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finnish conscripts are hawt

my friend is there now

should women be conscripted too?
i cant see why not

They could be used to fill the non-combat roles

yes, if they don't have children.

I know that feel


Yes, equal rights should come with equal responsibilities after all.


No. 1/3 of our army are women. It's a disgrace.

One of my classmates had to leave class because conscription, don't know how long though

Is it that bad?

Just 2 years being in bond getting paid 100$ per a month.
Not that bad huh?

there shouldn't be conscription in the first place

you can make lot of friend.
You can get muscles.
you can get rid of drug addictions
pros of conscription

2 years? That's a lot of mornings. You guys count them?

i heard korean male idols lifetime is over when conscription lel

Still you'll come out a tougher man

and korean sports players are crazy to get a medal in olympic to get conscription exemption because 2 years of blank will kill their sports life effectively kek

this is what women actually beleive

>I volunteered to serve my country unlike these pathetic conscript pukes

They are only half right

t. IRA

Don't blow up anything in NI, Paddy


t. II/10 362

yes but they should work in factories paid below minimal wage since that's what the optimal distribution of manpower would be during an actual conflict

Do not worry , I was like you.
Time goes.
But it goes like slugs.

when i was Pvt. my senior army senpai said this to me.

there have never been wiser words said, my friend

the 5AM bus awaits me tomorrow, reporting for duty on the Devil's mother.

they should be conscripted to a camp to learn how to be housewives

>tfw reservist
>tfw comfy training once a month with fire exercises and none of the boredom.
Kinda wish conscription existed here.

>mfw all the advertisements for army jobs here trick people by appealing to their sense of adventure
The army is a very special kind of prison. I honestly feel sorry for all you conscription lads.

Do everything to get fired, be as shitty as you can during physical tests, be late and lazy, get fat, everything you can but don't be disrespectful.

T. Avoided conscription 7 years ago


Conscription of france? i heard them for first

How long period you guys should serve?

wew, i was honestly considering signing away 9 years of my life for that

>tfw they no longer teach proper pinkka folding in the FDF

What do, lads?

I'm from Switzerland, I'm in Paris for work.

That method.

Dosen't that make you be treated as an outcast? when you're in the conscription?

Shit in a public bin

이게 뭔일이다냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나 상근으로 7개월 남았는데요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

그냥 7개월 시간 안가서 쓴건데 어디 갓현역으로 입대하는것마냥 씨부려들대네

Good luck my brother in Arms

Don't you get free food?

Well I was not the only one doing so and we would laugh about it.

Maybe some didn't like it but no way in he'll I'd have stayed there. In the end I was just considered unable by the officials and sent back home.


>2 years
>$560 """allowance"""" a month
>Spend weeks, if not months in camp
>No temperate climate, so it's a summer hell all year round

Hold me lads

>mfw they're bringing conscription back
It does the youth good to experience some physical hardship, camaraderie and discipline. Also, the security of the state is the responsibility of every citizen. It should not be pushed off on volunteers and mercenaries.

How long you should be in the army, guys? My term starts in next two weeks, I really don't want to waste whole year for this useless shit, but my parents strongly oppose my point

>his country has mandatory conscription


No, they should do mandatory civilian duties instead, like the beta numanlets here did as an alternative to conscription.

you're gay

go watch Northern Limit Line

Easy in Korea

Is dedovchina still a think in the Finnish army?

Ironically enough, some of the best places to live like Switzerland are third world by definition.

>German calling anyone beta


Hehe mm I'm sure gender studies and lqbtq awareness really is going to make men of the boys who are sent there

Not that it matters, swedish conscription was a fucking joke anyway. There were so few places to fill that simply not wanting to do it was reason enough for an official pass.

>tfw no conscription.

>How long you should be in the army

About 7 months
I'm not a soldier on active duty
i am Full-time military service :p

That's russian word. Are you slav?


literally the manlets of the western world

At least I won't die from poisonous abbos or solar flares.

7 months is a good term, but 12 is too big, NEEEET I DONT WANT TO SQUANDER WHOLE FUCKING YEAR, THERE IS NOTHING GOOD IN IT ((((

no you'll just die from either neo-nazis or refugees

we stopped the boats adolf, you can't even put up a fence

>military in ads
>fight balrogs, climb mountains and stop terrorists from launching their nuclear missile bombs
>military in reality
>paint grass green, stand around doing nothing and eat dog food that didn't meet the standards

sounds like russian army, are you proxy

What's the point of devoting your precious time and life to your smelly land and people when your cunt technically has nothing effective to do about China and the North's military?

To learn how to safely dismantle explosive Samsung phones?

Well, just look at you. You did not do conscription and you turned into a pathetic man-child.

i love it when japanese people post

they're like comrades in shitposting but unironic

Of course the army pays for your upkeep while you are there, they will also pay your rent atleast here.

That would make every man who doesn't serve time a literal faggot and physically inferior to women.
Also men and women should serve together in the same company. Every man should be assigned a female soldier as a partner. That way they could share one sleeping bag. It would be cost-effective and potentially increase our birth rates.

t. psykfallsanon

A lot of borderline gay shit happened while I was a conscript that I'm not proud of

>This post

Inte ens nära.

>borderline gay shit
This happens in every army, especially in the showers.

Absolutely not. They would just create logistical problems and be in the way. Fighting wars has been a job done by men since the dawn of times.

Remember, what is gay in the civilian is just brotherhood in the army.

Hehe mm

An example: accidentally rubbed my dick against a fat dudes ass in the shower and acie3ntally touched more than 1 dick

No homo

I accidentally got a boner when my squad mate fell and landed on my pelvis with his ass

>35 guys sitting on each-other's groins in the back of one DAF
>bumpy Võru roads


It's not gay, it's brotherhood

I would have liked military service.

I feel you m8, I feel you (literally xDDD)

>To learn how to safely dismantle explosive Samsung phones?

You need to be a bomb specialist to do that

t. a jew or Hilary Clinton

>Medical examination for military service
>A 60yo male doc fondles with my balls and pulls back my foreskin
>Then asks me to bend over as he runs his finger around my asshole

Not even in the army yet and already gay af

IRA doesnt count

>he wants to die for feminists and niggers

I remember this shit too. Got a little half chub as the doc was touching my nuts

Bra bajsbrevat. Du är väl stolt, hoppas jag.


What the fuck? That's too gay even for us.

He was checking for testicular cancer, hemorrhoids and phimosis. He is an health care professional and I respect that.

My fucking older bro got a 30yo woman in Paide as the doc. jelly af.

was the doctor pajeet?

No he was Russian. Also USA pls tell me your cunt conscript doc does this too or was i molested?

Estonia was literally raped and sexually harassed by old Russian man XD

Anything you do, just don't let your Filipino maid carry your army bag when you get home.

Who says I didn't like it :^)

9 week? It's 9 months here wtf

We don't rape our conscripts, like in russia.

Best time of my life, served one year as a truck driver aka candy eater

Feels like I'm in prison desu

Having a 5 day camp in forest soon, fuck everything

How do you shower and shit during conscription?

forest>barracks any day nigguh, fuck all that särmä nonsense when you could be getting your korpisoturi on

Fast and efficiently

>Be a careless friendless teenager playing MMOs in the early 2000's
>Only friends are online from different countries, but we're all the same age pretty much
>End of senior year, everyone goes out to college, I wait for conscription for more than half a year
>All of them already have a second degree and a proper job at 25
>American friend bought a house when he was only 24
>I only finished my BA recently and still live with my parents

Somehow, those 3 years in the army feel really significant. Like my time stopped at a crucial point when I was supposed to somehow grow up, or learn to manage as an adult. I didn't even do anything significant. I was just an office worker in the army. What was the point of it all...

Fuck 2 hour guard shifts in middle of night and eating outside. Would be bearable if it didn't rain during every single camp.

Someone has to defend south korea from comunism.
USA wont our asses forever
In Spain we are faggots because the abolished conscription in the 90s

What is it with Cred Forums and Rhodesians?

You aspies seem to worship them.

It was a great country ruined by political correctness.

They stood up to comusim and race mixing actual martyrs

>tfw joined the air force.

>Best feeling in the world


Best /balt/ right here

And stuff that's considered "gay" in the military is straight up illegal in civilian life

9 weeks is just basic training. After that is 1 years 6 months of service in your unit.

>raffle to determine conscription
>choose a winner

KEK enjoy conscription fags, not even ladyboys get out of this

Is it possible to dodge nasty bullying by your seniors in the Korean military?

Retarded racist fuck

>mfw served in the worst place imaginable
>mfw I'm a badass now

>You can get muscles.


5 months and i'm done with this cuckscription

never ever again

i feel fine

why do finncucks have conscription?

protect against russian threat?

Conscription is not so bad, unless you're some sort of massive failure who can't hack it. Yes it's potentially the government pissing away your time, but on the other hand you're basically getting paid--albeit a pittance--to get fit and shoot shit. And no one can blame you personally for being a drain on resources/a glorified welfare babby, because you have no choice in the matter.

1340 km border with ryssä

Yes. Same reason we used to have it and are now getting it back.

>You can get muscles.
That's not how army works.


9 weeks for BASIC military training. Basically, it's boot camp. Afterwards we fuck off to any other specialised vocation

> he thinks soliders get fit

pffffft. let me redpill you civilian

infantry are basically just 18yo with basic combat training, they almost never have time and motivation to train hard and the military usually doesn't invest too much in gym equipment to train them and worst of all the food in the millitary is dogshit for muscle building, they're just "strong" in the sense they are young and healthy and don't even get me started on tank crewmen and artillery troops. only SF are genuine tough guys


>guy sleeping
>rifle is on AUTO, looks cocked as well
Goddamnit what a fucking disgrace

How Jewish is the IDF regarding conscript pay.

>tfw I was supposed to head over to Dragsvik four years ago
>tfw my mom told me that if I went I wouldn't have a home to come back to
>tfw I had to forge doctor's note saying I was unfit for conscription
>tfw I damn well wish I would've gone and come back with awesome stories

Is it too late?


Is your mom a leftist traitor?

No, she's a Swede.

>wanted to conscript
>didn't got accepted
>later saw how shit it is for the conscript
>everybody told me to go to the army school instead

Dodged a bullet there. Still gonna try to be a federal agent after college.

It's the first time I hear of a Swede/Finn couple where the Swede is female desu.

Conscription was awesome. Like a 12 month summer camp.

Sure but no mixed units

What did you actually expect?

At least having the weapon on fucking safe

are u wana die in favela ?

Step it the fuck up fämi, there was a swedofinn, or whatever the fuck you lot are called, GIRL serving in a finnish speaking base where I served

Problem is that my padre never bothered to teach me Finnish, so I would have to head over to Dragsvik anyway.

If I was the dictator of Canada I would implement a mandatory peacetime conscription program for all healthy males aged 18-30. Warrior culture is the best culture.

All the commands are in Finnish even in there to make sure the unit can co-operate with others.

The rest is in Swedish I quess.

I'm a Finlandsvensk. Where do i go?

Can't be too difficult to memorize huomio and lepo.

the muhreens in dragsfjärd

That's police job.

Tropa de Elite was a great movie.

Well, as long it's consensual...

First one, second was pretty shit.

Yes and no IMO, yes because we can fill necesary spaces in the military and everyone has a good taste of discipline but at the same time no because women are seen as acceptable targets and many countries do not have laws that protect women in these spaces.

Well I imagine in an army composed of effete Jewish 'men' and Jewesses, the basic training is laughable. But back in the day, South African Defense Force basic training consisted of marching and running while carrying purposefully awkward to carry 25kg iron weights for as long as the DS felt like, then doing obstacle courses until everyone in the unit literally could no longer stand. Then you got to rest, have a meal, then start on some combat training, which also usually involved several kilometers of running, but in full gear.

You DEFINITELY got fit.

No, not really.

After a while you start reacting automatically, so the officers like to fuck with you like:

>AAAASEmalaituri xDDD

Avoided the draft by working in the army for 2 years instead. Actually got to ride together with cops and bust unfortunate sons from the bed straight to the van. Shit was comfy

coastneegers job looks pretty dänk tbqh



They should be conscripted to satisfy the needs of the male conscripts

Lol no, why, we're not busting druglords or anything. They just sent a few bulky officers and me as a conscription centre representative

wow what a bitch your mom is
you had a chance to become a MAN

>still no austrians in this thread

Having unsatisfied needs that can only be satisfied by avoiding the patrols and jumping the fence is part of the training.

Didn't knew you could conscript as a police officer there. Nice.

>not even ladyboys get out of this
thats hot, they must be busy AND make a lot of money

t.feminist womyn

holy shit i kekd my self
based nip

bring a pack of chewing gum to conscription office

Seeing a vintorez makes me angry because it's not an AS Val, which makes me moist.
This is normal right?

This gun looks like a glock-ar15 inbred with mutated silencer on it

>successfully evaded conscription once and for all, didn't even bribe anyone


>teaching a bunch of """swedish""" somalians and arabs military techniques


>Weedman will actually do this when he gets reelected for no reason

go bacc to lereddit

Childish shit like that is why I didn't bother with my conscription.

>tfw civilian service instead of conscription.



When I was in the reserve they used to ambush people in the showers and beat them up with brushes/mops and throw buckets of cold water on them

Rofl no, they are horrible. These volunteer women that we have, it's like 95% of them only come there to get fucked by male conscripts.

>tfw army officials check our phones routinely for porn
>tfw my friend sent some gay porn to my phone via whatsapp
what the FUCK how is this allowed???

Nah, not anymore. It was pretty bad in the 50s and more or less stayed the same until 90s. Nowadays it's very different. Pretty much all useless stuff has been left out and everyone only focuses on the training.

What? :o


kv. no standing army

>mfw 24
>still haven't done military/civil service
>postponed it about 3 times for different reasons
Is there an age when I can just not have to do it any more?

Sort of; an otherwise good soldier shouldn't be turned away because of sex, but also the standards for combat duty shouldn't differ for men and women.

This in any case. We haven't had conscription since Vietnam.


It's for leaning how to be tamed as emotionless robot workslave, japan.

We're just trying to protect our traits to be like true asian in asia

Nope. At 28 or 29 you are forced to do your service if you still live in Finland.

t. father postponed it until he was 28 because he had his own company to run.


>tfw conscription is over
no more comfy forest trips with great friends and messing around at the barracks and back to being an unemployed friendless loser

I don't plan on living in Finland at that age. So if I'm abroad it won't matter then, they'll just forget about it? Or will I be arrested if I come back kek

Sleep deprivation and stress (cortisol) plummet anabolic hormones like GH and Testosterone and raise estrogen

The diet might be below requirements for all the physical activity. You lose weight, but in average weight loss, 2/3rds is fat and 1/3rd is muscle

The exercise is all endurance and punishment rather than lifting for size, most people shrink

That's still a pretty important service.

Yes, but as roles in which they are less likely to die.
>inb4 mens rights cucks

>TFW Not even a member of NATO


as a soldier myself I just can say they are retarded as fuck, have absolutely no sense of camaraderie, if someones fuck up they just accuse one another, they prefer to burn the entire company to acknowledge they fucked up, in every single march man ends carrying their equipment because they just not have the endurance required to do it, they usually lose their weapons, etc etc etc

from a company of 50 woman I just can rescue 3 of them, the rest are shitsacks

They won't forget it as you will not be given a Finnish passport pass the age 28 if you haven't done your service.

IIRC you have to have the citizenship of another country and have to live outside of Finland for at least 7 years for you to exempt from service.

The role of man is exploration and war, women's role is motherhood. You can restore population if you have all women and some man, but you can't do it with all man and some women. The western governments are destroying the basic rules of man kind now.

If they are sterile

I forgot they get pregnant in the first or second year and are licensed for months to end and if they are pretty they just sex her way up, they are absolutely whores

damn, I'm mad

Three more years and I don't have to fear my C-papers being revoked.

Well fuck me, I have dual citizenship but I don't want to give up my Finnish citizenship just to get out of doing it. LITERALLY modern slavery

Any Americans ITT reading this? Is it possible for me to join the US Navy without American citizenship?

Conscription isn't that bad and it helps build solidarity between the different social classes in Finland.

Giving at the most a year of your life to serve your homeland isn't that big of a sacrifice.

Honestly you're going to be working for 40 to 50 years in your life. One year of conscription is basically nothing.

>LITERALLY modern slavery

Literally whining. Just do it.

>Oh yeah user i forgot that all Finland is now is feminists and nignogs. I myself am both!

Oot varmaan pikkolopakottaja, kunnon psykoosit päällä.

Most of you NATO boys will be vomiting your guts out from neutron bomb exposure.
I'd go to prison if i had to. Knowing the state of the Swedish prison system.

>civilian duties instead, like the beta numanlets here did as an alternative to conscription.

The most beta behavior a man can engage in is going along with the herd.
Sweating and training to become cannon fodder, so he can feel accepted by everyone around him.
A true alpha male chooses to sit in a storage cellar, peeling 9000 potatoes with a smug smile on his face.

>they lose their weapons

How the fuck do you even manage that?

don't worry, your training will be needed one day when you have to fight off hordes of muslims that want to exterminate all jews from earth

imagine that someone rests a gun against a wall to lift a box and he lose sight of the weapon

superiors are ordered to take them

you never ever detach of your weapon

it's one of the worst things you can do, it's s a guarantied live movement and a sanction

the fug u talkin about facist?

also, I remember one day we where practicing with compasses in a forest, we were divided into groups of two, someone rested his Fal over his backpack and it ended hanging on a tree, we expended the day looking for it

>the basic rule of mankind

There's no conscription in the US, given that we have far more than enough volunteers to support the army and that Vietnam kinda ruined the draft for us. However, there is still the Selective Service System, a system in place in case of the hypothetical reintroduction of conscription that all male citizens must register for within 30 days of their 18th birthday or else risk losing Federal benefits like Student Loans or Government Employment. However, they stopped actively enforcing it in 1986.

happened to a guy in my fire team

>rest ur RK against a tree
>go take a nap inside the tent during a 6 day camp in winter
>get woken up by mr sergeant who tells u to go do stuff
>yes sir
>come back and forget all about ur raifu
>getting dark, remember ur RK is still resting on that tree
>what tree

and then everyone searches that rifle for 3 fucking hours until some guy tells us that he moved it into the tent because he didnt know whose it was???

There's something called "hazard acclimation" or "hazard blinding," and by a bunch of other names, where of people who handle dangerous materials or tools during their daily lives become used to it and stop being so careful. They do shit like handle chemicals with their bare hands, leave a gun in the car instead of holstering it, or they stop paying attention to whatever else.

We had an undercover cop in Waterloo who forgot his gun in his car. Apparently it was in a bag or something, and some petty criminal stole it out the window. This dude had been a cop for eight years, but they forced him into re-training because he fucked up so badly.

I had a professor get a chemical burn because he used toluene every day and gradually forgot the safety procedures. Eventually, he encountered the one bottle that wasn't screwed shut correctly, and splashed it all over his arms. He was pretty badly hurt and was hospitalized for a bit, but more embarrassed than anything since the other profs never let him live it down.

People just get used to danger and then they forget -- especially if they're stressed out. It's not excusable, but it does happen.

yeah and especially in the army, which is a mostly closed community you dont really worry about your rifle that much after the first few months, and we rarely use live munitions outside the range so you don't really think that you are responsible for a tool that could kill dozens of people if it would go missing

>rest ur RK against a tree

just no no

>go take a nap inside the tent

no such things as a nap not even in the company, when we are in the field we sleep 4 hours, if we aren't doing an exercise were nobody sleeps during two or three days

>the basic rules of mankind
The descriptive rules.

i never left my rifle out of my sight but a lot of people did

when you spend weeks in the forest with little to no supervisors other than other conscripts, discipline isn't that strict

In non-combat positions.

gotta fight kim.

why aren't you horseback riding with arrows?

fake injury and get sent to mess hall.

Its always first world males who whine about conscription, meanwhile when was the last time anyone was conscripted to fight in an actual war? Vietnam?? By the oh-so-privilege Boomers? Yeah that's what I thought.

it was penis inspection day.
it's normal.

>penis inspection day.
I've never had a conclusive answer as to whether this was just a meme or something that actually happens, or since it seems like it varies by country where it actually happens.

Food was good tho

>S Koreans get conscripted mandatorily
>Move to America knowing how to use and handle firearms
>Become roof Koreans
Sounds unfair but also good in the long run.

>in 3 months

fug :D

South Africa cut them off to die. Then South Africa died themselves. That's what you get.

>forced conscription
>they reject me

We don't have conscription.

Sounds a lot like our volunteer ones ayyy

>tfw aussies cannot stop shitposting even in service

they are supposed to be professionals, not conscripts

this army has no future, pls invade