Why is that most generals are either so shit or so difficult for a spic to integrate? /lat/ is shit and they destroy everything you try to replace them with, the western euro generals (deutsch, nederdraad, brit, fr, etc) are absolutely snubbish,closed and they ignore outsiders. /cum/ is just awful, so are tr and polska. Northern euros aren't of bad quality and they are good lads, but i still feel some sort of invisible barrier and i can't quite feel at home, same happens with the japanese thread, v4 and ex-yu.

The only places i've found that i feel like i can belong in are /slav/, /rus/, /asean/ and here. Why is that?
What generals make you feel at home? which ones are shit no matter what your flag is?

Try /luso/

>and here.
Meant to say /balts/+/ausnz/

About /esp/, it's a good place, but it's populated by too grim, bitter and pathetic posters, even for Cred Forums standards.

This is just autism.

Dude fr always welcome people willing to speak with us even when their french sucks.
I can count at least two Argentinians who regularly post there (although they're anime fags)

MeNa and asean are usually pretty OK with foreigners

I read through /fr/ to try to practice my French but I don't post

lmao fuck off and stay fuck off you venezuelan shit

I found /esp/ to be the friendliest, 2bh. /lat/ is relatively friendly, but the amount of autistic posters is insurmountable.

/mena/ and /asean/ best generals desu

Get real friends

This is in addition to /asean/. Another general worth mentioning is /luso/, the portuguese and brazilians are quite friendly, too.

>Colombia es white
Look at those negros and abos in that picture

/deutsch/ is always fun and full of totally open-minded non-autistic people.

What happens in Colombia

/lang/ threads are the only ones where I am really at home. and the occasional esperanto thread.

threads for Korea are usually just for shitposting and die after a few posts, not really enough Korean anons around for a korea general sadly

I speak Spanish but I hate /cum/ and /lat/. haven't checked out the spain one because it looks boring. Would be nice to have a place to speak Spanish here

also generals are cancer t b h

I miss /ca/

what's /ca/?

I don't even feel at home in /neder/
They're all fucking anime-loving plebbit tier autists

Join us here lad

Central America General. /lat/'s wife's son. It lasted for about three threads, vanished, then came back for two more. All five threads consisted of a drunk Costa Rican, a Honduran paranoid for his saftey, and a Nicaraguan who kept posting a picture of his bowl full beans. It's was fun to watch.

let's just make /altlat/ and it can just be not...whatever the fuck /lat/ has become

> (deutsch, nederdraad, brit, fr, etc) are absolutely snubbish,closed and they ignore outsiders.

We ignore people that don't speak german because those who don't are usually just there to shitpost or troll us.
We have a bunch of Norwegians and Japs that speak german who we have had great discussions with.
Shit, we had this nice Chilean women who presumably literary died because of cancer who visited us for some time and spoke great german. ;_;

/lat/ is literally /s4s/, it's just sad to see
/sa/ has some potential, but we need more cooperation from the hues to make it work, which is kinda hard because of the language barrier.

Sounds like /his/ except they're all /r9k/-tier autists who cry about >tfw no gf all the time

>which is kinda hard because of the language barrier


With a dictionary/google translate on hand there should be almost not problem understanding each other

> We have a bunch of Norwegians and Japs that speak german who we have had great discussions with.
And two sharters and two kiwis

'Nederdraad' are the same 14 year olds retards as on Cred Forums. I stay far away from it.

I just want a place to practice spanish without crazy simpsons menes or namefagging t b h

The reason I didn't count them was
>we have had great discussions with

I don't even need google translate, but in the few threads we've had there have been some hues saying that they couldn't understand english

>couldn't understand english

Sadly there is not that many of us, the 4 other Salvadorans that come here are pretty clearly college students because they always stop posting frequently when the "university season" begins.

We should make them again like in November or December.

Yeah right. No autism to be found here.

goddamit hueland

wouldn't some portuñol + spanglish hybrid do the trick? Maybe wouldn't look elegant but would be very easy to understand

would unironically recommend esperanto here but i already mentioned it once ITT and dont want to be a huge faggot. But hues make up the majority of esperanto speakers not even memeing

RIP literatur chilenin

It was actually just one hue and all the other ones called him brain damaged.

Yeah, i still think we can make it work, but we gotta keep it active even when /lat/ faggots start to spam it (because they will, they always do), that's why brazilians are so important, but half of the times they seemed to abandon the ship when /lat/ arrived.

that's good

I was having trouble believing it

Well, if I notice someone trying to make it happen, I will try to post there

I also wish there was a latin languages thread/general more often, it's fun when Romania comes in. tfw no /latlang/ everyday