Your country

>Your country
>How many pullups can you do in a row?


6 with +15lbs added

last time i tried i dislocated both of my shoulders

~12 proper ones



Lol only amerilards



About 10, but I've been a lazy cunt for a while. I should get back into it.


I used to be able to do 60

No you couldn't


You could never perform 60 deadhang pullups

>37.5 lbs for 5x5

That's not some impossible goal or anything like that. Most people could hit that if they worked at it for months. It'd take me like 20 minutes to do it, but that's still not impossible.

It used to be 0, now I can do 6

I'm at 12 straight rn and I'm about to ship off to boot camp, but I've been putting on some weight finally so my body has to get used to that, hopefully by the end I'll be around ~18

No Im not a country
8 motherfucker

You're gonna lose weight at bootcamp mate. At least 20 pounds.

I can't yet do even one from a dead hang, I'm getting there though.

8. But I'm also 6'8 and 240 which doesn't help.

I don't have much fat to lose, the weight I've been putting on is mainly muscle
I'm half an inch away from 6 foot and I'm 160 now for like the first time ever, just turned 19

Jesus christ we're not talking about volume here, we're talking one_set (without rest pause).

this, basically non-stop pull-ups with your arms completely straight and extended when you drop

Nothing wrong with volume if you space it. I'd take 4 sets of 15 then take small breaks.

Yeah and 60 at those is a rare combination of strength and stamina. Something a middle weight wrestler would do.

I do 4 sets of 25 each, so prob 30-35?
I'll try maxing next time.
6'1" 190 lbs

Yeah there's nothing wrong with it but I'm just pointing out how 60 in a row is very impressive for anybody and 4x15 is good for non-athletes.

how long is FDF boot camp and is it different for the navy than the army?

10 with no extra weight

i don't know

like ~ 50 with underhand grip
and a few muscle ups

are you a t-man or a c-man?


you did siviilipalvelus? Was it fun?

no I did neither I'm insane

I used to be able to do 25, now I can just do 15 after an injury putting me in bed for 2 monthes ;_;

2, maybe 3

I was always shit at them, even in middle school

>school olympics had it as a mandatory event every year
>couldnt even do 1 until 5th or 6th grade

Who the fuck has a pull up bar just sitting around to check this?

Check it at the gym


>Amount of weight I can lift with basically all exercises steadily increasing as I lift more regularly
>Still can only do a single pull up
>Don't know how to improve, if I pretty much can't do the exercise to begin with.

Just kill me senpai.

10 with +40lbs/+18kg added.

[spoiler]I am 160lbs/73kg and 6ft2in/191cm though [/spoiler]

Do negatives to get your cns used to it

220 lbs here, currently 10. Looking to improve.

10 was the best result of my whole life

Do pull ups have any effect on your body look? Or are they more of a hidden strength gain?

about 10-13

>weigh ~200 lbs
>could only do 0.5 a pull up in High School

15-20 underhand
3-4 overhand

working on it though, if anyone has any advice on making overhand easier it would be appreciated.

I've never seen someone who did only pull ups and nothing else so can't say for certain but i would assume they do. Put it this way, the people i know of who do bodyweight exercises and look quite good for it all do pull-ups.