How long until South America is culturally enriched? Or do distance and lack of free shit make them immune?

How long until South America is culturally enriched? Or do distance and lack of free shit make them immune?

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the reason of segregation and discrimination has its roots in human psychology, since every species have an innate prejudice for members of other species

latin americans are not classified as a sentient species, barely having any resemblance to modern human beings

as such, the continent should be cleansed and stripped from any sort of primitive organizations

Chile already has a shitton of Palestines

Not even mudslimes care about it.

the reason of segregation and discrimination has its roots in human psychology, since every species have an innate prejudice for members of other species

latin americans are not classified as a sentient species, barely having any resemblance to modern human beings

as such, the continent should be cleansed and stripped from any sort of primitive organizations

we culturally enrich the immigrants, it's impossible to happen the other way

Why would refugees come here when Europe is much better?
And people here aren't as tolerant as in Europe.

I suspect if you guys ever had any ministers try to pull what Merkel does on a daily basis they'd go for a helicopter ride then?

the reason of segregation and discrimination has its roots in human psychology, since every species have an innate prejudice for members of other species

latin americans are not classified as a sentient species, barely having any resemblance to modern human beings

as such, the continent should be cleansed and stripped from any sort of primitive organizations

Germany treats their immigrants as babies who need to learn civilization, meanwhile we treat them as citizens who need to work, learn the language and actually develop themselves to rise in our country

I don't think it will be that long really, we are particularly exposed given Americans traditionally have free entry (and lately we've been seeing more exotic hyphenated Americans choosing to stay) and because some illegal immigration networks to the US do pass through here. We're great asimilators but Islam is poison. Fortunately our government seems to have been scared straight by Saudis funding efforts to convert indigenous Mexicans, still, it's difficult given increasing globalization and comitment to non-discrimination but given we are not espcially attractive as a destination for migration we may defelect the worst of it until enough of a backlasj against migration in the West builds up real solutions are found.

For the time being Africans seem to prefer Brasil and Muslims Argentina.

As always it is the white man's burden. But really, you're being sensible about it and I respect that about your countries.

Part of me thinks the cartels wouldn't be very happy if a bunch of snackbars decided to move in, that and the drug violence (or the reputation at least) keeps some away. Also, you are a very christian country and that probably isn't going away soon since the backlash against islamist actions in Mexico would probably alot swifter and harsher than anything people in the U.S. would do.

>As always it is the white man's burden.
Look how it worked for those countries that deemed himself superior to others, and look how it worked for us that treat them as equals

Tbf we treat them as equals because there's no other choice. With 70% of our population being poor there's no justification to give foreigners special treatment or givemethat's, the population would riot almost immediately against them and against politicians

We already were enriched. Diversity propaganda wouldn't fly here because we are far from homogeneous

it won't happen

latin americans are non human animals so they would be the one to enrich the guest culture

Pretty much this. It's the reason American immigrants in the early 20th century managed to get their shit together as they weren't given special treatment. Contrast that with American and Euro immigrants now and you can see where shit's gone wrong.

You would think that, but you would unfortunately be wrong

It's already enriched, they have the most black people outside or Africa and the most Arabs outside of Muslim countries. Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina are all in the top ten for for countries with most Jews. Not to mention all the poles, Germans, Italians, and Ukrainians in Argentina or Brazil. They couldn't be more culturally enriched if they tried.

The government would probably love to use that as a distraction but you're underestimating our intellectual classes who's probably use it as an excuse to lobby to start accepting refugees. We are avery liberal country when it comes to stuff like that and people are sensitive towards discrimination, shit like that could end up with us having a large enough Muslim comunity is problems down the line if shit like that were to happen. As it is the government is looking to expand us catering to the Halal global market and Trump is probably going to push them hard into looking for new investors.

Really our best course of action is to lay low long enough either Europe and the US solve this issue on their own, or consequences for the developed world are so visible oposition to curbing migration from a specific set of countries is neutarlized. Traditionally Indians, Africans and Muslims have been discriminated against unoficially when it comes to migration, but even so we do already have populations in the tens of thousands for those groups.

Well, we already sort of experienced the wonders of mass migration with the people displaced because of the internal conflict.
I think we are pretty different historically, culturally and socially from the US. Only time will tell if we fall for the memes or not.

See the specific probalem is Muslims, Hindus and Africans, I'm all for welcoming Jews, Asians and Christian Arabs. They either asimilate or keep a respectful low profile.

What's next? Are you going to say that the fact our societies survived is a sign that Europe will follow? When we, unlike them, were never homogeneous to begin with?
Being Brazilian ( and I'm going to assume it's similar with my neighbours) is not tied to your skin colour

I don't know about you guys but we became culturally homogenous and created our own birracial ethnicity, we can absorb other people into that with no problems as long as numbers are reasonable, a visible minority outside of our mainstream could destabilize the way things work here (eg alienate whites from Amerindians) and start us on the path of becoming a ghettoized nation like the US

>lack of free shit
welfare state do exist in Argentina and Brazil so we aren't safe from foreign influence. Also with the European mindset of most of Argentines, people received cuckness with open hands (gay marriage for example). Don't know how Brazil handles this, and I understand Chile is pretty conservative in that regard.
Uruguay had always the fame of being the most liberal of the region, so they are indeed the most cucked ones.
>dude weed LMAO

Not sure about Uruguay, if I remember they are being extremely careful about taking in migrants. I think they've only taken in a family or two.

Our cultural differences aren't that big of a deal despite the country's size.Racially we aren't too.
Ours differences, capable of creating guettos come from the economic field, with favelas and gated communities being the primes examples

Would you guys say the whiter side of the population is more vocal about taking in more migrants? One would think that the Amerindian side would be a little more cautious considering what happened the last few times they let in large numbers of foreigners (Spanish conquest, T*xan secession, California etc)

something you fail to understand is that Latin Americans, no matter how indian or white, are pretty much western as you, or at least they see themselves that way, so they try as much as they can to import new trends, mostly from Europe. Human rights, social justice, refugees, that kind of stuff.

We have those too but they don't work amongst ethnic lines, there's plenty of poor white people and wealthy dark skinned ones tho. The issue for us is not creating visible minorities. Amerindians are an exception, we all understand our culture is based on them, so white bro goes to some small pueblo buys local crafts watches the local dances, visits pyramids, etc and goes home feeling great about being a part of a nation with such a proud heritage. Now, if we had something like a 10% black population doing BLM or the same amount of Muslims asking for Sharia in their communities they're not a part of the mainstream are they? At some point whites get labeled opresors or Amerindians get singled out for having privileges not given to others and that 10% becomes a thorn dividing the rest, suddenly the light skinned mestizo digs up his Asturian grandfather and starts identifying as white (not Mexican) and the darker skinned one remembers he's got Huichol cousins and becomes Amerindians and the mainstream, mestizos who just identify as plain Mexicans starts to disapear. We may not be an ethnically homogenous country but in many ways we fucntion as one, we can absorb more whites or more Amerindians (eg from central America) but anything else is going to want special snowflake status (eg blacks are the third root, Asians the fourth, etc.) it all goes to shit, how many plants/animals can we fit in our coat of arms? It's great if Brasil as an identity can absorb anyone, we can't.

>or at least they see themselves that way, so they try as much as they can to import new trends, mostly from Europe. Human rights, social justice, refugees, that kind of stuff.
I think a factor that plays greatly into this is that 99% of our elites are educated in USA/Europe, every president/minister/congressman has gotten the "western" ideals pumped right into his/her head for a couple of years at least.

It's an ironic thing, they go to the "1st world" to get the best quality education available for the sake of doing a better job, but they become completely detached from the people back home in the process. That's why things like faggot marriage, UNASUR were implanted quite easily without giving a single fuck about the specific circumstances of every country. Hence the imitation game.

I was coming at it less as a westerner and more from an American perspective in that the different races in America often have different perspectives on social issues and such.

The syrian refugees we brought were a disaster:

The guy complains that Uruguay is extremely expensive and says that he can't maintain his FAMILY OF 15 CHIDLREN with the money the state gives him. It's absurd, no uruguayan can maintain 15 children either.

It doesn't work like that, a Mexican nationalist can be Amerindian or White, same with with SJWs, most Mexicans (leaving aside the hipocrisy in who they marry or prefer to hang out with) are strongly against discrimnation and because of migration to the US migration is a sensitive issue. We officially engage in positive discrimination, eg we make it easier for Spaniards and Latin Americans to migrate and have otherwise a restrictive policy. Except we've been losening the rules because of industry/trade, it's complicated, right wingers may come out against migration but their support for any cause is long term toxic as the middle class will see it as a right and worng issue and we eventually come out in the more liberal side of any given social issue. I'm usually happy about that but Islam is trouble.

So your perspective on this (correct me if I'm wrong here) is that although spanish descended mexicans and amerindian descended mexicans had different cultures originally they both came together and formed a national culture, but if a third culture is introduced then this is all thrown out of whack as it would end up disrupting the balance you guys have built because of possible social agitation.

pretty much this, and it has to do with the liberal roots of our founding fathers, and even the constitutions that are more or less try to imitate the American one.
You only forgot to add the influence of foreign backed NGO's, these degenerate ideas we are talking about come from them, and use the politicians as a medium for their goals.

meh, leaving aside I'm for gay marriage the problem is 1st world ivy league education creates dumb fucks, all of our 20th century presidents and politicians came from UNAM, say what you will about them they were well educated, cultivated people, they had estature. Now they all have a master's in Harvard and the degree of idiocy in government has increased exponentially, the president can't give you the name of the man who suposedly wrote his favourite book.

>15 children
What the fuck? I mean at least you guys are talking about it and acknowledging that shit like this is real problem. With low euro birthrates and shit like that you can see why native euro populations are straight fucked.

Ivy leaguers are fucking cancer. They very much so have an ivory tower perspective that always ignore any working or lower class concerns and consider anyone who disagrees with them to be somehow beneath them.

Get your shit together lad, your universities are literally destroying the world

Exactly, we had some blacks but they're such a low number and so heavily mixed they very much come out as simply darker skinned Mexicans, they don't go muh dick or we wuz kingz or any of that shit. In fact our stereotypical accent for a black guy is Cuban.

I'm not going to say there's no differences or discrimination but in general terms we all have a single national culture we all belong to, and this is in a country with greater cultural differences than there are between southern cone, andean or central American nations. It's because things are not perfect, and there are fault lines that a visible non-Mexican minority (as it is understood today) could have disastrous effects.

I know, and I just don't fucking understand why. I'm in an american uni right now and although it's a state college not a private one (less leftist as it's more lower middle and working class kids) I still see examples of it from time to time. For instance at my orientation, when our tour guides( student club really) introduced themselves they said what gender they identify as and what pronouns they go by. We also had a loooooong sexual assualt course that essentially berated us. This shit is real and it's spreading, what's even more worrying is that the further it goes left, the further things will shift to the right and when that happens things won't be pretty.

Our problem is we never developed that balance. We never got that chance to blend together peacefully, as the civil war made things extremely bitter between North and South. As a result southerners took it out on blacks when federal troops pulled out of the south at the end of reconstruction (see compromise of 1877 if you want to know more about why America is fucked up) , resulting in more or less a permanent underclass that would never really have a chance to integrate. If reconstruction had continued as planned then things would probably be much better today, not perfect but better.

We'll corrupt any culture in two generations TOP

see Chinese/Japanese people in Brazil for example

I wouldn't call getting jews 'enriching' since they stick to their own and behave excellentely, becoming pillars of the commnity and well-respected and highly regarded folk among us.

the reason of segregation and discrimination has its roots in human psychology, since every species have an innate prejudice for members of other species

Russians are not classified as a sentient species, barely having any resemblance to modern human beings

as such, the continent should be cleansed and stripped from any sort of primitive organizations

Chile is already being enriched but nobody seems to care.

That's because you were never white or relevant to begin with.

>Import Brazil into Mid-east
>Wait two generations
>Middle east now filled with bunda
Solid plan guys, you think Obama will approve?

I didn't realize racism was a big issue even nowadays after I started visiting this board. I grew up with American movies were blacks are portrayed like bro tier (Lethal Weapon, Blade, The Thing, Ghostbusters, that kind of stuff). I even envied you for having niggers because the way the two races coexisted seemed cool. Guess it was a lie.

>t. cuck

there's a bunch of brazilians who fell for the Dubai meme

just wait for them to reproduce and spread

>Brazilians emigrate everywhere
>spread brazilian culture everywhere
>win tourism victory
Civilization is always right isn't it?

What the hell ? A thread on Cred Forums without of memes and nobo Rule of Rose
dy call to other nigger or faggot.....god help us

gotta wait for Carnaval :D

we do it sneaky beaky like

just take a look at this bunda, like, come on, right?

Most argentines have jewish blood and argentina has undeniable historical bonds with god's chosen people
That you don't want to recognize it because you are a Cred Forumsfag is enterely your problem.

I'm gonna be honest here and say that though hollywood portrays us as getting along, there are some serious cultural divides that prevent things from ever being normalized. With that being said, many do get along just fine and we all go about our daily lives and not give a shit. You will see this more in big cities (most suburban and smalltown people don't tolerate ghetto culture, if you don't act ghetto they'll be much more friendly) as they tend to be more left leaning and tolerant, but with the rise of BLM and the recent media spotlight on police shootings things are starting to get more divided.

why is Brazil so good at assimilation
I'd argue its even better than the US

I went down there and you have even Asians acting like HUE

Trust me I know about it
>Be me 16 at disney world
>loads of br. tour groups
>the bunda and gorgeous brown girls blow my fucking mind
>end up hitting on a few with my extremely limited portugese
>Don't know me or speak same language
> more friendly and inviting than any American girl I've ever known
Gotta love Brasileiras

big bunda

US is fucking terrible at it, there's a race war going on there right now.

historically they've done a good job
and either way they are better than most other countries.
the "race war" is a meme.

basically comes down to anglos being autistic

Tbh neither us or cucknadians are really any good at it

When I went there I found it really odd how tables at a restaurant were separated by race, and how all shitty jobs were done by blacks. This isnt something you see here.

blacks don't count, they are like a sub-nation

Only cool syrian/lebanese muslims come here. The ones that actually have values and don't rape people.
I'd go ahead and say we need even more of these latinamerican muslims. They atleast have better traditions and values than niggers that live off mugging people and worshipping the Pachamama.


East Asians are the easiest people to integrate into any Western society, it takes us a decade to spoil them to the point they can't go back to the formality and strictness of the societies they grew up in. Muslims are a different thing, it isn't racial, Christian Arabs are wonderful people, and arguably it isn't entirely cultural, it's their fucked up religion, they simply cannot integrate into Western liberal democracies and they do actively try to make converts and take over. I still wouldn't want blacks and Hindus, nothing against them they're just too different, but Islam is jsut toxic.

Even Brasil wopuld get steamrolled because the guy who will be enjoying Caipirinhas and groping bundas with you today is 10 years down the line going to grow bitter he never got the out of his league blonde or is going to get fucked up over the one time he fucked a tranny and will self radicalize into a conservative who thinks Western culture is decadent and indecent and that the people around him should accomodate his recently found need for Sharia.I'm not talking terrorists here, just decent ordinary Muslims. Look at the Philipines who are as close as Asia gets to Latin America.

Good luck with that, we'll stick to the Christian ones who produce pictured or Shakira

They're already enriched by default as I understand it.

Shitty jobs are usually done by people who couldn't (or didn't want to) access a good education and get a professional job, it's the same all over the world.
It's got nothing to do with race but a social problem, in theory...but social classes normally follow a racial/ethnic pattern.

We did get culturally enriched. Twice over.

The jews are a significant minority only in the capital and surrounding area, so it's not like your average Argentine is crying over an Israeli embassy and a jewish community center. The massive fuck up that was the investigation is an outrage, but since rich muslims immigrants are tied to organized crime here, it was always going to be a mess.

Now, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Protestants! Those guys need to gtfo. Sure, Mormons are super nice, but those three groups are the most cancerous, proudly anti-intellectual, inflammatory and fastest spreading religious minorities here. Seems every day you hear from someone new who gets drawn into those weird cults and starts paying a chunk of their salary to a shady minister and refusing modern medicine and normal socialization and education for their children.

After the enormous effort it took for your average Catholic/Jewish/Muslim/whatever family to start taking birth control and send their children to school and identify as Argentine first and any other group second, it's a shame to see these groups pushing for a step back in these areas.

>racial pattern
meh not really especially here in Curitiba. Today I went to gas station and literally both the guys that put the gas in to my car were white with blue eyes. It's just boils down to who is poor in each region. In Sao Paulo is mostly either northeasterns or poor paulistanos, and not really to race like in the USA

I don't know man, the few muslims I know act just like every other Mexican. Have a look at this video, they even look like they were born here, aside from their chlothes.

Or this movie about Mexican jews, it's actually good.

The guy in that video went to the trajineras in Xochimilco, let's be honest is it normal that you would do that and not get fucked up drunk in the process? Like I said it's not a racial thing, but an observant Muslim is never going to have real pozole or cochinita, not going to drink Mezcal or Tequila, will find the Virgen offensive and idolatrous, etc. At what point can you skip on local traditions and actually integrate? I've known Muslims, they're usually disarmingly polite but can get obnoxious fast around women, how bro tier are you if you'll treat every female friend I've got as a slut and potential notch in your belt but will absolutely never introduce me to your sister nor approve of me going out with any girl from your culture?

Look at Europe man, I don't have a problem with any of them individually and if they have the strenght/reason to quit their cult they're welcome to make a new life for themselves over here as fas as I'm concerned but I'm not joking when I say I'll get my machete out of the shed if I ever run into something like a Sharia patrol in Mexico.

Not to sound cliché but I've actually got Jewish friends, bro tier and as Mexican as anyone you'll ever know. I also know Christian Arabs, again, awesome decent people.

It all depends on the context, I have gone to Xochimilco without getting drunk just as many times as I have gone to do that. So yeah.

There are actually several other religions that are just as autistic as Islam in regards to alchohol and drugs, catholicism used to be like that several centuries ago... I also have mormon friends, and Jehovah's Witnesses friends and I have drank with all of them (a good tequila), it's a pain in the ass to convince them, but they all give up and blend in. They all ate pozole and carnitas too, most of them didn't followed their religion exactly as their book says, not even we do despite Virgin Mary.

Now, of course I'm not defending Islam, it's absolute garbage and it needs to die (just like any other religion), but lets not confuse ourselves here, the problem are not muslims per se, they are the main victims of their retarded beliefs. Most of them try to be good people, and most of them are, despited their fucked up ideals.

And lets be honest here, even catholicism today is cancer in places like Africa where they spread lies as to not let them use codoms, or in regards of things like abortion (despite it being centruries ahead of Islam). Or all the pedos they are currently still protecting, despite Francisco being "liberal". Or in places like here.

My point is, they can actually blend in, and usually do that here. In Europe is another thing.

Or maybe I was just lucky...

Let's leave outside you haven't addressed how they treat women, both theirs and ours but your point of comparing with Catholicism addresses a big part of it, we're still strugling with the Catholic church after two civil wars fought specifically on religion. I am an atheist myself, even if a cultural Catholic, and I'll be the first to acknowledge the damage they can do, as well as the weird America cults, Islam is a thousand times worse. It's one thing to use anecdotal evidence to strenghten a point in which real world data supports your conclusion (eg Jews and Christian Arabs asimilate and benefit the societies they join) and another to use anecdote in lieu of facts. There's no Western societies in which Muslims have succesfully adapted, even the often touted example of American Muslims still had them beating Comedy Central over South Park and presents examples of anything from honor killings to their taking over communities (google Dearborn, Michigan) and they're not in numbers in the US to demand Sharia yet. I hate sounding like a far right guy but you can't limit immigration to just hip, chill non-observant Muslims, once you open that door you will get the hardcore types as well. Do you think Europeans are any less welcoming, open minded or acomodating than we would be, what exactly would we do that ensures our Muslim comunity doesn't go the same way. And they have already proven they can't be trusted in the sense that they've gone after Indigenous Mexicans and used Saudi funds to "facilitate" their conversion. Do you think it's ethical if I make up my own religion, go to the poorest areas where already people living in poverty have dropped Catholicism being seduced by the prestige of American culture into their charismatic evangelism and entice them myself with jobs and financial aid to convert to my tripe? They're using religion for political agendas already and even if it's only a few hundred converts CONT

it is worrysom that they're employing state funds in pursuing religious conversion. But that's a part of the problem, Muslims don't really distinguish in between the spheres of government and religion. We don't need those problems and we are too poor a country to even be taking massive migration anyway, if we should help anyone it should be our brothers in Central America. There's no difference in between here and Europe, Muslims would try to subvert our culture as well.

I do not think so. Anyone who believes that all Muslims are terrorists is a fool, an ignorant, a fanatic or misinformed, but the problem is of him and only him. You can inform, you can explain, you may clarify or you may send them far to say stupid things, but nothing more. ETA is a terrorist organization that killed nearly 900 people in the name of Basque independence... was it necessary to insult the non-violent Basque calling them "peaceful Basques" to put them on the same level as the "Basque terrorists"? I do not think so. There was a majority of Basques and a minority Basque terrorists. As there are Corsicans and a minority of Corsican terrorists. All religions are authoritarian, and by Shari'a, Islam is an authoritarian religion, another thing is that Muslims do not literally conform to the dictates of religion and may have a democracy rather than an authoritarian regime like Iran.
To my Muslim friends, my heroes Muslims, Muslims who I admire and respect, I would not call them "peaceful Muslim" because it would be an offense. That designation means that "Muslim" is itself the implication of violence and terrorism, precisely, and that it should be clear that they are "Muslims but good". I think it's a bad idea and profoundly discriminatory. They are Muslims and then there are some that need to differentiate indicating that they are terrorists or militants or violent.
Besides, the confusion "Muslim-terrorist" is generally made by the extreme right, which is no less of an enemy of freedom, rights and culture of the Enlightenment that violent fundamentalists. I do not think it reasonable to act in response to the dictates of the far right.

And this is not because I want to be politically correct, this is not about "islamophobia" because that is a concept I do not think appropriate to any real category of human beings. There is no budismphobia, Christianophobia, hinduphobia or animismphobia. Judeophobia does exist but it is not due to religion but to the cultural identity that the Jews have kept and that identifies them as an ethnic group or, in the terms of Nazism as a "race". But there is no "race" or ethnic Muslim group, the country with the most Muslims is Indonesia, for example, ethnically Asian and unrelated to the ethnic groups of the Middle East.
This neologism is but an alibi to try to prevent any criticism towards Islam as a religion, Muslims for their practices, and towards violent Islamist militants for its violent militancy.
It would be strange, and not be a very popular idea, that if you explain that the Bible sanctioned slavery, the sale of brides, the silence of women, polygamy or genocide, someone telling you that you answer "chirstianophobic". Or that when you point out that the number of Catholic priests there is proportionally alarming pedophile comunitie being accused you of "catholiphobic". Or that people call you those epithets when you oppose the religious violence in Ireland or in Rwanda. No one would take it seriously. For anyone, it would be clear that criticism of religion, what its practitioners make on behalf of their religion and violence, have nothing to do specifically with a personal hatred towards that religion or collectively to their faithful, but, they are valid criticisms and acceptable.

Certain groups in the marginal but loud left (I include Americans posmos) use the charge of "Islamophobic" against anyone who seeks to criticize any aspect, person or share from the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Although they had some credibility at the beginning of the millennium, I think now nobody takes them seriously (except them) than to regret things like the barbarity of Daesh / ISIS is the byproduct of an alleged "Islamophobia" and not reasonable human horror at the bloody cruelty these beasts inspired by their holy book do. And no one will say, of course, that to call "beasts" to the components of the Daesh to be objectionable, or offensive to some hundreds of millions of Muslims who have no connection with them and suffer the same disgust that anyone seeing their barbarism. No generalization possible.

And just to finish my statement. I always find it hilarious how our pals from just a couple of boards away in Cred Forums, and muslim fundamentalists have so much in common, and they all live in """western""" (another blurry concept) societies.

There's a difference in between discriminating someone for something that is not in ther control (eg race) and in between making distinctions concerning belief systems. No one would bat an eye if you discriminated against a skinhead neo-Nazi based ourely on beliefs rather than actions (eg we are not taking them as migrants) Islam is also a belief system and it also spouts supremacism. Just because it is wildly succesful and has spread through much of the world doesn't mean it is morally correct (eg to set as an example a pedophile rapist and warmonger) or that it should be treated as religions with different sets of values, devout Muslims seek to install Sharia in the places they live and this is a code inherently discriminatory towards any non Muslim.

Nice starwman, I never argued all Muslims are terrorists and specifically made my arguments specifying this, Islam is bad enough even without that side to it.

> Islam is bad enough even without that side to it.

I know, and I've been saying just that all along.