanks
thank g*d i'm from one of the provinces that doesn't border the usa

take a cheeky pic for the lads :))) x

>tfw seeing new york license plates


>that makes you unique

You're all Yanks to Britons, mate.

the gf


Shove off proto-yank.

don't care what others think i'm just happy for my own self

you rarely interact with continentals it seems

rude cunts

Makes sense that cali is no guns

this 2bqh

Continentals are insufferable

Of course it is you fucking stupid smug millennial twat

they need an EU passport which is fucking difficult, and besides we're not even in schengen so it wouldn't have mattered
but who cares we've already had the referendum

>they need an EU passport
an EU passport? is that even a thing?

i voted Brexit and i hardly know anything about the EU lel


what are new zealanders?

ave met more bermudans than yanks at my uni, true story

far more chinese though haha

>it's a canadians act like they are completely different from americans episode
ahhh yes

oompa loompa/10


>tfw I am unironically stalking the mother of the girl I like facebook
>never talked to this girl
>most likely never will
>been in my lectures the past two years
>unironically a semi-oneitus

fuck sake


you should write a book lad

pisses me off that they pretend to be anglos 2bqh

literally the first two words on your passport

>the mother of the girl he likes is in lectures with him
fucking nonce

tbf you share 96% of our dna so i guess we're somewhat closely related

Pisses me off that you do the same, Rasheed.

how are they not
fuck off rasheed youre not anglo at all


>How are they not

They're literally Yanks and got rid of the union jack.

>70% white

nah mate dalhousie

yeah but they're also less eager to get rid of the queen than us and we still have the union jack.

are we not anglo?

tired of reading the posts of cringeworthy autists like you tbqh

>come to /brit/
>all the posters are yankscum, canscum, ausscum
really makes you do a ponder

FACT: Icelanders are anglo

not making much sense m8 stop being embarrassing
lay off the solvents


You haven't gotten rid of the queen yet and that's all that matters

This 2bqh.

who is joe roegan

I mean, sure, you're also Danish rape babies so why not.

knee hurts

>You haven't gotten rid of the queen yet and that's all that matters
bout fucking time we did desu

Why do working class girls think looking like an oompa loompa in a wig is attractive?

Lowly, worthless French women are for true British men

codniggers out


it'll probs happen by 2050. We had a referendum in 1999 but it was vetod mainly because people didn't like the alternative proposed.

to: 65075905
subject: rasheed


Im glad us and the french are seeing eye to eye now

it'll probably happen when liz kicks the bucket

Truly wonderful post I must say.

i hope you are still a child, mate
that would mean your parents still have time to teach you some manners
all cods are rightful Icelandic property

>working to make another family rich

hmm seems I hadnt read this properly
frogs out

and the alternative proposed has changed not one jot in the time since. i think australia will remain a monarchy, i just wish we could skip charles then it would be a certain thing


as a solid 8/10

i aim for 5/10s on nights out, successful alot of the time tbf.

what is the point of france

They're just a bunch of shit disturbers desu

what is the point of canada

i supported trump until he said he ban all muslims from coming into america

at that point, i realised he was a ridiculous man and completely unelectable

back to quebec, leaf

depise this concept

waiting til the new thread to link a choon

alri Jeremy

alri Corbyn


alri Jez

>ban all muslims
literally never said

stupid fucking liberals i swear to god

>corbyn is so unelectable, they have to repeat it over and over

it's almost as though they're trying to engineer people into not voting for him because they see how dangerous he is to their tyranny


i'm a conservative socialist and he did say it

capitalism is meritocratic and individualistic out of necessity. In a prosperous and stable environment, it just turns into crypto-fedualism desu.

He is fundamentally unpopular. It's got less to do with the 'biased mainstream media' and more to do with the fact that he's a hard left nutcase. Wake up and take your head out your arse. The average voter isn't like your mates in your circle of ignorant little student twat leftists. You're living in a bubble

he literally said "we might have to stop them from coming until we understand what's going on" and that was in the heat of july when there was a new terrorist attack every day

stop drinking the liberal media kool-aid, pal

thai"""lad""" is borderline neo-nazi in some of his beliefs

>capitalism is meritocratic
no it isn't

for capitalism to be meritocratic, everybody would have to start the race at the exact same point but that doesn't happen due to pre existing market power (inheritance, family wealth, political corruption etc.)

>out of necessity


Alri Mr Corbyn

Corbyn has been right about every policy for the last 30 years.

If you showed people his voting record without the name, people would agree with all of it.

You're a useful idiot for the elites to exploit.

this. the guys who engineered new labour and actually managed to get a labour government into power by abandoning all the hard left shite are doing their nuts in right now, and with good reason


like what?

>Corbyn has been right about every policy for the last 30 years.

me in the middle

alright lads, serious business here
how do i kill myself quickly before morning

New Labour lost 5 million votes and were only elected because people were sick of the Tories.
Show me a policy he's been wrong on. The New Labour people were wrong on everything.

Get creative

did 190kg take his trip off?

How is it necessary? That's a complete value judgement you colossal dunce


>New Labour go into Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
>New Labour create 2008 financial crisis
>New Labour massive supporters of the EU
>Corbyn is none of the above
>Cred Forums defends New Labour and hates Corbyn
the power of the media in setting attitudes is impressive

>long-time supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
Indication of an absolute mong who knows nothing about nuclear energy

190 countries around the world don't have Nuclear Weapons and seem to be OK.

*only out of necessity
I forgot to say only

>Nuclear weapons and energy are the same thing
Are yanks out to make themselves look this stupid on brit, or does it just come naturally?

new labour is best labour

bring back blair