African Official Thread

Any other afrifag here?

Do you dance with spears around the fire?
Do you eat your tribals?
Do you have aids?
Do you rob ships with AK and rusty RPG-7?
Do you have bbc?
Do you like watermelons, basketball and KFC?

I have seen Northern Africans pretty often, South African too, Nambia and Somalia a few times, Benin one time (problaby a proxy).

those are not very polite questions user
I can't speak for the others but I am not a proxy lol

also hey OP

Você fala português?

Internet there isn't very common, right?

Also, how does it feel to be the only meme country in Africa?

Ironically half these questions apply to Ukraine and other puppets of Russia

I just want to know memes are true or false

why do 90% of the flags use the same colours. get some originality, jeez

it's not and it goes away very often. we make fun of penin too here

we didn't have the option of plastering the union jack over ours

KFC and basketball is an African American thing, silly boy.

I'll plaster my cum on ur mum lmoa

are you a natives?

they're proxies

let me bring the micropipette to extract it then

ahh yes afrika

>Sudani humour

got you covered fampai

That actually looks nice, thanks bro


chbih mathamech /MA/ thread



Africans are doing well in Finland

All former colonies should be given the choice of defacing their flags with the union jack

I agree

We can at least praise the Queen besides Allah

bumpo lads.

bump for the rare flags

Let me in then.