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Spain user said this isn't complete.


L-ghonya l-ofisial taɛ l-xiṭ.


He ruined it by adding too many adjustments and details, this should have been the final result.

ayyyy lmao

What cultures represents the third and second flags?

Nroḥ cwiyya w nwelli, bumpiw thread bac maymutc.


To me it seems (from right to left):

Phoenician and Roman Berbers.
Mountain Berbers, especially Kabyles (Kingdoms of Kuku & Beni Abbès)
Moroccan and Tlemceni Dynasites.

You ruined the last thread you remember?

Fuck second one was meant for Sorry Dz bro





easy on the freudian slip haha

Ded edition

This actually looks nice but the Flags needs some shadowing just to fit in

i'm just going to make it more simple

great then

ok, no more

Good work!, love the flag waving effect

Any Tunisians here? I want to kick your asses

por qué marruecos lleva un desatascador?

it's a mace not a plunger

I thought it was the spaniard making cheeky joke about moroccans

The handler and overall angle make it look funny

True, but why would someone put the hair thing on a plunger?

it doubles as a duster?


I will make thread lively

Looks like it didn't work.
Were are they btw? is there a miboun fest?

Aside from the fucking snowflake morrocans that is.

Nice pic size, but I'm no roach so I can't see it



Wine > Beer

Tunisian Wine > Algerian Wine though.

Western Algeria wine is the best North Africa wine.
in 1950 Algeria produced more than 2/3 of the world's wine.

Abd el kader flag was so based

Any good bottle to recommend? I tried some from mascara and i found them awful. maybe it was just a bad year.

Medea is better, Mascaran wine is made by chinks.
and take it in spring btw.

Take back your guys please.

>/maghreb/ thread
>talks about vine

Why you want to be french so bad

Tiens au fait, pourquoi vous ne parlez pas français ? Ou Arabe ?

We can but it's trash, just like celtia/berber.

I do belive we have the best wine in the south mediterranean, but the crafting methods are still premitive and the vines not varied enough to achieve that godly taste that north meds have.

We don't. Wine isn't only French.
True, North Med wine > SouthWest Med wine > East Med wine

There were wine in north africa before france even existed.

Is it red wine? I'll try to remember the name.

yes it is

Tunisia's is table wine at best, gotta work on that pH


I was just asking.
But why not Arab though?




Because we are Berber masterrace

>j'ai décidé que tout ce beau monde basané et musulman parle arabe
>c'est quoi un barbare ?
>je suis pas raciste OKEH

we speak darja (not mutually intelligible with "arabe"), since not enough local posters are here we've using english instead

this though, when it's a maghrebi circlejerk we use Darja.

Pardon. J'étais pas raciste là mais ignorant.
Et Wikipédia me trompe aussi.
Du coup c'est aussi différent pour les Tunisiens et les Marocains ?

Sorry. I didn't know.

But written darja is ugly as fuck, please let's not do it again.

>Tunisia's is table wine at best
Depends, there's some worthy bottles.

If you ever come try bottles from Domaine Atlas, Domaine neferis or Chateau Bou Argoub.

Kima soua ta3 mok

T'inquiète, c'est compréhensible, et oui c'est la même chose pour la tunisie et le maroc.


3lash rahi qbe7a? Jk it is kinda

>But written darja is ugly as fuck
only when you write it in numbers like a peasent

I don't have latin berber phonetics

And this is exactly what they're doing.

We should do like malta and use the latin alphabet desu.

of those I have tried Domaine Atlas, the texture is a lot like South French wine but the finishing just isn't as good (although I imagined it would be taste more like Sicilian/Calabrese wine seeing the grographic location, but they use other grapes)

We can do that, need to know what some letter mean in Maltese though.


*cringes hard@ this thread*
just go back to mena you faggots

Thank you

Are there still some banu hilal descendents ?

yes, they are inbred and retarded though.

yes,they are great and fantastic though

Yes, beduins are the worst arabs tbf
1st arab wave was racist but the 2nd was horrible

the Peasants who are going to the cities are the worst.

t. abu nawwaf al-qa7tani

mena fags fuck off
amirite guys

Aldo Sterone-tier thread

hahaha we are too cool for mena lmao xDDDDD (but it's actually because we're soft fags who can't handle the bantz *wink*)

and you should fuck off too


Ar*bic civilization

>[on Banu Hilal] Their influx was a major factor in the linguistic, cultural, and ethnic Arabization of the Maghreb and in the spread of nomadism in areas where agriculture had previously been dominant

>Umg le burbur mudhut meme le Arab brought civilization
lmao delusional Araps

>where agriculture had previously been dominant
>implying berbers ever built anything by themselves

Arabs gave you islam, al andalus and everything to not be another slave of whatever european ethnicity

Actually they only gave us Islam, doesn't mean they can take our Achievements. Berbers revolted after a short while and established dynasties.
plus Numidia was way more civilized than Semitic nomads who bury their girls alive

whats funny about it is that fatimids (berbers) tried to use them but they got btfo

use what?

and made us slaves of a subhuman with golden shower fantasies instead?


Without arab administration we could never reach al andalus, plus the kingdom separated from umayyad caliphate only after the conquest

And berber wasnt even an identity before arab invading, berber come from barbars

I wanna marry tunisia

It was Tamazight.
and Tariq ibn Ziyad was a berber

>And berber wasnt even an identity
holy shit he actually believes this

Banu hilal

Its as stupid as saying beurettes are slaves to french people

Maghrebi girls goes to machrek to be prostitute and not the other way around

>He believes this
Ghassan please

he's right tho
also when did ghassan become an insult
hes a fun dude

Its a fact, there wasnt a north african culture before arab invadings, only different tribes sharing little to nothing on common

No he isn't
Go to Cred Forums to get some people to believe you or go to school to get corrected.

Lol i think you just projected your insecurity there

where are the mashriqi prostitutes in the maghreb again?

Where are the Maghrebi ones?

frenchfag spotted

maybe it's just a Maghrebi acting like he's French

immigrants from north africa always went to the east to the gulf and stuff not the other way around
im 100% there are prostitutes there


Sources to back up your claim?
Most prostitutes in UAE are Lebanese or Egyptian

>Most prostitutes in UAE are Lebanese or Egyptian
Sources to back up your claim?

go clean your room. no more porn and youtube for a week.

Go to Jumeriah clubs

it's common sense im not a poltard we both live in those region
i was never to the gulf so idk if they are indeed maghrebi its an assumption tho since maghrebis go there a lot
i never met a gulfies here not counting iraqis ofc

I see Libyan and Egyptian Prostitutes in Annaba


>tfw no maghrebian sorcerer gf
why even live

Nice image resolution Ping arab

Im on my phone sorry

Do you know we can have internet on telephone now 3robi ?

i know that but it's not an excuse to get really small Images.
plus phone posters are the worst.
Aravim wants to kill them

Let aravim kill themselves, maghrebian sorcery is an awesome thing

I know you suck at geography but neither of those countries are in the gulf


Still there aren't many Maghrebis in the gulf, if there were then I would be speaking good darja.

>harkis are so desperate they use hebrew to get an identity

>he says that while posting with a UAE flag
whatever mate

nice anecdote

>plus phone posters are the worst.
Rude desu

Most Harkis were Araps
Read my post for a second time.

To date such a girl, should I be muh converted to Islam?

>Most Harkis were Araps

Messali hadj was 100% arab

Kif intom l-aħwa ?

It's a stereotype so it isn't meant to be true

Most people who say this are either from the country themselves or a generation or two from the potato farm

No you need to convert to Paganism
There were many and I said Most for a reason
bħir khwya, ashrak?

I'm born from countryside and proud of it.

Great what about you?

notice how 80% of this thread is algerianfag talking to himself and being edgy

What I thought.

There's actually a lot of evidence that the French encouraged arabization in the Maghreb to make the local populace more servile


nope it isn't.
You're the edgy one here.
>Algerian olympic winner 1960

you mean Ravs?

Which one? the chink or based Osunaarashi?

that makes way too much sense

Why? by countryside I mean small comfy town.



I meant messali hadj was a drone for france and FLN gave the real independance, and most of berber independentists joined FLN

why are you loling? You're from Benghazi it's not even a town.
>Hillary will win the election and Libyanon will die.

Merħba xu.

FLN is still a shitty communist party.

>benghazi is not even a town
you really really need to pay attention in class

>Tfw you'll never get humped by Osunaarashi

Why even live?

These are outdated, our literacy rate is 80%

At least it has a based foreign policy and they brought a decent middle class

Yeah totally Kavis are decent middle class

also really doesnt matter youre still below average and if your literacy increased so did ours
our male literacy is 91% now i think

>I'm considered iliterate in tunisia

Fuck those statistics and fuck arabic script

kek really? wtf mate

>be bèrbere
>use the alphabet of your phoenician conquerors
cucked by mashriqis since antiquity


Our male one is 87%
better source than your wiki warrior shit

Everyone uses a type of Phoenician Alphabet but Phoenician looks nothing like Tifinagh.
Peasants who live in the city and think they're smart.

At least its better than moroccan slums


Tbanli nɛudu dima nehdru b' d-darja bac mayjuc wjuh zebbi hadu.

Win ruḥtu l-Mrarka w t-Twansa?

You know that greek and latin letters are also from Phoenicians .

Matasta3melch hal ayy lmao letters et a7ki bel ar9am bech nefhmouk

I don't read arabic, therefore i'm considered illiterate.

I've seen a few people there who can't read it either despite being fluent and being able to read french or english.

mani ɛeref yemken shghul

this is why Algeria is mostly "illiterate", it's just chinks and Berbers who don't know Arabic.

t. alfabi taɛ l-yhud

N-nwamer ydewwxuni, mahumc uniform mɛa l-ktiba l-oxra w matnejjemc tektub bihom jumal ṭwal, yeslḥu ghir mɛa chat.

Huwwa l-alfabi li nektub bih simple xlas w fih l-aswat l-koll, cuf:


>implying tifinagh is a language

When will this meme stop

Nisbat l-ummiya f Dzayer ḥabset f 12.3% had l-ɛam, hiyya l-εelya f camal efriqya wra ''''Libya''''

tifinagh is an alphabet. Tamazight is a set of languages.
rani 3eref kman loubia 3edhm nas qlal 3lsan hik huma a3la.

W8 until we do a new estimate that 79% thing was from fucking 2010

I'm a turk and i'm here to enslave your asses

Meant alphabet*

>Enslaving Maghrebis
you're just a dumb cuck that's what you are. Please go to /MENA/ because you're Cyrene

qesdi l-habta

Libya l-qaddafi yluḥu bark f les statistiques taɛhum, ɛla biha maci crédible. Ɛandha 30 sna kanet ṣaḥra mɛabbiya ɛorban w bla mdun, moḥal f generation waḥda yuṣlo 90% ghir ida qtelt koll wahed +50 sna.

it is a thing though, it's simplified alphabet.
Agemmasemmensayy is Traditional and it's barely written with (Though my parents taught me it)

hta law kanw 3ebaqyra kefach loubia mfesdah wfiyha lqtel wl azmat

that's no way to talk to your master slave

t.Egayptian Gayreek Miboun Rapebaby

Hiyya moḥal tzid ɛla 90% ḥetta ymutu c-ciyyab w l-ɛjayez l-koll.

Amma les générations l-jdud ɛandhom literacy taɛ 99.99%.

L-Libiyyin kanu (w mazalu) yruḥu l Tunes bac ydawiw, nuff said.

It has been created in the 60s by berber independentists (i.e. zog drones)

what said

wla, ma3ndhumsh loubia high hdi?? (Sarcasm)

Good thread. No more /mena/ ever again pls, not gonna lie

Fama dziria yimchiw ydawiw fi tounes zeda . el medcine min chwaya el 7ajet el behya eli b9at fi hel bled

Then what is this?

Pourtant d-Dziriya w l-Mrarka maɛendhumc muckil, balak xater neqraw Tamazight f l-ikol.

Zebbi diru effort w tɛellmu script meqdud, wac men nwamer w nemmi.

>old ass uncomplete alphabet is now legit

Hey lets reintroduce hittite alphabet and give it 80% of turkish influence just to legitimize a hittite identity

Why arent you namefagging ghassan

Im not ghassan and you cant make a decent point to defend your autistic crafted identity

I twensa meya9rawich tamazight
t7ibna nit3almou lougha kemla?

the oldest tifinagh was found ins kesra-tunisia
najem nef7mek ɛadi


Xdemt mɛa klinikat w ḥetta twansa yju hna, ça doit dépendre des spécialités xaṭer marra ceft Twansa f TV yectkiw men l-medsin f bladhum, tsemma macekkitc tkun top top.

Ti sehla el ɛ hiya 3a et c hiya cha

Maci lazem tetɛellem lugha kamla, script berk.


Hekom yetchakaw min el domaine publique el privê heyecl ama 8ali .

t. Ghassan

ⴰⵏⴰ ⵜⵄⵓⵏⵙⵉ (ana tounsi) is it true tunisian with amazigh script?

Cḥal kayen men Tunsi ITT?

Why do you have numbers next to your name?

thlatha wla zouj mne 3arf

3 fi tounes et cyril

Ɛandkom ṭebba men Cuba? Hna kayen bezzaf li jaw wra '62 f weqt l-commies bac yformiw ṭebba taɛna, w ḥetta l-yum kayen programat taɛ exchange binathom, haylin wellah.

>French wine

Lol no ti a7na yet3arkou 3al blayec fel fac medecine et el 5aybin yemchiw il marroc russia et romania




9adde min tounsi yjiw li threads hedhom?
Barcha w7ad

My glasses hurt my nose

Yecer . fama w7id ymenchiw et yjiw et zada fama eli ypostiw fi Cred Forums ama se3at ya3mlou tala 3ala Cred Forums

Me too

Why do Berbers make Arabs butthurt

where is the Benzarti
there are not many algerian/morocan/tunisian here why not use a username pour distinguer les posters


Both are butthurt at each other . but yeah arabs hate minorities : they want everyone to be arab

Ih bessaḥ maɛendha ḥetta meɛna.

ⵏⴻⴽⴽ ⴷ ⵓⵜⵓⵏⵙⵉ (Nekk d Utunsi) b l-qbayliya.

Who are you ? The gabsi who lives in tunis ?

Arabs think they're superior at everyone just because of muh Islam.

i'm the mahdewi living in sousse
just using tamzigh alphabet instead of latin while speaking tunisian user

not the benzarti
btw naaref tofla IRL techbah el Aiko

Wut ? You are a weeb too?

Cwiyya kultur.


Post her faggot




we dgaf about you either Cyrene boi

Lol poonisians never disappoint. Always edgy either on the conservative or the liberal side

hani linna

menifhimch kifech tounsi ynajam yposti fi Cred Forums
il blasa heki shithole ki zibbi

>btw naaref tofla IRL techbah el Aiko
fech tissana? barra nikha

rude :/ i'm interested in Japanese culture
a tunisian one no way btw use a nickname it would be better user

Had to crop her because only pic she has on fb

Well they just post for some time and than leave Cred Forums after getting insulted. There was this muslim tunisians who did some years fel 3asker who posted there , also the tunsi in qatar . i always lurk Cred Forums for like 5 mns every day .

I'm gonna kick your ass white boi

Casual / 10

>menifhimch kifech tounsi ynajam yposti fi Cred Forums
Marra postit drapo taɛ Dzayer f Cred Forums ṣebt 4 posters DZ tlemmu ɛla zebbi, nḥir wac ydiru temma.

Weeb isnt an insult here.

I'm a Khan

spicy tunisians

let's make a /MA/ Thread in/pol/ wanna see the reactions

algerianfag javascript:quote('65100277') im a high king haha


But i want to fucc (fuck) your ass

Are u an immigrant

funny thing she stares at me a lot but i'm probably just making things up
tachbhelha n'est-ce pas ? tben akther IRL

fech ta9ra(inti) is she ur waif did she even know that u exist ?

I'm a high Kangz

Am i the only one here who works and no longer studies

Yes ahahaha
what's your job btw?


tunisian and algerians girls are spicy

I teach math to middle schoolers in my dads house . tho im gonna return to studying after i get an economical boost

yeah we talked before zeda , she's nice and acts really cute , not my waifu tho

Okay then. so technically you're still studying.

Ahhahha new fag

jme3et Cred Forums cancer
3a9liyethom w to5memhom le 3ale9a meyiswewich akthar mi dawa3ich


>I teach math to middle schoolers in my dads house
lel i used to teach english to primary/middle schoolers at my professor's house



Well i took a stop . im sick of tunisian universities. I wanna study in canada or murrica

i started using 4 chan a year ago user
I hate nice girls.
Just exchanging greetings with them will get them on your mind. Start texting each other, and your heart will be set aflutter. If they call you, you're done for. Enjoy staring at your logs and grinning like a fool. However, I won't get fooled again. That's what your kind calls kindness. If you're nice to me, you're also nice to others. I always end up nearly forgetting that. Reality is cruel, so I'm sure lies are a form of kindness. Thus, I say kindness itself is also a lie. I always ended up with these expectations. And I always ended up with these misunderstandings. And before I knew it, I stopped hoping. A highly-trained loner is once bitten, twice shy. As a veteran on this battlefield of life, I've gotten used to losing. That's why I'll always...
hate nice girl
never fell for a nice girl she is nice to everybody


You're right, my friend is regretting having a nice gf

Islam made you great

Yeah thats why i called you a new fag. To link a thread from another board, you have to copy its url.

bigoted post

Yeah but i do it for money . a group for 200 dinar . normal teachers go for 250 or 300 dinar these days

Bigotry is Algerian culture

now dis what i call edgy

gib best couscous recipe pls

For that? They pay a tutor here 450 Tunisian dinar.

do maghrebis have folk culture dating back more than 3000 years ago?
thought soyoutube.com/watch?v=E106M4VuP9U

Couscous is easy to make. You can choose the type of couscous according to your taste.

L-crush wel """"gf"""" taɛi f CEM (collège)

Cḥal teɛṭiwha?

Go to Canada friend, Murican unis are cancer right now

Ma ybanc mliḥ wjehha hna bns.

Im pretty sure dabka isnt 3000 years old For 1 month ? Private tutoring is very common here . that would be too expensive


8.5/10 nice legs

chneya niveau d'étude mte3ik ? kifeh te3raft bech dakhlou 3andek ? do you really care about being performant or are you just making a living?

Kifac tdir mɛa service militaire? jewweztu?

whats tunisia dinars in euros

>Yeah but i do it for money
You think I would do it for free?

Isn't that from Oregairu?

show face/10

>canaanite or phoenician origins
im pretty sure it is

yes hachiman quote

Kalité l-mxayra taɛha.

7lu wla qaris

my waifu she is a classmate and she broke recently with her BF

Does she like you back?

fucck this no one answered my question

Ɛejbtni s-semra hadik 3la l-ymin.

you can google Tn dinar to Euro


she spoke to me(today) i'm the kinda introvert guy and she take the initiative and i don't have the guts to speak to her or start a conversation with her things are fucked up bro

1 euro = 2,23 camels

you can get better rates at the black market tho

Bee urself man

isn't alcohol haram? why do i read wone discussion itt?

average tunisian grandma made my day

Because no one here is Muslim (Btw are you the one with the Leb gf?)

College . daberli 5iwa jme3a tlemva bheyem ma9awach blaca 3and lea profs el resmiyin. Ya5i awka walit m3arouf m3a el bheyem mt3 hal college

Wat is going on?

t7eb inkalamlek Jalloul tawa

3efcha desu , you can find better out there user

The funny thing is that what im doing is totally legal meanwhile what the legit profs do is illegal .

Zwina bzaf titiza

why so rude she is better than(pic related)


sicilian wine is good tho. we have great variety of vines
I wish >we was unified like when WE WUZ EMIRS AND SHEIT

i hate normies

do tamazight have different dialects?
for example, a touareg from Mali can understand a berber from Algeria or there are too much differences?


berbers have a bit of irish heritage

>do tamazight have different dialects?
yes, languages even
>touareg from Mali can understand a berber from Algeria or there are too much differences
not intuitively, unless that algerian berber is a tuareg himself

i always thought 99% of Libyans were uncivilized

This girl was my crush in elementary school

your mom is uncivilized

but she never know that u existed sad :(

This one was sort of my "girlfriend" in kindergarten

she looks like chelsea wolfe lmao

I remember in kindergarten there was this twintailed blonde girl that bullied me all the time
I wonder what she's doing now

imao hundreds of irish slaves brought to tunisia and algeria and morocoo

>I remember in kindergarten there was this twintailed blonde girl that bullied me all the time
Are you literally me?

she isn't blond anymore maybe :/

I'm sorry

When I told her years later she found it very cute and funny, it was something i wanted to tell her to clear my mind and i think it helped her be more confident

This girl was my best friend in elementary school

more than million in Algiers and Tunis only though


you are posting random fb/insta pic though

Yeah most blonde people's hair gets darker as they grow up

Damn really? What were the chances?

Hahahaha it was kinda her

I remember being bullied and everybody going away when she came to me, it was kinda cool and shit at the same time cuz they were all super jealous

>irish slaves
is this a tautology?

>mfw too shy and insecure to have a GF

I even have a class photo where I'm leaning on her with a black eye (possibly cause by her, can't exactly remember) like the beta simp that I was.

She was gorgeous to my 4 year-old version tho.


just bee confident

Not at all actually

pic related was a big bully in elementary

post some pics of girls with traditional costumes

>tfw you have to put on an act for girls to like you so you end up feeling like shit in the end

top tier advice user
same tfw uglier people than me have a GF

>All these betafags itt getting bullied by girls


Pic related was my crush in the last year of elementary


And remember to just bee urself
At least they get attention from girls though, its something at least

are u french or an immigrant
you was in france in ur early life
is she french?




even I can build a better and finish wall than that wtf

Don't put an act if you want to stay with someone, it will show quickly, jus bee urself

By that I mean don't put yourself in a situation normal you wouldn't have put himself in

pic up left is my secondary school crush, she never notice :,(

someone just make a new thread

I'm half half, but since i've lived in Tunisia i feel more Tunisian

This girl was also a crush in secondary

Yeah putting on an act makes it impossible to have a long term relationship. That's why I avoid them
One the other side, being myself has never ever worked with girls so I don't really have a choice

I'm not the only guy like this. A lot of guys have the same problem.
If you don't have that problem then lucky you I guess


how didn't they fell for a half french
(come to the new thread)

Fuuuck that's HOT