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Unfortunately I saw the Time Magazine cover with the 5 year old sucking moms titty. Plus she's nursing an adopted child from Africa.

Could these kid still nurse off her as teenagers?

Is there a limit on how long mothers can produce milk? Will the breast keep producing milk as long as a kid is nursing off it?

Makes me wonder if that Dugger woman has been nursing those 20 kids of hers non-stop.

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I'm pretty sure there's no correlation and one doesn't even need to have been pregnant to produce milk in the first place. Can't surrogate or adoptive moms produce milk given the stimulation?

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There's change, and then there's change for the worse.

I didn't pay attention the articles, thought he was complaining about the layout.
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Well, one could say the wording and the very idea of autistic lists about weaponised animals is cringeworthy, so you never know with these things.

I miss Seanbaby anyway.

Stories about weaponised animals are almost always hilarious though.

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That's a three year old she's breastfeeding on the cover, and in a pose the photographer put them in rather than the usual half-sitting position breastfeeding toddlers take. She does not feed her child standing up, like a calf and a cow.

Typically, a (male or female) breast will produce milk as long as it's properly stimulated to do so; there are countries where children are breastfed until 5 or older b/c of a lack of nutritious food. There have been women throughout history who were paid wet-nurses for years and years; that was their job.

This is a factual question.

How long can a human breast produce milk? There should be a physical limit.

You wouldn't expect that it would be possible for a 8 or 10 year old child to breastfeed from mom. But is it possible?

Men can lactate usually under unusual conditions, but from stimulation alone? I find it difficult to believe if I hooked up a electric breast pump to a normal adult male he would just start lactating.

Cracked immediatly went to shit when they allowed people they didn't hire to write articles for them.

Also when Seanbaby left because they didn't allow him to swear anymore.

>You wouldn't expect that it would be possible for a 8 or 10 year old child to breastfeed from mom. But is it possible?
Why would you think that? Mammary glands produce as long as they're asked and able to do so.
>Men can lactate usually under unusual conditions, but from stimulation alone? I find it difficult to believe if I hooked up a electric breast pump to a normal adult male he would just start lactating
You're right as that's not proper stimulation. Lactation can be stimulated by any number of means, be they herbal, hormonal or by physical manipulation.


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>Lactation can be stimulated by any number of means, be they herbal, hormonal or by physical manipulation.
Can you provide some evidence for this claim that males are able to lactate through physical manipulation?

Bing's interface is ugly as all hell.

I would speculate that combining herbal or hormonal protocols w/ the physical manipulation of a breast pump would be more successful for men to lactate but some have written otherwise.

It's faster than Google, also it doesn't censor stuff. Google blocks various search terms that rustle their personal jimmies.


>The little anthropological evidence documented suggests it is possible. In the 1896 compendium Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, George Gould and Walter Pyle catalogue several instances of male nursing being observed. [...]

Jack Newman, a Toronto-based doctor and breast-feeding expert, insists that in order to produce milk, a hormone spike must occur. [...]

Newman explains that medical disruptions involving prolactin, the hormone necessary to produce milk, have resulted in spontaneous lactation. Thorazine, a popular antipsychotic used in the mid-20th century, impacted the pituitary gland—the pea-size endocrine gland located near the base of the brain—often causing it to overproduce prolactin. If prolactin levels remained high, milk could follow. [...]

In a 1995 article for Discover titled "Father's Milk," Pulitzer Prize-winning author and one-time physiologist Jared Diamond reconciles the nipple stimulation and hormone quandary, pointing out that such stimulation can release prolactin. He also notes that starvation—which inhibits the functioning of hormone-producing glands as well as the hormone-absorbing liver—can cause spontaneous lactation, as observed in survivors of Nazi concentration camps and Japanese POW camps in World War II.

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"In 1999, Philip Morris courted officials of the Czech Republic by explaining how smoking would in fact help their economy, due to the reduced healthcare costs from its citizens dying early."

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You have to admit, fewer people died in nursing homes from Alzheimer's back when they were smoking like chimneys and dying at 60-70.

My Google Search Says:

As for the question about a time limit on female lactation, AFAIK it's correct that there's no physical limit on the natural duration of lactation, as long as periodic suckling stimulation keeps the prolactin flowing. Apparently induced lactation can occur even in postmenopausal women.

And when you consider how vitally important breastfeeding has been for the survival of offspring throughout most of human history, you can kind of see why having more emergency options for producing breast milk might be evolutionarily advantageous.

So it's possible to be a lifelong lactator?

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Those are all unusual conditions, ditto for hormone supplements.

Supposedly there's a 19th century account of a wet nurse who was still working at 85, although spotty record keeping in those days meant that her exact age wasn't clear, but she was definitely over 60.

.that's not "normal". Most women don't lactate nearly that long. But that could be because most women don't want to or try to, so we don't really know what the "normal" limit is. Most women can lactate as long as they keep extracting milk, whether it be by mouth, hand or, if they're lucky, pump. (Some women can't extract milk with a pump at all - babies don't remove milk by sucking exactly, but by compression. Pumps suck, and only work for some.)

There have been substantiated reports of male lactation, but again, it's not "normal". It's probable that they have some sort of hormonal issue going on that hasn't been diagnosed...especially probable as most of these reports come from third world countries, where the medical care is a bit different than ours.

But many (I don't know if it's "most") non-biological mothers, non recent mothers and fathers can lactate if you give them enough hormones first. The most common therapy involves giving high doses of estrogen/progesterone (birth control pills) and domperidone - a medication that indirectly increases prolactin levels - for a few months (if possible) and then abruptly stopping the estrogen/progesterone. This mimics the hormone pattern of pregnancy and then childbirth. Nipple stimulation is generally advised, as well. Sometimes herbs such as blessed thistle and fenugreek are suggested too. Google Newman-Goldfarb Protocols if you want to know more.

There are special feeders which adoptive parents can use to help things along. Basically a bottle or bag of milk or formula is hung around the parent's neck with a tube that goes around to the nipple. The tube and nipple are placed in the infant's mouth. As the child feeds, he gets milk from the tube and the stimulation increases the prolactin level in the parent. Ideally, the parent begins to produce his/her own milk and the bottled milk and tube are discontinued. Google Lact-aid supplementer for more information.

I don't think anybody here has claimed that human males lactate except under unusual conditions.


There's this guy. (What's up with the woman sitting in the bathtub full of milk?)

Have you ever actually seen a father(or even read of one in medical journals) actually successfully doing this and breast feeding a child???

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Wow. I would have thought the hormone changes in menopause would have stopped milk production.

Ok this brings up the obvious question. Did primitive societies use women instead of livestock for milk production? If a primitive tribe had no cows or goats, but hey had fifty women and a bucket.

That wouldn't fly today. That's for sure. But, it might be a solution for a very primitive tribe.

Even men with prolactin secreting tumors of the pituitary gland (where elevated prolactin levels are sustained for years and at levels far in excess of those produced by manual stimulation) rarely, if ever, lactate.

That observation reminds us that only a breast primed by sufficient estrogen will respond to prolactin stimulation to produce milk. So unless a man also has abnormally high estrogen levels as well as high prolactin levels (no matter how induced), he will almost never lactate.

A single goat can outproduce a woman any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Even superlactators can't match a cow or a yak.

And before modern breast pumps, there was really no good way to milk a woman unless the milker swallowed the milk. Most of us can't get more than a few dribbles or quick squirt by hand, and as I said before, many of us can't even get out much milk with a good pump. Udders are better than breasts for milking without immediate consumption.

In pre-modern times it was hard to milk a human female except by direct suckling.

Probably more importantly, though, it's unlikely that any early humans drank breast milk after young childhood, except in very unusual circumstances. AFAIK, no other mammalian species habitually consumes mother's milk in adulthood (because they, like early humans, habitually become lactose-intolerant at that stage), and I don't know any reason to think that humans would have done so.

Probably most importantly of all, though, it's not efficient to feed a female perfectly good people-food just in order to get milk from her. If you've got enough high-quality omnivore-diet sustenance to keep a "milch woman" lactating, you might as well just eat it yourself and skip the dairy-production step. The only people who can't eat regular people-food instead of breast milk are infants, so it makes sense to restrict breast milk production to infant use only.

The advantage to using ruminants instead of humans when it comes to dairy farming (besides the greater yield and greater ease of milking that WhyNot mentioned) is that they produce all that milk on a diet of pasture grass that is nutritionally useless (or at least very low-value) to you. They turn low-calorie forage that you mostly can't eat anyway into high-protein, high-calorie milk that you can.

I can't find a cite at the moment, but I am pretty sure I have heard of something like this among desert dwellers in southern Africa. Certain women of the tribe would be kept fat so that they could provide milk during times of drought.

I've always though that if a child is old enough that they could remember breastfeeding when the reached adulthood, maybe the child should not be breastfeeding.

I suppose the other problem with using women to produce milk is that they have not been bred, like goats or cows, for the best configuration to be milked. Unfortunately, society is going in the wrong direction on this, since silicone implants don't help with milk production, and nobody is selecting for easily manually milkable nipples. There are breast pumps, though. I wonder if they make electric/vacuum ones...

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Goats and cows already had udders before humans domesticated them. The specific reason we did domesticate them is because they were easily milked. Granted, selective breeding was used to enhance milk production, but the udders were already there.


>Unfortunately, society is going in the wrong direction on this, since silicone implants don't help with milk production, and nobody is selecting for easily manually milkable nipples
Most people with silicone implants can successfully breast feed. They don't help, but with modern surgical techniques and a good surgeon, they tend not to hinder, either.

Also silicone implants are not an inheritable trait. If your mother's bad boob job left her unable to breastfeed, that doesn't mean you can't breastfeed your infant.

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Compare a modern "Holstein" with the traditional cow of that sort. In the last century, intense breeding has produced a cow much larger and udders 2 or 3 times larger, so it produces significantly more milk. This of course is all milk gland - adding volume with silicone inserts does not increase milk production, it simply fools those desiring to select for the trait.

OK, I am thoroughly unfamiliar with the whole field of lactation with or without oral assistance. The only breast-pump I recall seeing was one on the news (or was it a comedy movie?) that was hand-pumped. So we have reached the stage where they function like at a modern dairy farm, there are just not any (I hope) designed to milk a whole herd of women at once...

Seriously, breastfeeding is a healthy and natural practice. Just, at a certain age, it is time to let go the things of a child.

A friend of mine lives in Ecuador and is married to an Indian woman. They have two kids and she routinely produces a liter of milk at each feeding. I haven't heard of white women managing that and doctors have told me when I brought it up "Pics or it didn't happen". Amerindian women tend to not have large frames or breasts either.

Breast size has nothing to do with milk output (protip: the breast works like a sweat gland, it does not "store" milk) and in fact large breasts may actually hinder milk output.

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