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Pax Americana edition 2: Electric Boogaloo

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First for being a fag

2nd for Mercy

cum lol

*drinks milk*


Don't forget.



me holding the gun

wtf happened to greenland?


Post benis

I need to start carrying my Beyblade with me
I wouldn't wanna get fucked up

I bet this man has a very large penis

you just know he aint messin around with that light bey

>tfw you have an exam in every subject over a single week

I just bought the Lilith

Don't miss that.

That face is rather pleasant for having that many exams.
You must be an excellent student.

>tfw classes dont start until wednesday

friendly reminder

I wonder if it has metal parts
If it does I'm fucked

I want to fuck a "chubby" American goth girl.

So I got a job at the Mexican restaurant down the street as a dishwasher, it's very interesting and I get free giant burritos

Chicanos > mexicagados

Do u work alongside Mexicans

I work in landscaping and Rambo, nacho, and Juan are my coworkers

Now either get ready to have them laugh at you behind your back or to be your best buds

wish this thunder and lightning would fuck off, it's really rumbling like crazy

; __ ;

Getting in touch with your roots or starting out in your field?

it's 2016


Don't you know I'm loco?

>not loving thunderstorms

Yeah they cook behind me, and we say Pisa to get each other's attention. The language barrier can be really frustrating.

excellent post

they are scary desu


I don't know what the original context for that image is.

You better hit those books

Which is the best
I can still switch it out

commited suicide after the SCOOP'D meme

They seem cool, we joke around but usually it's just working with music playing on speakers

I am actually very white and need cash lmao

I wasnt talking to you

I dont have the books yet. Cant get anything the first week of school because of the lines of people

>chubby goth
the worst combination, imo

you are fucking with me right?

I'm writing a light novel, guys. Wish me luck.

>I wasnt talking to you
then why did you reply??

Start out with regular.

I wish you fuck

I really doubt that, suicide rates are very high there.

What genre?

because you replied to me

I don't know why you'd buy from the school, unless you can't get what you need elsewhere or you have a scholarship/grant credit with the school.

I was walking to the bathroom to take a shower earlier, and the cute girl I live with was walking out and told me about the clog in our sink. She seemed a bit flustered and wanted to talk but I just wanted to take a shower. I walked into the bathroom and it smelled fucking awful. The toilet looked like a Rorschach test.
>mfw the cute girl I live with literally destroyed the toilet with one of the nastiest dumps ever

>Prime American Education

so don't talk to me if you don't want to

You can pirate movies and videogames but books are very hard to find, fuck.

I have a doctorate in african american studies

they give out $500 book vouchers before the start of the quarter. I've "bought" the books already, but I dont physically have them

I read on the soft reviews that it was the best one

no they aren't

what book are you loomign for?

Worse thing is that there's actual people who study that, even Mongol studies are more interesting.

Depends on what kind of books, most commercial books are easy as shut to find. Academic Books tho...

Anything about History

i thought this was just a meme

NEED a Yank to feed me some yummy American fast food and rub my belly

Ecchi yuri harem.

Wow bud
It's easy

Never got much of a kick out of the soft one.
Anyway, they're all going to feel great so you can't go wrong either way.
My preference is from regular to hard, but some prefer the softer one.
I was thinking that you would want to try regular and see if you want to go softer or harder.

It is

I'll feed you my salty sausage

I'm your yank bud

>Anything about History

You have no actual book titles or authors you're interested in?

Do you even have an ebook? Have you not tried libgen?

The US is such a big place. I've lived in Houston most of my life, and it's really all I know. I have a goal of going on a road trip with my dog one day, within the next few years.

I want to hit all of the places that seem interesting, in general it's:

>Marfa, TX
The Marfa lights and all that.
Seems cool with the Minneapolis Skyway System and how they're a really good city for bicycling.
Childhood friend used to live there, says it's like nowhere else, says it's beautiful. I know people there. I also love rain, the whole place seems appealing.
>Some Colorado towns
Denver and Aurora and whatnot. Weed lmao.
Dude weed lmao.

Also, does anybody know where this town is? It's just so picture-esque. I want to visit it.

Who else here /roadtrip/?

>with your dog
shit idea

Portland's a comfy town

wallace, idaho

If you're a faggot

Gonna try libgen

smokey mountains

I'm 105% heterosexual


105% is impossible therefore you are 0% heterosexual and 100% homosexual

I know, I know. But he's my bud and plenty of people have taken their dogs on road trips before.

Thank you so much.

Pic related.

t. not 100% heterosexual


they call me tennessee ted

guys i was talking to a girl on omegle and she told me i had pretty eyes and was handsome

I'm basically the king of /cum/ now

So are qt British girls even real?

>posting /brit/ music



Not really
I had my penis in a vagina 30 minutes ago



Should I trim my pubes?

Normies don't count

Should've been in my bumhole instead desu

I want to wipe my nose on a Canadian gravestone

Every character that locon draws has the same face


trimming pubes is for insecure fucks who watch too much porn


Trim the pubes and shave the balls.

why are there so many faggots in here

I just want my pubic area to stop itching
Moisture gets trapped there and it has given me a rash

Me on the left

There's only one as far as I can see

*hint* it's you

*fondles you*


I'm tired of The Man

Because all the hot American lads x

Do you not shower or wash your junk daily?

who /cum/fy here

Now a have dry itchy skin on my scrotum

>not putting gold bond on your balls

Get outta here Nigel

Ironic gayposting is pretty fun desu

Reminder that if you're unironically gay you should fuck off to tumblr

been watching docs on the ghettos of USA

depressing stuff (especially as I live next door to one of the most infamous ones)

slavery was poor thinking, but abolition was an abhorrent action

>slavery was poor thinking, but abolition was an abhorrent action

I don't have any

I have bad news for you, shaving will only make it itchier.

Nah, we've been gay here since before tumblr existed

>when you confound a vapeposter so hard they post against their beliefs

I like the slags

American music is the best in the world tbqh

Shaking my head to be honest, family

Yeah, and there's a new place for you now

Kanye West

I just want to kiss a pretty girl

Reconstruction was a mistake

pucker up

have some vintage slag

in your bum?


WTF is that last flag / guy supposed to be
- they all look GERMAN
Which one is German?

It's funny because the guy with the gun to his head is German and they're all actually Brits

I had a dream the other day where I made out with a beautiful girl. I actually felt it in my dream too.

Post lips beautiful

It's from a Belorussian WWII film.

It's from a movie called Come and See. The character in the middle is Belarusian.

>Post lips beautiful
this is a sfw board

I have it on vhs

fuck, the whole time I thought he was polish

No, the entire movie takes place in Belarus. It's a very good movie, btw.

>Come and See
you just reminded me that i absolutely need to watch this film again

what a fucking thrill from start to finish

Why would you think that?
What the fuck do you know about ethnicities?

I know, Ive seen it. I just couldnt remember where it was supposed to take place in

its been 2 years since Ive seen it

I'm tired of living my life behind so many layers of irony

....is this ironic?

can you recommend any more european war films like that?

WTF for, exactly?

Have you yet found any use for it?

Yeah, it's crazy.

Let's go nuts

WW2, or PTSD?

Joyeux Noel is great, but its WW1

Maybe Das Boot?

Come and See is really one the those incomparable movies though

What does a hemmeroid feel like?

bags of sand

>Let's go nuts
*gets crackin*


Reminder that John Lennon came up with the name "Beatals" as a tribute to Buddy Holly, which eventually became the Beatles.

American music has been by far the most influential in the world for decades now.

>tfw I can barely hear the mosquito anymore

I'm losing my trollman's wit
I need to take a break and recover before I lose my edge

I really like the Pianist. It's not as intense, but it has a similar cat-and-mouse thing to it.

Have a good night, Canada!

I'm hungry, going to the kitchen right now lads.

>tfw NEVER seen a mosquito in my life

trolls don't lose their edge, they just switch sides

Who /sleepnude/ here?

post pics of you cooking food

who is the -cutest- here?

*molests you*

Are Brits the biggest pussies when it comes to nature?
>we live on an island with some sheep and cows
>it rains a lot
>one time it snowed
>it is above freezing 99% of the year

Ive been told I'm very kawaii

every night all night

Why is it called Tumblr?

Unsere Mütter unsere Väter is good for a german film with the WW II topic.

prob me desu

even Chads remark on my qtness

im S level cute

We have perfect weather

Look in the mirror you parasite

wow so many cute anons!

but WHO is the cutest?

Sometimes when I'm really drunk and and reread my posts after fucking up my grammar I think about those non English speaking bros trying discern my posts


>mfw Brits never got to experience an American (and maybe Canadian I guess) summer break

Neither do I, lol

>Americans thinking they're cuter than Canadians

The weather was like almost 30 Celsius this summer

Way too hot for us Brits


I had summer classes all throughout the summer.

is it paranoia, is it real?
how long can a man enjoy what he doesn't feel?

Is classical music popular in Mexico?

There is a lot more around Puget Sound that Seattle. Cascades, The water, Snoqualmie falls, Deception pass - - -
---> IMO Seattle is completely perverted from the once very decent, Beautiful place it was just 30 years ago. low crime, nice, etc. Now its TOTAL faggottry especially with politics - Laws - thievery, Homelessness --- normal reason/logic about Good and Bad are gone!

I thought No waY, cuase I-90, then I saw the house by the creek (canal) so, Yes

Portland Is pretty ghey ...and Homo too, but lost of strippers for Straight men... IDK how you would find a decent wife there, my friend married a stripper - divorced 5 yrs now :-(

Why, because of all the Whiskey you drink by yourself?

Oh, and CANADA ... you would get more respect if you didn't ROB the Canuks of the Stanley cup a couple years ago!
Go Vancouver!

getting fucking beheaded in Mexico is popular

i'm sure Classical music doesn't do so bad


prove it

>Portland Is pretty ghey

kek poor bean people

pic related, me

Sure mate

Wew, you guys are pussies

Freezing is too cold and 86+ is too hot

Lmao fag, I never had summer school in my K-12 days. I think I had summer school between Pre-K and Kindergarten though.

I miss the days of riding bikes around muh neighborhood with my friends from noon til night. I miss exploring the big patch of woods in the back of our neighborhood, cutting paths, and having airsoft fights between the woods and houses under construction. I miss going out on cool summer nights during sleepovers and playing ding dong ditch, which reminds me of a story.
>summer back in like 2005 or something
>kid across the street is staying the night at our house
>we go out at like 10 o clock, parents are up watching a movie
>kid remembers an alternative to ding dong ditch, going up to a house and banging on a window
>we sit behind on the golf course as he goes up to the house
>turns out the window was open
>his hand goes right through the screen
>old lady was in that room reading or something
>he fucking bolts
>lady sends out dogs
>we hide for a few minutes, then fucking dip
>don't go outside for the rest of the night




A little bit of Mozart but only fedora people

Going to space today, lads.

Are you saying I didn't finish K-12 or something?

Sorry but we are actually white and white people can't handle high temperatures



I'm white and Ive worked in 43 commie units heat

You know you can take summer classes in college, right?

I'm a ginger but okay

A Paki has reminded me that I'm not white, guys.

>Freezing is too cold and 86+ is too hot
Where do you live?

remind me not to ash in the bottle im currently drinking from

I meant to greentext that to make fun of Brits but I guess I'm retarded and you didn't catch that I was making fun of Brits

I like posting on Cred Forums because sometimes I look at other poster's flags and thank god I'm not living in their shithole

wow that's sad

>oregon knowing anything about heat

Yes and I have, but that is completely irrelevant to my posts

>but that is completely irrelevant to my posts
Is it because you're too dumb for college?

hey bud, don't deposit ash in the bottle you're currently drinking from

in all honesty though, do you rent non-smoking or own your own place? how the fuck do you afford it?

I did catch that you were making fun of brits, I was asking where you live that 86+ isn't too hot and freezing isn't too cold.

What the fuck are you even going on about? Are you actually retarded?

wish that minneso-tan girl was still here so i could laugh at her

Thx user - checking into it
Is in German - with subtitles?

Almost looks like here, except that's older than sht (this town is 118yrs old)

I rent my own place and the leaser doesn't give a fuck

smoking doesn't yellow walls or anything desu


I'm actually convinced you have brain problems

>Sorry but we are actually white

No you are inbred mongoloids.

Most german films even have dubs in english. Give me a few moments and I'll see if I can find some more.

Who is physics here?

I'll delete it as soon as those fags get enough Hetro - votes to elect a straight Mayor,
or at least stop the ghey - diversity initiative!

I think you're projecting, dude.

I am, but I'm trying to masturbate right now

I always enjoyed the GE physics classes that I took, but I don't have any desire to major in it.

Okay I guess you're just baiting, kys

The english title would be "Generation War", maybe you'll find it.

reminder to properly hydrate yourself

no joke, Ive actually gone to the hospital for getting dehydrated once

my whole arm went numb and I fell over. Spooky shit

But I got to ride in an ambulance, which was neat

huh, renters always make a huge shit about smoking here; must be a local thing

should i get tinder lads? is it even worth it? i don't even want to fugg tbqh just want a cute friend

>Pax Americana
Pax Hamburgana

one day im gonna hug anonymous

I'm not smart enough for that. I also don't have anywhere near the discipline to try.

I'll stick with "physics", thank you.

**lots of strippers
(that is prob50+ stip clubs, nude bar, tittie joints, etc)

If you're not at least an 8/10 don't bother


Why do people still think Trump is unintelligent?


i'll be your friend!

>tfw Portland will never be as big as Seattle
>tfw we will always live in Seattle's shadow

Why did anonymous turn into such libtard pansy faggots they used to be cool, now they're just a living meme that only "muh lady" fedorafags unironically support

Well wish you luck

thanks user


Yeah, I've lost my erection 3 times already.

Are those supposed to be Yugioh characters?


>Portland will never be as big as Seattle
really fits the theme of portland desu


the space needle is ugly

*nukes seattle*

>citizen kane

oh damn this guy is really smart, not like I'd understand the significance of it because I'm obvs a poor retard

reminds me of a rich sam hyde, really makes me apply critical thinking where there was none before

If we were able to get greenland into North America should Canada get it or America?

I've just been in this place before!

>go to Portland
>it's foggy as hell and can't see shit

that's all I remember of it desu

thats obviously his stand [WE WUZ KINGZ]

Give it to Canada

Vancouver and San Francisco are also shitholes

living in the smallest cascadian city enrages me beyond belief

Canada is big enough

Come again?

you're stupid, San Francisco is great

as long as you avoid market street completely

>mid September
>still hot and humid

fuck east texas

Why do you hate your neighbors, user?

just looks like basic geometry
- with a very simple electric diagram
I do have a textbook on my shelf that covers similar problems ...???

Why doesn't portland have any tall buildings like Seattle and Vancouver

Why are we the skyscraperlet of the PNW

Why can't we just have one good skyscraper?


>when the dj plays that dank meaning beat

We are literally the fucking TEXAS of cascadia

We have the most mexicans and fewest asians

we are also probably the stupidest cascadian city as well

u ok

Portland is also fucking LANDLOCKED

seattle and vancouver have coastlines, but all we have is A FUCKING RIVER


So, the best state in cascadia?

First for the kingdom of Cascadia.

Nah, it is electromagnetic induction

Trump is 7 points ahead in the general election poll rn according to LA Times


Why are you guys so desperate to separate

Cascadia would be perfect if only everyone who lives there were to be eradicated

i think his brain fried.

we are also the poorest cascadian city

why don't we just rename Oregon MISSISSIPPI of the fucking PNW

just kill me

*kills u*

I'm not a sepratist. I'm a regionalist. I feel the regions of America should embrace their regional identities

imagine a muslim is to blame for what happened in New York. I think he'll gain some votes in this case.

WE also get the least rain of any city in the PNW

portland is also the hottest cascadian city

we are the dumpster of cascadia

sen me ur adress bud

those fags should be more thankfull that they don't live in Afreaka.

>forced to be Muslim or die.
>their mom / wife/ g/f gets Raped if she dresses wrong!
>Nothing to eat
>everyone has AIDS

But you still Hate America - even thought my White great-great grandpa DIED for Your freedom!!! ??? W T F?

>tfw VANCOUVER and SEATTLE are laughing at us again

this desu

i hope he feels better soon

Honest question here, what will hapoen if Trump wins? Does he have the balls to do all the stupid shit he promised to the rednecks or is he the US version of AMLO?

lmao did yousee the part wherer they humped the ps2? fuckkin halarious memes

Would you let her suck your dick?

He physically couldn't due to Congress.

nobody is laughing at you silly user


so QUIRKY lol ;)

lmao PORTLANDIA is so funny XD



I am a little

>Cascadia is real and not a fantasy

He switches veiws alot. I doubt he'll be as extreme as he makes everything sound.

having a mild chuckle desu

reported for promoted white supremacy

I'd let anything give me the sucky


u guys dont count





i love portland and sleater-kinney


What is unique about Cascadia aside from the nature? From what I gather, people from Oregon and Washington are not necessarily unique, although they desperately try to appear so

I'm sure it was, and if this sort of thing keeps up then Trump's victory is all but assured

He won't be anywhere near as extreme as people think. He will probably build the wall and use it as a tool to create jobs. I think he will rework all these free trade deals as he doesn't have these companies that benefit from the deals donating money to him.

I'd entrust repairing the economy to Trump any day over Shillary

as long as she keeps that pepe facepant on becus after years of being on Cred Forums thats the only thing that gets an emotional rise outta me anymore

Nothing wrong with being from Texas
Some people just like to succ

its really fucking hot in Texas

Yeah, well, only among educated people, Chopin is the favourite among ny peers

Northerns dont know shit about music

STARBUCKS is more FAMOUS than Dutch BROS

SEATTLE will always outshine than PORTLAND




why is /cum/ so active on a sunday night?

Um, ...so electronics (elec/ megnet = same force)

NO change that flag -- Green is for Islam! -- Islam is the Opposite of freedom.
ALSO : Must exclude California / Lenninist (Stalinist) Politicians !

Because Hillary (ous) almost DIED.
We don't need to elect a Dead President -

Not to mention that people are finding out what a murderous psychopath she has been - even back when she was President Before (with Bill)

Yeah, I don't leave air conditioning much though.
I was born here so it doesn't bother me too much, sometimes you just gotta handle some heat.

normies arent in class or doing homework

BECAUSe I legitimately literally hate portland desu

WHY are we so inferior to SEATTLE


I don't have class tomorrow and I'm listening to smooth jazz with coffee and marijuana

So? Hes just the US version of AMLO it seems, kek

so i mean idk anything about the conspiracies surrounding this election but are jpeg artifacts supposed to be some measure of reliability? i thought they were just a black twitter meme

It's already monday morning here, so I can post.

>inhaling the devil's herb

>I'm listening to smooth jazz
what are you listening to?

Antonio Carlos Jobim isn't smooth jazz but he's my go to chill jazz as well as all bossa nova really


>I'd entrust repairing the economy to Trump any day over Shillary
Is the wall even financially viable? How is he planning on creating more jobs and fixing the economy? Ive done my research and he has never mentioned any concrete and objective goals tp achieve that, he jyst spouts shit, like AMLO and Peña, im really curious about him

even AUSTIN is better than PORTLAND

WE even stole KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD from fucking AUSTIN


can you think of a city more pathetic than PORTLAND?

Which Mexican political party is the least corrupt

I work from 2:00pm to 8:00pm so i can do whatever i want


The wall is not as expensive as people think, the US can easily afford it

well if you truly enjoy music then i suggest you listen to
I hope you'll enjoy

Maybe one of the new ones except for Morena, tgat shit is fucked up corruption, almost PRI tier

>Im voting for Ebrad or Mancera next year

But that shit is stupid, people always find a way to achieve their goals if they realky want to, its literally money wasted, thus, fucking up even more the economy

>avoiding my question on how he plans on achieving their goals
Kek, thats so Trump

>listening music on YouTube
Are you fucking poor or what?

>Is the wall even financially viable?
imo the wall will never exist and he just plans to use threatening building the wall (and cutting trade deals and aid) as leverage to get mexico to do their share of the border work

Thats plain stupid, if the mexican goverment doesnt get scared of southamerican cartels, UN "recomendations", civil uprises, whole nation wide strikes and internal governmental disputes i realky doubt they will take him seriously, he's a meme here

I do not actually listen to it on youtube!
What do you want me to do?
Link the disc itself?
Oafish brute