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korean slop


Koran poo

fuck anyone who disagrees with me

doubtless edition


the choon you've all been waiting for

alri thailad

>190 countries around the world don't have Nuclear Weapons and seem to be OK.
Ah yes, the CND is only about nuclear weapons
Typical mouthbreathing corbyn supporter who doesn't actually know his policies

>Show me a policy he's been wrong on

Well wrong is a matter of opinion but unpopular.. hmm.. let's see. immigration, migrants, the economy, trident...

Explain how New Labour created the 2008 Financial Crisis you utter moron. The most you can argue is that they didn't prepare enough for the US subprime crash

Ted Heath was much more evil than Tony Blair

>why yes i do vote right-wing
>the interests of big business are more dear to me than my own well being and family
top cuck

>conservative socialist

these are unironically worse than progressive socialists because they disguise awful economic policy as a good thing to the average person.

muh brown ppl takin me low wage jubs

doin an ultraviolence

>It opposes the building of nuclear power stations in the UK.

16th for New Labour

half Japanese half Irish

drinking a coffee at 20 past 4 in the morning
of all times haha

ahh yes

doing the old wank

doing the old wank to gay porn


you can guzzle a gallon of coffee before bed and a good wank will still knock you out cold desu

>Ah yes, the CND is only about nuclear weapons
Yes, as far as I know that's correct.
He said he wants to reduce the undercutting of wages by migrants. The Tories took it to record highs but no double you'll defend them like a good cuck.
Anti-austerity is where most people lie.

>2008 Financial crisis
They create a massive debt bubble and deregulated banking, as well as building no council houses which sent land/property prices through the roof.

The level of cuckery you attain by defending Tories and New Labour is incredible. Stockholm Syndrome.

haha but you wont be able to sleep!




have heartburn

Voting tory lads

>I know nothing about economics except what mises.org told me: the post

>Yes, as far as I know that's correct.
Oh okay, so you don't know shit about the policies that corbyn supports. Put your trip back on 190cm faggot

i know haha!
and it's a bit weak too! didn't leave it in the cafetiere long enough!

More needs to be said about the Hibernian agenda

Everyone laugh at this utter ruminant

>CND campaigns non-violently to achieve British nuclear disarmament – for scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons system and preventing its replacement. But we recognise that Britain’s nuclear weapons are only a small part of the problem, so we also work to secure an international Nuclear Weapons Convention which will ban nuclear weapons globally, as chemical and biological weapons have been banned.
Nothing about nuclear power I can see.

Also, nuclear power is very debatable anyway. There are pros and cons.



corbynites are literally unbearable. almost as bad as new labourites.

fake and gay

half azn half french


business idea: start a loan agency and put and bribe the way for one of your buttbuddies to become treasurer in public office and take tons of loans out and split the profit with him



Keep posting these lads


Why do half Asian women always come out amazing but the lads are always Elliot Rodgerses?

100% not a woman

Brilliant argument. You really got me.

>Nuclear Weapons Convention which will ban nuclear weapons globally, as chemical and biological weapons have been banned.
that didn't stop Iraq from using them

all the young dudes
carry the news
boogaloo dudes
carry the news

How about have a gander at this propaganda on their website. Can't believe you even researched it and still can't fucking get it right. Nuclear power is vastly superior to most other forms of energy today

>new labour
fuck off abo


that was the straw that broke the camels back

currently wanking

he's right, only fuckhead lefties and coal cucks are opposed to nuclear

new labour were absolutely awful

some are fucked
depends on the parents.

Keep banging on lad. Corbyn is literally Michael Foot-tier unelectable, and if you think he'll still be in place by the time the next general election rolls around you're deluded. When the shadow chancellor wields Chaiman Mao's book in Parliament you know it's a fucking joke. Suck Corbyn's dick all you want, there won't be another election for years so he is an irrelevance

>cam't load any http sites
>have to use https

t. was a child during new labour

Why do people still support new labour or the conservatives when they literally admitted to engineering a multi-culti Britain for the sake of cheap labour and social justice and Corbyn is actually an ally of the white working class, unlike the tories.





Business idea: enslave redheads, breed them, sell them to the rest of the world

We've got a pretty decent monopoly on them, and we can say they're authentic


me and the lads

She makes my willy hard but she begs a different question:

Is participating in violent and degrading porn the female equivalent of the mass shooting?

Many of those 190 countries have been invaded by nuclear powers

Name one nuclear power that's been directly attacked by another nuclear power

we're a week into introductory graph theory and the professor is asking questions like "what is the maximal degree of the lexicographic product of G and H" ffs


it was a joke

rightists can't handle the banter

Captcha: Karl-Marx-stasse

rangers can only survive in small concentrated places, if they spread they die

where did redheads come from?
I knows there's another blob in central Asia from the Cimmerians/Scythians I guess.

is it just Neanderthal holdovers?

I'm a Tory who paid £25 to the Labour Party in order to vote for Corbyn AMA

Kev's last name isn't Daffy though

>literally Michael Foot-tier unelectable
It's funny because Michael Foot won more seats than Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband who were both New Labour. In fact Michael Foot is the 2nd most popular Labour leader in the last 35+ years after Tony Blair who only won elections because the Tories were hated. Foot only lost because his party split in half. You repeat things you hear in the media and you don't even understand those things. I'm embarrassed for you.

the bf's hugh mungus nuclear willy attacked my arse this morning 2bh

theyre the true whites
germanics are delusional huns


You can only be smug about this if you got the £25 via bennies

did you have to be a member to vote?

Wish I was a continental 2bh

women are more often masochistic/inwardly violent while men are more often sadistic and outwardly violent.



how do you know if someone's willing to accept a bribe without getting yourself iced?

too many strawberries
not enough cream

bizarro Trotskyist

haha, why is brit/pol/ so stupid, lads?

No, just a so-called registered '''supporter'''

The wogs start at Calais

me wearing the hazmat suit pants

R8 my oc

Germans are swarthy as fuck, and they look subhuman

>Name one nuclear power that's been directly attacked by another nuclear power
pakis vs poo in loos

talk euphemistically about compromise or coming to an agreement


This isn't true. You're not allowed to join the Labour Party from other parties campaigning against the Labour Party.

I don't know why you're lying on Cred Forums.

gordon brown was the best pm of the 21st century

if it isn't then the surgeon has done an impeccable job


Finally someone who can do math

I need to learn a lot of stuff for my differential equations exam on Tuesday specifically:
>Higher order with independent and dependent variables (the Wronskian determinant comes in here somewhere)
>nth order linear with constant coefficients (auxiliary equations for complex roots, distinct real roots, and repeated real roots)

Pls help!

That has to be fake, nobody would be that stupid.

Not yet

no idea about differential equations tbqh

listening to walk like an egyptian



couldn't agree more



haven't they at least skirmished? or not sincy they both got nukes?

maybe but if there was such a person capable of such stupidity they'd be posting on Cred Forums at 4:30am on a Monday

dabbin like an egyptian nomesayin WE WUZ KANGZ OF AFRICA

Fucking rattled atm lads

I can't believe she would do this to me

How not when you're doing graph theory you're clearly a math major which means you had differential equations earlier on in your curriculum

ah yes because the labour party has full access to the membership lists of other parties.. the people they excluded were usually active members of other parties identifiable from standing in elections or attending meetings.. you're an utter drooling retard

I don't think so
and neither has gone nuclear yet.

I meant they haven't used nukes yet but yea they're always fighting, mainly because of the Kashmir region these days

Ah yes, Gordon Brown, the man that sold off the UK's gold reserves to attempt to lower the debt racked up by Tony Blair.

New Labour certainly was brilliant. I'm not glad it's dead at all.

night lads

nope haven't done them yet, well not to any advanced level


tfw no 80s bjork gf

Bitches and whores, man.

alright Jotaro

>has an exam the next day
>is asking on Cred Forums for help beforehand
sorry to say but you're fucked lad

oh you said directly attacked didmt know ya meant nuking each other

I live off pocket money from my dad. I'm 23

To consign them to electoral oblivion

>You're not allowed to join the Labour Party from other parties campaigning against the Labour Party.
But how the hell would they find out I'm a Tory?

He's the hero we need
But not the one we deserve

Did you know that was the first song written and performed by an all-female band to make it onto the Billboard charts?

itched my ball bag an hour ago and my hand STILL stinks


literal asian

lewd Bjork

hey, you can't post naked ladies here!

Wish I was continental 2bh

Don't say it


>doesn't understand the vetting process
>calls others retards



>brand name
ruined the photo

what the fuck are they doing there

have they no respect

>the continent of Europe
I'd rather be a Yank
Europe sucks even without the wogs



>lives off family welfare
>votes Tory
holy mother of kek, you're actually voting for a party that has nothing but contempt for you top kek


>implying janny isn't furiously masturbating to this very pic this very moment


>>lives off family welfare
that's literally the definition of tory

I'll put you in a fucking sleeper mate, go on

>vetting process

fucking kek. soundly defeated :)

They don't even speak English in Europe, bunch of fucking heathens the lot of them.


I live off familial welfare and I'm 28

Feels good to be part of the actual upper class

can we quit talking about proto-yank politics now please.


Wouldn't mind that desu

>Yank attempting british political banter

no lad

t. proto yank country

>t. Yank enabler

I've heard some pretty wacky shit on here over the years but this might be pushing it, what do you think?

toryboys are trustfund babbies not pocket money beggers

lets talk about the great barrier queef then

that's desert yank to you, ape

>the '''''vetting''''' ''''''''''process''''''''''

I own a bit of a sleeper myself 2bh
No exterior mods but is making ~400hp off the stock turbines

He's right though

can't even imagine what its like to have welfare.
must be magical

here you've got to be disabled or retarded to even get anything

This 2bh
There's literally a whole board dedicated to politics


Wish we had those street food stalls with good food like they do in 3rd world countries

fun fact: saying FOPY tells poms AND canadians to fuck off at the same time.

bye lads will be gone for 2 days

we do and we are dummy

says the country who had the french revolution to inspire many more future revolutions

Decided I hate everyone except the English and Welsh.

you will [spoiler] NOT [/spoiler] be missed

there is literally nothing yank in the merciless killing of your monarchs

>No exterior mods
>off the stock turbines
A sleeper is a car that looks like it could only move down a hill but has heavy engine mods (or a completely new engine), i.e something that looks like shit but would blow most away.

You lot basically are yanks, just less fat and somehow bigger cucks

England started it.


full time loser here

>Implying those bloodthirsty fatsos wouldn't have if they'd had the chance

>t. fat cuck

You're just Yanks that talk stupid.

if you hadn't have bothered i doubt the yanks would have either. The present would still be the era of empires

Which parties don't have contempt for the working class?


Shouldn't the fact that Tory voters are rubbing their hands in delight at the prospect of Corbyn being re-elected Labour leader unnerve Corbyn supporters a bit?

arse gf

oh scratch that, the american one predates the french. i need sleep

not at all desu and that's why its boring here.
America is way worse for liberal bullshit ironically.
I've never seen even half the shit they go on about here even after years at one of the biggest/most lefty/most wog infested universities in the countr.
the US is a mess, we're sensible and moderate but dull.

Yeah I know. It is just that fast rx7s like mine are usually modded to shit with fixed headlights and wheels and all that shit.
Really want to source a v10 or v12 and put it in a toyota previa like this, only keeping the exterior stock except for rear wheels obviously

the most delicious irony of brexit is that it won't happen despite having been voted

a second referendum will be called sooner or later by petitions and lobbying and remain will crush it

screencap this

being in the right is more important than ever winning an election

>leftists think democracy is stupid
>don't vote in the referendum
>get mad when leave wins

>a second referendum will be called
nope, no party wants that except the lib dems who are less popular than UKIP atm

This guy literally gets paid to travel to different countries and eat food

Fuck me

It's you and the yanks that talk stupid leafcuck, you've failed to master the language we leant you because you are subhuman runts

That's insane, I like it.

made a thread a Cred Forums about how americans are only 63% white and instead of bantering me they started saying that they're black, indian, latino etc

feel really guilty and sad now

me on the right


we really need to reorganize paris to get all those banks who will leave london to come to us then


our english is more pleasing and what every wog on earth learns.

only BBC english sounds good there, everything else sounds like vomit.

>the tears of butthurt yuros who are forever trapped in their EU prison
Always delicious

Who says 'have' like 'haff' here

brits are very tolerant people

nah I think you screwed yourself over
don't really care either way

Oh God please yes


Cred Forums went to shit after gamergate and the alt-right explosion that followed

debate me

>our english is more pleasing

Not happening, cuck.

Runt detected


holy shit he looks exactly like this spacker at my school who was Gordon's nephew

one of the most annoying people in his year

yeah that's an interesting opinion you have

*steps to the side as a truck mows you down*

>nah I think you screwed yourself over
A prisoner would say that

if the earth is round how come the horizon doesn't curve?

You can't even pronounce half your vowels and throw random R's into words where they don't belong. Half of what Brits say is unintelligible.

Cred Forums always had racists and right wing elements

though the "alt-right" as a popular movement is new.

I'd say its always been "shit" but gamergate and the celebrity nudes got more media attention than anything before.

hell both of those made Moot quit

And were you even able to vote from there with a tranny cock up your arse

>he went to school with the pm's nephew

t. midwestern fat fuck who has never seen the ocean

they invented the language you stupid leaf, they can speak it however they want

The Fappening and Gamergate brought in the biggest influx of Redditors and newfags desu

t. London cuck

I had 3 or 4 proxy voters desu



Where do you think North American Anglos came from dipshit, same fucking people. People living in England now had no more of a hand in creating the language than a hick in Missouri.

>You can't even pronounce half your vowels and throw random R's into words where they don't belong.


We don't even pronounce the R haha

Sounds like you're just too retarded to understand English. Bet you're not even anglo

desu i got into Cred Forums for pokemon leaks
don't even really like pokemon, gf at the time (first and last) just wouldn't shut up about it


Maybe you just don't have native level English mate....

stop replying to jean-pierre cuckdeau

>North American Anglos

Very few of those ha ha

we're all prisoners here

*shove my fingers in my eyeholes*
*rip my flesh my appart from face to toes in one smooth motion*
*dip myself in a jar of honey*
*lunge into a fire ant colony*
freedom at last


yeah after american english was developed differently through geographic isolation it is totally similar to early modern english as opposed to the people who spoke it and only changed slightly
blow away leafboy

Does Le Pen have any chance in the next election, and when is it?

>our last 3 PM's have resigned
how long until may throws in the towel lads?

lads, i have my 9/10 girl mate in my bed. any requests? no shitting on her

getting ready for work lads

stick a finger in her

post her bottom

Flash Gordon didn't resign did he?

god /r/unitedkingdom is insufferable
not sure why i browse it, fascination more than anything

>blow away leafboy
Haha I like that
I'm using from now on

smell her fanny


le Pen is a globalist bootlicker and a bulwark against the possibility of any real change
next election is 2017

read some descartes to her
particularly that part about giving the dick

you fuck off

see if her bellend stinks of skips

technically he did

labour were still in power because nobody was elected and after talks fell through with lib-dems he resigned

I thought she was staunchly anti EU, which is about as globalist as it gets.


*cocks gun*
The runts
*shoots a runt*
Must go
*unloads buckshot onto next 3 posters*

i asked her pictures of her bottom x

I don't know how to get those without coming off as a bit rapey

finger up the arse please

Spoon with her then have sweet and smooth sex in the missionary position

>tfw I'm getting stared at by benders
Fucking California REEEEE

officially yes but her political party is only a placeholder anyway
would never get elected and only exists to prevent anyone else to rack up votes from radicals and malcontents

say "can i take pic of your arse love?"

or if she's asleep just do it anyway lol

>Controlled opposition
c'est la vie

well i'm white if it makes you feel any better

who's the rightful king of the scots lads

yeah basically


queen elizabeth ii

seriously think I might have tourettes. I called the cat a nigger in the lounge because I thought I was home alone but my mum heard it in the next room. I also open my window and shout "cock" and shit like that.

no one is a rightful king
vive la république

I always enjoy this post.

>no one is a rightful king
>vive la république

haha alri thailad
any tips for getting up in the mornings?

really dont enjoy whoever just gave me a (You)

refrain from doing that

good lad


Get a coffee maker that automatically makes you a cup every morning.

I thought you were fronting. Having a girl in my bed, let alone an attractive one, is such an alien idea

bring are boy home



alri tumblr


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, the "alt-right"

the result of a decade of cultural oppression by SJWs on the internet


>not aeropress

nah, not a fan at all


working in the crown courts today lads

No cock please and thank you

don't even understand how areopress works

>Not putting the chamber over the mug at the start
Have fun with your spilt coffee




to love and win is the best thing
to love and lose is the next best

sleep patterns all fucked up again lads. yesterday was 3am, now I'm still fucking awake at 20 to 6. wat do

man has ass cancer

bit mad aint it



you have to stay up until like 11pm or whenever you want to go to bed, it's the only way

enjoy drifting further from a healthy lifestyle each day that passes

staying up all night adds a day to your life

Went to a new hair place.

My hair is sexy af now and they gave me (sold me) some powered wax stuff.

How /comfy/ is Britain?

Is it possible to live without a car there?

I know. I'm starting to get tired tho :3

Frustrating desu. Sleep pattern had totally normalised until a few days ago. Probably should get a job

If you like taking the bus to work.

Happening on brit/pol/ lads

idk if you could call that "living"



>could probably be really handsome if i got a decent haircut, took better care of my skin, tanned, and lifted
>can't be arsed to do any of this

anyone else know this feel?

fuck off chinless melt

>Not tanned
>In Australia
Just. I guess you get cancer from 40min exposure

to be fair that was pretty fucking funny.