All confirmed leaders of Civ 6 so far

What does Cred Forums think of the leaders so far?

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Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?

I like ours.

Girls ugly as fuck.

The artstyle on the characters in general is quite ugly.

Need more waifus. Not buying it.

Who would people in Lat Am preferentially play with? I imagine Spain and Rome probably make better choices than Brasil or Aztecs

Eh, more trustworthy than Russia.

Yeah I'm not a fan of it at all, everything looks like clay now, and their features are incredibly exaggerated.

Stop excluding us you nazi, we're latam too.

Stop this, Brazil is white and Germanic.

This. No Theodora = no fun.

Incas all the way baby (I hope they include it, the bastards).
Brazil and Aztecs were very fun to play with in V, an it seems they will be in VI too

no catherine either

>Emily Blunt will never be your queen
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literally this

It's not excluding anyone man, I've played with Spain and Romans but my default is Aztecs, I'm just curious, everyone is welcome to play whoever they want, many gamers don't even choose their own country's culture and may just choose their leader based purely on aesthetics or even a bit of roleplaying, eg playing the Brits witha Monty Python mindset must be fun

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> Barbarossa is the only kind of realistic looking one
makes you think

This "cartoony" graphics meme needs to die.



>tfw I will never see Stephen "God" Harper in a Civ game

I'm sorry, Cleopatra? Really? The greek? Who ruled over a comprehensively hellenised nation, well after any sort of meaningful egyptian power was extant?

Why not Nefititi, if you insist on padding out the gender balance?

but user

Everybody knows Cleopatra!

All of them look fucking downie

>no rome

Wanna bet that it will be either a pre-order collector's edition bonus or day 1 on-disc dlc?

the nip one looks OK

there will be 18 civs in vanilla (aztec counts as 19th civ), senkin spurdo

>Civ 5 had 2 civs to represent the nordic countries
>the vikings (denmark)
>the vikings (norway) are confirmed for civ6
>second nordic civ is finland???????????????? (in expansion/dlc)

>implying that it won't be sultanate of sweden

France - is a literal who that makes no sense.
England - is as disappointing as ever, when do we get Henry VIII?
Barbarossa - is based as fuck.
Spain - dont care
Norway - Uh, okay?
Greece - Sure why not
Scythia - shouldnt even be a faction, dont know why theyre so obsessed with horse fuckers
Dont care about the new world shits
Asians are decent too
Egypt - glad she has somewhat light skin
Kongo - WE

>Scythia - shouldnt even be a faction, dont know why theyre so obsessed with horse fuckers

nice meme

>abyssinia never

Is a black christian kingdom really that fucking upsetting to the Americans?

Finland wont even be a city-state.

France got Florence'd
USA got Dutch'd
Egypt got Rome'd


what about America

looks tasty, what is it?

Dutch meatball


snack filled with ragout

We relevant now?

more specifically, Caesar'd.

>all western Euros + Greece and some meme nation
>US is there, but Mexico is not
>no Korea, no Vietnam, no Khmer empire, Mahatma Ghandi represents India, no Pakistan either
>Egypt being memegyptian and not Arabic Egypt, no Algeria, no Tunesia, no South Africa, only Kongo

mates I don't claim I've been playing these games, but if this is just shallow memefest, why are Scythia, Aztecs and Kongo there

no one ever heard about these nations

>No Mexicans
>Who's ever heard of Aztecs

Didn't the Spaniards rape the women after they killed the Aztec men?

No one gives a shit about Aztecs. They're as memetic as the Ainus.

Mexico, however, is a different story.

>no one's ever heard about the Aztecs