Why are our streets so dirty ?

Why are our streets so dirty ?

becuz u don't clean them duh


Only in mediterranean cities
Latin shit

All Europeens are flithy. It's not your fault, Pierre.

French dogs forget something biiiig and dirrrrrrty ,Monsieur.

That's not true tho, I've seen dirty cities everywhere in France

>It's a "G-Germanic France is b-best France right guys...!" episode again

Dirty streets is just a reflection of dity people (I live in Buenos Aires and can confirm)

must be a Latin thing, first time I went to Spain, France and Italy I thought it was smelly everywhere

First time I went to UK I was impressed of how streets were clean compared to here.

yep I agree, not to brag but ours are like that too

Littering shitheads, no limited to any ethnicities

>clean streets
Where the fuck did you go

Still better than our


In London and around Bristol, Bath...

Fair enough, streets tend to be filthy up north. The shops around the corner from me are disgusting, there's always litter there too

it's nothing compared to Spain

not that it makes it acceptable here

Most of French cities were build a long time ago. Streets and sidewalk are narrower and small. Overall, the french infrastructures are harder to clean...


Dogs and arabs.

Because of the ooze the frenchman leave naturally behind him

>Brown people by day
>Drunken white kids peeing by night

If you wander in a small town where there is neither immigration nor yough, the streets are pristine.

je voule apprendre france ma il tres difficle :(

Vote for me. I will clean the France.

>je voule apprendre france ma il tres difficle

peut aussi bien apprendre arabe heheh

Because we employ immigrants for cleaning the streets instead of homeless people who would kill to get a job.

Because unlike many other cities, Paris doesn't cast out the hobos out of the city center, so there's more baggars and more peoplepissing in the streets and stuff