Summer's almost over

>Summer's almost over


Yeah pretty much here. Darkness is on the way

I think you mean winter

>life's almost over

What is the Australian winter like?


Yeah, no not all of us are autistic and actually go out and enjoy nice weather.

Mild and wet

Winter weather is better than that FUCKING burning ball of fire above your head all day. I'm not an African.

>FUCKING burning ball of fire above your head all day
Dutch don't experience anything like this

normies get out

Burning ball of fire? What the fuck are you even talking about? No flags here are from africa or ME

Your summers are perfect you dont even have bad humidity in europe you fucking baby.

Winter is fun for maybe three days or when you go snowboarding and the rest of the time its miserable shit.

>Your summers are perfect you dont even have bad humidity in europe you fucking baby.

We are living in a swamp.

Ive been to germany and poland in the summer and it was perfect. I cant imagine your country is any different.

If you had bad humidity everyone would have an AC like they do here.

Hell even on humid days I like summer more. At least your shoes dont get dirty and people are actually outside doing shit.

Today is literally perfect:

>little bit of clouds
>light breeze


alri great granddad

Netherlands and Belgium are pretty humid though

Opkankeren autist

>Not going out skating, sledding and ice-boating in Winter for good times

m8 pls.. That said, this long after summer is pretty nice. Had a dinner in a friend's garden last Friday and a bbq with work on Saturday.. Pretty swelll we still could this late in September. One of my colleagues even took a dive in the lake, which would have been freezing tier the same time last year. Global warming is a delicious thing.

Krijg huidkanker.

>Global warming is a delicious thing.
>global warming

Hoekkig hoor.


>being sad about this
Dumb normalfag frogposter. Assholes who assume 25+ degree weather is pleasant need to be shot

Summer to me is 18 to 25°C

>skating, sledding and ice-boating
Like once every leap year when that's actually possible?


like ur mum lmoa

>>Summer's almost over

>mfw had no idea that its summer coz all i did everyday was to shitpost here and stay in home under the AC

it gets better eventually, right?

>Summer's just around the corner

How can you survive withouth fresh air and daylight?

well, i go to the store and shit


i hate daylight

Thank god.
The last few weeks were like hell. Over 30°C.

When I feel too warm or start sweating, I become aggressive.

> summer is approaching

>what is summer

Good, fall is the best season.

> can finally stop wearing shitty restricting jackets and long pants and just walk around in summer pants and a t shirt all day
and i swear beer tastes incredible on a hot day

>his country doesn't have seasons

>Those days when it's cold as fuck in the morning and then hot as shit in the afternoon
Kill me.

>tfw live in Cali and it's summer all year round
Pretty good

Classic Australia

> be british
> can't survive any extremes

>9°C on the thermometer
>better get prepared for +30 inside with 0% humidity because of fucking central heating
straya, you are not alone anymore