Why are they so rare?

Why are they so rare?

Why is there a /sverigetråden/ and a /norgetråden/ but no /danmarktråden/?

How come there are more Norwegians than Danes here even though Norway has a smaller population?

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Turbo normies i lived with them for a year

But even normies still browse Cred Forums.

Every so often a a Danish general shows up, but it's pretty uncommon and short lived.

Low amount of Cred Forums posters, look at a list. Sweden is top per capita and top 5 (?) total

That flag looks like a christmas gift

I think denmark might be THE most normie country in the world.

They are too busy circle jerking at reddit

Hvorfor er I så normie?

They actually make a decent amount of posts for their size, it's just that other Nordics and Baltics go full autist-mode on here with their 24/7 generals.

same thing with Austria

that would probably be us 2bh

Because they're all cheerful, beer drinking normies. This autistic place don't suit them.

disgusting normies with a well-functioning country without subhuman niggers, so they don't have to seek refuge in a taiwanese image board for cartoon cheese pizza

Danish culture is very xenophobic in the first place. Most Danes don't give a shit about international culture and are too normie to end up on Cred Forums. Most "Danish" posters on here are foreigners.

>Most "Danish" posters on here are foreigners
Tal for dig selv, Ahmed.

Because we failed at genociding them

Dunno.. funny thing is they are the most based out of them. Was in Denmark last month and I feared that Danes would hate me for being German but they didn't :3

And now you're genociding yourselves

wtf i hate denmark now

too many favelados, they don't live normie lives

Det Stockholmske Blodbad 2 hvornår?

yes they do kek, they are the most normies

My dad from Denmark. What do Danes think about white immigrants like me?

Now that you mention it, I've never seen an Austrian flag here

atleast you're not muslim

I guess, only Denmark has future in Nordic region.



I'm Muslim, my mum from Tatarstan. But if you take a look at me you will never guess that I'm muslim

One Dane told me Danes hate German immigrants but he likes Germans as long as they're not immigrants.. Is this true?

atleast you're not middle eastern

why would anyone leave denmark for russia of all places?

there's some in /deutsch/ and KC but they post very rarely considering they're bigger than Scandi countries and speak good English.

They're very technophobic and don't end up on parts of the internet such as these very often.

alhamdulillah come to Denmark brother and join the ummah here mashallah

Don't think we hate germans of any kind. Maybe in Southern Jutland, but otherwise no.


they're really insular and engrossed in their own little thing just like germans, unsurprising as they are germans

>half danish muslim living in russia

go away sand person

t. perlemor

not even sure what you think that means

Why is she standing in the Adriatic sea?


Don't know, my dad isn't normie
I'm not gonna join to some Danish muslim's communities
I know it sounds like "Russian speaking faroese in Israel"

There are almost no Swedes here either. 75% or more of sverigetråden are ethnically Finnish.



du har ret, man skal en perker for en perker

What else? Put her foot on the Balkans? No one wants to do that

"There are almost no Swedes; most of them are Swedes"

>I'm Faroese, not Danish

Speaking a language that doesn't sound like gibberish to foreigners makes the Whole difference

fuck, sounds like us. Always wondered thought most of ours were foreigners too

>you will never be Danish



>misses the obviously shitty joke

>replies to me

Yeah. Take it, bitch.

>Denmark will never be a province of Sweden

Typical insane ruskie that drinks 10 bottles of vodka per hour and does krokodil

wish i could fit in ;(

>being Danish unironically

>a Dane replies to you

>dane gets angry when i dont understand him
>he punches me and steals my gf

>never had a (You) from a Dane

Most of us reside on Cred Forums
When i browsed here 3-4 years back the overall amount of Danes on this board was significantly larger

Also, we're more apparent in the /nordic/ and /scandi/ threads
Maybe we should go for a /danmarktråd/ tho

have a (you) from a Finn instead!

I love you Karen-chan
Happy Brexit

Danes seem to be quite common when you travel however. I met plenty of Danes during my round-the-world trip but pretty much no Swedes.

Thank (you)s

wtf i understood that sentence

>every once in a while they make a danmarktråden
>doesn't even reach the bump limit

In my experience, no matter where you are in the world, you will always run into a tour group of elderly Norwegians. It's happened to me in like six straight cities.

and half of posters are Faroese. Literally pathetic.

what abou gay cities

Why would I want to visit you?

>tfw our whole population keeps a danmarktråd alive

Who are you quoting?

The truth

Föroyingatráður when?

Tá fólkatalið er faldað 100-tals

wow all three inhabitants of the faroe islands in the same Cred Forums thread, what are the odds

>being new

jeez preben i was just joshing

where do you get these?


yeah, eat shit, I didn't even ask you

Kender nogen til IPA her?



most people here are normies though, especially on generals

most cunts that don't come here a lot have their own boards/forums

Hello normies, wanna have some trap webms?

There was a Danish qt out one night who talked for my friends once, I spotted her eying me from the corner of the pub, but I didn't do jackshit and now she's probably back in Denmark.

We have lost good men because of foreign qts

To be fair, Danish women aren't that great. They can be really pretty, but on average they suck

and the pretty ones are westernized divas anyway


Don't know how other generals are like but /luso/ is entirely autistic virgins telling eachother to post penises.

all i want is a qt danish gf

They are the most happy and social people on earth. They don't need Cred Forums.

I thought you danish people were to busy eating rodgrod med flode to browse Cred Forums.

I was thinking of how Denmark is different from other Scandinavian countries.

All I could dig up was that Danes have some weird culture called hygge that's centered around leisure, companionship, and contentment.

Maybe Danes spend more time in universities majoring in gender studies, or spend more time at the gym or they're giving each other reach arounds and sucking dicks.

you actually look scandi as fuck, i could imagine you being danish or from skåne