What do American millennials really even know about "Socialism"?

What do American millennials really even know about "Socialism"?

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they are liberal


If the internet is anything to go by, the vast majority of Americans have extremely limited knowledge of any type of politics when compared to the rest of the world.

>looks like a 45-year-old

Nothing, I imagine.

They know it's not evil Trump and evil capitalism.

meh, what would former commies know about socialism anyway?

Would you trade the Scandinavian model for American style merchantilism?

This. I guess that's what living in an olichargy with literal political dynasties will do to you.. Americans cannot imagine dealing with puriformity in politics. Even 'non established' candidates are forced to join the Republican (Trump) or Democratic (Sanders) party to have a serious chance of running for president... The GOP and DNC decide what happens at any given time, and it's very rare for independants to get a foothold. As I said, even Sanders, who held an independent seat in the Vermont senate needed to join the Dems..

>Would you trade the Scandinavian model for American style merchantilism?

That's something everyone has been repeating here in Spain for the last 20 years.
>Why be how we are if we can be like Norway!
Because we are a lot more, have a totally different climate, land and approach to life and we lack OIL.

It's really not, all jokes aside. We're in the middle of a political upheaval and there are a lot of intelligent, well-informed people choosing sides here.

The real problem here is how American media functions and the shameful way in which our government is run.

My thoughts exactly, Netherfriends.

"Social democracy" is the term you are looking for in any case.

Socialism = nationalization of the means of production

I guess the internet lets the idiots be more vocal, and that reasonable people exist to a larger degree in real life, but compared to others Americans appear to lean towards false dichotomies and sports-team-shitflinging far more often in political discussions.

You're right, Finland. Though in America, shit for brain leftists refer to it simply as Socialism because they are retarded. It's unfortunate because I agree with their sentiment most of the time.

Can I live in your basement?

Pay reparation

one of it called national socialism

This is a valid point.
The consequences of living under an Oligarchy for over a century, no doubt.

>Can I live in your basement.
Ask my parents, it's their basement.
T. Will soon have been NEET for a year.


Call it if you will, the question was originally for the Norwegian guy.


Americans love to brag about how they have the best healthcare in the world but apparently not all that many can afford it.

We don't do much bragging about our healthcare at all. What you're thinking of is our advanced healthcare technologies! We have some of the best doctors and equipment in the world, the problem is that not many people can afford to actually utilize it without going into temporary-long term debt.

Oh hello I see I have found myself another fellow 9Gagger *brofist* XD

Thanks my germanic Volksgenosse.

It's not just leftist, it's the whole population.

Any advocate for free education or healthcare is tarred and feathered as a socialist.

Political views:I want free stuff.

Her looks correspond very well to her social and political stance.

Most of those posting under the US flag on Cred Forums, are self-hating whites and progressive millennials of the following type:


They are extremely skilled in socialism





I wish American feminists would form a terrorist organisation called the feministas and bomb sperm banks

Why the fuck do we get the worst things from our colonizers? We're as corrupt and lazy as the Spaniards and Philippine politics is just the same with America but much worse.

Hell is other people.

Socialism sounds like paradise for students until they get their first pay check and see how greedy jews IRS is.

A french guy said once : "If you're young and not socialist you're heartless, if you're adult and still socialist you're stupid"

>be millenial
>be self-called socialist progressive marxist
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Fucking morons

she's 23, just has celt genes that make her age like milk


>Americans love to brag about how they have the best healthcare in the world