/v4/ Nature edition

/v4/ Nature edition

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nice nature

>nice nature

>implying this is nice nature
kek, thanks for making my day

>100% humidity
>disgusting, nasty bugs every where


>literally posts a fucking jungle


no malaria or zika here


oh yeah i forgot to mention it's an active volcano which is considered extremely dangerous because it would melt the glaciers, cause massive floods/mudrushes, and pose a danger to the seattle & metropolitan area

>Vesuvius has erupted many times since [79 AD] and is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years.

Apart from Iceland, you guys are really missing out

Fuck you nerd

largest recorded earthquake in chile:
Approximately 1,655 killed, 3,000 injured, 2,000,000 homeless, and $550 million damage in southern Chile; tsunami caused 61 deaths, $75 million damage in Hawaii; 138 deaths and $50 million damage in Japan; 32 dead and missing in the Philippines; and $500,000 damage to the west coast of the United States.

man you guys are living in the pussy zone

we're living in the comfy zone

In North America, the winter of 1784 was the longest and one of the coldest on record. It was the longest period of below-zero temperatures in New England, with the largest accumulation of snow in New Jersey, and the longest freezing over of the Chesapeake Bay, where Annapolis, Maryland, then the capital of the United States, is located; the weather delayed Congressmen in coming to Annapolis to vote for the Treaty of Paris, which would end the American Revolutionary War. A huge snowstorm hit the south, the Mississippi River froze at New Orleans and there was ice in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a result of iceland actually

nice natures

my favourite trail near my home willage
think this pic was made in early spring, though


czechs, can you report the pedo to your police?

Not from /v4/ but posting what the nature around my town looks like anyway

>exotic places are beautiful
Faggots can't appreciate the beauty of whats around them


>Zeman wants Austria in v4
>told Hofer "to please come back if he is elected"

Who is Zeman and why does he want our Gibs so much



>french-german "we know what is best for you, better than you know it yourself" group
>PIGS gibsmedat group
>nordic holier-than-thou group

A stronger central-european group would be good because the other groups are shit and go against our interests

sup lads

God damn i love castles

Funfact: Hussites didn't conquer this castle because they couldn't find it among the hills


I feel like i depleted all the most beautiful spots in the republic

I live basically next to this

>Poland will have to take in 5 million immigrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam up to the year 2050.
>legalization of stay for 1 million till 2020

This is what out government stated at out local economic summit.

So long ethnic homogeneity.

Polish link: zpp.net.pl/aktualnosci/run,zpp-na-xxv-forum-ekonomicznym-zalegalizowac-pobyt-1-miliona-ukraincow-wietnamczykow-i-bialorusinow-w-polsce,page,3,article,1219.html

It was nice knowing you Poland/


i love our budget alps

That is the best castle i know desu, two badass towers on the rocks. Shame i know so little castles like that, most of the 'castles' nowadays are nobility residental palaces, all defensive castles like Trosky were destroyed.




>dependent on western euro gibs lifeline
>thinks it can escape the (((enrichment)))

Not the best,but its great!



shaorma bil-samun best shaorma

I can't help myself, all i see in those pictures is Indiana Jones movies or Iraq invasion records

fags are asleep, post ephebes.


A pity
Still i hope one day you see iraq


Minas Tirid/10

nah its Kaer Morhen
(they used it for W1 I think, not sure about W3)


I thought you had taste, Choco

I have the only taste.


I think that was because of the shitty camera, the next pic seems noice

I'm currently reading the books, haven't played any of the games (yet)
from description there, I imagined it kinda smaller, extremely secluded, with forests and mountain passes all around and a river flowing under it
that's better


that is non-negotiable, any argument against this universal truth just proves your bad taste.

very well, I'll just post a smug animu, thus defeating any thinkable argument
I win

wrong castle my bad

>less than 1% of yearly gdp

ayy lmao

I remember reading this.

oh you think that's smug?

that's more like it


>all the other lame excuses to make your pedophilia sound presentable

Anyway, I thought you were only interested in Araragi and not underage girls in general

step it up senpai

>reading about fantasy castles that were inspired by the thousands of real castles
The older i get, the less understanding i have for fantasy

what's triggering you tram trams?

it's just the same images mirrored and repeated over and over again

What's that?

Not trami, but when you asked

For me, fantasy is the definition of stupidity. There are billions of stories that would make up for any fantasy movie in history, billions of amazing deeds and people. But these stories are complicated, because life is. And people are just too lazy to hear complicated stories. They rather go for super simple story of good guy vs. bad guy with two story twists in whole two hour movie.

The human mind can only hold so much complexity. Sometimes it is better to see the world through a simple story instead of the messy reality. That way you can focus on the important parts


Because its so much fun when somebody else dictates what the important parts are. In the complex picture you can chose the important parts for yourself, according to what you think matters. Its hard to chose anything in black and white picture.

Have you read many historical sources?

They tend to boil down to good vs. evil, and attempting to reconstruct the true story from 2 -3 opposing sources (if you're lucky enough that there's more than one source available about the same event, which is rare af) isn't the same as knowing the whole story as it happened.

Come back when you've read a contemporary Arab and Latin description of the same campaign.

super porn adventure story.

hungarian-polish school of saber fencing opens the signings

Magyar cigany


The original sources of fucking course, most of history, literature was sort of propaganda. The true fun comes when comparing them. Shitload of people did that before though, most of historical books nowadays are written as objectively as possible with source critique, so you don't really need to worry about that, just read the most probable way the story happened.

what is this?


Pls don't tell me you're a history major / hobbyist historian.

Why not?

I take that back and I apologize.
Most historians are simpletons, so you're likely above the rank and file.

I'm a history major, but thanks i guess

where's my second coke with the small fries you stupid piece of shit.

Where is your self restraint you fat fuck

they are for your mum.

>going two hundred km from Austria to Prague just to deliver my mom fries and coke
Can't get any more beta

she gives mad head doe.

>going two hundred km from Austria to Prague to deliver my almost sixty year old mom fries and coke just to get a head from her
Okay, it can get more beta

Gas white women

I'm just reenacting Rudolfs march on Prague after he had beaten Mad Otty like a little bitch.

Just instead of a dead body, I bring fries and coke.

>he had beaten Mad Otty like a little bitch.
Spot on, using knights for ambush attack was indeed a little bitch tactic

>50 Knights broke the entire Cehy army

can't fabricate it.

I bet if Rad Rudy had driven a moderate number of cattle into the Czech flank, they would have routed all the same.

>he doesn't know medieval tactics
I am not going to give you a lesson about timing and morale importance in battle, but fyi charge of knight formation into peasant army equals charge of humvees into civilian crowd

lesson ! lesson! lesson!

(thread is barely surviving so you can go for it)


Oh I know very well, and Rudolf knew too, that's how he beat Otties bitch ass on the Field of Jedenspeigen and ended Czech ambition in central europe forever after.

Maybe if Otty had anything resembling common sense, he'd have not only driven himself into a hopeless diplomatic situation, but also scouted the battlefield before running to his death.

I don't consider my knowledge to be sufficient to give any vast lectures, but i don't think its necessary, just think about peasants thrown in middle of a battle and you can realize how easy it was to make them all panic and how quickly panic spread and whole army started running. And if you got the timing right with some shit like ambush knight charge, you could induce the panic pretty easily.

>all these wewuzers, muh heritagers and similar scum
ples post moar natur instead

nature shit
post muh herritage


>tfw I used to call myself autistic
then I came here and found the real meaning of autism as a derogatory term for kids with not enough love and too much time on their hands


hey huns did you really upgraded the fence?

Yeah he managed to conquer whole Austria, Styria, Krain, Aquilenia, fend off his whole life from the Hungarians, Bavarians and Emperor, organize two crusades on Baltic, conquer and convert half of it, found cities there, cuck over his nobility and bitchslap them twice when they rose up against him, make whole clergy and half the HRE love him, but he had no common sense.

>tfw I wanted to post pics from muh vacation but I can't find my camera now
oh well, time for some reposting

>muh heritage

anything outside the pink region was literally not worth conquering at the time.

obviously, how else would he have lost everything at his death? All lost in one battle? he built cloud castles, but had no idea how to make his great dominion last, or even survive a single lost battle.

The Habsburgs lost plenty of battles, and still they stayed on top until 1918.

Because they knew how to built a nation, and make friends.

So you think Napoleon had no common sense too?

Napoleon was at the head of the most powerful military of his time and the wits to use them. No chance of him being tricked by a simple ambush.

But there are similarities, Napoleon too thought he could stand against everyone by himself and lost horribly, though comparing Napoleon to Otty the Lunatic isn't really possible.

It's only a small smear, but even Visegrad is visible

>simple ambush
You seem to be missing the point here. Ottokar felt no need to scout, because ambush was faux pas in that time. Rudolf literally won by cheating.

Also in the context of what you said, Ottokar and Napoleon are the same. They built big, got in over their had and lost it all.

Difference being that Otti was killed at Napoleons battle of Wagram, and his entire realm caved in like a house of cards.

gut natur
where that?

Because sneaky Ruddy was a fucking jew full of false promises and propagandistic bullshit.
Otto may have fucked up in last few years but at least he was straight on, not acting behind the curtain like a bitch.

wanna guess? :^)

I'll go for it
I'd guess somewhere near Krkonose

>not acting behind the curtain like a bitch

Rudolf founded an Empire that was to last for almost 700 years. A Bloodline that would at it's prime not only hold dominion over europe, but most of the known world.

Otty was no match to Rudolf in any way. Rudolf was way ahead of his time, and his rise from a simple count to Emperor shows that.

Otty thought the Hungarians defeated, and the German electorates complacent, but was in for a rude awakening.

>tfw just applied for a lítačka

nah, it's not in /v4/
tho that pic was pretty generic

qt pic, made me smile actually
well, since you're alive to post these pictures, I'll assume it's not Vysoké Tatry
It's in Pepikland, right?
(also don't be shy to guess mine)

what's wrong with lítačka?

is that temelin blowing up in the background?

>simple count
>being a plebian objected to hundred years old propaganda
He was among the richest people in the Empire and held several pretty productive counties at Rhine spring.

Also colonies are purely Spanish achievement, giving any credit to Habsbourgs for it is retarded.

Comparing Rudolf and Ottokar is like comparing accountant and a soldier. One is more suited for the bitchy politics world, with lying and intrigue and being successful in it, while the other is living honorable life, facing issues head on and being honest, but being fucked over by jew accountants.

Then i would guess something Balcanlike, maybe Croatia since you are Czech

>well, since you're alive to post these pictures, I'll assume it's not Vysoké Tatry
I visited Tatry twice actually and nothing ever happened to me
I suck at being Czech

as for your pic, eh Vakia?

samá voda

Čechy, actually
yours in yurop at all?

btw the pepik in Tatry meme is fun and all, but I don't think anyone really believes it. The last time I was in Tatry, I went to Rysy and decided to take 10kg of potatoes up to Chata pod Rysmi on the way and there was this pepik couple that was tailing me along the entire route, the lad had twice the potato load on him and in the end he even took me over for the last couple of tens of metres. I've seen more rather experienced czech hikers than amateurs with socks in sandals, ŧbh.

Now i recognize the houses. Something in Scandinavia, i'd say Norway

>Also colonies are purely Spanish achievement, giving any credit to Habsbourgs for it is retarded.

Oh oh oh, not so fast my under-educated history major, America was discovered by Columbus in 1493, 1494 Philip the 1. was crowned as King of Spain, first Habsburg King of Spain.

Hernan Cortes started his conquest of America in earnest in 1520~ under King Carlos 1. also known as Emperor Karl the 5th. A Habsburg.

The Habsburgs ruled in Spain until they fell from grace in the late 17th century. So you could say the entire Spanish Conquest of the Americas was done under Habsburg rule.

>Comparing Rudolf and Ottokar is like comparing accountant and a soldier.
It's more like comparing a visionary with farsight to a rabid dog. Rudolf knew how diplomacy worked, and he knew how feudalism worked, and he played the system like a fiddle, so did his descendants.

While Ottokar lived by the sword, and died by the Sword.

Here's a map made of Cortes conquests, notice how the flag is not that of Castille, but of the House of Habsburg.

>defending a gullible brute on a vietnamese tea herb forum and presenting him as the better ruler

>I've seen more rather experienced czech hikers than amateurs with socks in sandals, ŧbh.
well, that is natural, those who hike in socks and sandals are dead

The fact that Habsbourg ruled the nation doesn't mean that the nation's achievements were his work. No matter who the ruler would be, if he wouldn't be literally retarded and opposed to conquering basically free land full of gold and shit or somehow tore the country apart, it would end up the same.

Exactly, Ottokar lived by the sword, Rudolf lived by the pen. Ottokar was the embodiement of what medieval rulers should strive for officially, strong, valorous, zealous. Rudolf was what rulers should be in order to succeed. Sneaky, cheating, calculating.
Same difference you can see in politics today. Some politics are sneaky bitches, while others actually care for the good for people like they should. Ottokar did nothing else but uphold the standard he was supposed to, while Rudolf ignored the morality of the matter and went for success.

Just did a good deed and helped manlet desu. Dude was like 35y old and only 170cm. He tried to reach top of shelf to reach his favourite snack but failed miserably. After few minutes of trying he went to me for help (it was vietnamese shop so literally everyone except me was manlet). He tried to laugh it off by saying "thanks I´m just so damn small hahahaha" but it was obvious that he was hurt.

Have you helped manlet recently?
What would they do without us?
Should we help them or let natural selection do its work?

well it might be partially true, but this is imo cased by the fact that people who take vacation in Slovakia/Croatia/Bulgaria aka cheap destinations for holiday tend to be well..
I don't want to say plebs because I don't like that word, but that's exactly what they are
and with your average Franta the commieblock dweller not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, it ends like this

or it is just one big Slovak conspiracy against my people
I have yet to decide

>yours in yurop at all?
yeah, what said

Otto was also good at diplomacy,thats how he got Hungary.

Only reason why Rudolf was elected was because other electors thought that Rudolf is retard who will be easy to control.

stop b8in tramfat, natural selection would kill you sooner than him

>summit - v4 stronk

According to Reuters, on Monday the European Union (EU) agreed to slash funding from EU’s 2017 budget for poor regions to reallocate spending to manage the migrant crisis impacting the EU.

The result of slashing funds to poor regions of the EU bloc will result in close to a 25 percent increase in migration and security payments in 2017 compared to 2016, the Council of EU governments stated in a note on Monday.

The countries who will be most affected by the funding slashes are mostly Eastern European.

Ekathimerini.com reports that some Eastern European countries view the EU’s decision as “possible retribution for the opposition of Eastern European countries to EU plans to share out the hosting of asylum seekers across the 28 member states.” However, the EU council made no comments regarding this sentiment as of this time.


it's shitting up the thread
post natur

>shitting up the thread
it's already shit

fair enough
post animu

pls don't

Animu shit, post natur

>Franta the commieblock dweller
rude, I live in a commieblock
I get ya though, the average person anywhere at any time is a disaster waiting to happen
your word's my command

Where is Polen, we need that nature

>rude, I live in a commieblock
and yet you don't seem like said Franta
but you know exactly what kind of people I meant

now it's time to post some natur, since I finally found my camera

you dont like to discuss manlets? How short are you?

very short

I've been standing next to some sandnigger for like 15minutes and almost have died..why do they smell so bad?

some more natur

Still waiting for Polan natur


> Polan natur

thats nature telling us that they dont belong here desu

some slov-user's back garden

Nice nature!

winter edition

bit jelly, would love to live somewhere like it, but I guess it still has its ups and downs

lake nearby

>would love to live somewhere like it
it is not really in the sticks to be honest, the road is good especially for slovak standards, 5kms from a historical town, 10kms in the other direction to a relatively big town, buses every two hours, the only things that annoys me is the sound of traffic which you can hear even when you go few kms into the hills and the fugging dorists that go into the hills to pick mushrooms and hike


>muh nation
>15th and 16th century Kingdoms ruled by pan european families

Of course, some catalonian peasant has more claim to the spanish conquest of America than the people who ordered it, paid for it, and were at the time, oficially recognized for it.

The Americas were conquered as property of the House of habsburg, if you don't even understand the Zeitgeist of the time, you make for a very poor historian indeed, driven by national bias.

But enough of that, Ottokar died and th czechs cried.

>it is not really in the sticks to be honest, the road is good especially for slovak standards, 5kms from a historical town, 10kms in the other direction to a relatively big town
oh I see, it just seemed like a house in the middle of bumfuck nowhere from that pic, that's actually not that bad

> the only things that annoys me is the sound of traffic which you can hear even when you go few kms into the hills
>mfw there is a highway 2km away from my house

do you have a car or do you just mix buses and friend/parent's provided lifts? seems like a necessity

alri lads, what can you tell me about slovakia?

buses and lifts, I don't even have a driving licence, transpprt can sometimes be a pain in the arse
>>mfw there is a highway 2km away from my house
my old place in my hometown was close to the main road in town and then they also built a highway about 1 km away but it does thankfully have a sound barrier
poorer, more depressed, less urbanised, less western Kekia
and i like it

>I don't even have a driving licence
how come? not feeling like it or you just don't need it?
most people here apply for řidičák by default when/before they turn 18, is it different in Vakia?
>but it does thankfully have a sound barrier
yeah, they started building one here as well, hopefully it will work

Bratislava is a nice place full of shit people
wish I could live in a lot emptier Bratislava, would be the perfect place. Picrelated is a manifestation of a typical Slow vak.

Can't tell you much about the rest other than there's a lot of nice natur there
and too many people.
>tfw most of my photos are in raw
will post more natur in a while, got to convert these

thanks lads, I may have to visit at some point

>have to
who would be so cruel to force you to come here?


wew, that's pretty blurry, didn't see that on the thumbnail

also no more natur pics today, got totally swallowed by working on picrelated

one last natur pic before I'm off to sleep to be a good corp drone tomorrow
dobrou noc, /v4/


good night, sleep tite

Dear diary, still nothing. I'm just so, so very tired.